Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Moral Indignation

08 Nov

I was just reading Bellaelena’s latest blog ( and it triggered a thought about those folks who believe themselves to be morally superior to everyone else and if they’ve never done anything that might be morally questionable in their lives.  Some of these folks crack me up, like those who, at one point in their lives, was a poster child for moral bankruptcy but, once they “got religion,” all of a sudden, not only are they as pure as the driven snow, they have the utter gall to get in your face and tell you how morally wrong your are.

Of course, as a bisexual, yep, I’ve run into a bunch of these folks and, more often than not, their hypocrisy tends to bring out the worst in me… and I’m not beyond stepping off in their ass and especially if I know them.  Indeed, we live in a country where you can pretty much say anything you want to anyone but what isn’t written in the Constitution is that there can be consequences and, yup, ya might have the right to say what you want to me about your supposed moral superiority… but I have the right to jump in your ass about it.

Sexuality is such a touchy issue with folks and I understand why… but the thing I try to get my head around is the same thing I’ve been yapping about in my blogs:  If you don’t believe that bisexuality is real, that bisexuals don’t exist, and/or that no one should ever be bisexual, then maybe you need to get a wakeup call.  Oh, yeah, and just because you believe that you should be nothing but straight never, ever means that anyone else wants to be – how hard is that to understand?

I’ve had people riff at me that I shouldn’t ever want to have sex with a man, that it’s a sin, I’m going straight to hell – all the “usual” stuff and if I happen to know them, well… you wanna talk about the “immoral” shit I’m doing?  Let’s examine all the immoral shit I know that you’ve done, shall we?  I’ve gotten into these verbal fights and they learn that their arms are too short to box with me like this but what gets my laughing my ass off – and exposes their hypocrisy – is when they tell me that their known immorality is different from mine.

Really?  Okay, um, if I go and suck some dude’s dick and get mine sucked in return, you mean to tell me that this is “worse” than you fornicating and, just in case you don’t know what the word means, that’s when you go out and fuck somebody and you’re not married to them and, yeah, that’s a sin.  If I happen to know that you’ve committed adultery, uh, how is that different from me, let’s say, busting a nut in a guy’s ass?  Please… I want you to explain this to me.  Now, if you call yourself a Christian or are otherwise among the religiously righteous and you insist that God has forgiven you for the sins of your past, well, I was baptized and accept Christ as my personal Savior just like you were so my sins were forgiven as well… but all of this aside, um, check this out:  The only way you can be forgiven is if you’ve done something that requires forgiveness… and that doesn’t change the fact that you did do something, huh?  Oh, like that time you told me that you were having dreams – and erotic ones at that – about the married man who lives next door to you; you do know that having “impure thoughts” is considered to be immoral, don’t you?

And, yes, pretty much all my buttons get pushed when someone has the audacity to bitch me out about sucking cock when, ah, that time I sucked their dick, hmm, they didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with that and more so since they kept coming back for more and, uh-huh, put their cock sucking skills on display.  Okay, sure:  I get that people can do shit that’s considered to be immoral and then, at some point, regret that they did it – it happens.  However, just because you had a change of heart doesn’t mean that I should have a change of heart; you don’t get to preach to me about morality when I know that, fucking A, you haven’t exactly been playing by the rules yourself.

Sometimes, they get evasive; they’ll be all up in your grill about your transgressions but when you flip the script on them and ask them about their own transgressions, well, they’ll quickly say, “We’re not talking about me!”  How does that Bible verse go, something that says “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…” – did I get it right and close enough for government work?  That saying about living in glass houses comes to mind as well.

You wanna get morally indignant with me because I’m exercising my right not to be straight?  Bring it on!  And I don’t want you to misunderstand; yes, you have the right in this country to voice your indignation but you just gotta know that you’re not gonna do this without it coming back to immediately bite you in the ass because if your verbal assault on me happens to piss me off, I am going to verbally fuck you in the ass and, yep, if you wanna take it to the next level, okay – I’ve got good insurance and I hope you do as well.

