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04 Dec

Let’s see… what have I been playing lately?  Still playing Minecraft and I’m still not so much of a mind to become a hardcore survivalist as much as I enjoy discovering new world seeds and doing… stuff.  Sometimes I’ll create a world and in creative mode so I can work out new structures, like the one world I’ve been trying to build up and my latest creation, watchtowers.

Not only am I using specific types of materials in this world, jeez, I dunno, I have a bit of a vision of how I want this world to look and the watchtowers – there are five of them so far – are designed to look out over the area with a bird’s eye view as well as being a safe haven for when I switch from creative mode to survival and need to hide from the mobs and, hopefully, I’ve provided enough light inside to keep bad guys from spawning inside a watchtower.

The towers are easy to build and they all top out around level 98 or so – they’re rather high – and the top is enclosed with glass, providing a 360 degree view and outfitted with a crafting block, furnace, and a couple of chests.  As I move further out of the area that contains my original spawn point, the watchtowers will hopefully stand out so when a visitor to this world is out and about, they’ll at least have a safe place to chill out while waiting for the sun to rise again.

This world also has some interesting building designs.  One building in particular started out in my head as a kind of stadium design where one enters it above ground but everything is below ground… except, it didn’t turn out how I envisioned it – but it looks really nice.

There are mines here and there but I’ve recently been playing with how I dig a new mine and my recent project was instead of digging straight down until I hit bedrock, make levels between the starting point, usually and strangely between levels 64 and 68; about every ten levels, I’ve crafted those levels in the same way that I usually do when I go to bedrock so that the area gets carved out.  The thought here is that, normally, when you just start at the top and go right to the bottom, you can miss a lot of stuff like iron and coal, two commodities one must seriously stockpile.

True enough, during a straight-down dig, I can find myself breaking into caverns or looking down into a seriously deep ravine; running into water and/or lava is always possible but, surprisingly, when I did this “new” multi-level mine, I didn’t encounter anything until I hit bedrock – and then, as I was carving out the “mining room,” got swept away a little by some water I really didn’t expect to see all the way down at level 5.

This multi-level mine branches off in different directions – except for the last two and that’s because I actually screwed it up but, okay, should I dig another one, I’ll remember my mistake and not do it again.  The thought, again, is being able to mine and find more interesting things that could be missed by digging in one direction only.  This is still a work-in-progress but I like the concept of it and the only thing is for the levels that are above bedrock, um, don’t dig up the floors unless falling and getting injured or killed is your idea of fun.

Minecraft continues to be a fascinating game and once you get the basics down pat, it’s just limited to your imagination when it comes to things to do when interacting with your world.

Now, the game that has been giving me fits is one called “Just Cause 3” – and, no, I didn’t know there were two other versions of this game and, perhaps, it was good that I didn’t know.  “Just Cause 4” is due to be released soon and from what I’ve seen, it’s gonna be even more interesting and intense than “Just Cause 3” is.  In this game, the hero – Rico Rodriguez – is a freedom fighter taking on a dictator’s army as he frees provinces from the dictator’s oppression and the thing I like about the game is that I get to kill bad guys and blow shit up – and fly helicopters.

The game is an open world type of game and is beautifully done and while it’s kind task driven, you can move through this world and in any way you want to while wreaking havoc wherever you find it.  The game also has little “side tasks,” like hijacking limos, freeing prisoners being transferred somewhere, and challenges like getting a high score via machine gun practice and unlock other features in the game.  However, like most games of this nature, the further you progress in the game, the harder it gets; the good thing is that you can amass an amazing array of weaponry – although you can only carry four weapons at any one time.  You can call in supply drops that can include several types of guns and vehicles from various types of cars, trucks, tanks, boats and, my favorite, helicopters.

One of the DLCs (Down-Loadable Content) I got enhances Rico’s wing suit with a booster pack which allowed me to set a personal record of flying around the place for like thirty minutes which is pretty cool… except in those moments when I’ve gotten shot out of the sky… or screw up and just fall out of the sky while fumbling to deploy my parachute.

Some of the main tasks have gotten me repeatedly and consistently killed and in some cases, I’ve died multiple times just trying to “free” one location – you just can’t charge into some of these places without a plan or, as I’ve learned, multiple plans; there’s nothing more fun than facing three or four bad guys and trying to off them… then have a tank or a helicopter sneak up on you and kill you.  Or to be in a helicopter and, oops, a bunch of SAM batteries suddenly light up and throwing a shitload of missile at you that you’re just not gonna avoid.

The game, at least for me, gets a little confusing at times; main objectives appear on the map… but not everything shows up on the map so there are provinces and other such places that you have to go looking for or some that don’t show up until certain other tasks have been taken care of.  There are some places you can’t approach without getting spectacularly killed, like the weather control station where, if the guys in the boats and helicopters don’t get you, the lightning strikes will.  Or the one “central command” place I recently defeated after destroying its ability to throw nukes at me… but to knock out that ability, I had to find the task that made that happen… and not before having to do something else to make the task I needed to appear.

It can be frustrating to look at the map and find that there are some places I haven’t liberated… but where are they?  Why can’t I find them even though I’ve been flying around and checking out anything on the map that might look like something that needs liberating?  I get to this point and, again, I get frustrated and say, “Fuck this game!” and with the intent of just leaving it alone and maybe even uninstalling it… but I keep coming back to it, determined to beat the game and, um, I can still blow up shit which just never gets old.  The bad guys usually don’t mess with you unless mess with them – and outside attacking one of their bases – and sometimes I’ll come across some and just pick a fight with them… and because they’re there and I still haven’t found what I’m running around looking for.

The game I’ve been waiting for is Crackdown 3 and a game Microsoft has been promising for a couple of years now and, supposedly, it’ll finally be released in February next year.  The original game, Crackdown, was a surprise Game of the Year and set the stage for open world gaming as we know it today.  Sadly, Crackdown 2 sucked – it was just a shitty game and a sorry shadow of the original but Crackdown 3 is supposed to be the shit and it’s been highly anticipated by many Crackdown fans… except, the game has missed at least three delivery dates over the last couple of years and not counting the intervening years it took to build the game.

So even though Microsoft has promised this game will be released in February 2019, well, they’ve said that before so I’ll believe it when I visit my Xbox Game Pass and see it available for downloading and playing…

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