Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  More on the Bro-Job

31 Jan

I will go out on a limb and say that there are probably a lot of people to whom the notion of straight men sucking on each other’s cock wouldn’t make a lot of sense because such  a thing is considered to be such a gay thing to do.  They’d be right about that, too; I’d stay out on that limb for a moment and say that some guys reading what I wrote yesterday probably shivered, felt nauseated, or even got a little miffed; they may even have said, aloud or in the privacy of their own minds, “Shee-it, ain’t no fuckin’ way I’d let some dude suck my dick!  Man, I’d kick a motherfucker’s ass good if he stepped to me and wanted me to suck his dick!”

I’ll hang out on the limb just a little while longer and say that there are a few women who might have read what I wrote yesterday and said – aloud or just to themselves, “Hmph – don’t know why a dude would stoop that low and do that shit when there are plenty of women who’d want to do that!  If my man did some shit like that, I’d (add something bad here)!”

Now doing an incredible balancing act at the edge of the limb, it occurs to me that those who would strenuously object to such a thing would be so deep into their angst that it would just flat out escape them where the why of this seemingly improbable act is concerned:  Um, because getting your dick sucked feels good and, yes, so does sucking dick and anyone – anyone – who has done either thing knows this for a fact, don’t you?

I have your attention now, don’t I?  If there’s someone reading this who has this angst, you might, at this moment, be thinking, “Well, yeah, that’s right but…” I’m sure all of the moral  arguments would ensue and that’s to be expected but I would submit to those  who might call bullshit on this that your argument is an emotional one and not necessarily an intelligent one and, no, I’m not insulting anyone’s intelligence but you’re not really thinking about why this can jump off and that given the right conditions, a straight man could very well find himself participating in a bro-job and quite willingly.

It’s not as if we don’t know that there are men who are into sucking other men’s dicks.  But when we think of why such men exist, the commonly held notion is that they’re either gay or, like myself, bisexual so “logically” it doesn’t make sense for a straight man to want to get involved in any of this but, again, I’d respectfully submit that you’d be wrong about that even though, yeah, it does seem improbable given what we know about straight men – but it’s improbable, not impossible.  We have it in our heads that a straight man could never find a reason to change his stance about this but, yeah, people change their minds about a lot of things, don’t they?  They often surprise the shit out of themselves when their position is that they would never do something like this – and then find themselves doing the one thing they said they’d never do. 

Now, just because you might not be able to think of a reason why two straight dudes would want to do this with each other doesn’t mean that a reason or reasons don’t exist – because they do exist – all you have to remember are those four things Cityman provided for my writing yesterday and now the improbable can become plausible.  Here’s what you need to make it totally doable:  You need a reason and, initially, it only has to make sense to the originator; you need the other guy to buy into this reasoning and agree to it; then you need both discretion and an atmosphere of plausible deniability so that no one will ever find out that these two straight dudes went off the reservation and bypassed women for this very pleasurable act of mutual satisfaction.  You want specifics?  Go ask a straight guy what would have to happen – and no matter how crazy it may sound – for him to get caught up in a bro-job moment and, yes, invite him to use his imagination freely; again, going out on the limb, I’m thinking he could think of a reason because it’s really not that difficult.

While exchanging emails with Cityman about this, I allowed that I didn’t know any man who hasn’t, at the least, had a thought about this, even if it turned out to be a negative one.  I know, from my own experiences, that every time I’ve sucked the cock of a guy who had never had a guy do it before, they have said that they’ve always wondered what it would be like as well as wondering whether or not they could actually go through with it.  But what would make a straight guy decide that this would be a good thing to do?

Being horribly horny, not having an immediate outlet to deal with feeling like this, masturbation not really a viable relief source and, sometimes, being emotionally labile, like grief, feeling hopeless, and even being at one’s wit’s end, as it were – and these are a few of the things I can immediately think of that doesn’t involve some kind of intoxicant that qualifies as a central nervous system (CNS) depressant, like alcohol.  Oh, blaming it on the alcohol is a lame excuse?  Nope, it really isn’t, not when you understand what CNS depressants are capable of, oh, like, removing inhibitions; there’s a reason why they say that a drunk person is an honest person.  You toss in some booze and there’s no telling what person will emerge once inebriation sets in – you have happy drunks and mean drunks, right?  You see this because booze unlocks the safeguards we normally keep firmly in place and can reveal a side of someone that isn’t usually seen unless, of course, you hang out with them on a regular basis and have seen them drunk a lot.

Some recreational drugs can leave one susceptible to suggestion via hypnotic effects in addition to CNS effects, like Esctasy or the dreaded roofie (Rohypnol); if you’re down with smoking trees, um, you might want to think about what your ganja’s being soaked in to give it that extra kick, huh?  This stuff doesn’t affect everyone in the exact same way, of course, but when you ask why or how a bro-job can happen, I’m the guy with some answers that aren’t based on theory.

