Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Is It a Coincidence…

27 Aug

…that the scribble that’s been at the top of my “most read” list continues to be the one about asking for a bro job? Now, I’m not a stats fiend; I look at them because they’re there but even I don’t fail to notice which of my scribbles seems to be getting a lot of reads and whenever it’s being read… and even if I don’t know who’s reading it.

I saw this again today during my routine WordPress check and I kinda laughed to myself while wondering about who’s been reading this and why… and if the subject of guys going down on each other is kinda/sorta fascinating and more so if, as assumed, the guys blowing each other into orgasmic bliss are really straight.

It’s usually a hot topic of discussion in the bi guy forum and usually along the lines of how one can, ahem, provide a bro with some oral pleasure and not wind up losing said bro as a friend.

As I thought about scribbling this, I thought that, on the surface, the notion that guys give each other blow jobs isn’t really seen as being all that unusual – no big and dirty secret that men love cock sucking and as much as they like being sucked… but it goes back to the premise that if a bro job happens, it happens between two reportedly straight guys and the “interest” is due to how incongruent this appears to be.

If a guy is straight, why in the world would he want to get into a cock sucking contest with another straight guy? In some of the stuff I’ve read that others have written, wow, the authors are ascribing a great many things to this “odd” behavior, up to and including latent bi- or homosexuality and, I think, missing out on the real reason.

Um, sucking cock and being sucked feels good and, sure, it’s a bit of a thrill to take conventional thinking in this and turn it on its head and thumbing one’s nose at the ages-old taboo. Indeed, Cityman and I were talking about this last night and along the lines of how many guys have, even for the briefest of moments, wondered what it would be like to be engaged in some cock sucking with another guy.

Doesn’t mean the guy is gonna dash out and find out first-hand… but some guys do. We can get all into that “I’m not gay!” stuff which can be a concern for a lot of guys but what’s becoming a tad bit “obvious” is that you don’t have to be gay or even bi to suck a cock or to be sucked by another horny dude.

It’s important to point out that thinking and doing aren’t the same things and that even if a guy decides that doing some shit like this is something he’d never do, uh, he still thought about it, didn’t he? Some guys learn that one should never say never; they learn that, say, right this very moment, they couldn’t imagine themselves wanting to be a part of this and, as such, assume that it couldn’t and wouldn’t happen somewhere down the road. Some guys find that down the road never happens… and some guys get quite surprised to find themselves engaging in the one thing they said they’d never do.

And then discover that they like doing it… and now they’re wondering why they never did it before. Sexuality, such as it is, isn’t always a deciding or determining factor… but answering the question of what one is willing to endure to not be horny and dealing with aching balls is. Sure, it helps if a guy is already down with cock sucking but at the end of the day, that’s a gravy kind of thing.

While many men know what it’s like to be sucked, there’s still those two other questions that may or may not need answering: What’s it like to have a dude do it… and what’s it like to be the one doing it? The facts of the matter are that, sure, some guys get the answers to those particular questions as well as another question that just might pop into their head: If I did this, does it make me gay?

Imagine their surprise to discover that getting jiggly in a 69 with a bro didn’t do anything other than provide some much needed sexual release! Not only did it not kill them, it didn’t make them gay at all. Outside of maybe feeling a bit guilty which, by the way, is a normal reaction that’s not easy to get over, all that really happened was, uh, they got their dick sucked and maybe even found out what it’s like to suck a dick.

And life goes on. Now, about the “gay thing.”

Yes, this has been in the purview of gay men since like forever and, as such, we equate this as being a gay thing to do… but being gay is a state of mind and self identification that happens to go along with the act… but the act actually doesn’t define gayness in that sense; thus, you can’t “catch” being gay like you can catch a cold. So, sure, cock sucking is and always has been a “gay” thing to do…

But you don’t have to be gay to do it and, apparently, you don’t even have to be bisexual, either – you just gotta be bold and daring enough or, yeah, horny enough and at your wit’s end to experience this and if “I won’t tell if you won’t” is invoked and upheld, so much the better, huh?

And I’m thinking that what I wrote about this is still sitting at the top of heap could be that whoever’s reading it understands this even at a high level. Could the readers be guys? Could be… and the readers could also be women who are, at the least, curious about why two guys would want to suck each other’s cock in the first place.

I just find it interesting to see that this particular scribble is being read a lot. What does it mean? Damned if I know; I just know that bro jobs aren’t something new I Dee the sun – it’s just an aspect of male behavior that’s just now coming to the surface. One can assign any “motive” they care to where guys doing this is concerned; we – society – can question their sexuality until the cows come home.

What we shouldn’t overlook or discount is that regardless to sexuality, sucking cock and having your cock feels pretty damned good is a good reason for a bro job to jump off; sometimes, the simplest answer is the best answer. It’s not that two straight dudes are really gay or bi or even want to be… but, um, other than fucking, getting your dick sucked is a good and fun thing to do and, as many guys tend to learn, being the one sucking that dick can be just as much fun.

And, bro, I won’t tell if you won’t, okay?

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