Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Caught in Another Moment

23 Dec

He had his left forearm under the small of my back to hold up most of my 195 pounds off the bed; his right hand was alternating between cupping my nuts and fingering my butt hole and all in concert as he furiously sucked my dick.  As I was watching him blow me, he’d look up at me, our eyes locking and so many things were being said in this rather intimate form of nonverbal communication.

Minutes ago, I had done pretty much the same thing to him; I could still taste him in my mouth and on my lips, just as I could remember the tactile sensations left behind when his dick was in my mouth.  It felt so good… and his cock had that fresh, clean taste that I loved so much; his spunk, which was now being taken apart in my stomach, was a lot sweet with just a tang of sourness and there was a lot of it, too.

He broke the connection we had with our eyes to focus on what he was doing and that was fine with me, not that I didn’t want to know if he was truly enjoying himself – I could see and feel that easily enough.  I was enjoying what he was doing although some of the things he did – like fucking my ass with his fingertip – wasn’t going to make me cum any time soon; it was more of a distraction than anything else but, damn, I was impressed by the strength of his left arm as he effortlessly kept my ass from touching the bed.  I was also impressed at his ability to eat my cock right down to my pubic bone and more so because he had told me, way back before any of this got started, that he had problems doing the deep throat thing and the same thing he was doing right at this moment.

I could feel his teeth gently against the base of my cock; I could feel his tongue moving around, tantalizing me as he strove to keep it out of his way lest he gag again; he was sucking me so good at this point that I had already made up my mind that when he got finished with me, I was going to do him again.  But until he got done, I was very much into what he was doing as he now sucked with varying pressures on my knob, which was so sensitized that it felt numb… but not so much that I  couldn’t feel his tongue as it worked against my crown, the sensations threatening to make me a little nuts.  I had both of my hands on his head, not forcing any of the action but because I didn’t have anything else to do with them; I had, at one point, hoped that he’d position himself so that I could at least fondle his balls… but I think he was holding me the way he was so I couldn’t really move – hard to use your legs for this when they were draped over the other guy’s shoulders.

He was working on my dick faster; I actually heard myself say, “Make me cum…” albeit distantly and those were the most intelligent words that I’d been able to say once he got started on me… and the closest I’d gotten to a complete sentence with, “Oh, fuck…” being the next closest.  I was lost in this moment but the part of my mind that was tasked to pay attention to every little thing was hard at work doing its job, like reviewing how much I loved having  my dick sucked, the fact that even though I didn’t know everything about this man, I agreed with him rather quickly when he said I should come over to his place so that we could explore the possibilities.  That part of my mind was paying close attention to everything he was doing, analyzing things, making copious notes on his level of enthusiasm, his techniques, the amount of saliva he was using to sloppily keep me wet, right along with how many breaths per minute he was taking and, oh, yeah, I was holding his head in such a way that I had my fingers on the pulse points just in front of his ears so I would know how fast his heart was beating.

He stopped playing with my ass and balls, slipped his right arm under me and after sucking in a lot of air through his nose, lifted me even higher; he let my dick fall from his mouth – it landed on my belly with a wet, plopping sound – and I groaned as I felt his tongue sliding between my ass cheeks… and cursed rather loudly when I felt it playing against my butt hole.  I’m not a huge fan of analingus even though I had made sure that my ass was as clean as I could get it without going through the hassle of giving myself an enema… and he was taking advantage of my thoughtfulness, working his mouth and tongue on my ass as if he were eating pussy.  I wanted him to go back to sucking me because, damn it to hell, I was getting close to cumming… but, holy fuck, his mouth and tongue felt good down there and the part of me that was enjoying the sheer nastiness of this didn’t want him to stop.

“I gotta cum…” I managed to say; my mouth was so damned dry!  I had started out breathing through my nose but, fuck, yeah, he turned me into a mouth breather pretty quickly and now I was paying for that, trying to say shit to him when my mouth and throat were feeling as if a desert had been created, leaving my throat scratchy and parched.  But he heard me even though I had my thighs pressed against his head and, reluctantly, gave my back door a few more deep probings with his tongue before he made his way back to my dick – but he did stop along the way to suck my balls gently, and I did very much appreciate that gesture.

His mouth covered me again; he took me deep over and over, going as fast as he could; the attentive part of my mind noted that he wasn’t breathing and I let go of his head because, fuck, I really didn’t know what to do with my hands at this point.  I could feel the little tremors that had been racing up and down my shaft turn into really big spasms and, oh, my God… I was gonna cum and I wanted to… and I didn’t want to…

But I did it anyway.  I cursed loud enough for his next door neighbors to hear me; I grabbed his head and held it right where I wanted it to be as my dick pumped sperm into his mouth.  Oh, what a heavenly feeling it was to feel his tongue working to gather up my goo and to feel his mouth and throat working to swallow my stuff!  I was thrusting into his mouth as best I could given the position I was in but, again, that part of my mind that wasn’t being affected by my orgasm/release was making sure that I didn’t ram my dick down his throat – that would have been quite rude and even dangerous for him.

I finished making my creamy delivery, my body shuddering, goosebumps appearing all over me and in such a way that they were actually tickling me and I was trying not to laugh hysterically as he gently milked my cock, taking care to stay away from my knob which was now insanely sensitive.  He finally released me and my very limp noodle slipped from his lips and fell onto my still-heaving belly.  I managed to lift my head – it felt as if it weighed a ton – and looked at him looking at me and with such a beatific smile on his face.  He sucked my shit good but the thing that made me give his big time props and Brownie points was him asking me, “Are you okay?”

