Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: An Experience

19 Jan

“Open for me…”

At  this  point, I could do nothing but obey; I was thoroughly and completely trashed and at his mercy.  When he first propositioned me, it all sounded too good to be true but I was horny as hell and had thought, “Why the hell not?”  Yeah, I knew I had been seduced and masterfully so by this guy who had a hunger in his eyes that made me nervous, something I wasn’t used to when it came to this.  He had said, “You won’t regret it…” – and as I started undressing, I had a niggling feeling that I was, indeed, going to regret letting his words disarm me so easily and more so when I knew better than to believe the hype used to get me naked and vulnerable.  Even with alarms going off in my head, I got undressed and even shivered involuntarily as his eyes feasted upon my nakedness; this was either going to be very damned good or yet another mistake I’d have to live with.

I felt like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights and if I hadn’t really known what it felt like to be prey, I did now as I watched him undress as if he had all the time in the world and I guess he did since I was now frozen in place with my eyes locked onto his erection; as such things went, he was average in size and girth but it wasn’t his dick that had me trembling – it was what I saw in his eyes.  I wasn’t afraid but I wasn’t feeling ready to jump in with both feet, not as usual; I was relaxed and more nervous than I’d ever been in this situation.  He had wanted me and now he was going to take me and I was going to let him.

He started on my neck and ears; that alone had sent shivers of orgasm through me and I thought to myself, “Oh, shit, did I bite off more than I can chew this time?”  He worked my body, playing it with a familiarity that was pretty scary and displaying a mastery that said that this wasn’t his first rodeo and he more than knew what he was doing.  His mouth was on my nipples in turn, sucking them, biting them gently, one hand cupping my cock and balls, the other gently kneading my ass.  My hand moved on their own, touching him everywhere I could reach; I felt a familiar rush of pleasure as I cupped his balls and felt that curious hard/softness of his swollen cock.

He laid me onto the bed and started over on my neck and ears; I was moaning – God, how I was moaning! – and so much that I felt so embarrassed to hear the way my voice sounded and at how easily he had reached within me and unlocked all of my doors, exposing me in a way that I’d not felt before.  By the time he flipped himself around so that we could suck each other’s cock, I was already satisfied and, yeah, just a bit fearful because this was only the beginning.  But I had agreed to this and I knew personal pride and honor wouldn’t allow me to back away from this.  One moment I was lost in the dual sensations of sucking dick and being sucked; the next thing I knew, I was caught in the throes of my release and one that I never felt coming.  My cock, captured within his mouth, was pulsing so hard that my balls hurt and it felt as if I wasn’t going to stop shooting my load into his mouth.  How I managed to keep sucking on his prick amazed me, just like I was surprised that I didn’t clamp my mouth and teeth down on him as he brought me.  And I somehow knew that this wasn’t going to be over quickly and it was confirmed a moment later when I felt my cock shrinking and he showed no signs of stopping what he was doing.

If I hadn’t quite believed what he had said before this got started, I believed him now; he was taking me apart at the seams before he had gotten me off and now that he had – and was working toward getting me hard again – he was really doing a number on me when he lifted my legs some and I felt his tongue snaking its way into my ass.  It wasn’t the first time someone had done this to me; it was just the first time it had been done and it felt beyond good, wonderful, or any other adjective my addled mind could come up with.

I heard him say, “Hmm…” – and then I felt his cock swell in my mouth, followed by a thick load of sperm and it took every ounce of concentration I still possessed to drink it down and not spill a single dollop, something I was having problems with because he was still eating my ass with a fervor that reminded me of the way I ate pussy.  His skill was beyond doubt but what struck me more was how gently he was handling me with that odd way of being urgent without really pushing things:  I  now knew what it felt like to be royally fucked even though he hadn’t fucked me – yet.

I next heard him say, “Yes, that was so good…”  His cock was still quite hard in my mouth and, normally I’d be impressed by that alone but now?  With his mouth on my dick again and a finger embedded in my rectum?  I didn’t care one way or the other even though that part of my mind that, again, is never affected by such things, made it a point to let me know that I was getting my head handed to me and even laughing at me when it pointed out that I now knew how some of the girls I’d have sex with were made to feel.  And it was scary good.

