Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: It’s Time We Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

05 Nov

For the longest time, we’ve been acting as if there’s no reason for anyone to want to have sex, fall in love, and/or be in a relationship with a member of the same sex (MOTSS).  It’s religiously prohibited, is frowned upon by the moral majority and thanks to homosexuals fighting for their right to be treated equally in our great country, the boat’s been rocking and in grave danger of capsizing.  It hasn’t quite tipped over yet but when you add bisexuals to the load, yeah, just wait for it.

As I tend to rant and rave about from time to time, bisexuals and homosexuals have been doing their thing for so long that no one can historically pinpoint the first time two men decided that fucking each other was a good idea any more than they can pinpoint the first time two women decided that, yeah, doing it with each other is one hell of a good time.  History is rife with evidence of bisexuals as well as homosexuals, most of the famous, the rest just sitting back in the cut due to their lack of fame and/or notoriety; just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there just the same.

We’ve been fighting a war against MOTSS activities for the longest time and while there have been many casualties along the way, um, guys are still doing things with guys, the gals are still doing things with other gals and, oh, yeah, they’re still having sex, falling in love, having relationships in the “normal,” accepted way.  I’ve opined that our religious-based morality was designed to make us toe the line and stop being a bunch of hedonistic, horny motherfuckers because of the need to raise the population numbers of our species.

There are currently 7,378,853, 865 (and counting) humans on the planet so I think it’s safe to say that, um, we’re not having a problem with perpetuating our species at this time; back when the moral prohibitions against any same-sex behavior were enacted, there was no such animals as in vitro fertilization (IVF), no concept of surrogates who are willing to carry an implanted embryo to term. and no such thing as egg and sperm banks.  These things allow infertile (and straight) couples to have babies but, importantly, they allow people who either can’t reproduce together or would prefer not to do things in the, ah, normal way to have babies.  So, while the prohibitions and threats to send folks straight to hell for their, let’s say, homosexual sins made sense in order to increase our population, it’s high time that we let go of this because, um, it’s no longer needed and, uh, it hasn’t done one damned thing to stop people from being bisexual or homosexual anyway.

You would think that after all this time, those who comprise the moral majority around the world would have awakened and smelled the coffee but, on the other hand, it’s not really all that unusual for the MM to hold on tightly to what they believe instead of accepting the evidence that’s been thrown in their collective faces for millennium; this is the greatest example of mass denial in existence, insisting that everyone has to be straight and face severe punishments if they aren’t… and when it’s pretty damned obvious that, nope, not everyone is or even wants to be.  What they’re not seeing or trying not to see is that if you wage a war like this against human nature, you are eventually going to lose.  And, oh, yeah, we’ve seen the evidence provided by those, ah, more vocal members of the moral majority who have been caught indulging in same-sex activities themselves, like a lot of those folks who dabble in religion, for example.

Our social conditioning has instilled an irrational fear into all of us and based upon a school of thought that is ancient and, today, totally irrelevant and if you ever want to see the results of this conditioning in action, all you have to do is to ask someone if they’d ever have sex (or anything else) with someone who is the same sex as they are… then step back and watch and listen to what happens.  Then, for some bonus points to be earned when they say they’d never do some shit like that, ask them why they wouldn’t… and step back again and watch and listen to what happens.  Sure, today, some folks would immediately point out the dangers of same sex interactions and, yep, they do exist… but they’d go off the deep end about these dangers without giving a single thought to the fact that some of the same dangers exist in “normal,” heterosexual sex – and always has… but should they say this, eh, they’re just parroting rhetoric, that “he said, she said” shit that, which isn’t always the whole truth of any situation.  If they deign to answer you and they begin their response with, “I don’t believe…,” well, there you go; we tend to go more with what we’ve been told about this rather than accept the truthful evidence that’s right in our faces.  As I’ve said, belief is an emotional thing and logic usually doesn’t do well against emotion-based discourse, as evidenced by the fact that someone who isn’t a fan of same-sex activities will agree with the logic that this has been going on since forever but, at the same time, hold on to their belief that it’s wrong to do these things and when you ask them why it’s wrong, nine times out of ten, they’re gonna tell you that God said it was wrong.

Nope, there’s no way in hell that I’m knocking that which someone believes; I’m just pointing out something that continues to hold sway over all of us, how what we believe when it comes to this can blind us to what I’ll call the obvious truth:  Men do it to men and women do it to women, and some men and women love being able to mix it up.  The fear of social (and maybe even religious) rejection is a strong one and, sadly, not without justification because we have seen where those souls who were brave enough to let the world know they weren’t straight did so with some dire and even fatal consequences, highlighting something I learned:  Humans tend to kill that which is different and that which they don’t understand.  Again, and with great sadness, some very bad things (overly simplified) have happened to bisexuals and homosexuals because we’re different from the majority and, nope, they still don’t understand why we are the way we are; they see us as sexual deviants and a threat to all that they believe in and, as such, are hell-bent to destroy us and by any means necessary.