Some guys do decide that they’ve “had enough” of merely being curious about this and it’s time to check this out.  I mean, there must be something about this cock sucking thing since, apparently, there are a lot of guys out there doing it, right?  Logically, it makes sense that this is something that only women can do, right?  A guy has identified as straight all along but deep within the parts of his id that can’t be seen is a latency that he may or may not be aware of; it’s subliminal and intangible and that thing that’ll make a guy think, “I don’t know why I wanted to do this – I just know I had to do it!”

Kinda scary, huh, knowing that your own mind could be “conspiring” against your heterosexuality?  If one gives into this latency, it’s not because they lack strength of will or are otherwise “weak minded;” anyone who has felt the pull can tell you how powerful it can be and to the point that against their better judgment, they feel compelled to do it; again, they may know why they are because they’ve felt it all along and had been ignoring it until it wasn’t going to be ignored any longer or, like I said, they have no idea why they want to this but they can’t deny or ignore the fact that they want to do it.  Whether it actually happens or not depends on a lot of things, namely, finding someone to do this thing with but if a guy’s determined enough, he’ll find someone and, oh, yeah, looking to someone you’re really tight with actually makes a lot of sense.  It’s a little hard for me to explain this but the simplest version is that it’s better the devil you know than the one you don’t; a lot of guys would rather do the bro-job thing with someone they know rather than a stranger – but doing it with a stranger is also preferable because, well, yeah, there is one’s reputation among his peers to take into consideration; image is everything, after all.

Now, ladies – and in case you thought I forgot all about you – you might be reading all of this and saying to yourself that it still doesn’t make sense but for it to make more sense to you, let me ask you something:  Why do you suck cock?  And I’d like it a lot if you really thought about this.  Yes, I know y’all have a lot of reasons why you do so it’s not like you don’t know why you do it, right?  Now, consider this:  Does it make sense that a man would want to suck cock and for the exact same reasons why you’d do it?  And, yes, I will say it:  If you don’t suck cock – and your reasons why you don’t or won’t are known to you – does it make sense that if you don’t, there is someone out there who would, even another man?  Ya might not like the thought of that but, yeah, it can happen; if your boy is out there getting a bro-job, you might be the reason why he is.

You might, even reluctantly, agree with this but it still doesn’t answer your question why a man would want to suck a dick and, again, I’ll ask you this:  Why did you want to do it in the first place?  Again, you gotta know that I know a few things about this so I know that some women aren’t given a choice about it and I’m sorry that you had to experience it that way but the simplest reason is that you wanted to know what it would be like so, uh-huh, it does stand to reason that a man would want to know for the exact same reason.  Again, I apologize but sucking dick has never been just a woman’s thing to do and history proves this; otherwise, there would never have been any men giving each other blowjobs.

Then consider this:  You know that we watch you when you’re sucking us so does it really sound far fetched that a guy could watch you sucking him and wonder what it’s like to do that?  Have you ever had a man ask you what it feels like to you when you do it?  If you have, what does that suggest to you, hmm?  Yep, he  could be  asking just to be asking but sometimes, that might not be why he’s asking, okay?

Finally, I’ll end my limb-walking session with something I’ve written about before but is relevant to this.  Years ago, a group of us – mixed company – were sitting in my home and somewhere along the line, the conversation turned to sex and specifically about sucking dick, with several of the men present insisting that being sucked by a woman is different from a man doing it and that they wouldn’t allow such a thing because men aren’t supposed to do this to other men – and despite the fact that they knew that it happens.

I said to them, “Your body doesn’t care who’s giving it pleasure – but your mind does; if you didn’t know who was sucking your dick, would you object to it happening or would you only object if you saw who it was?”  The debate was on; I had thrown down a gauntlet (and, honestly, without meaning to) and, yes, with the help of the libations we were partaking of, blindfolds were constructed, men volunteered to have their dick sucked and without any lash backs or repercussions and it was put to the test.  Including my wife and myself, there were five couples present and every man present consented to have his dick sucked by everyone there – and it was on.  A woman would go down on a guy, then a guy would do it to the blindfolded guy, who wasn’t allowed to touch the person sucking them – then he was asked which person was the guy, A or B.  Not only did they all guess wrong – and even I did – but they were shocked to find out that for a few of them, it was the guy who sucked their dick and it felt better than when the woman did it.

A fight didn’t break out because of this but a lot of sex did – and, as far as I knew, I was the only real bi guy there but everyone had fun sucking dick (and eating pussy) that night.  Some guys said that they’d do it again, conditionally, of course; some said that they wouldn’t do it again but, really, they couldn’t deny that having a dude doing it felt good, and more so when the blindfolds got trashed and everyone went for the gusto without being visual impaired.

It happens and the real down to earth reason is that it can happen; you just need the right conditions and the right catalyst and there you go:  A bro-job is now in progress and between men you just find it hard to believe would want to do that.  It doesn’t mean that there’s going to be some massive explosion of guys doing the bro-job thing but, yeah, guys do it and their sexuality doesn’t have much bearing on it; any man can give or receive a bro-job and simply because it’s what the doctor ordered for that moment.  The reasoning can be complex in nature or it can be as simple as one dude turning to his bro and saying, “Man, I wouldn’t mind getting my dick sucked right about now!”

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