Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Swallowing

09 Aug

I’d have to say that the first time I swallowed sperm, it was more out of self-defense than a desire to do so.  Those of you who have been following and reading for a while know how I got put onto the path but I can easily recall the feel of the man’s erection in my mouth, gliding across my tongue and I can also readily remember how damned good it felt and, much later, how it seemed to awaken me, bombarding my young mind with sensations it couldn’t comprehend.

I can sit here and replay that moment in my mind, this older version more than able to pick out all the signs that he was gonna cum in my mouth but, at the time, one moment he’s gently fucking my mouth, I was happily obeying his instructions to suck on the head of his dick and to lick it with my tongue… and I was so lost in doing this that the next thing I knew, there was something shooting into my mouth… and a lot of it.  I know now that my body automatically reacted and made a decision:  To keep from choking on whatever this was, swallow it and do it now!

I didn’t manage to swallow all of it but I did manage to swallow enough of it to remove the threat to my ability to breathe.  I do remember feeling his dick pulsing in my mouth, just as I remember thinking that, hey, this must be that baby-making stuff I’d been hearing about and, indeed, it was some time later when I remembered what it tasted like and, oddly, that was the next time someone shot a load into my mouth, which made my brain think, “This doesn’t taste the same as the first time…”

That first swallowed load was sweet – I later learned it was sweet tasting because of the booze he drank on a regular basis – and the more dick I sucked, the more, um, flavor profiles were being developed in my mind and I don’t know how many dicks I sucked off before I heard that swallowing sperm was an acquired taste – and what ‘acquired taste’ meant.

I just knew I liked swallowing the stuff even as my mind “dutifully” recorded things like quantity, consistency, and taste, things that I’d compare and examine later on when I learned to do this bit of mental exercising.  I’d later learn (in weeks, not years) some stuff didn’t taste so good, some was thin and watery, some was really thick and that sometimes there was a lot of it, sometimes not even when sucking the same dick more than once.  I’d swallow it, nasty tasting or not, because the other guy liked it, I love the sensations of having sperm shot into my mouth, and I didn’t know that spitting it out was okay.

It was what it was.

One day, a girl was sucking my dick when she stopped, looked at me very seriously, and warned me not to shoot “that stuff” in her mouth and when I asked her why (and I don’t know why I asked), she said she didn’t like the way it tasted so I needed to put it where it belonged, which I did… but now that very curious part of my mind wanted to know what was in that stuff that would, indeed, make it taste good at times and very bad at other times so off to the library I went to read about the baby-making stuff, learning things that would still take some time for me to understand but, okay, I could understand some of what I read but, honestly, I didn’t really understand it until I got to junior high school and got into one of my favorite science classes – biology.

Still, if a guy wanted to cum in my mouth, I was fine with that and if he didn’t want to cum in my mouth, well, it was fun to make him do it anyway; while I’d learned how to edit out the different tastes and didn’t feel bad about letting him cum in my mouth but not swallow it, there was still the very head sensations of feeling those tremors running along his dick that would tell me he was getting close and spur me to keep sucking and licking and yanking on his dick until I could feel it swell (some a little, some holy shit that’s bigger now) followed by that first spurt and then those delicious pulses that,not this very day, feels good happening as the guy gave up his spunk.

It just never occurred to me to not swallow even after learning that it was okay to spit it out and that if I wanted to watch him busting a nut, I didn’t have to let him do it in my mouth.  Yeah, some guys weren’t happy whenever I decided not to swallow or let him bust in my mouth but they’d get over it because, after all, I did make them cum.

Along the way, I’d learned that while there were lots of guys and gals who liked/loved to suck dick, there were many who hadn’t acquired the taste or they had… but the guy delivering the load found a way to make them not like it or want it to happen.  Indeed, I even learned to not be happy with those guys who, if they knew I was coming to blow them, would jerk off before I got there so they could be sucked longer before busting… if they busted at all.  I realized, at one point, that I was becoming a snob about it and getting rather pissy of a guy didn’t deliver a nice load of spunk, the payoff to all of my hard work.  I recognized that I was letting some really petty shit take me away from the reasons why I loved to suck dick and that the quantity of spunk didn’t matter but the fact that he was giving me something to swallow did matter.

Examining those early days on the path, yeah, I was a cum whore and a cock-sucking maniac; even though I did enjoy getting fucked, man, there just wasn’t anything that could compare to sucking on a dick until its owner exploded… except, of course, eating pussy; if you’ve never had a woman hose your down with splashes of pussy juice when you’re eating her, you haven’t lived…

But I digress and happily so.