It’s not just time for us – collectively – to wake up and smell the coffee, it’s high time that we grew up and face the facts of the matter, that being, there isn’t anything short of killing “offenders” that can stop the human imperative to bond with another person in lust or in love and even if this takes place between members of the same sex.  Yes, it’s time for the global morality majority to admit defeat and say, “If we can’t beat them, maybe we should join them or, at the very least, stop trying to persecute them.”  Oh, hell, no – I’m not suggesting that those folks who are in the moral majority should now run out and get some same sex action… but their mindset needs to change and the sooner, the better.  There are, in fact, many people who will say that, yeah, if “Adam” and “Steve” want to get together in some way, hey, go for it… but they themselves probably wouldn’t do that – and that’s fine; things like sucking another man’s cock or eating pussy really isn’t for everyone and that includes straight folks.  And, that reminds me…

There are laws on the books of almost every state in the country that prohibit oral sex and anal sex and the only reason that makes sense to me is that if people sucking dicks (or eating pussy) and drilling rectums are dumping their loads in the wrong orifice, nope, ain’t no babies gonna be made like that.  A lot of the states have deemed their laws against this as unenforceable and some states have managed to have the laws removed from the books but, yep, some states keep the laws in place and some states still do their best to enforce these laws… but they’re still fighting a losing battle because despite the risk of possible incarceration (or heavy fines, at the least), bisexuals and homosexuals are still doing their thing even if it’s on the DL and, in this context, out of sight of the people tasked to enforce the laws of the land.

We – collectively and wholly – need to wake up, get some coffee (and maybe smell some roses) and understand that despite the prohibitions and admonishments against anything that isn’t heterosexual in nature, well, duh, how’s that been working for them?  We can read where, in other countries, people who dare to buck the heterosexual system have been imprisoned and even put to death; yep, it is a fact that STDs/STIs and HIV/AIDS are running at near epidemic levels in the countries who, sadly, don’t have the technology, facilities, people, and monies to combat the spread of these deadly things, not like we do here in the US and other more developed countries.  Some see this like this:  “That’s what you get for doing some shit you’re not supposed to be doing and now you’re facing the wrath of God for your sins!”  Yeah… there are some serious downsides to this, no doubt about it… but sex, in and of itself, has always been risky business and, yep, once again, I’ll point out that this has been true even in heterosexual sex.

Yet and still, despite these risks, um, bisexuals and homosexuals just keep on keeping on even thought the moral majority uses these risk as a stick to beat us into heterosexual submission if they can but check this out:  Even if Adam and Steve decide to stop having sex with each other – and let’s say that they’re both bisexual – just because they stop doing the deed with each other doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped being bisexual; we need to smell some coffee and understand that bisexuality isn’t just about what people can do – it’s how they think and feel.  We believe that we’re bisexual and that belief takes place in that all-important organ that’s encased within our skulls and then we do whatever has to be done to confirm that the belief that we like men and women is a fact and, yeah, a lot of us take definitive action in order to confirm that which we believe.

You remember that saying, “Don’t knock it until you try it!”, right?  It’s not all that surprising that there are a whole lot of people who are conditioned to knock it and not even think about trying it; there are people who have, in fact and truthfully, tried it and found that, nope, this just ain’t their idea of fun… and that’s all well and good.  Still, we need to wake up and snort some coffee and accept the fact that there a shitload of people who have tried it and liked it so much that they will keep doing it when the opportunity presents itself.  The answer to the question of why people are bisexual (or homosexual) is an easy one to answer:  Because they can be this way.

It’s human nature in action; it’s the way some of us behave.  If sex is considered to be a natural thing to engage in – and we all should damned well know that it is – well, if Adam and Steve or, yeah, even “Beth” and “Gail” decide that things have lined up in the right way for them to engage in sex, well, are they not doing something that we all consider to be natural?  The answer is unequivocally yes… but there are many of us who have been made to believe that it isn’t natural because Steve isn’t dumping loads of sperm into Gail… or, in the case of bisexuals, sowing his seed in Adam and Beth.

There’s the way things are supposed to be… and then there’s the way things really are and we, as an intelligent species, really need to wake the hell up and get with the reality of the human condition; we need to accept that while there are things in our morality that works well toward making and keeping us civilized, the prohibitions and admonishments against same-sex activities no longer hold water; they don’t have the “muscle” to keep Adam from getting down and dirty with Steve or, if  he chooses, do the nasty with Steve and Beth.  Indeed, those aspects of moral doesn’t even have the power to keep anyone from merely thinking about doing something in the same sex mode and even if they couldn’t bring themselves to actually doing what they’ve been wondering about.

Bisexuality isn’t for everyone… but we need to wake the fuck up and stop bashing the people who find bisexuality and, yes, even homosexuality – the best way to live their lives happily.  We talk much shit about the right for a person to be who they need to be; shit, wars have been fought in defense of this inalienable human right… except our morality says, mandates, and strongly insists that everyone has to be straight… and doesn’t that just fuck with our, ah,supposed right to be who and what we need to be?  I am bisexual; it very much fits who I am as well as the person I want and need to be… but the moral majority – and, now, some folks of the homosexual persuasion – insist that I don’t have the right to be bisexual and that, if anything, I should make up my fucking mind and either be straight or gay, interfering with my God-given right to be who and what I need to be.

