Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  What Bisexuality Teaches Us

03 Aug

To put it kinda/sorta simply, bisexuality teaches us more than other ways to have sex, that the mandated boy/girl dynamic that’s key to the perpetuation of our species isn’t the only way for one to get their sexual jollies.  Yes, it’s quite the accomplishment to change up and add cock sucking to the skill set of eating pussy, quite the accomplishment to learn that not only can something big go in there, the nasty nature of that place has a hidden surprise, that G-spot for men that when stimulated, oh, hell, what was that?

We learn that what isn’t supposed to not only can happen, it’s been happening all along, that being male and craving dick – or being female and craving pussy – isn’t some new thing we’ve discovered but we are discovering that such delights are not as off-limits as we’ve been told it has to be, that there is, in fact, something another man or another woman can do for us in a polysexual context.  We learn that when we choose one side or the other, sexual diversity is in play, but not anything close to how this plays out for bisexuals.

We learn that not only can the rules be bent and broken, they are historically unenforceable, that there’s a fallacy in the mandates that are meant to restrict our lusts and passions and that sex has never been merely for procreation but is also a form of recreation because, after all, humans are one of the few animals on the planet who have sex just because it’s there to be had.

When we are bisexual, we learn so much about ourselves as individuals, things we thought we could never do or want to are easily done and desired; the world which we thought we knew and understood is now seen in a more realistic light and we learn that while the rules do make sense, we don’t always have to abide by them and that by doing so, we allow limits to be placed on our sexual pleasures and limits that many of us just cannot abide by, limits that deny us when we know, beyond any doubt whatsoever, that we need more than what’s mandated to be available.

We learn that while bisexuality requires an openness of mind, we learn that this broader ability to see and understand isn’t limited to the world of sexual congress, understanding that there are more possibilities to be seen and considered, fostering an ability to see more than one side of a given situation, to understand that there are gray areas and that those areas are rich with possibilities that conventional either/or thinking cannot provide or address.

We learn, in deeper context, that we are human, that we are, indeed, a very social and very sexual animal and that the evolution of our brains allow us to be able to express these key things in many ways.  We learn that heterosexuality is not the only way to express our socio-sexual behaviors, that to be in the embrace of another man or another woman feels so natural because it has always been a part of the nature of what we are, what we’ve always been, and why this nature has been suppressed in all of us… well, until we learn that there is no need to suppress our desires.

When we exchange the boy/girl dynamic for the boy/boy or girl/girl dymanics, we gain a special understanding of both men and women due to the commonality we share in this and that it’s a commonality that isn’t shared by those who remain steadfastly monosexual.  We learn what it’s like to be both the male and female in sex and can lessen the long held belief that men and women are inherently incapable of understanding each other, not when I can look at another bisexual, male or female, and say knowingly to them, “You know like I know, don’t you?”

Thanks to the stigma attached to bisexuality, we sadly learn of the hatred we have for that which is not like us and how shallow this ingrained behavior can make us.  We gain an understanding of the smug arrogance that some, but not all, monosexuals have in their belief that their way is the best and only way to live, love, and have sex; we learn that we have an adherence to dogma despite our clearer understanding that the conditions which mandated dogma no longer exist because today, even homosexuals can bring children into the world and thanks to a science that did not exist and could not be perceived when dogma was invoked.

Even those who were not yet born when “If it feels good, do it!” was the phrase to live by have learned that, yes, if it does feel good, then by all means – do it.  We learned that sex, in and of itself, isn’t so divided and that, simply put, sex is sex and the means don’t as much matter as long as the ends are met:  Orgasm, ejaculation, and post coital satisfaction with the act and with ourselves for have participated in that act.

We learn that while sex has always been inherently dangerous and unhealthy, we are learning that we need not fear the same-sex encounter and more so when we utilize our superior intellect to take the necessary precautions.  We learn that due to the nature of the beast, we must and can be mentally and emotionally tough because, still, trust does not come easily with us and that there are many who do not share our depth of bisexuality, which invokes an unpleasant predator/prey reaction in us and one that is as old as humans are.  We learn, however,my that we can be predator and prey but in a civilized way because we also understand that despite social conditioning, we are all objects of sexual desire.

We learn so much more than how to suck dick or eat pussy or how to have intercourse with each other.  We even learn that when we can let go our fears, we can learn even more.


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4 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  What Bisexuality Teaches Us

  1. Jayne

    3 August 2016 at 15:24

    Have you heard of a holiday in India where it’s accepted practice for that ONE day to be “gay”? The show I watched focused or it only showed men so I don’t know if women celebrate or participate in it too. I can’t search that holiday but I found this – it’s extremely interesting just from a sociological point of view.

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    • kdaddy23

      3 August 2016 at 15:41

      An Indian/Hindu woman I used to work with told me about it and that it wasn’t an “official” kind of thing; she had also spoke about their social conflicts where homosexuality was seen as okay in some parts, not so much in others.

      Indeed, we believe that the angst against bi- and homosexuality is globally accepted when, in fact, that’s not the case so one of the things we also learn is how narrow-minded and parochial our own society is about sex and it’s environs. We know good and damned well that men have sex with men, that women have sex with women and, yes, there are folks like me who’ll have sex with both – but we (on the whole) act as if it’s not supposed to happen and that it has never happened.

      The same society who would condemn me for being bisexual and condemn you as a slut because you like getting laid doesn’t find anything wrong with, say, sniffing a woman’s dirty underwear as a method of arousal and/or orgasmic release. Now, is it me or is there really something wrong with this picture?

      And did you know that the only abnormal sex is not having sex at all?

      So, yes, it’s always interesting to see how other cultures handle this and I do appreciate you sharing this with me!

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      • Jayne

        5 August 2016 at 00:58

        I laughed out loud at your line about me being a slut. It’s going to stay with the others that you’ve made so common-like as you’re using language that people don’t normally say to each other as easily as you do! Your lovely style of speaking the truth is titillating and very funny and real. When you reference what the world thinks – the negative outlook on bisexuality or homosexuality, I just believe that recognizing those is smart but you (general you) can’t give it all so much weight to let it influences you a whole lot. There have been ignorant, hypocritical, lying, phony people in power since power was created. All you have power to do is be the best bisexual, homosexual, person of a hated culture or color or belief that you can be. Any person who can’t tell the difference between a genuinely good hearted person and a hater who likes to be “right”, can stay in the dark. I have faced some prejudices but I’ve never been threatened with violence so I’m not in a position to speak on the prejudices and hatred you do talk about. So I’m partly talking outta my ass : ).


  2. kdaddy23

    5 August 2016 at 01:27

    Well, I wasn’t exactly calling you a slut personally and I hope you didn’t think I was… but the point is valid just the same; someone would slap that ignoble label in you and deem you to be a bad woman – but their idea of sexual fun is trussing a woman up with ropes and pouring hot wax all over her, which they’d maintain is their right and not in the least bit improper.

    I don’t let the bullshit bother me… but many bisexuals do wind up facing the violence and prejudice and given how truly depraved humans can be when it comes to sex, am I the only one who sees how hypocritical and unnecessary this behavior is? I suggest to anyone who is bisexual or seriously thinking about it to always be aware of what’s being said against bisexuality – then handle your business as you see fit and don’t ever sweat the dumb shit.

    You should know by now that I try to keep it real and being PC might be polite but it lacks impact and, besides, it’s faster to type “slut” than to type “a woman of questionable morals and judgement who shares her body with others openly and freely whenever the mood strikes her.”



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