Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Prey

23 Apr

On the heels of my last scribbling, yep, I’ve been prey more times than I care to admit and until I eventually learned some facts of life, nah, it didn’t feel good to be preyed upon or to even be aware of the fact that I could be targeted for sex by anyone and before I learned that you might start out as prey… but can easily turn the tables on the predator stalking you and looking to inseminate you and make them prey.

Once you come to understand the nature of the beast, it doesn’t always make things easier but at least you can identify that strange feeling crawling along your senses when you see a guy giving you a certain look but also being aware that some predators in this game don’t give any clues as to their intentions toward you.  It’s how I wound up getting drugged and raped, well, that and a total lack of situational awareness on my part despite my training in such things. I accept that it happened, kinda blame myself more than the predator that had his way with me because of my cluelessness, but, nah, I still don’t like the fact that I was so easily taken, which actually bothers me more than the sex he had with me until I recovered and tried to kill him.

Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice… and I hope you have insurance or a next of kin that can be notified.  But this somewhat reflective writing isn’t about the bad predators out there looking to have sex with you; it’s really about the more, ah, regular guys who are just looking to have some amicable and mutual sexual gratification.  They’re out there looking for that likeminded guy or someone damned curious enough to want to get naked and participate in that ages-old dance we call sex.  Some are rather aggressive and annoyingly so; while their directness can be appreciated, their “my way or no way” approach gives man-sex a pretty bad name.  Some to employ a degree of deception, like the one guy who tried to get me to believe that he’d never done anything like this – or with a man – before; he was lying like a rug, of course, and I think he knew that I knew he was trying to bullshit me… but men tend to accept this bit of trickery as part of the game and at least I learned not to be offended by it… although I’d never in good conscious ever use such a cheesy pickup line.

Some guys unknowingly give off hard to miss signals and because they’re trying not to make it obvious that they wanna have sex with you; you don’t even have to be an expert in nonverbal communication to spot these guys and guys whose caution lights them up like a  really bright signal flare, well, that and seeing the outline of his erection as he tries not to stare at you is a dead giveaway.

Once you’ve stepped into the arena and learn then”rules” of the game – and by taking that step, tacitly agree to be bound by the rules – the game of predator and prey can be interesting to watch unfold and regardless to whether or not you’re the predator or you’re the prey… or you’re watching things unfold between to other guys.  You get to understand why women roll their eyes a lot – and reject us for sex – thanks to the sheer corniness of the pickup lines we use and more so when we try to use some lines on men that are better suited for use on women.  And, yes, some are so pathetically inept that you wanna agree to his indecent proposal just to save him from further embarrassment – even women that the corniest lines tend to work, as weird as that sounds.

And, even with some men, directness and honesty in ones approach is preferred… but, as with some women, well, it’s not always gonna get you what you want… so as strange at this sounds, yeah, some of us actually want (and need) to be seduced or otherwise convinced that getting naked with you is going to be in our best interests.  It’s not what you want so much as it is how you go about making your case – or, if you will – setting the “trap” that, hopefully, will result in nuts getting busted wide open.  And I’ve learned that even I can be horribly picky about things when I’m the prey; sometimes – most of the time – directness works… but not always and I can be guilty of making a guy “prove” to me how badly he wants me.  Why… and more so when it might not get me some cock to play with?

It’s just how the game is played.  I may or may not be of a mind to play with cock… but I’m willing to at least listen to the proposal when I’ve been targeted as prey.  Now, I’ve said all along that men are much more no-nonsense about this and it remains a truism, but we all go through a feeling out kind of thing because, um, the guy might not be down like that but once we have confirmation that he is, many guys – including me – will just get to the point and put it on the table and as that can be as simple as, “Let’s go somewhere because I really want to suck your dick (or whatever else you’re of a mind to do/allow)…”

It can take a long as thirty seconds… or as much as a hour or longer and, yep, sometimes, it can take days and repeated contacts before the predator/prey game is played out and the actual sex begins… or doesn’t… because if you believe that women can be really funny about this, you’ve probably never asked a guy if you can blow him or if he’s willing to blow you, to use this as the least acceptably doable thing.  Even as no-nonsense as we can be about this, a single word said can bring things to an unsatifying and disappointing end… or what you don’t say can have the same results.  So it’s not always a given that two men playing their roles as predator and prey is a fait accompli; as both predator and prey, I’ve had hopes of a successful outcomes, only to have something bring the game to a screeching halt.

Like, this guy and I were playing the game and even switching up the roles; he started out as the predator and I was his prey – then I was the predator and things were going swimmingly until he said that he’d also love it if I peed on him.  Man, talk about a deal-killer!  Or another time when a rather agressive predator had me in his sights and was actually doing a decent job of kicking his game to me when he started talking about how good he was gonna fuck me… and way after I had mentioned I wouldn’t be down with that.  Game over, man – game over!

Yep, sometimes our own stupidity can reset the game in a hurry and no amount of apologizing for a faux pas will make things right.  I once had a non-sexual conversation with a guy about this predator/prey game and he asked me whether I preferred to be the predator or did I prefer to be prey… and I couldn’t answer the question, not because I didn’t understand the question but because in the way I learned to play the game, a guy was always both – you just accepted that the hunter was also being hunted at any given time.  I allowed that I wasn’t sure I had a preference in that sense; it’s fun to be both predator and prey at turns – but I also admitted that, at the time, I had an uncanny knack of winding up in another man’s sights and especially if my mind wasn’t on playing the game at all.

I was either in the right place at the right time… or the wrong place at the wrong time – I’d take my pick of these two things depending on my mood and frame of mind at the moment of first contact… and it was usually the latter when dick was nowhere on my list of things to get.  But even that was kinda fun… or very annoying to be sitting or standing and listening to a predator make his case to get into my underwear.  Sometimes it worked… most of those times, it didn’t; when I tell you thanks but no thanks, I’m not likely to change my mind – move along, move along.

Or, sometimes – and because I can be quite evil – I’d assess the guy making a move on me and deduce the one thing he wouldn’t be interested in and, in effect, become the predator. Like the guy who was trying to convince me that sucking his cock would be the best thing I would ever agree to… and something told me that he wouldn’t be all that interested to wind up swallowing sperm… so I said to him, “Okay, and when I finish sucking you off, I’ll be very much looking forward to creaming your tonsils!”

He got up and left without another word… and I laughed until I almost wet my pants.  Some predators, it seems, never consider that they can be prey, too.

So, no, we don’t always just play this game with women – we play it with men as well.  It’s both the fun of being a bisexual guy and, sometimes, the bane of our existence because while we have a basic understanding that despite our desire to be the predator in the game, we often do not like or accept that we can be preyed upon and become someone’s successful attempt at predation and seduction; it’s that awful feeling one can get to find himself in the middle of doing/being done and wondering just how the hell you found yourself in this situation – and, yeah, a feeling I’ve experienced more than I really care to admit right now.  The sex can be damned good… or undeniably shitty but the thing that fucks with you is the realization that you volunteered to be someone’s prey and, once more, even when you know that you’re as much fair game as the other guy could be.  You got conned, convinced – maybe even totally and completely seduced… and as bad as that can make you feel, it’s all part of a timeless game we’ve played with each other.

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