Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  Persistent or Just a Royal Pain

05 Aug

Sometimes, you can run into someone you can either admire for their persistence or be quite irritated because they’ve become a royal pain and in places you’d rather not feel said pain.

I ran into “Derrick” (obviously not his real name) during a long morning of playing basketball.  The usual characters were there, some serious ballers, some not so serious, and some just hanging out because there wasn’t anything else constructive to do at eight in the morning, on a Saturday, and a day promising to be very damned hot and also promising thunderstorms to cool everything off later in the evening.

When there were enough guys, a debate jumped off – should we run four on four half court or five on five full court?  The question always came up because there was always some guys there that the usual suspects didn’t know having never played with them.  Still, we had ten guys, all willing to play, so full court it was; teams were selected via the time honored free throw method, decisions made about who would guard whom when on defense as well as who’d fill the roles of ball handling guards and the board crashing, shot-blocking positions of forward and center.

As expected, the center position was mine even though I wasn’t the tallest guy on the court… but I had serious ups, had a knack for blocking shots and rebounding and I wasn’t a slouch shooting the ball either or taking someone to the hole.  My team made the important “who gets the ball first” fouls shot from the top of the key and the game was on and as we came down court, the defenders picked up their assignments and Derrick moved toward me.

He was about my height and build but I’d never seen him on our courts before so I didn’t know if he had game but, nah, I wasn’t worried.  The game was going back and forth and, um, predictably physical especially between me and Derrick; he was stronger than I had expected but slower and couldn’t out jump me; I’d already rejected every shot he attempted and on offense, I’d already dunked on his several times.  Down low, I had a good hook shot and I’d back Derrick into the post and he’d body-up on me and quite a few times, I could feel the hardness of his dick as my backside and his front side made contact – but I didn’t pay it much attention – no one did in this situation.

We played to 32 and we won 32-28 and as we moved to the shade of the sidelines to cool off before going again, we all said it was a great game.  I was hot and sweaty, my mind on a couple of things:  The next game and spending a long time in the shower later.  Derrick and I were talking about our battle in the middle and it didn’t escape my attention that he was sitting awfully close to me, just a bit inside my personal space.  We ran it back and we won game two 32-16… but Derrick was talking to me the entire game about wanting to suck my dick.

At first, I didn’t pay any attention to what he was saying; it’s a common tactic to talk shit during a game to get inside a guy’s head and throw him off his game and that never worked on me.  It wasn’t until I was posting Derrick up for a short jumper when he just grabbed me from behind – to the others watching, he was deliberately fouling me to keep me from shooting but what no one else saw was that he had one arm wrapped around my very sweaty chest and a handful of my dick, the grab being shielded from sight by our respective bodies.

I looked at him and he just smiled as the ball was taken out on the side and he said, “I’ve been telling you I wanna suck that dick and now I know you have a nice one!”

Oddly, I just wasn’t interested.  I was hot, tired, funky as hell, thirsty despite all the water I’d been drinking, and ravenously hungry; all I wanted to do was get home, get naked, and get squeaky clean and, oh, yeah, check out all the places where I’d been scratched and elbowed; I wanted to inhale several gallons of water and violate the contents of the cabinets and refrigerator.

I just did not want to be bothered with getting my dick sucked any more than I was interested in getting a look/taste of Derrick’s dick; I’d been feeling it against me through two basketball games, knew it was a good size but even my libido was too tired to entertain the thought of playing with it.  As I headed across the street to my house, Derrick was right behind me, talking about nothing but making it clear that he wouldn’t mind if I let him use my bathroom before he went about his business and that he wouldn’t mind a cold drink of water either.  He was being a pain in the ass and I was too tired to be rude; I’d let him use the bathroom, give him some water, then show him out so I could get clean again; I really couldn’t stand myself… and a nap didn’t sound like a bad idea either.

Once inside, I told him where the bathroom was; as he bounded up the stairs, I went to the kitchen and got water for both of us and took a seat in the living room, listening for the sound of the toilet flushing, which I heard a moment later, followed by the sound of water running in the sink, which was then followed by the sounds of his footsteps on the very creaky steps.  I was looking at a small scrape on my knee when I sensed Derrick looking at me so I looked up…

To see him standing in front of me and as naked as the day he was born and “face to face” with his crotch and his slightly above average dick that was standing at attention.  My libido woke up enough to tell me that his dick was a nice one and that sucking it would be child’s play; the part of me that didn’t even want to be bothered started to protest but Derrick made it clear that he wasn’t leaving until he had my dick and that I’d have to throw him out onto the street naked.