I told him that I was even though we both knew that I wasn’t as evidenced by the way my body was still involuntarily twitching like someone was giving me little electric shocks… and I would kill for about a gallon of water right about now.  While I was thinking about how fucking thirsty I was, he disengaged from me and stretched out beside me; I could hear his joints popping at he stretched and almost laughed at the way he was groaning as he got the kinks out of his body.  It was now both a good and bad thing; good that he had stretched out in a way that put his dick within my reach and bad for him because I had my mouth on him again and if he thought I meant business the first time I sucked him, well, he had another thought about to bitch slap him.

I was physically and emotionally spent and what I really wanted to do was take a quick nap… but I was determined to suck his cock again so I banished that tired feeling and ate his dick as if my life depended on it.  He tried to fight me off but his attempts to dislodge me were feeble, not that I thought he was seriously trying to remove me; anyone who could hold my weight the way he did shouldn’t have a problem making me stop.  The analytical part of my brain suggested that he had a really long refraction period that prevented him from wanting to be sucked again – but it revised it suggestion because he was, indeed, beginning to get hard again.

That was good… and bad.  I wanted him hard again but I was enjoying sucking his prick while it was flaccid, too.  I heard him say, “Oh, no… not again… please… I can’t…” and I let my mouth convince that he could… and he would.  His cock was perfect for sucking; his girth and length made things comfortable and easy for me; I could take a nine-inch dick  all the way down with little effort so, no,his six and half inches wasn’t going to cause me any difficulties.

God… he tasted so good… his renewed erection felt just as good in my mouth; I used my tongue to trace the veins that bulged along his shaft, making him moan in appreciation.  I could hear him mumbling about how good it was, how good it felt and he even managed to say that it had been a long time since he’d had someone suck his dick this good… and I realized that if he could say this, I wasn’t getting the job done correctly… so I picked up the pace and tapped into the raving beast within me…

I don’t remember much after the energy of my beast enveloped me; I kinda remember having two fingers in his ass at some point; I also dimly remember eating his ass, too… and I only remember that because I could really get my tongue in his tight hole.  I know I went back to devouring his prick because he was fucking my face, slamming his pubic bone against my nose – that shit hurt, too, but I wasn’t letting that discomfort dissuade me from what had to be done to him.  He was mine to do with as I pleased… and I did what I pleased despite his howls of protest against being made to cum again.

Like I was gonna listen to his pleas to begin with.  My heart was racing, my pulse pounding loudly in my ears, pulling in deep breaths of air in through my nose as I gently bit down on the base of his cock and applied a great deal of suction against his erection so I could hold him in place.  I could feel the tremors racing along his shaft; they were telling me that he was getting close.  I had his rather large nut sack in my hand so I knew his balls were tightening up and preparing to deliver their payload.  That part of my mind that always pays attention no matter what was amused that he was loudly protesting my treatment of his dick and maybe because I was taking him somewhere he’d never been before… or hadn’t been in a long time… and I actually shrugged and thought, “Too bad…” and sucked down harder on him.

I felt his cock swell… and my beast screamed in glorious victory as he began to spill into my mouth – and I didn’t bother to back off like I did the first time; no, I kept all of his dick trapped in my mouth as he came and, lord, how he cursed me!  A part me of wanted to laugh at him but it decided to pay attention to what was going on so I wouldn’t fuck up and have sperm shooting out of my nose – that really didn’t feel good.  He fucked against my mouth as I siphoned off his seed; I could feel rivers of perspiration cascading down my face, some of it getting into my eyes and stinging the hell out of me but I tightened my focus so I could ignore the burning so I could take every drop of spunk he had to offer.

I could feel him getting soft in my mouth but I wasn’t ready to let go him, no, not just yet.  I stayed away from his knob but I kept on sucking him even though he had given up all that he had… and just because his dick felt good in my mouth despite being hammered into softness… again.  My head was swimming dizzily as I now fought to normalize my breathing and heart rate before I hyperventilated; it would be quite embarrassing to pass out at this point, ya know?  With a rather loud groan, I let go of his dick and slowly sat up, feeling as if the room was spinning around for a moment or two before things settled down.  I looked at him with a mixture of feelings, none of which I think I could describe even if there were words for what was going on in my head.

He was trashed… and my beast was so pleased to see him lying where I had left him, unable to move, his eyes rolling up at times as so much that I was a little concerned about his well-being although if he somehow passed out, shit, there would be no talking to my beast.  But he was thankfully okay – my beast was a little pissed but was happy just the same.  He opened his eyes and, for a moment, he looked at me as if I just tried to kill him… and that wasn’t all that far from the truth… and I smiled at him… and he shuddered again and, honestly, I’m not sure what kind of smile I had on my face but he was visibly bothered by it and he even said as much:  “Why are you smiling at me like I’m something good to eat?”

“Because you are something good to eat,” I said, licking my lips.  “Now…are you ready to do this again?  Because I am…”

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One response to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Caught in Another Moment

  1. rougedmount

    16 January 2016 at 21:56

    **this** is exactly what I feel when I do the exact same thing. my beast…my sweetly deceptive, deliciously naughty beast, loves to suck cock exactly as you do. for better or worse, it is my alter i worship on.

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