I was sweating like a fiend; my throat was raw and dry, not just from sucking his dick but also because breathing through my nose was quite impossible and, um, yeah, I was babbling incoherently, unnecessarily begging – yes, begging – him not to stop.  I tried to keep sucking on his cock; it was in my mind to do just that but my body, damn, it was no longer obeying my commands!  Oh, yes, indeed, his cock was still in my mouth, still incredibly hard and he damned well took advantage of my helplessness by gently fucking into my mouth and the very least I could do was to keep my lips sealed around him as best I could – but.

He was gonna make me cum again and this time I could feel the onset of it, a terrible, cloying feeling as I felt my body gather itself, felt my dick swell within the confines of his too-talented mouth and I heard myself say, “Oh, no…”  I came hard; harder than the first time and so much so that for a few short seconds, I had stopped breathing.  No, I wasn’t merely holding my breath; I couldn’t draw a breath and as if my autonomic system had shorted out and shut itself down.  I felt panicky; I needed to breathe but this man was literally sucking the life out of me and as if my spurting cock was the straw directly connected to my soul.  I didn’t pass out but I wanted to; anything to stop the onslaught of sensations ripping through me and tearing me to shreds from the inside out.  I was so lost in it all that I never realized that he had stopped sucking me and had moved until he said, “Open for me…”

And I did, too, even though I knew that I had never “mastered” being fucked in the missionary position.  Despite being flexible, nah, my hips just never seemed to want to work that way; I was trying to get up the wil to roll over but I couldn’t move but my legs didn’t seem to have a problem obeying him, though.  He eased himself between my splayed legs and I could now feel his cock knob pressing against me and, for a moment, I really panicked because here he was pressing his dick into my ass and without the aid of any lubricant!  We both gasped as his cock entered me without much in the way of resistance; hell, I don’t even remember feeling that moment of discomfort as his cock head shoved my sphincter aside so he could put every inch of his erection inside me.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” he whispered into my ear as he laid his head alongside mine; I felt my arms and legs move to wrap him up in my embrace and the only thing I remember saying was, “Yes, please…”  My hips were protesting something fierce as he fucked into me and my mind had come back enough for me to note that even though I’d been fucked plenty of times in the past, nothing was comparing to being here, on my back, and this guy with the average-sized dick fucking me better than anyone ever had.

While I could hear him saying things, I couldn’t make out the words, even with his mouth right next to my ear; at one point, he latched onto my neck and sucked hard – that was going to leave a mark, not that I really care about that right now.  His dick felt so good and impossibly big in my ass and while I had this “urge” to fuck back against him, all I could do – all I wanted to do – was to be there beneath him and let him keep taking me.  One part of me want to feel him nut inside me while another part wanted him to hold off doing so; I mean, shit, his dick felt tailor-made for my hole, big enough for me to know I had cock in me but not so big that it was uncomfortable.  I was clinging to him as if my life depended on us staying connected like this; every time I felt his dick bump up against my prostate, I got such a rush of pleasure again nothing I’d never felt before but this was so fucking different!

He raised himself up so he could look into my eyes and for long seconds, I couldn’t break that contact even if I wanted to.  I glanced down between us, inwardly frowning over the position of my hips but gasping to see that he had me so wide open I could now see his dick sliding in and out of me – and the sight made me cum even though my dick lay limply against my stomach.  “Yes, it is good, isn’t it?” He asked me; he, too, was looking down between us and so he didn’t miss the sperms flowing out of me.”  “Oh, God, yes, it is,” I managed to say and I think if I had been any happier in that moment, I would have started crying, truth be told.

