Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: More Wandering Thoughts

17 Nov

I was in bed, nice and warm and cozy when my very traitorous bladder decided that interrupting my sleep was damned important.  Now, I knew I was in the early stages of waking up because I had become aware of the music I started listening to and in order to help me fall asleep; otherwise, I’d have been up all night, a problem I seem to have developed since having my stroke years ago.


Before my bladder rained on my sleep parade, I’m lying there listening to Tower of Power’s “Squib Cakes” – I’m a fan of their drummer, Dave Garibaldi, and as I’m listening to the song, I’m also remembering how long it took me to duplicate Dave’s performance and to the point that I can literally do it in my sleep.  But, damn, my asshole bladder is now informing me that if I don’t get my ass up and moving, things are going to get embarrassing so I’m up and moving, Garibaldi’s drum riffs continuing inside my head as I remove my earbuds and head to the bathroom.

In the short amount of time it took me to get to the bathroom, my mind switched from Garibaldi’s somewhat… involved drumming to some quick thoughts about the song I had heard before my bladder started pitching a bitch – AWB’s “School Boy Crush,” which has a simple but intricate drum line.

Bear with me, okay?  You’ll see where all this is going!

As I began to wash up, my mind went from those songs to taking me back to my high school days and the time I spent studying the National Association of Rudimentary Drummers’ lessons and how they develop the necessary hand coordination to play a snare drum in that way that’ll make it sing and then, how learning those rudiments are really key to learning how to play a whole kit of drums and the rhythm and flow that comes from being able to do this and not sound like someone just making a bunch of noise.

Then, as I was getting the soap off my face and out of my left ear, my mind went from the rhythm and flow of drumming to the rhythm and flow of sucking dick.

My reflection in the mirror blinked – now, where the fuck did that come from?  But wait – there’s more!  Even as I’m going back to the bedroom to get dressed, my mind is thinking about the drumming style of Joel Rosenblatt, former drummer for my favorite jazz group, Spyro Gyra (and I’ve met Joel several times) and how his style just fascinates me while driving me nuts trying to figure out how he does some of the things he can do… and it’s still thinking about the rhythm and flow of sucking a dick.

I’m dressed,  morning meds taken, and I’m making coffee for myself… and still thinking about cock sucking and while the music in my head is rolling right along and thinking about how much fun it is to play drums and bass to Mandrill’s “Fencewalk.”

At the computer, checking email and the other stuff I do… and the PA in my head announces that, you know, it’s been said that men think about sex every eight seconds or so and even if they’re not aware of doing it.  The song in my head changes to “The Bells” by The Originals… and I’m still thinking about sucking dick so much that by the time I get here to WordPress, I’m actually searching my past posts for what I’ve written about this and there’s this part of my mind that’s now wondering why I’m doing this even as there’s a whole lot of shit now running around in my head about sucking dick, both the pros and cons of it.

Someone had read “TBT:  The Bro-Job” and, um, I clicked on it to see what I had written; now, ya might think that since I wrote it, I should remember it but the fact is that, uh, sometimes I don’t and sometimes I’ll go back and re-read something just to see what it was I said and maybe correct any errors I overlooked at publishing.

I’m reading what I wrote and absently nodding my head; that part of my brain that pays attention to everything notes that the things I’ve written about this specifically has been read – a lot and, well, I think that’s just pretty cool to see that people are reading this and reading about something that some folks might not be aware of that goes on between men and that, as my post said, something that’s not quite so new as it may appear to be.

To me, my thoughts are kinda all over the place but fixated on cock sucking, nothing really specific but general kind of stuff; I thought about the guys on the bi forum who wanna find out what it’s like but haven’t gotten to the point where they’re ready to dive in as well as the members who are aficionados of sucking dick and quite willing to share what they like about it and the things they may not like.

Guys sucking on each other’s dicks.  Forbidden, taboo and despite that, something guy’s have been doing since like forever.  My brain reminds me that other than masturbation, when a guy’s thoughts and hormones turn to sex with men, cock sucking is usually the first thing they wanna try, either doing the sucking or, gasp, giving in and letting another guy blow them as well as the strange thought that having a guy doing it is somehow different from how women do it, I mean, other than the one very obvious difference.

After looking at a few things that, at the least, mentions cock sucking – and as I opened a new post to write this, my thoughts were becoming more… random; I’m thinking about what’s good about it, what can be bad about it and the angst that’s in place about guys doing this to and for each other.  In a flash, my mind goes back to the bro job post – and I recall that it was the first time I’d written about this “new” thing and my mind got… indifferent?  I’m not really sure of the right word for what I was thinking but, sure, for anyone to think that two straight guys couldn’t – and wouldn’t – find reason to go down on each other is just… what?

Naive?  Clueless?  Deliberately looking away from something that’s a real-deal life kind of thing and because such behavior doesn’t actually fit what we know of as social norms?  The fact that the bro job exists – and even in the context of  it being something straight guys do – says to me that sexuality, such as we understand it, doesn’t really play into this as much as we think it does or should.  We know that gay men blow each other – generally speaking, of course – and people are kinda/sorta beginning to get their heads around the fact that, uh, no – not all guys who suck cock are gay and with this bro job thing, ha, they might not even be bisexual.

My thoughts were getting a bit jumbled – not too surprising because this whole cock sucking thing can be rather complicated to think about and my brain settled the cacophony of thoughts down and said something that I’ve written hundreds of times:  Those of you who suck cock knows exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to doing this.

Ya either love it, like it, or put up with it out of a sense of obligation or to keep some guy from pestering you about doing it.  A mental flash – and I’m now thinking about bi guys who love to suck cock… but are strangely not fans of having that favor returned to them and the moment I tried to think of why some guys are like this, my brain said, “Enough!  Now, get the trash out of the house!”

People fuss about guys doing this to each other and I understand why they do but something Cityman said about this came to mind and along the lines of if society would just accept that there are a lot of men who want to do this and like doing it – and stop treating it like it’s the worst thing a guy could do, there would probably be a whole lot of guys who might want to give cock sucking a try and simply because it can be a lot of fun, both for the giver and the receiver.  Cityman also opined that “allowing” this could also very well take a lot of the pressure off of women and perhaps even blunt that objectification thing women don’t like since it’s always been assumed – and taken as a given – that sucking dick is their thing to do – they just own it and whether they really want to or not.

Is it really a sexuality thing?  I’d guess that it’s easier to think of it like that except straight guys participating in bro jobs kinda messes that thought up a bit.  Why suck cock?  It feels good to do it, it feels good to have it done and if we’ve learned nothing else, we’ve learned that anyone can do it… if they’re of a mind to and the stigma surrounding men doing it to and for each other be damned.

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