Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  When a Guy Runs Out of Options

13 Apr

Okay, first, a disclaimer:  This writing isn’t a condemnation of women in any way so ladies you can put away the sharp pointy things.  Let’s begin…

One of the questions that gets asked a lot is why would a red-blooded guy want to go from consorting with women and all the perks that go with this to wanting to lie down with another man?  It’s no secret that some of us have zero luck with the ladies and their luck is so bad that some guys couldn’t even buy some pussy; it’s a real knife in the back when a lady of the evening doesn’t want your business, huh?  Yes, there’s always monkey spanking and as much fun as that can be, it just can’t replace that need to physically interact with someone else.

For some guys, in the face of a lack of coochie, there’s a logical choice and one that we’re supposed to avoid like the plague.  The logic of the situation is quite sound, actually, but the emotional turmoil is a different critter and one that’s not easy to get past.  It’s not like we don’t know that there are other men out there who live to, say, suck dick (at the least) and the logic is simple:  If you want your dick sucked but you can’t convince a woman to do it – and without complaints and conditions – then there’s a guy somewhere who’d be more than happy to do it.  But logic doesn’t do well in the face of the strong emotional response to never go there and no matter how desperate one might be.

Now, many men do resist this leap of logic… but I’m not talking about them; no, I’m talking about the guys who, in their minds, have run out of options, those guys whose need for that physical release has pushed them to a tipping point where logic can override the emotional restrictions and they take the plunge, throwing all caution to the wind, disregarding every negative thing they’ve ever heard about doing this, and risking social blowback for not being strong enough to resist letting another man (at the minimum) suck their dick until they cum.

Even I’ve heard the old saw that there are plenty of women out there who’d drop their panties if you just looked at them long enough and this is, in fact, true… but where exactly are they, hmm?  Thanks to slut shaming, they aren’t exactly holding up a sign indicating their willingness to give up the box and that it’s stupid easy to make happen, are they?  And it is to note that these “easy” women have been known to turn down guys, too, so the guy who’s out of options is truly stuck between that rock and hard place and pointing him in the direction of that logical conclusion and more so since men, historically, don’t do well with long periods of celibacy… and for some of us, one day without sex is one day too many.

Socially, we look at the man who has run out of “normal” option in an unkind light when he feels forced to take the only option remaining:  Finding succor in the arms and bed of another man and another man who isn’t necessarily homosexual, to get that myth out of the way.  These days, people behave as if gay men are a dime a dozen and as commonplace as flies on shit… but the guy who loves pussy but “has no choice” but to learn to like things with men are considered to be oddballs when they’re not so odd at all; they’ve just learned that you don’t necessarily need a woman to enjoy the pleasure of being sucked off; some learn that screwing a willing guy’s ass is physically no different from screwing a willing woman’s butt… and some find out that sucking cock is rather pleasurable and, uh-huh, things can be… interesting when there’s a hard one bucking traffic on that one-way street.

We – society at large – will look at his “act of desperation” and say he’s gay when that’s not really the truth… but the truth is in the details and not many people want to be bothered with the details, which is why I’m telling you this stuff and trying to explain that some of us don’t turn to cock because we have some romantic affinity for men – sometimes we do because it’s the only game in town… and it’s better than no sex at all.  Those of you, male or female, who aren’t out of options don’t quite understand this since you’ve never been in this particular situation; some women can embrace celibacy easily and some guys are not above paying for the services of a professional if push came to shove… and to avoid having to think about that other option.

It’s not a sign of weakness anymore than it is a lack of manliness; not everyone sees every potential option, not that there are a whole lot of them, and not everyone has what it takes to pull off what others just take for granted as being doable, like finding that woman who is so easy to have sex with all you have to do is smile at her.  Ideally, giving into such an act of desperation is something no one should ever resort to… yet, when we need something and can’t get it, we’re told to otherwise believe that we are to do without it, right?  It doesn’t seem to occur to some that this isn’t a viable option… and then there’s this:  If a woman took this option, very few people would condemn her; they’d applaud her for escaping slut shaming and grabbing the brass ring of sexual liberation if she decided that another woman is what she needed and more so since men are notoriously often inadequate – and definitely ill-equipped; it’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight.

No one likes being out of options, not for this.  In a perfect world, when a man needs a woman – and a woman needs a man – it happens easily and effortlessly and to the satisfaction of one and all… except the real world doesn’t work like that and as evidenced by the fact that some men run out of options and their only recourse, other than celibacy, is another man – his mouth, his cock, his ass or even his hand – whatever he’s offering to satisfy that need.

If, by some chance, you cannot see the logic of this situation, feel free to ask yourself why you can’t see it.  Yes, maybe you wouldn’t see a need to exercise such an option but it would be a good thing if we could stop condemning those who, even if only in their opinion, have no choice because they are out of options.  And let me ask you this:  If it were somehow turn out to be you that found themselves out of options, what would you do… and no matter what anyone else had to say about it?


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