Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  Men Loving Men

21 Apr

If I hadn’t already been exposed to this, I’d probably be like a lot of people and feel the urge to barf to merely think about men having sex with each other… maybe.  But I was exposed to it and it’s something that’s not as unusual as our morality says it should be and I’ve been around long enough to see a sort of evolution in this that’s, well, interesting.

Once upon a time – and read this as when I was growing up – you could pick out a man who loved sex with men fairly easily because, um, they acted more like women, from the way they talked to the way they walked and, sometimes, even dressed; if you saw a guy with his shirt on but tied up to expose his navel, yep, you wouldn’t be wrong if you pegged him for liking cock over pussy; if you saw a guy walking down the street and his hips were swaying more than woman would ever dare, um, guess what he likes to do behind closed doors?

Given how our society as dead set against homosexuality in any form or any reason, men who love men had to go undercover and become more straight-acting to camouflage their sexuality so they could blend in with everyone else so they could escape harassment and be able to work.  As an aside, men who love men today accuse bisexuals of having a straight privilege but one they’ve been enjoying way before this particular piece of dumb shit reared its stupid head.  Anyway, let’s continue.

As the fight for gay rights reached its peak, men who love men decided that it was time to come out of hiding and, by doing so, reveal an aspect of themselves not seen before:  There are “swishy” men and then there are men who love men that are genuinely more masculine than their effeminate counterparts and, as such, aren’t that easily identified and often embarrassing the shit out of people who’d see a “feminine” trait in a guy and just assume he was gay.  Like, people used to think I was gay because of the way I moved, not even considering or believing that any grace I had when moving was due to decades of martial arts training, which teaches a fluidity of motion and a near effortless economy of movement.

So, um, no more being able to judge a book by its cover – but men who love men still had to be discrete about their love lest they suffer the fate of their more effeminate brethren and get their heads handed to them.  Which brings me to another evolution taking place where men who love men are concerned:  “Thugs.”

Now, I’m sure that seeing that word conjures up a not-so-nice image in your mind; ya might be thinking crooks, die-hard lovers of the rap lifestyle who like walking around showing everyone their underwear, and seriously tough men who might be more likely to punch you in the face instead of shaking your hand when meeting them – or, in short, some really scary dudes, huh?  When I started seeing these guys, I learned about what’s called the “Thug Creed” and read something that did a good job of explaining it – and the majority of this creed had nothing to do with the behaviors one might hear in hardcore rap music and one part that got my attention was the need for men to show each other more love and respect – which is a damned good thing – but, at the time I read this, I didn’t consider that this was meant literally and not just metaphorically with the part of the creed most know today as “bros before hos.”

The more I looked into this, the more time my jaw tended to stay on the floor; you mean to tell me that there is a creed of men who insist and maintain that having sex with one of your boys is not only a good and necessary thing but now symbolizes manliness?  Can this be right?  More peeking told me, yeah, it is right – holy what the fuck just happened?

Now, not all men who embrace the thug life are gonna do the “love thy brother” thing so let me make this clear.  That thing where guys are walking the streets with their pants sagging and showing off their drawers?  It’s said that this actually originated in prison and it was a message from homosexual men to other men to let them know that they were down with playing with cock… and it turned into a fashion statement… but for some men, was it really just about a fashion fad… or were they – are they – really advertising their love of men and cock?  Hard to really tell and, no, even I wouldn’t ask a guy with sagging pants if he liked dick but, well, seeing how this came to be… and then the sure knowledge that there appears to be an oxymoron walking among us:  Gay thugs. Again, the word “thug” conjures up images of hardness and toughness, like machismo on steroids, which is totally incongruent with how they behave behind closed doors.

I also have to say that I have nothing against those who embrace the thug life; dowhatchalike.  But I find this… evolution fascinating because these men have no shame about wanting to throw down with other men whatsoever, a gigantic change from the early days when you had to be ashamed of yourself for not liking or wanting any part of pussy… and, oh, yeah, some guys embracing the thug life are bisexual – had to get that out before I forgot.

And since there are so many men who embrace the thug life – it’s not just young Black men – if you couldn’t tell who was “that type”‘of guy, it’s damn near impossible today; you just cannot look at them and determine their sexuality and, um, given how tough some of them look, well, you get the idea, don’t you?

They’re fit and trim, stunningly handsome, heavily tattooed, and with dick like you wouldn’t believe and some that would make the biggest female size queen take a huge step back and pass on having that cock wrecking their pussy… and quite a few of these handsome and dangerous looking men prefer cock over cunt… and sometimes both so, uh, ladies, ya might not be all that safe from getting your womb wrecked.

It’s an amazing shift in the dynamic; what was once seen only as a bitchy, girly thing to do, like sucking cock and getting fucked, is now being accepted as a damned manly thing to do… and I’m not quite sure if this is a good thing or what.  Once upon a time, if you liked dick and you were male, you were a punk-assed, sissified, cock sucking faggot and a disgrace to all men; today, you’re a disgrace if you ain’t down with it.  It’s been my position for the longest time that it does, indeed, take manly intestinal fortitude to get naked with another man and go for the gusto… but it seems that today there are men who love men that have seriously taken it up quite a few notches.

No, none of this redefines what it means to be a man… but the lines are kinda blurred as have many others have been blurred; one could legitimately infer that being a man has been expanded to literally include brotherly love/ love for your fellow man, if one is so inclined and more so when this lifestyle provides what even I would call valid justification… and even more so if this justification causes men to spend more time loving each other than killing each other.  Let’s see… which thing would I rather do:  Bust a cap in some dude… or bust a nut in him?  Uh, which kind of shooting do you think is more fun, hmm?

Brings a bit of different meaning to “make love, not war” doesn’t it?  I don’t see this mindset changing any time soon; this isn’t a fad or a phase – it’s becoming a way of life that threatens our illusion of moral normalcy and, honestly, in these days and times, if you still believe that men should not be loving men, you really don’t know a lot about men and that which drives us.

Just a little something for y’all to think about.  These men have set aside dogma in favor of a new understanding…

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