Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: When In Rome…?

20 Apr

This is the first blog I’ve actually written on my computer in a while; it’s almost on its last legs and I need to replace it but it’s not easy when you’re on a fixed income.  So, I got it working better, using a lot of tricks learned in my years working with these things, and I had an idea for something I wanted to write about but as my Desktop came up, I saw some Top Searches items and, instead of frowning, I kinda welcomed them with open fingers.


What got my attention was, “blogs of bi guys first time swallowing semen” and I immediately thought, “Well, unless a bunch of guys decided to write about their first time doing that, um, this search might come up pretty empty… because you only have one first time doing something.”  I let my mind work on the subject and I know when you’re negotiating with a guy for sex and it’s been established that you both suck cock, the next question usually is, “Do you swallow?”  Now, I’m not gonna say that if you don’t it’ll be a deal breaker but sometimes it is, the thought being if you’re gonna give a guy some head – and, let’s say there will be no fucking happening – then if you’re not gonna swallow his load, what’s the point?  Those of you who do swallow know exactly why you might not want to partake of that protein shake – I know why I wouldn’t want to – but it begs the question of whether guys looking to get their dick sucked just automatically assume that some swallowing is gonna jump off?  Maybe they do and there’s plenty of precedence for this, beginning with the very first time a man gulped down another man’s seed and said in the language of the time, “Hey, that wasn’t all that bad!”

As usual, this ain’t a “how-to” kinda thing nor am I gonna get into a biochemical analysis about it but I had to say something because the Top Searches never fails to amuse me or give me food for thought.  On to what I originally wanted to write about…

You’re hanging with the fellas, knocking back some brewskis, chilling, shooting the bull… but things are starting to get a little boring.  One of the fellas has managed to get his BAC way over the legal limit to drive and announces to the room, “Man, I could go for having my dick sucked right about now!” – then pulls out his cock and starts slowly stroking it and, for the sake of this hypothetical scenario, your horny bud is sitting next to you on the sofa, okay?  While you’re trying to process the fact that homey pulled his dick out, one of the other fellas comes overs, drops to his knees, and starts blowing the guy next to you after mumbling, “Hey, why not?”

Now, do you take in this scene, freak out and go from totally buzzed to stone cold sober – and then beat feet outta there… or do you pull your dick out and see who wants to suck your dick?  Or, for extra points, do you stay zipped up and just sit there and watch… and how long would you remain a spectator?

There are probably guys reading this and thinking they’d haul ass… but would you be surprised to know that if there were six guys hanging out, only one of them would get in the wind?  You might even think that this scenario really doesn’t happen… but you can believe me when I tell you that it does and if you’ve been following me for a while, you already know how I know.  Today, they might call this the “bro job” but in my experiences, eh, this is what can happen when you get a bunch of guys in one place, they’re getting juiced or smoked up, and they’re bored and/or looking for something to do. I’ve seen guys reveal a side of themselves that no one knew about; I’ve seen guys who, normally, wouldn’t think about letting a dude suck their dick literally shrug and, once, even say, “When in Rome…” and I’ve sat quite a few times in stunned silence to once more see dudes who I thought had zero interest in dicks get to sucking dick like they’re old pros at it… and, yeah, some of them were not having their first experience making a hard dick soft again.

I remember one occurrence of this phenomenon jumping off and I was stunned silent as guys I believe to be pussy-only pulled out their dicks and a blowjob orgy got going and I had thought, “What the hell just happened?”  As I pondered this, a guy I knew for a fact wasn’t into dick – and because I had probed him a few times to see if he was down – came over to me, shrugged and said, “Yo, we might as well join the party, huh?”  The “event” lasted for quite some time, too; everybody got sucked and did some sucking no less that three times and of the eight men present (including myself), only two of us had prior experience sucking dick… but you couldn’t tell by the way those other six dudes were eating sausage and, yes, drinking down spunk like it was ambrosia, including the one dude who said he didn’t want to swallow any – but he succumbed to peer pressure after it was suggested that he was a punk-assed chicken to not do what everyone else was doing.