I understand the morally righteous and I do respect their position… but I have zero patience and tolerance for those who feel they need to point out how morally wrong I am even if I can be reasonably sure that their own house has never been in order at any point in their lives.  Even if you come at me with that, “I don’t do (add something here) anymore!” shit, well, okay – good for you… doesn’t and can’t change the fact that you did do it.  If you did whatever the fuck you did that’s immoral and believed yourself to be wrong when you did it, that just never says that I’m going to believe that I’m wrong in those instances when I’ve chosen to disregard the rules and, yes, rules that I’m very much aware of.  Yep, I know for a fact that I’ve not been the most moral person on the planet… and I’m okay with that so, step off; get outta my face about this and go on about your business, will ya?

I’ve often wondered if those morally righteous people have ever given any thought about what life would be like if everyone were wholly moral at all times?  I wonder if they’ve ever considered that, sometimes, you can wind up doing the wrong thing for the right reason and you need to it to effect a positive change in your life?  Then again, when it comes to bisexuality, yeah, I wonder if they ever wondered what it would be like to do what I can do and without giving it much thought?  I’ve seen reports that say that even though some folks might not do it, yeah, a lot of folks have, at the very least, thought about it.  In the way I look at things, if you thought about it and rejected it, you still did something immoral by having that “impure” thought, didn’t you?  And if you disagree – and I’ve had people do just that – then it’s my opinion that there’s some very severe denial going on… and it ain’t with me.

We all fiercely hold onto to our right to live our lives and in the best way we can; if you have the right to be all “holier than thou” moral, then I have the right not to be whenever it serves my purpose.  I’m saying this and I’m really not trying to offend anyone; you feel and or believe that you have to play by the rules no matter what and, really, I have no problem with that… but I do have a problem when you wanna get morally indignant with me and tell me how wrong I am to be bisexual.  You wanna cast the first stone?  Fine… but you gotta know that I’m going to pick up that stone and whack the shit out of you with it; I’m not a believer in turning the other cheek by any stretch of the imagination.  Yes, I know that you will insist that I respect your right to speak your mind on this subject… but, yeah, when you stop talking, you’ll have to deal with the consequences of your actions – and then let’s see how much you respect my right to speak my mind and my right to do whatever I feel I need to do in order to be the person I want to be.

People who feel they are morally superior, well, I’m not really sure what makes them think they are better than anyone else.  What I’ve learned is that it’s not the “morally bankrupt” people in the world that causes problems:  It’s the morally righteous people who fucks everything up because they believe beyond any doubt that they’re right and everyone else is wrong and are willing to go to war to emphasize this.  I figure that if you have to wage war and start killing people because they’re not as moral as you think they should be, well, that’s got to be a worse sin than me sucking some guy’s cock then turning around and getting some pussy for dessert.

In this, I’m willing to let bygones be bygones; if you don’t fuck with me about this, I won’t have a reason to fuck you right back about.  At the least, if someone chose to get all holier than thou on me, I’m going to laugh at you and then walk away from you because I’m really not a mind to debate this with you – I have better things to do, like, thinking about how I can get some dick to suck, for instance.  However, if you wanna push the issue, know that there may be consequences depending on how I’m feeling… and they could be severe.  If you are truly without sin, go ahead – cast the stone; chances are I’ll just sidestep it and take a moment to think about whether or not I wanna pick it up and bust you in the head with it… but I’ll usually decide that casting it back at you just isn’t worth it and I’ll settle for letting you wallow in your naive ignorance about the way things really work.  Yeah, I do some shit that’s immoral – ain’t denying that at all but I’m not totally amoral either and it’s not as if I’m totally unaware of some stuff surrounding this so, no:  I don’t need anyone getting in my face about my sexuality and telling me how wrong it is… because I know it breaks the rules… but I’ve long since been prepared to deal with the consequences of my actions, okay?

Now, go on about your business; go find someone else to fuck with about this because, truly, I ain’t the one and if you’re crazy enough to want to push my buttons about this, well, I guess I’ll just have to prove to you that I’m the last person on the planet you want to fuck with about this.  Don’t misunderstand me in this:  I am a really nice person… until you give me a reason not to be nice!  Fucking with me about my sexuality too much will, without a doubt, make me not be a nice person.  I don’t tolerate fools and getting all morally indignant with me, at least in my opinion, is a very foolish thing to do and it’s like I’ve said – at the very least, I’m going to smile and/or laugh at you and walk away but if you insist on pressing your point, yeah, do so at your own risk.

