Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  More Tales from the Hood

22 Aug

It’s the summer of 1969 and with school starting in a couple of weeks, I was feeling down in the mouth thinking about my last year in junior high school.  I just was not looking forward to spending 180 days  sitting in classrooms and being bored out of my skull… but my problem was rather simple because I was looking forward to starting high school next fall so in order to do that, um, I had to get out of the ninth grade first.

I even remember saying something to my mom about not looking forward to the coming school year and how much I wished I could drop out… and her smiling at me and saying that I could drop out if I wanted to.  For a split second, I was giddy… until I realized that what she said wasn’t what she meant – and you can tell that I didn’t drop out because I’m alive and writing this today.

I’m so bummed out it isn’t funny and if all of this wasn’t bad enough, I couldn’t find anyone to hang out with so I decided to hike across town a little and head for my favorite spot along the Brandywine and let the rushing waters comfort me as I contemplated things.  Twenty minutes later, I was ensconced in the coolness of the woods, the trees just now starting to show color changes in their leaves, the clear waters of the Brandywine rushing along its path and it was so quiet…

Until I heard a male voice whisper, “Oh, yeah, that feels good!”

I’m both startled and miffed; how dare some horny motherfuckers be in “my” spot and getting all nasty and shit!  Even with all the trees surrounding me and muffling any street noises, I could easily tell that the voice I heard was twenty feet to my right, just on the other side of a thicket of stuff that was rife with thorns except for one clear space and a space I knew very well since I used it to do some of my dirt, too.  It was perfect in that you could stand right next to that spot and not see anyone in there, provided they were very quiet… and whoever this guy, this invader, was he was anything but quiet as he was obviously egging someone on to suck his dick real good.

One part of me wanted to just leave and go to my second favorite spot… but I was in such a shitty mood over the school thing that I felt violated, my privacy invaded so I decided to scare the shit out of whoever these fuckers were who had the audacity to invade my space.  I crept across those twenty feet silently, heading for the one break in the thorny camouflage where I could look into the clear space and see what was going on before literally – and hopefully – scaring the shit out of them.  I crouched down and peeked in…

And saw two white guys I’d obviously never seen before, one lying on the ground, his pants and stuff puddled around his ankles, the other guy in the classic lean-over position, his head bobbing up and down as he sucked dick, his face flushed red with effort.  The guy being sucked as red-faced as well, his mouth open, his blue eyes open as well but staring straight up as he humped his hips upward in time other guy’s downward movement.

“Oh, my god, it’s… oh, shit!” the guy being sucked blurted out, his body going stiff – he was busting a nut and the other guy kept right on sucking and swallowing.  My own dick was so hard it hurt and I wanted to jump in there and get some of this action myself but I was frozen in place because I wanted to see what would happen next.

The guy doing the sucking sat up and smiled, asking the other guy quietly if he liked that; the other guy was still caught up in the throes of his release and couldn’t speak – but he was nodding vigorously enough that I wondered if he was making his head hurt.  They kinda stayed where they were until they got their shit together; the guy lying on the ground took a deep, cleansing breath and said to his partner, “Let me do you now!”

They had a bit of a hard time rearranging themselves in the close confines of the brush and I almost gave my presence away by laughing when the guy who was lying down backed his butt into a cluster of thorns; yeah, I’d had that happen to me a few times and I knew it didn’t feel good.  They got settled and the blow job began in earnest and, in my opinion, kinda loudly with all the slurping and moaning going on.

My dick was screaming bloody murder at being trapped inside my pants and underwear and I wanted to free it and even give it a few strokes while watching what was going on – but I didn’t dare move and was now thankful that I’d settled into a comfortable position.

The kid on his back on the ground was babbling incoherently, fucking into his friend’s (I guess they were friends) mouth until he shuddered and held onto the other guy’s head as he spilled his own load, the lucky bastard.  The other guy seemed to have a little difficulty handing whatever was being pumped into his mouth; he gagged a little and wanted to lift his head but he couldn’t seeing as how it was being held in place… but he managed to deal with it and I watched with a kind of sadness as some spunk flowed out of his mouth.

But I’m thinking I’m now in danger of being discovered, thinking that since they’d both gotten sucked off, they were gonna get ready to leave… and there was no way I’d be able to move quickly and quietly enough before they heard, then saw me.  The guy who’d just giving a nice blow job said, “Ready for me to stick it in?”

“Hell, yeah,” the other guy said with a smile before neatly flipping over onto his stomach and lifting his ass into the air a little; his friend got on top of him, transferred some saliva from his mouth to his hand to his dick and gave a a quick thrust downward and hitting the spot because his boy moaned happily and said, “Oh, yeah, you’re in me!”

My dick was in my hand before I realized it was in my hand; I didn’t even know how I got it out without alerting these two guys but I obviously had and I was seconds away from a creamy mess watching these two fucking and listening to the guy bein fucked moaning and telling his buddy how good it was feeling.  The guy on top was working hard and fast; he was doing a great job staying quiet but from where I sat, rubbing my dick, I could easily hear his grunts and that nicely obscene sound of their bodies slapping against each other and the equally obscene squishy sound of an asshole being fucked.

It bit my bottom lip hard enough to draw blood as I busted my nut and, for a brief instance, kinda panicked as that first shot flew upward and my eyes tracked it as it fell to the ground and splashing on some leaves; my release flowed over me and I forgot about them and if they heard that splash hit the ground, they didn’t react to it.

The guy on top announced [loudly] that he was gonna cum and he did because his friend said, “God, I can feel it shooting in me…!”  When he was done, he pulled out, looked at his watch and said, “Hurry up and fuck me – we gotta get home before mom and dad get back!”

Say what?  Shit, I was so busy being stealthy and watching the action that I never noticed the resemblance they shared with each other!  Holy shit!  The brothers switched places and I guess the one guy took “hurry up” to heart because he was pounding dick into his brother’s ass as fast as he could manage.  Okay, time for me to get moving; I slowly got up from where I’d been sitting, never taking my eyes off of the scene before me as I very slowly backed up the way I came until I couldn’t hear the sounds of sex happening although I did hear home boy when he busted his nut – and I was sure that the people on the other side of the Brandywine heard him, too.

I had just gotten back to where I had been sitting when I heard the brush rattle and I had the nerve to look surprised as these two very disheveled kids appeared out of the hiding place; man, they had that classic “deer in the headlights” look – eyes all big, mouths hanging open and I knew they were both thinking, “How long has that motherfucker been sitting there?”

I just waved at them, all nice and friendly like, told a little white lie that I hadn’t known anyone else was around and that they startled me and saw them both relax, secure in the knowledge that their secret was safe and after telling their own lie of just passing through, they headed off through the woods, presumably on their way home before mom and dad got back from wherever they’d gone.

Needless to say, whatever I had on my mind about going back to school was long gone…

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