I could have stayed like this with him forever but human nature had other ideas, that and my hips were now promising to divorce me at their earliest opportunity.  He was ramping up to shoot his load in me; I knew it, I wanted it more than I had ever wanted a man’s seed inside me and I croaked out to him, “Cum in me; shoot your shit inside me…”  Our eyes locked again and he smiled; then his face changed to one of surprise as his dick swelled in the not-so-tight confines of my butt – and he came inside me and, damn, it was such a magnificent feeling even though, again, this wasn’t the first time a man had creamed my guts.  Even though he was spurting inside of me, he never once changed the way he fucked me, still with that urgent but not really way; he could have hammered me hard but, well, he didn’t and I felt as if he was never going to stop shooting his load into me; in fact, I felt myself hoping that his dick wouldn’t get soft so he could keep fucking me.

But it did get soft; I was both very happy and very pissed the fuck off about that.  When he pulled out of me, gods, I felt so empty!  The pillow under my head was soaking wet with my perspiration, as were the sheets beneath me; I had just gotten the fucking of my life and now it was all about basking in the afterglow – and even as corny as it sounded inside my head.  But he wasn’t done with me; he smiled at me and said, “Now, don’t move, okay?”  I mean, what the fuck else could he possibly do to me at this point and, even better, could I even stop him from doing it?

What I didn’t expect was him to go down on me again, just like I didn’t expect my dick to respond, either; I didn’t expect him to straddle me and sit down on my new erection as if he wasn’t shoving my dick in his ass.  “You didn’t think you were going to leave before I felt your cock in my ass, did you?”

I couldn’t answer him but I guess he ultimately had the answer he had wanted,  huh?   As he rode me, he kept telling me how good my dick felt in his ass and I knew that his words weren’t empty ones even though I wasn’t sure how I knew that.  He was enjoying himself and, damn, look at that, his dick was getting hard again.  He ground himself upon me and I reached up and closed my hand around his dick and started pumping him and I guess he really liked that because instead of sliding up and down on my dick, he kept moving in circles lest my hand lose contact with his prick.  I was beyond impressed, let me tell you; I was even jealous of his stamina and ability to get hard so quickly.  I was even more impressed when he grunted and a spurt of cum flew from him and hit me square in the face, his stickiness flowing over my hand and, was he giggling?  Yes, he was and it made me giggle, too, well, right up to the point where he clenched down on my dick and made me cum.

I was still doing something in his ass when he leaned over and kissed me, something I wasn’t normally fond of but felt good and right coming from this man and I held onto him until the rush of orgasm had passed, returning his kisses and enjoying the connection between our bodies.  Even after we both felt my dick slip out of him, I didn’t want to let go of him, didn’t want this to be over with even though I knew that I didn’t have anything left if, by chance, he wanted to do this all over again.  It actually did my heart a lot of good to hear him say, after we got untangled from each other, “I couldn’t do that again if I wanted to!” – even though yes, I did want him to do me again and despite the way my hips were feeling.

“That was magnificent,” I said after taking a huge sip from the ice-cold glass of orange juice he gave me.  “You said I wouldn’t regret saying yes to you – and I’m not regretting one bit of it.”

“It felt so good and right to be with you like this; at first, I didn’t want to ask you because I was so afraid you were going to reject me,” he said.  “But I knew it would be good with you – I just knew it.”

“I’ve never been taken so completely before,” I admitted as my body shivered at the memory of it all.

“We should do this again some time,” he said before leaning forward and kissing me deeply but gently.

I was in total agreement with the sentiment… But we never did do it again.


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3 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: An Experience

  1. Mrs Fever

    6 February 2016 at 23:36

    I love the way you wrote this, from that gasping/moaning/WTF-is-happening?!?! perspective. Very engaging.

    (And very very very hot.)

    *fans self*


    • kdaddy23

      6 February 2016 at 23:58

      Guys don’t often get to experience what it feels like to be a deer in the headlights – this experience comes close to describing it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. rougedmount

    2 April 2016 at 22:43

    ‘this’ …. i had this once and it changed who i am and what i expect from a lover. it is a revelation and a curse…to know a perfect partner for your body and then not have the same experience again. it’s like knowing the perfect dose of a drug and not being able to get the same fix at a lesser dose.

    Liked by 1 person


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