Now, if you simply want to have an intelligent discourse about it, fine – I love a good conversation along these lines – just don’t start acting as if you’re morally superior and we’ll be fine… but leave any sense of moral superiority at the door.

Thus endeth the rant…


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2 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Moral Indignation

  1. Luxuriously sexy adult toys by SS

    8 November 2015 at 22:51

    Hi Kdaddy this is Sassy Sarah on a new blog I have. I would love to see you in action.Letting some ignorant/judgmental person have your two cents. I can see you doing it with style and class the whole time standing your ground with your head held high. That would be so much fun to watch. Why do people think they have the right to judge others? Most of the time the worst ones are those that claim to be religious. Well if you are so fucken religious than why are you judging anyone. it states more than one time that it is not our job to judge others, that is Gods job. God can have it. I would not want that job. I am thankful that I am not a judgmental person.
    I tell my daughters that if someone is going to judge you they just did you a favor. The favor being that you don’t need to waste any more time trying to figure them out. You don’t want that in your life, walk away and be happy that you did not waste a lot of time on them.
    My belief on why people judge others is that it is easier to see other peoples faults than to look at their own. God forbid we feel uncomfortable because of the choice we made/make.
    Why it is so hard to believe or understand that someone can love and engage in sexual acts with the same sex is bizarre. Maybe they themselves have never been in love. I
    When Minnesota passed the same sex married law, there were people with signs in downtown Rochester ranting about how same sex marriages were wrong and they were going to hell, and bla bla. And the whole time claiming to be part of the church. Just thinking about it now makes me shake my head at the stupidity of people and how so many hid behind God.
    I find myself wondering sometimes about what God thinks of these so called God people. Doing it in the name of God. Taking time out of your day to make a sign that tells another that they are going to hell cause of their wicked ways and standing on the street holding the sign, while claiming to be doing God’s work.
    Where does God say, “go bash people about who they are and who they love, in my name”, Nowhere. That time they spend on pointing out other peoples fault is time they do not have to deal with their own. It is painful to be accountable for the choices we make in life, when those choices are choices that bring out the ugly in us and we all have them. Does not matter the reasons why only the facts. And the facts do not lie.
    Life is too short to be anything but happy. if you are truly happy, you want others to be happy. You pick others up, not tear them down.
    I just came up with my next Sassy Sarah post….Facts, you will have to stop in…..

    Luxuriously Sexy adult toys by SS is a new business I have started.I do not know why I keep picking these long ass names for my businesses, but I do.
    I still have my other business which because of the nature of the two business it is a little tricky. I have a gift of getting people to feel at ease and to get them to open up, (sometimes once a person who has been very reserved for a long time will open up and have no filter what so ever and I get to hear more than i want, lol)
    I have wanted to do in home sex toys party’s for awhile now. One because I love sex, sex toys and like I said I do have a gift of helping others out of their shells. I did a lot of research before i pick Intimate Tickles. One reason was because we do Couple parties, where a couple of the other company’s do not. Which to me is really dumb. Another reason is because we have quality products. Intimate Tickles just launched Sept. 16, of this year. Ginny who is the owner/CEO has been doing inhome parties for 25 years and wanted a company that took better care of there consultants. With her husband who is been doing IT work for just as long. Together they have put together Intimate Tickles adult party’s .
    Another thing I really like about this company is they have a kink catalog for the true players. Not the shades of grey want to bes.
    Check out my website, the about me tells why being a romance consultant is something that started many years ago.
    my picture is sideways, not sure why that is. I will fix it one of these days…
    My focus is on helping woman feel sexy. Every woman can be sexy. Everyone is sexy. Being sexy is something that everyone should feel in their lifetime. I can not imagine going through life and never feeling sexy. That is heartbreaking to me.
    holy shit look at this comment, LOL
    I will talk to you soon

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    • kdaddy23

      8 November 2015 at 22:57

      I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for your next blog, Sassy and thank you for once again commenting on mine! I just don’t have any patience for the holier than thou stuff – never did. I can nicely nasty… or someone’s worst nightmare and that ain’t pretty at all… which is why I’d rather walk away because I have better things to do than to teaching someone some very hard facts of life.

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