Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Continuing Interest?

14 Sep

There’s a dual purpose to today’s scribble.  One is to keep taking this new editor out for a spin and it immediately reminds me to let WordPress know that when you click Publish, it doesn’t do the somewhat inefficient spell check the old editor would do… that or I don’t know how to turn it back on.

Yesterday, during my first exposure to this new editor, as I shut things down, I noticed that TBT: Asking for a Bro Job slipped from the top spot on the Most Read list and its place taken by another scribble about M2M blow jobs.

Coincidence… or could it be that there are more people interested in why “Tommy” and “Eddie” would, out of the clear blue sky, decide that giving each other a blow job is just what the doctor ordered?  And, yeah, if you’re wondering, Tumblr is still presenting me with a lot of stuff featuring cock sucking and, this time, including women doing it.

I saw the change in Most Read and started thinking about it but decided to forego scribbling something until I had enough time to give this some “serious” thought.  I did, before shut down, go back and re-read the first scribble about this being a coincidence and, in particular, the part where the guy got surprised by a mouthful of cum; I’m sorry, that was just too precious and way too funny not to look at again.

Indeed, during the cleanup on Tumblr, I saw a few women get that surprised look on their face as the guy they were blowing unloaded but they were a lot more graceful about it than that guy was, hands down.  That aside – and as I went on about my day, I had M2M cock sucking churning away in the back of my mind and looking at as many aspects of it as I could think of up to and including the why of it all and beginning with trying to separate the chaff from the wheat or the reason why “Tommy” and “Eddie” would want to blow each other… and it’s not necessarily because they’re gay or bi.

The simplest reason is, um, because it feels good to do it and have it done to you.  The whole notion of the mystical bro job has taken down the barriers that have been erected (no pun) around this particular thing and, if nothing else, implies if not proves that you don’t have to be a gay man to suck a dick and while we tend to presume that a guy could very well be bisexual – and even if the guys involved swear to all that’s holy that they’re not bisexual.

In my head, I was “hearing” the sexual purists saying that if a guy wanted his dick sucked, he should go find a woman willing to do it and that “argument” was ancient the first time I heard it uttered (way back in the late 1960s) and my immediate and following thought was that whoever first said this obviously didn’t know shit about women and cock sucking because if they did, they wouldn’t have said such an idiotic thing, that and such a statement is still very deeply rooted that archaic way we tend to think about things sexual which, in and of itself, is continually being proven to be outdated, has more holes in it than a screen door as well as being flawed and in the worst ways imaginable.

As I laughed at having this ridiculous statement running around in my head, I thought about the other reasons why “Tommy” and “Eddie” could get into their heads to blow each other and while there are a ton of said reasons, again, I looked for the simplest one, that being that built-in imperative to have sex that is either a good thing for us or the bane of our existence, depending on how you wanna look at it.  I thought about a saying I heard back in the day:  Only a woman knows what a woman wants and not only does this seem to be a truism, I believe it to be the justification for women to chow down on each other and with impunity – no one really thinks this is unusual and given man’s track record with women and sex, well, it makes sense depending on one’s point of view.

I thought that if this is true for women, it’s also true for men; the logic, all by itself, is sound if you remove the ancient taboo attached to this and therein also lies the problem “Tommy” and “Eddie” are faced with because not many people can absent the taboo from their thinking and, as such, aren’t able to see the sense in, “If it’s good for the gander, it’s good for the goose… (and to butcher this saying a bit).

For men – and as I’ve written extensively about – cock sucking is a prime entry level to M2M activities; the only thing “easier” is giving each other a hand job.  It doesn’t require any preparation other than giving one’s crotch a good washing, can be done almost anywhere, and usually doesn’t take a whole lot of time.  If it’s true that there are more men getting into M2M stuff these days – and I believe that it is – well, this is the place where a lot of those guys like “Tommy” and “Eddie” will start and, yeah, what guy hasn’t ever given a single thought about what it would be like to do something that he’s had done to him (and if he was lucky enough to have a woman blow him)?  Not all guys do and not all guys would admit to having this thought – I’m just telling you that, yup, some (or many of us) do or did think this at some point in our lives.

With the incredible access to porn we have – and thanks to the Internet – you can see a whole lot of cock sucking and, well, damn – doesn’t it all look rather exciting?  Yeah, yeah – all of you experienced cock suckers just might have a different thought about that but I’m not talking about y’all; I’m still talking about why “Tommy” and “Eddie” could get it into their heads that blowing each other would be a fun thing to do.  It seems to me that our hypothetical guys could spend some times watching porn, seeing cocks being sucked and, again, get that fleeting thought in their head that says, “I wonder what it would be like to do that?”  The thought vanishes because something else in their head says, “That shit is gay and I’m not gay!”

