Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Oddballs

17 Oct

Once upon a time, homosexuals were the oddballs of humanity, a section of people who, for inexplicable reasons, eschewed the “normal” man/woman sexual dynamics and established a dynamic that was similar to the accepted (and mandated) norm but obviously quite different.

Once upon a time, homosexuality was an accepted practice (for lack of a better word right now), once considered a rite of passage, an indicator of status, and even a form of worship to the gods at the altar of Sappho.  Indulgence wasn’t mandatory but in some early cultures, if you didn’t indulge, you might have been considered an oddball for not going with the flow and aligning with the status quo.

Over time, the practice went underground – what, you think the down-low is some new invention? – because religion decreed such behavior to be a sin and those early cultures were converted – and sometimes by force and under pain of death – to this new way of thinking.  If you engaged in homoerotic behavior, well, things wouldn’t go well for you should this predilection be discovered and the punishments were both harsh and final.  Even if things didn’t get… terminal, one could find themselves shunned, banished, ostracized, reviled, cursed, and just too different and our built-in fear of the other – that which is not like us, that which is different, created a minority demographic and one that was feared to the point where homosexuality was declared a mental illness; some of the “cures” would have made Torquemada’s dick very hard over the sheer inhumanity of those cures for homosexuality.

But homosexuals started to fight back until they were no longer the sexual oddballs of humanity; sure, they’re still outside of the accepted norm thanks to their same-sex debauchery (the nasty critters) but, really, despite how they like to live and love, their goals aren’t all that different when you get right down to it… but those damned bisexuals are a different story!

The nerve of them wanting to have it all instead of being like everyone else and choosing a side… and staying there!  What’s wrong with these oddballs?  Where did they come from?  Are they even real?  Don’t they know that they’re upsetting the natural order of things?

Once upon a time, these very same questions were asked about homosexuals.  What I often find both sad and amusing is that it was once said that homosexuals didn’t exist and that they couldn’t exist, the same thing people are saying about bisexuals… and it’s said that we are in denial about things?  Society chooses, and for reasons this author may never really understand, to repeat the exact same mistakes they made with homosexuals by denying and vilifying the existence of bisexuals when it stands to reason that if homosexuals have always existed, um, so have bisexuals.

And isn’t it interesting that a lot of the angst against bisexuals is coming from those who were, at one point, probably the most reviled people on the planet, namely those former oddball homosexuals?  Once again, the fear of the other has raised up to strike out against that which is different from the accepted norm.  Don’t misunderstand; there are still many who continue to see homosexuals as a crime against nature but, okay, ya can’t beat them, ya don’t wanna join them, but ya can finally admit that outside of who they choose to live, love, and relate with, well, again, they’re not all that different since they, too, pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Those damned bisexuals, however – the greedy bastards – want it all, the best of both worlds and some of those inconsiderate and immoral motherfuckers have the audacity to spit in the face of conventional thinking and say that things like monogamy makes no sense to them and that, gasp, humans aren’t naturally monogamous but conscripted to be this way!  Something must be done about these heathens, these blasphemer, these hedonistic non-believers in the one true way to exist!

As you may be aware, the smear campaign against bisexuals is going hot and heavy… but just like the campaign against homosexuals, eh, this campaign isn’t running on all cylinders because, damn it to hell, despite all the efforts to date to debunk bisexuality, shit, there are actually more of them than we could have known about – what the fuck is going on here?  Is there anything we can do about these oddballs and make them go away and stop rocking the boat with their greediness?

No, not really; again, that was tried with homosexuals and it didn’t work, did it?  Indeed, doesn’t trying to make bisexuals go away fit the definition of insanity that’s making the rounds these days?  It’s not as if bisexuals are the only sexual oddballs these days… or ever, for that fact… but just as homosexuals once were, bisexuals are the “new” threat to the accepted norms, threatening the sanctity of monogamy and, my God, promoting heathenly behavior like polyamory and that new thing called the bro job that men are doing!

Are we – bisexuals – really oddballs?  Are we a threat to the status quo, a greater offense to the so-called natural order of things?  Or are we really not all that different from those who say we’re different, that we have the same objectives in life that they do but without the restrictions they’ve placed on themselves?


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3 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Oddballs

  1. little one

    17 October 2016 at 16:19

    ~~Bats eyes~~ Who me, a threat? Nah. 💜

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  2. Cityman

    18 October 2016 at 23:33

    Those who fail to observe and learn from history will in fact repeat it, and most people simply don’t know what they don’t know: that humans have been sexual without limitations since, um, forever. Just because the notion of the finality of death started scaring the pants off of folks and religious dogma took hold (let’s compete for God’s affections by creating arbitrary rules so that the “winner” gets a golden ticket to everlasting life), doesn’t mean that homo or bi activities weren’t real or legitimate. We just started judging these activities at some point because some political leaders decided that the Roman Empire needed to grow by making more babies.

    2000 years later, we’re still struggling with our need to oppress each other – not so much through war, but through moral persecution and terrorism – a psychological crutch and defense mechanism used to put others down so that we don’t have to live our lives in fear of death. Gays have worked too hard to gain respect and pride to let some “upstart” bisexuals upset their little apple carts. Bisexuality flips the finger at monosexual convention and dares people to accept that sexuality isn’t so clean, clear cut, and safe. That the “born this way” mantra is too limiting and victimizing and generalizing to be completely true. Sure, we can’t choose who we’re attracted to – men, women or both – but we can choose whether to act on those attractions.

    The evidence is mounting that bisexuality is not just real, but much more common than people realize. Once we stop feeling the need to let our sexuality hide behind the people we date – and stop conflating it with the gender binary – the widespread nature of bisexuality will be revealed.

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  3. rougedmount

    2 November 2016 at 11:03

    “let it be” … because anyone who denies love, has issues far greater than most people can deal with.

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