Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Oh, Wow…

25 Jul

He was pounding me fiercely as he fucked me, taking me from my position on my knees to being flat on my belly, emphasizing his earlier words of it having been a long time since he’d last had sex with anyone.  I must digress, though, just a bit while kinda glossing over the exact how we met at my favorite bar, struck up a conversation, him propositioning me and my acceptance because while I’d been getting plenty of pussy, it had been a while since I’d last had a dick to play with and, as I opened this up with, he hadn’t gotten laid in a while.

We went to his place, settled into the sofa and did some necking; he was tense, not out of apprehension but trying to contain his passion as we worked each other’s neck and ears over while removing our clothing along the way.  On the way to his place, he had mentioned that I might be disappointed because he hadn’t been born with a long dick; I knew I rolled my eyes as I dismissed his disclaimer by saying what I always said:  Size isn’t an issue for me.

We’d stripped each other bare and I’d went to work on his nipples, which adorned a hairless chest, taking delight in his moans and giving myself a tiny pat on the back because most men don’t know what it’s like to have their nipples sucked and kinda chewed on.  I was deliberately not paying any attention to his dick; in fact, I’d peeled him out of his underwear without even looking at his crotch… but I knew he was very hard since I had a little trouble getting his drawers off.  He did fix his eyes on my now exposed erection when he got me out of my underwear, uttering an almost inaudible, “Oh, wow…” as I helped him get my briefs from around my ankles.

“You’re kinda big,” he moaned as he fondled my dick while I continued to lavish attention on his nipples while muttering something about not being all that big against his chest.  I kissed my way down his chest, making a pit stop at his navel and giving it some attention before scooting down so I could take my first look at the dick I was about to start sucking… and barely managed not to gasp aloud.

He was right – his dick wasn’t long at all, maybe five or six inches and I now understood why I’d had been quite a while since he last got laid because what he lacked in length, he made up in girth – it was very fat and topped with a really big mushroom-shaped knob; I was taken aback for a moment and wondering if I’d ever seen anything like this guy’s dick before – and I hadn’t:  Sucking him was going to be a challenge but I bent to the task and took him into my mouth, having decided that this was one dick I was not gonna go deep on.

It didn’t take him long to decide that he wasn’t going to be the only oral victim, virtually manhandling me until I was atop him, his mouth closing around me with a hunger I was very familiar with but, ah, shit, since we’d both agreed that we were going to fuck each other back at the bar, the purpose wasn’t to get each other off like that although I was silently kicking myself for not asking him exactly why he hadn’t gotten laid in a while when I had the chance… because at some point, he was gonna be shoving this into my ass.

Oh, wow, indeed.

“I need to cum,” he moaned after letting my dick fall from his mouth, my cue to stop sucking him and get ready for him to be inside me – I’d already banished the thought of begging off being fucked; he might have understood but being fucked was what I agreed to so that’s how it was gonna go down.  Almost a quarter of a container of Vaseline later, we both sighed as his monstrous knob finally managed to make it past the not-so-resisting muscle guarding my rectum and not a moment too soon because just as he passed into me, I was a good second from calling a halt to things.

That’s when he literally beat me down from my knees to my stomach, not that hard that I felt a need to protest but just hard enough where staying in that kneeling/ass in the air position wasn’t gonna work.  As he screwed me, I was deciding whether or not what I was now feeling was worth the effort to be able to feel him… and decided that I was feeling pretty good and let my mind wander to that place it tends to go when I’m being screwed, enjoying the feel of his fat prick stretching my hole wide and his weight on me as he thrust into me.  Because I could feel the tremors in his dick, I knew he was about to get to the good part, the part where he would soon bust his nuts into me.

His strokes were getting harder and I gasped because his dick was getting harder and fatter and just a bit uncomfortable; he cursed loudly as his whole body stiffened… and I felt his load being injected into me and, my god, there was a lot of it!  Trapped in my ass, I could feel his dick expanding and contracting as he pumped sperm into me and doing it so strongly that it actually hurt and, shit, there seems to be no end to the flow of spunk that was now beginning to flow out of me and, seemingly, as fast as he was putting it in.  In this moment, time really doesn’t mean a damned thing and even if it did, I couldn’t tell you how long he was shooting into me before I finally felt his dick starting to soften – I just know it took a while.