And who says you have to be gay, hmm?  It’s at this point where some guys would think two things:  One, there’s no way in hell they’d find themselves in such a situation where they have a cock in their mouth… and, two, their imaginations start creating scenarios that could make such a thing jump of – but not that they’d actually do it, mind you, because it’s still gay and for the purpose of this discussion, “Tommy” or “Eddie” consider themselves to be quite straight and we can even go a bit further and imply that one or both are, at the least, bi-curious.

Shit lines up the right way at the right time – and there’s too many ways things can line up like this – and this is where things get to be funny because now one or both of these guys are trying to figure out how to kick start something that, for the both of them, is begging to be done and, no, I’m not sure I can really explain this other than to say that in that right way and time, the thing that “has to be done,” the thing that solves the immediate “problem” is for them to whip out their dicks, shake off any fear and reluctance, and suck each other off.

Yeah, it sounds crazy and it sounds even crazier because I don’t have the words to really explain how two guys can come to this conclusion in their minds and without saying anything to each other about it – yet.  You just know it and as I’ve written about before, wow, this is where things can get kinda hilarious to watch two guys dropping hints on each other about how much they wouldn’t mind a blow job right about now.  I’ve seen this situation too many times and one of two things happen:  Either nothing happens because both guys are too embarrassed or afraid to actually ask if this can happen between them… or someone says, “Fuck it!” and puts the offer out there.  At this point it could be rejected… but, I dunno, you’d have to be in one of those moments to know when it’ll be passed on and when passing on it isn’t the thing to do – again, it’s one of those things I don’t have the ability to explain and have it make sense.

That either guy might feel some kind of way after the fact is a different thing to be dealt with; it can make guys feel horribly and terribly guilty and on top of the fact that sucking each other off did, in fact, fit the bill rather nicely.  During the recovery phase, they might reaffirm that, um, just because we did this doesn’t mean we’re gay, right?  It also gets established – and sometimes for the second time – that neither guy is gonna let it be know that they did this to each other (“I won’t tell if you won’t, okay?)

If they survive this moment, it’s not a given that they’d go for it again somewhere down the road… but at the very least, they know that if they find themselves in need of release and they’re hanging out with each other, well, um, we did it before… so why can’t we do it again?

Why?  Because it feels good to do it and have it done and sexuality be damned.  Those of you who enjoy sucking on a hard one knows what I’m talking about and how personally satisfying it is and our boys “Tommy” and “Eddie” have also discovered this even though their minds are still having a battle over the matter and things are now in the realm of, “That was awesome… but it’s not something I’d want to do all of the time.”

Sure it isn’t, guys.  Guys find out that it’s “nasty” and “naughty” and that all by itself is quite the thrill as is looking down at who’s sucking on your dick, seeing it’s a guy – and a guy you know – and, wow, I don’t believe we’re really doing this.  Some guys do think, during the fact, “We shouldn’t be doing this…” but, ah, fuck, that thought doesn’t always bring things to a screeching halt because despite it not supposed to be happening like this, it sure as hell feels damned good.

Guys can conjure up a million reasons why engaging in some mutual cock sucking is a good thing to do.  Yes, guys do worry about being gay and they do worry about what someone else would say about them if what they did with another dude is discovered and, yes, some guys who wanna suck cock won’t do it because of these two things but I still wanna know how someone else is gonna find out that you did this unless you (or the other guy) lets it be known.

In any of this, maybe other folks are reading my scribbles about this and have their own thoughts about it or maybe, just maybe, they’re learning something they thought was just rumor, urban legend, whatever.  Again, guys have a million reasons for why they suck dick and the least of them is because it feels good.  It’s not always about acquiring the taste – one of the other things we tend to worry excessively about – but it is all about what they’re experiencing before any nut busting happens… unless you’re like that guy in the clip who got surprised – man, that was oh, so precious.

It’s not a thing of whether or not guys aren’t supposed to do this to each other – it’s a thing that some of us do and for whatever reason makes sense to us, from a facet of our sense of sexuality to the simple fact that we need to bust a nut and any way we can do that that doesn’t involve jerking off just works.  Some might turn their noses up at “Tommy” and “Eddie” and think all sorts of things about them – they’re freaks, gay, nasty-assed motherfuckers and even soulless, godless heathens – but I wonder if anyone ever thinks that our hypothetical boys are sucking the living daylights out of each other simply to satisfy a need and one that won’t wait for someone else – traditionally a woman – to do it.

Finally – and I know y’all were wondering when I was gonna get done with this – this new editor, well, I guess it serves the purpose although for me, it’s a bit distracting because as I type, I can see things flashing in the upper right corner as what I’m typing gets auto-saved and despite having my eyes on what I’m typing – that peripheral vision thing.  I can live with this new thingy but I really do wish WordPress would put back the ability to fully justify whatever text you’re scribbling because it just looks… neater – something about those ragged edges just kinda offends me a little and because, over the years, I’ve gotten used to full text justification with hyphenation – yeah, Word (and even WordPerfect) just totally and completely spoiled the shit out of me.

So now I gotta figure out how to send WordPress my observations of this new editor to date… wish me luck.

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