What he didn’t know or probably didn’t care about was I was thinking about doing just that, the tactical part of my mind already mapping out how to painfully remove him from the premises but, ah, damn, I also thought it would be just my luck that the moment I tossed him out wearing his birthday suit, the police – who had a high presence in the area – would see it and then I’d find myself trying to explain why I was throwing a naked man out of my home and, with my luck, I’d be explaining it in handcuffs.

While I’m thinking things out, Derrick was pleading his case in what I’d call a very empassioned way, telling me how sexy he thought I was, how good it felt to him whenever our bodies came together on the court, that he loved the way I smelled – that made me frown – and that it had been a long time since he felt the urge to suck dick… and all while being rock hard and so hard that I could see his dick moving in time with his pulse, which was racing.  My libido was getting interested but the part that didn’t want to be bothered was still coming up with reasons why this wasn’t a good idea but even I knew that my arguments were losing steam… and he knew it, too.

I sighed and sat back… and Derrick pounced quickly; his sudden movement caught me off-guard long enough for him to yank down my shorts and bury his face into my crotch in what appeared to me to be one smooth motion and, damn it to hell, my dick was responding, now trapped within his mouth.  The tactical part of my brain, before it decided to go offline, thought of six ways I could make him cease and desist but not without a bit of damage in the process and, well, um, shit, it was feeling very good and the active parts of my mind said, “Fuck it…” and shut down as Derrick did his best to suck the black off of my dick.

Somewhere along the line – and I’m not gonna lie and tell you I know when – I wound up on the floor with Derrick’s dick in my mouth; he suspiciously smelled like the soap I used, something I noticed just before he flooded my mouth with cum.  A part of me was unhappy that he’d shot his load before I could really enjoy having him in my mouth but it happened and it had the effect of making Derrick suck me even faster than he had been, quickly shoving me from, “this feels really good” to “oh shit I’m gonna cum” in the space of a few seconds… or a few minutes… I really couldn’t tell since I was still swallowing the last of his load while he was inducing me to give up mine.

I was happy and not happy at all as the parts of my brain that abandoned me returned and reminded me that I hadn’t wanted to do this in the first place and chiding me for allowing him to get the drop on me; Tactical reminded everyone that all I did was sit back and a response would have resulted in getting bitten.  All of this was going on in my head as Derrick was giggling gleefully and saying something about knowing he’d made the right choice and some other stuff I couldn’t pay attention to because he was fondling my balls and asking me if I could handle a second sucking.

I heard my voice say, “Give me a moment…” – who authorized that response? – and while Motor Control was trying to reboot so I could move, I guess Derrick didn’t want to wait much longer before he started sucking me again, gently at first and adroitly avoiding my very sensitive head; I was sure that I wasn’t going to get hard again any time soon but he demonstrated more of his persistence and his obvious skill and talent to get me hard again.  I don’t know why I was surprised that he was already hard again but I was; I mentally shrugged and went to work on him and it took some time before we could erupt in each other’s mouth again.

I was beyond spent, even more exhausted than I was an hour ago – wait, an hour ago? – and Derrick was giggling again as I contemplated how his persistence, how his being a royal pain, had gotten me to fold like a house of cards and, well, that didn’t make me happy but I couldn’t fault either of us; he just took advantage of the situation I gave him by merely sitting back.  Oh well, nothing to be done for it now; he wanted it badly enough to exercise bold initiative and I had to grudgingly admit being impressed by that and even after I unloaded my balls in his ass when we showered together and I even laughed when he said, as he got dressed to leave, that getting dicked wasn’t on his agenda at all, wasn’t his favorite thing to do and that he surprised himself by saying he wasn’t leaving until I screwed him.

Later, I sat watching TV and pondering my day and time spent with Derrick.  I was still pissed with myself, cursing my body’s automatic response and overriding my conscious thought and decision against having sex with Derrick but once again saw that his persistence and being a royal pain was admirable and, um, really worth being upset with myself.

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