We just need to mainline some coffee and stop behaving like this because to keep denying that people are, in fact, bisexual serves no purpose other than keeping the sexuality drama alive.  Our morality about this needs a very major overhaul because what we were made to believe about this is just flat-out illogical and irrelevant; there is no longer a valid reason to insist that everyone be heterosexual and mainly because, um, there are more than seven billion people on the planet so, nope, it’s not like we’re in any danger of being extinct due to a lack of the ability to reproduce any time in the foreseeable future; the numbers obviously say that not only are people fucking, they’re still making babies in some way.

Yes, we all know what religion says about this… but once you understand the reason behind why same sex stuff is kicked to the curb, well, hell, even religion needs to make some changes, snort a lot of coffee, and bring itself up to more modern times because, yeah, we also know that those of a very religious bent have been known to enjoy some same sex action despite their vows of celibacy and to hold true to their beliefs.  Yes, religion is taken as a matter of faith but without trying to offend anyone, religion just isn’t capable or willing to see the truth of things… and we must all wake up, inhale gallons of coffee, and accept the truth that despite all the warnings and often-fatal punishments, not everyone in the world is straight or wants to be straight and simply because it doesn’t fit their need to be the person they want and need to be in order for them to live their lives to the fullest extent possible and given that, um, we don’t exactly have a lot of time to make this happen.

The moral majority should be made to accept the fact that despite everything they’ve tried to do to quash this aspect of human behavior, they have consistently failed to stop people from being bisexual or homosexual and, honestly, they can’t do anything to stop it short of committing a genocidal purge that’s akin to the infamous Salem witch hunts or the equally infamous Spanish Inquisition so that they can put to death anyone they even think isn’t straight.  And, yes, if that sounds insane to you, it’s because genocide for this or any reason is really fucking insane.  So if the moral majority isn’t willing to commit genocide to support their beliefs – and I hope and pray that they never get this thought into their heads – doesn’t it make more sense for them to say, yep, okay, there are some folks who ain’t feeling this “just be heterosexual” thing and if that’s what they wanna do, okay, it is what it is.  They can, if they chose to, continue to hold onto their outdated belief that they shouldn’t cross this line… but the condemnation of anyone who does cross the line just needs to cease and desist; their resistance to the truth is futile and, honestly, serves no real purpose other than to hold onto that which they believe is true, right, and just… and, gulp, the truth is that they’re operating on what can be called faulty logic… but, yeah, I know that logic, again, doesn’t do well against emotion-based beliefs.

Get some coffee; smell some roses if ya have to but it’s time we woke the hell up and face the truth of things; just because one believes it’s not supposed to happen this way doesn’t ever mean that it ain’t happening just the same.  To butcher the shit out of a now-famous phrase, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are not heterosexual… and because, duh, it’s pretty fucking obvious that not everyone is or wants/needs to be heterosexual.

I’m outta here…


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2 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: It’s Time We Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

  1. Cityman

    6 November 2015 at 11:08

    Excellent post, sir – couldn’t agree more. There’s a lot to like and celebrate about religion, but some things simply need to change – and I need not recite the many fallacies and hypocrisies within the Bible – a document cobbled together over centuries to suit convenient social and political purposes.

    It’s nice to have scapegoats and whipping posts in our society to make us feel better about ourselves – and that’s what sexual minorities have become: “the other”. But the experiment in eradicating same sex activities has failed miserably – and here we are centuries later, still beating our heads against that wall. Thankfully, people are slowly waking up, but it’s going to be a while.

    • kdaddy23

      6 November 2015 at 12:33

      Thank you, Cityman – I’m glad you enjoyed the post. See, the problem isn’t that bisexuality and bisexuals exist – we’ve known this even if we don’t care to admit it… but the fact that we (a) are stubbornly and fanatically about heterosexuality lends itself our collective inability to accept this as just a part of our nature as humans.

      We strongly insist that everyone be straight and without any regard to what sexuality an individual feels is right for them… and we just need to wake up and grow up so we can stop trying to hammer heterosexuality into someone who ain’t trying to hear being stuck in this very restrictive box.

      The moral majority, for centuries, has sought to suppress certain human behaviors and even to the point where they’ve define what constitutes legitimacy when it comes to sex ; if it ain’t happening between a man and a woman, it is the wrong way to be doing the deed.

      And we, collectively, either go along with this or totally ignore it… but who questions it as I have in this writing? Has shame been so deeply imbedded within us that even though we can see the fallacies and illogic of this part of our morality, we don’t want to raise hell about it and question whether or not this mindset is still completely valid in 2015 and beyond?

      I’ve had so many people tell me that I should and have to be straight… and their reasons for this are, “That’s the way it’s supposed to be and the way it’s always been done!” or “Because God said so!” and, well, I just have this quirk in my personality that makes me come back and say, “Why?” – and I just love watching and listening to the try to answer that one, which is usually more of the same faulty rhetoric that’s been bandied about since like forever.



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