Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  Tales from the ‘Hood

07 May

It’s 1969 and my hometown – as well as many cities across the country (and maybe even the world) – was still reeling from the assassinations of Dr. King and presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, stupid and probably politically motivated deaths that served to galvanize Americans and brought us closer together rather than divide us further even though there were still many pockets of racial violence across the land, the message of, “We are Americans and we must be one with each other…” – and while the political mess that was Viet Nam was still in play.

While this bit of social insanity was taking place, a sexual revolution happened – some say that Woodstock was the catalyst, the message of “Make love, not war!” taken to heart literally and the wildfires of unadulterated, unabashed, and unfettered sexual interaction spread rapidly, even to the ‘hood in which I lived.  It seemed that everyone wanted and needed sex and there weren’t many who didn’t get caught up in the need to pair up, strip down, and fuck like there would be no tomorrow, which actually wasn’t far from the truth given that the Cold War and the threat of mutually assured destruction (MAD) still hung over our heads.

It wasn’t even about looking for the best sex; it seemed as if everyone around me were foregoing their preferences for “the perfect lay” and were balling just to be doing it and the environment for bisexuals was like shooting fish in a barrel; there was now more cock and cunt available than ever before and the shame of homosexual sex was, at least for this point in time, set aside for a higher purpose:  Let’s get naked and let’s get to fucking.

House parties would start out with music and dancing… then devolve into pockets of debauchery, fueled by “Make love, not war!” and plenty of Acapulco Gold, Colombian Red, and all kids of booze, from Boone’s Farm “Strawberry Hill” to Ripple and MD 20-20, better known as Mad Dog.  The explosion of hedonistic sexual expression wasn’t limited to those weekend house parties; it wasn’t unusual for me to walk from one side of town to the other and see people fucking in dark alleys on the spur of the moment and not unusual for me to get propositioned several times (and stopping to get laid) before I got to wherever I was going.

While the ladies were giving up the pussy and in unheard of quantities, for the guys, well, it just wasn’t enough and women weren’t always where the men were… so lots of cocks were being sucked, asses getting creamed, and even involving a lot of men who, before the revolution hit, wouldn’t even jerk themselves off, let alone let another man have access to it that wasn’t a doctor.  Oddly, the local homosexual men kinda went underground, as if seeking shelter from all the insane sex that gripped everyone because instead of being avoided like the plague everyone saw them to be, they were now being targeted for exploitation… and a lot of gay men were getting cornered by “mobs” of very horny dudes with very hard cocks and getting gangbanged, with permission and, sadly, against their will.

There weren’t too many times when the the rumor mill in school would report that so-and-so, who was gay, was found in an alley or some abandoned building by the police and they were a bloody, sperm-coated mess after having been kidnapped, beaten, and repeatedly raped by numerous unnamed and unidentified suspects.  Even the flamboyantly gay who, at first, welcomed the revolution with open legs and mouths were trying to make it hard to be identified, not that it helped them to not be so “swishy” because they were very well known and were considers to be targets of opportunity.

Hell, even guys who were even suspected of being gay were being targeted, maybe not for being raped but as potential candidates for sex… and I don’t want to forget to mention that there was a lot of pussy being eaten that didn’t involve men, just in case you may have thought that the girls hadn’t been horribly busy and were unaffected by the contagious fallout of the revolution.  The levels of peer pressure were at an all time high and a lot of guys were getting put on blast for refusing to participate when the fellas were hanging out… and dicks started coming out… and some guys would choose to run like hell rather than to find themselves caught up in an all-male orgy that made what I’d been doing just a couple of years ago seem insignificant by comparison.

Just as when I was younger, you get two guys hanging out with nothing to do and no women in sight, and cocks would come out and get sucked; maybe asses would get fucked – but that was becoming a bit rarer because the revolution was responsible for near epidemic outbreaks of gonnorrhea – the clap – that saw the local free clinics develop lines that circled some blocks as the unfortunate/unlucky lined up to be treated.  I wasn’t one of the unfortunate but all I had to do was hear about guys suffering the symptoms and their story of how getting shot up in the ass with massive doses of penicillin to fix in my mind to be a bit more discrete and discerning about who I dropped my drawers for, male or female.

That painted a different target on gay men… but not so much bisexual men although it didn’t take a lot of intelligence to realize that f you boned a girl and you got burned, um, she didn’t wake up with the clap one morning – she got it from some dude, who got it from one of the gay dudes who were practically giving up their infected butt holes like it was a free lunch.  But few made this somewhat obvious connection and a lot of women were getting blamed for an epidemic that, in fact, they didn’t start:  They were victims and made victims by scores of very horny motherfuckers who would pounced on an infected cock or ass, became infected themselves, but were now so worried about their precious reputation so much that they refused to be seen in the growing long lines at the free clinics.  If you were seen in one of those lines, everyone just assumed you were there to get treated and treated for the clap… even if you were there for other health-related reasons, like having a bad cold, for instance.

Oh, by the way, if you wanna know why it was called the clap, check this out:

One hand, the sexual revolution was a good thing, on the other, not so good in certain aspects.  In the ‘hood, more and more people were becoming sexually liberated but for some, that liberation made them desperate and careless.  City health officials eventually got the clap epidemic under control, people were using better judgement – especially the constantly horny men  – and the revolution continued and a lot of babies were now being conceived…

Until HIV/AIDS arrived on the scene and sent the burgeoning sexual revolution nose diving to a sudden halt.


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