I’m not gonna describe the mess that was made once he pulled out except to say it took a couple of towels to sop up the worst of it.  Still, he didn’t waste any time chucking the towels, sucking me into hardness, slathering us with Vaseline, and taking a seat on my dick because after experiencing being fucked by him, moving wasn’t on my list of things I felt like doing.  He rode me like he fucked me, hard and fast but not so much that I found it annoying while verbally encouraging me to cum inside him, something I wasn’t sure was gonna happen given how my butt was just now starting to ache from having his stupidly fat dick in there.

But I did cum, to our mutual delight and I almost giggled to hear him cry out, “Oh, my god… I can feel it shooting in me!” because I seriously doubted I was bringing my load as he had delivered his.  After some cleanup and toilet use, we were back in the sofa cuddling, something I normally would not have minded but, damn, my asshole was really starting to bother me!  He hadn’t damaged me but, oh, yeah, my hole hadn’t been stretched out like that since I was way younger.

Before I left for home, we did suck each other off – his second load wasn’t as huge as the first but I did have just a little trouble keeping up with it as I swallowed and he seemed happy with my creamy offering so it was all good. Back to the bathroom and as I got dressed, I asked him if he always busted such a huge first nut.

“Yeah,” he said – he actually blushed – “But I’ve been holding that one for a few months because, well, I guess you know why.”

“I do now,” I said, thinking that with a dick that fat and that really big knob, women weren’t exactly beating his door down and I was sure any guys he wanted to bed got a look at his dick and ran for the hills.  My drive home was, let’s say, interesting since sitting on my ass didn’t feel all that comfy but to have had the experience, it was worth walking a little funny…


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8 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Oh, Wow…

  1. Jayne

    25 July 2016 at 18:11

    Whoa ; ) All I can say is You’re a Damn Good Sport! I must say that I like that a lot.

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    • kdaddy23

      25 July 2016 at 20:45

      I dunno about being a good sport but I wasn’t gonna beg off without good reason and really fat dick/really big knob wasn’t good enough to quit before seeing if he could get it in – I’m a sucker for challenges.

      It was what happened after he got it in that blew my mind…

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  2. Ann St. Vincent

    25 July 2016 at 22:21

    Good god man…


  3. Cityman

    26 July 2016 at 11:56

    Incredibly hot, and for those of us who have experienced both sides of this equation (though more from the top “lens” here), it resonates deeply (intended). I like that you provide a window into the experience of pleasure, pain, fear, and excitement that being a man on the receiving end of such a thing involves. Having only recently experienced it after being a dominant top (and mostly with women), I completely identified with the implicit fear and curiosity, as well as the desire/fear associated with having a man finish inside you.

    The latter point – the antithetical yet erotic experience of a “straight”/bi man being on the receiving end of a big load – seems like such a taboo. I wonder if you could expand on this in your next posting, and explain both the fear and longing that men (and women) have to achieve completion and fullness by having their sex partner fill them up with cum? After all, topping and oral are the easy activities for the male bisexual to engage in — it’s the receiving that can be tricky psychologically, yet so important for empathizing with our female counterparts. Would love to hear your thoughts on this… 😉


  4. kdaddy23

    26 July 2016 at 13:36

    It begins with a question and one a lot of men have asked and women have tried to answer: What does it feel like to be screwed? More questions, like, why does it feel good to you and what’s going on with you when a guy cums inside you (even with a condom in play)?

    The social, moral, and religious stigmata against men ever finding out the answers to these questions is apparent; our upbringing in the gender role of being male mandates that it is highly unmanly to experience such a thing and these mandates are also responsible for why, more often then not, we fail at sex with women and all because we don’t and can’t understand what they’re feeling and experiencing when we’re boning them.