The alcohol and weed might have gotten that party started… but I’d say the effects had worn off early on in the proceedings and sobriety didn’t call an end to the near-constant rise and fall of cocks.  When everyone was totally spent and could no longer get it up, we all kinda sat around looking at each other a mixture of guilty and goofy looks and, as expected, one guy announced to one and all, “Yo, this never happened, right?” – then took a much-needed nap after we all agreed that we didn’t know what he was talking about.

I’ve sometimes seen this happen, no one leaves and stays to watch the show; on one such occasion, one dude sucked every cock in the room, including some of the guys who had said when the show got started, “I ain’t into that shit!” – but when it was their turn to get blown, uh, I guess they changed their mind rather quickly.  I had to give it to the guy; as much as I love sucking dick, even I wouldn’t have taken on the task to suck the other nine cocks in the room… but this guy did and, um, whew, he was pretty damned good and swallowed down every load given to him.

One guy, fresh from busting that nut, turned to me and asked, “What the fuck just happened?  I ain’t even into this shit!”

“I don’t know,” I admitted, “But it was good, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” he replied – then added, “You ain’t gonna say anything about this, are you?”

“Say anything about what?” I asked with feigned innocence.


Even though I’ve seen this happen more than I care to think about, it has always manage to surprise me to be in a room with a bunch of guys who, without question, loves pussy and women… and see them some time later either getting blown by a guy or doing some cock sucking himself – and I’m not even gonna get into those moments when dudes were getting fucked in the ass – and guys who professed to be very afraid of doctors and latex gloves.  It’s not exactly like mass hypnosis and I know there’s a term for this – I just can’t think of it right now – but it’s just weird to see guys not really interested in dick become very interested because they’re high, bored, and horny.  I’ve gotten to see peer pressure at work; there’s always that one guy who says, “I ain’t doing that shit!” – and winds up doing it after having his case jumped into and, uh-huh, being accused of not having the balls to get busy with the rest.  I would wonder, “Would a dude really suck dick just to save face?” and the answer is, “Yeah… because image is everything.”

And if you’re wondering, yes:  Guys who refused to be a Roman got talked about in some very unkind ways.  I didn’t blame them for sticking to their principles and have told them that…but some of them did say, “Man, I wanted to… but I just couldn’t!”

After yet another instance, I was talking to one of the participants while we were both taking a break and he had said, “Man, this shit is contagious, ain’t it?”  And I had to agree that it was and even more so since I wasn’t even thinking about playing with dick when the shit jumped off.  Once, a guy pointed this out to me:  “Have you noticed that every time this shit jumps off, it’s always the same two or three guys that get it going?”

And I admitted that I hadn’t noticed that but after a moment of thinking, yeah, he was right on the money about that and, oh, yeah, if you were wondering, no – I never started the party and, honestly, I was always amazed at how I always seemed to manage being in the right place at the right time when this “group horny” thing came up.  Now, it didn’t always happen when a bunch of us got together but while I didn’t know about the other dudes in the room, I could certainly feel the sexual tension flowing and I’m guessing that the only reason cocks didn’t get yanked out was that no one really wanted to be the one to start something because, again, image is everything and it’s difficult to be publicly outspoken against dudes sucking dudes… but secretly want to play with another dude’s cock.

I’ve been one-on-one with these guys, just hanging out, and I’ve had them bring up – and out of the blue – the last time things got “out of hand” and, um, what do you know?  They weren’t interested in a group kind of thing but, er, ah, if dicks got whipped out and sucked now – because there’s no one else around, well, uh, I won’t tell if you won’t, okay?  Once, I asked, “What makes you think I’m even down with that?”

The guy said, “I ain’t down with it either… but it’s something to do, ya know?”

I’ve even pushed back by saying, “You first…,” – and I wound up getting the black sucked off my dick temporarily – not bad for someone who just told me minutes ago that they weren’t down with it.  And I have to point out that not only were these guys not closeted homosexuals, most of them weren’t even closeted bisexuals.  Nope, they got horny, their dicks started getting hard… and it just made sense to take advantage of what was on hand.  I’ve seen (and participated) in circle jerks, daisy chains of cock sucking, as well as some butt-fucking and while I never complained, I always found myself asking, “What the fuck just happened?”

I eventually learned to just chalk it up to “boys being boys when they get really bored and really horny;” again, there’s a scientific term for this but I still can’t think of what it is despite being on my second cup of coffee – I might remember it later.

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