Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: An Interesting Conversation

22 Oct

“R,” the effeminate gay man I fell in love with, was lying on the bed gasping for air, his face so flushed that his freckles stood out starkly and his messed-up red hair seemed to be even redder.  I sat alongside him, looking into his green eyes and absently noting how dilated his pupils were and feeling rather smug because I had just finished sucking him off for the third time inside of two hours.

“Jesus, do you ever get tired of doing that?” he managed to say, his voice cracking dryly.

“No, not really,” I replied with a shrug, reaching over and cupping his nuts in my hand and massaging them gently, not just because I loved the way his sack felt in my hand but also because I wanted to see if I could get him hard again… so I can make him soft for a fourth time.  “I can do this to you all day…”

“No shit?” he said, involuntarily flinching to feel my hand on him.  “I love to suck cock… but you take the cake!”

“Hmm,” was all I said, never taking my eyes from his and letting the love I felt for him flowing through me.

“I’m not complaining but, damn, a guy can only take so much of this,” he said, trying to sit up.

“Oh, I know that,” I said, using my free hand to push him back onto the bed.

“I don’t get it,” he said as his head hit the pillow along with a look of resignation on his handsome features.

“It’s not that hard to understand,” I said, leaning over to suck one of his nipples into my mouth.  “Two things are in play here; for one, I love to suck dick and, for the other, I love you and I love the way you feel in my mouth.”

“That’s three things,” he said.

“Who’s counting?” I asked, lightly rubbing a finger in that space between his nuts and his asshole.

“I know you’re trying to get me hard again,” he said, closing his eyes and, I thought, doing his best to make his body stop responding to my touches.

“Yes…,” I said, watching his hairless chest rising and falling.

“It’s too much,” he whined.

“Probably,” I said, wrapping my hand around his cock and slowly massaging it.  “I thought you weren’t complaining?”

“I’m not, but…,” he said, his voice trailing off.

“Okay, then,” I said before going after his nipple again.

“Fuck me,” he moaned.

“Not today,” I said after lifting my mouth from his very erect nipple.

“Wait, wait,” he said, propping himself up on his elbows.

“Now what?” I asked.

“Why are you doing this to me?” he asked.

“I told you already, didn’t I?” I answered with a question of my own.  “You don’t seem to have a problem sucking me off repeatedly and it’s not like I haven’t done this to you before, is it?”

“No,” he replied sheepishly.   “But that’s different!”

“Is it now?” I asked.  “Forgive me but I fail to see the difference.”

“I’m supposed to make you happy like that,” he said.

“And I’m not supposed to make you happy?” I asked, fighting off the urge to smile.

“You make me happy when I can do this to you,” he said.

“And your point is?  You act like I can’t do this to you just because I like doing it to you…” I said, pinching his nipple lightly and watching it harden in response.

“If I were some other guy, you wouldn’t keep sucking me off,” he said, wincing as I kept tweaking his nipple.

“Probably not, although as I shared with you, I’ve sometimes spent all day sucking different guys off,” I reminded him.

“But never more than once!” he said.

“Sometimes I have… which has nothing to do with what I’m doing to you or why I’m doing it,” I pointed out.  “So, you’re telling me that it’s okay for you to pounce on my dick six times like you did last week… but it’s not okay for me to pounce back?”

“Yes…, um, no, that’s not what I’m saying,” he said.  “The only time I do it like that is when I’m in love with the guy like I am with you.”

“That’s so sweet,” I said, smiling at him.  “Unfortunately, I love you, I love sucking your cock, and on top of the fact that I love sucking dick period.  Deal with it.”

“I can’t,” he said.  “It’s too much.”

“Your cock doesn’t think so,” I said, nodding at his crotch; his gaze followed mine and he saw what I already knew, that his dick was very hard again.

“Fuck me…,” he groaned at seeing his body betray him for a fourth time.

“Not today,” I said and lowered my mouth onto him again.  It took me almost a half-hour to get him to cum, not that I expected him to produce very much of his really good-tasting stuff – but that wasn’t the point of all of this; it was about me reveling in how much I really did love having him in my mouth, his taste, his scent, the way his body would respond and, yes, after the second time I sucked him off, the way he begged for mercy… even though he already knew that I would show him no mercy at all.

He was damn near in tears now… and I had little in the way of sympathy because last week, when he did me six times that one day, he had none for me – paybacks really can be a bitch, after all… but fun when paybacks taste so damned good.  I sat back and just looked at him with nothing but love for him in my eyes as he shuddered through his latest – and probably last – release for a while.  Physically and emotionally, he was whipped; he’d just gotten beaten down by someone who not only loved to suck dick but by someone who loved sucking his.  And, speaking of dicks…

I’m not sure he was even aware of me spreading his legs high and wide and I’m sure that he didn’t realize that I had slid my dick into him until more than half of it had disappeared inside of him… but when he did realize all of this, well, now, didn’t that seem to bring him back to life?

“I, I thought you said you weren’t going to fuck me,” he somehow managed to say as he wrapped his very athletic legs around me.

“I lied,” I said, thrusting into him until my balls, heavy with unreleased spunk, slapped against his ass.  I really hadn’t planned on fucking him and while I could have happily gotten myself off, well, I loved him and this was just another way I could show him just how much I did love him.  I shoved myself as deep as I could into him, leaned forward and locked my lips onto his… and groaned as I filled his ass with spunk; he could feel me shooting into him and wrapped his trembling arms around me to hold me tighter.  I continued to fuck into him, feeling kinda proud that I was still kinda hard, which usually wasn’t the case once I unloaded in him. I kissed him deeply, my tongue bullying its way into his unresisting mouth and, God, how much did I love this man? How much did I love doing this to him… and how much did I want to do it to him again?  Very much; oh, so very much… but I knew my love and lover was totally and completely trashed because he was snoring softly before I pulled out of him.

I pulled out, taking a moment to look at the place my dick had been and smiled to myself to see my sperm starting to ooze out of him as I covered him up and, after gathering my discarded clothing, made my way to the bathroom so I could take a well-deserved shower… and as I washed the funk of sex from myself, I smiled to think that tomorrow was just another day for me to do this to him again; I even laughed nervously to think that come tomorrow, he was probably going to get some revenge upon me by seeing how many times he could suck me off before I gave up and smiled even more to think about how much I was already looking forward to that, not simply because he was a damned good cock sucker but, yeah, because I knew he loved me that much.

The wife and kids had finally come home and I was busily fixing dinner; she asked where “R” was and I told her that he was taking a nap; she looked at me and asked, “What did you do to that poor guy this time?”

“Nothing he didn’t want me to do,” I said.

“You’re bad,” she said, smiling at me.

“You’re next,” I said, smiling back at her.

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One response to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: An Interesting Conversation

  1. The Likkleone

    29 October 2015 at 07:34

    I love that this starts with you talking about the man you love and ends with your kids and the woman you love. If only everyone could be as open, honest and accepting of the variety of forms love comes in.

    Liked by 1 person


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