    And, no, topping a guy and engaging in oral sex isn’t really all that easy because we’re taught that one’s butt is exit-only and a very nasty environment – and sucking dick is a woman’s thing to do and any man who lets another man suck his dick must, by some weird stretch of logic, be feminine in nature as well. But, those restrictions are easier to get past than being the one being topped and it’s the one thing that truly allows us to find out exactly what we out women through when we want to have sex with women.

    I once asked you if you’d ever noticed a woman’s reaction in the moment you’re busting a nut inside her – most men actually never notice this but I’ve noticed that there’s something… visceral and pleasing in that moment for women that goes along with the baby-making thing we are all programmed with, hence our question of, “What does that feel like?” and the only answer she can give is, “It just feels good!” although the actual answer isn’t easily put into words.

    It’s believed that as men, the submissive-female role in sex isn’t where we are supposed to be, that we should never, ever, have reason to know what women have always known about this and we are made to fear it, not just because, um, it’s gonna hurt going in but because of the “bitch feeling” being screwed can induce. It’s why some guys who try this say, “Don’t stick it in too far!” and, importantly, “Don’t bust a nut in me!” because, again, well, we’re not supposed to be on the receiving end of having nuts busted in us, are we? That’s a woman’s job (sorry ladies)!

    I know, having been on the receiving end a lot, why it feels good to be screwed and why it especially feels good to feel the other guy busting a nut and, no, even I can’t put it into words all that well – it makes me say, as women do, that it just feels good. I’ve had to fight my male conditioning and not feel weird about that “bitch feeling…” but it is always there and I’ve come to believe that, our conditioning aside, it is SUPPOSED to be there because it’s supposed to feel good to be screwed and inseminated. But being a “real man” used to mean avoiding being in this position at all costs.

    I’m used to it but, as you’ve read, sometimes you experience it in ways you’ve not done so before. Yep, the thickness of his dick and that knob was cause for concern and I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t hurt going in despite being used to having a dick in there. The fear of being ripped or torn is a real one and, in this, potentially dangerous but if it never happens, there nothing to be worried about. You understand what women like about fat dicks and the “bitchy” feeling of being spread wide if not deep; again, something in the lizard part of our brains just loves this feeling.

    But when he came in me, yeah, oh, wow! Not only was I wondering if he was ever gonna stop but I was also experiencing that very heady satisfying feeling of being inseminated; I don’t know about anyone else but that’s just my favorite part and more so since, um, it’s not supposed to be my favorite part. As a man, I’m not supposed to ever submit to this and some men cannot overcome the “instinct” to not submit to being screwed; if they can manage that, then the final guard against feeling womanly is to tell him not to cum in you; pull it out and shoot it all over the place because of you pit it anywhere but inside me, maintaining one’s sense of manliness can be preserved or, “Yeah, he fucked me but I didn’t let him cum in me!” and as if this really and truly makes a difference… and it really and truly doesn’t.

    You get to understand why women get upset if the guy doesn’t bust in her; if he doesn’t, nothing he’s done before the fact really matters if he can’t finish. Yes, some women don’t want him finishing inside her but have you ever noticed a woman’s reaction when you’ve pulled out and shot all over her? Women, feel free to jump in here at any time, okay? There is a reason why some women aren’t fond of using condoms even though it’s smart to do so; likewise, there’s a reason why condom manufacturers are always striving to make it feel as if he’s not strapped up and it’s not just for him; if she can feel him ejaculating, that makes the lizard part of her brain happy even if she’s glad he’s not trying to pound her through the bed any longer and she’s not gonna wind up being a mommy.

    For most men, nothing I’ve written will make a lot of sense; one can understand it intelligently but because for a man to REALLY understand it, he’d have to submit to it – and most guys just do not want the answers all that badly since, to them, it reflects badly on their male image; it’s why some of us fear going to prison and the possibility of being faced with the situation of someone wanting to fuck us, voluntarily or otherwise because to be fucked and inseminated takes away our manhood and turns us into faggoty bitches and we continue to believe this even though it isn’t the reality, as evidenced by the fact that there are a shitload of men doing the bro thing who aren’t gay and don’t consider themselves to be bi – but they will throw down orally and anally because to them, to not do it lacks manliness.



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