It did not escape my attention that I was getting to suck a lot of dick and because, by default, I’d swallow the results and, yeah, sometimes because a woman wasn’t gonna do that (sorry ladies but you know how y’all can be about this).  By this time, swallowing was literally just gravy while sucking on a dick was the main course, you know, that thing that makes me say that if you don’t suck dick or don’t like doing it, you’re really missing out on something really sensual or you’re too worried about dealing with that nut getting busted so much that ya can’t take any pleasure from the act of sucking dick.

Before I started writing this, I was on the bi guy forum and reading a thread about swallowing and the majority of men chiming in said that swallowing was the thing to do while some said they preferred to suck a dick, get the guy right to the edge, and then get shot gunned in the face or all over their bodies; some guys said they’d rather lick it off the other guy rather than have it directly injected in.  A couple of guys even admitted to a love of creampies; there’s something quite wicked and delicious about dumping a load into a woman and then licking that pussy clean.

What I found odd (nah, not really) is that some guys said they like to swallow… but they’d never tasted their own spunk and wouldn’t want to.  I’ve tasted mine (I taste pretty good) and, um, yeah, I was once flexible enough to give myself a blowjob or two or three (actually quite a few more than that)… and I can’t begin to tell you how weird that felt… or how familiar and good it felt.

To me, swallowing is just a part of sucking that dick and I’ve long since learned that I don’t do it because the other guy wants or expects it – I do it because I like doing it, that I want that literal icing on the cake, that reward for whatever work it took to make it happen.  It’s not without its downsides; semen is alkaline by design – it neutralizes the acidity of a woman’s vagina and gives sperm a chance to play tag with her egg; conception is a matter of timing but it’s also a matter of sperm being able to survive in that acidic environment (and that why pussy has a tangy taste, by the way).

Alkalines taste bitter but seminal fluid can taste differently depending on what the guy is putting into his body (and seminal fluid by itself is an interesting chemical stew) but the alkalinity is still there and can cause sore throats, compromise your immune system enough to make you catch a cold, and can even upset your digestive tract enough to make things, um, watery, if you catch my drift.  Still, if you love to suck dick and swallow, you just kinda accept this as an occupational hazard.

I’ve had folks ask, “If you know all of this, why swallow it?”  It just makes sense, which isn’t easy to explain.  It’s the taste of it, the consistency, but not really even though these two things can play into my decision to swallow or not but,mat least for me, it’s about that moment when he cuts loose, the swelling of his cock, the way it pulses as the payload is being delivered and, yeah, there’s… something about knowing how my stomach acids are gonna totally annihilate all those sperms he just shot into my mouth as well as always being aware of the taboo that says a man shouldn’t be using my mouth to bust a nut in the first place.

There’s just something very satisfying about swallowing it, that seriously ego boosting thing of making him give up that nut or, if you will, taking it from him – those of you who suck and swallow know exactly what I’m talking about and why things like taste, consistency, and even quantity isn’t a serious main concern.  At least for me, swallowing is very intimate and just as intimate as inducing him to spill his seed into my mouth and, as I’ve said many times, it’s not about his pleasure first and foremost; I do it because I love doing it and he’s gonna benefit because I do.

Guys (and a few gals) ask me what the trick is to dealing with a mouthful of sperm and the taste and while there are tips and tricks to this, I usually respond by saying, “Don’t think about it – just swallow it.”  I am very much aware of the taste, consistency, and quantity; again, my mind just automatically records this but I don’t consciously think about swallowing it any more than I think about swallowing water.  Some compare it to eating raw oysters – don’t chew it, just swallow it; eating raw oysters is more of an acquired taste than swallowing sperm is…

Still tastes good, though…


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2 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Swallowing

  1. iamsunnyd

    9 August 2016 at 16:20

    Swallowing get reserved for those moments I want to do so. When you described how it felt that first time. I was in that same mindset… Now I notice if you shoot too much I may not want to swallow.

    But as I said before. I’m picky about who’s I swallow. You know.

    Liked by 1 person

    • kdaddy23

      9 August 2016 at 16:26

      Yeah, too much can make ya think, “Okay, I ain’t swallowing all of this!” – and while wondering if he’s ever gonna stop and more so if you get caught off guard and find yourself swallowing as a defensive reflex…

      Liked by 1 person


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