Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: What’s the Big Deal?

02 Feb

Forbidden. Off limits. Should have come with a “Do Not Enter” sign. Considered to be the dirtiest place on the human body. Will eventually be a focus of a doctor’s attention at some point in a man’s life and a place that can, in a few scant seconds, turn a ultra-macho dude into a bit of a punk when it’s time for him to get his prostate checked.

Yeah, you know the place I’m talking about and I’m thinking that if you picked up on all the clues, you’re either thinking, “Yeah!” or you’re looking for somewhere to hide. But for bi guys, it’s one of the two things that are mainly in play because I don’t know of too many guys who have, at the very least, wonder what it feels like to be fucked.

Likewise, I don’t know of too many guys who haven’t asked a woman what it feels like, only to be told, “It feels good…” which isn’t all that helpful but as with a lot of things about sex, how it really feels is couched in things that don’t have any words in any language known to mankind. And there are guys who wanna know what it feels like… but aren’t willing to endure that infamous painful entry everyone knows about… and even if they’ve never had their back door messed with.

Tops. Their role is to bring the noise to a bottom and fulfill their giver/receiver “duty” in receiving a good blow job before giving the guy who blew them a butt-hole full of very hard dick and followed by an insemination, either directly or into a condom.

Bottoms. I’d have to say that most are more than willing to place themselves into the female/submissive role of sex and be the one to do all of the cock sucking and in preparation of being fucked by an aforementioned top and for them, there’s nothing that comes close to comparing to the feeling of being penetrated and fucked, enjoying not only the, ah, very full feeling one can experience having a dick in their ass but also the really weird kind of good/bad feeling of having their prostate stimulated.

Versatiles. They get a mention because their very nature implies that it doesn’t matter to them if they top, bottom, or flip-flop in a single session.

Here’s the funny part. Many people assume – and thanks to what they’ve heard about homosexual men – that when two guys get together, they’re both getting fucked which, of course, isn’t the whole truth because some guys are really funny about that and to the point where if you even tried to just rub his back door, the reaction from him may not be pleasant. Even funnier, there are guys who have – or want to – bone a woman in her forbidden zone… but the thought of sinking their bone in a guy’s zone really freaks them out.

Go figure.

For the forum mention (and it’s still off-line for now), guys go back and forth on this; some can’t wait to finally get the answer to what it feels like to be fucked while many more worry and fret over catching something horrifically nasty but, for some reason, not even thinking about the fact that if they covered their cocks, um, that’s not likely to happen unless the condom fails. And, yeah – a lot of questions are asked about how to take a dick in the ass and it not hurt or otherwise feel uncomfortable. Now, there are ways to accomplish this and the Internet would be more than happy to tell you about it if you were to Google it.

For the guys who get boned regularly, they talk about how it makes them feel and mostly along the lines of “girly” – but not in a bad way – and vulnerable; not only does it feel incredibly good to them but by being in the position to be fucked, it gives them a great deal of satisfaction to be able to please the guy who’s fucking them. Some guys are “anal sex snobs” in that they want the dick to be really long and thick so it can hurt real good and when homey unloads, they’d better not skimp on the spunk.

Some guys can talk about their favorite part of being fucked. Some really enjoy those first moments of penetration because of the sensations as well as that sense of being vulnerable while others enjoy the “mid-game,” those moments when the cock is being driven into them gently or as roughly as the cock’s owner can manage and the deeper, the better and, likewise, the more their prostate gets involved, that’s nirvana. Many guys report having the most amazing orgasms while being fucked and many have voiced their utter surprise to find themselves ejaculating while being fucked… and their dick isn’t even hard.

Then there are the guys who will “put up with” the moment of penetration and the actual fucking because they’re waiting for the one thing that’ll really make enduring all of this worthwhile: That moment when the guy fucking them loses it and starts to cum. The feel of those pre-ejaculation tremors as well as feeling more full of dick as the cock expands some more… then that pumping action. You’re not really aware of how much spunk is being injected but, depending on the guy, wow – feeling the dick trapped in your forbidden zone and crazily pumping away inside you just doesn’t have words that lend themselves to describing it…

Other than to say that it feels good. Some guys say that in this moment, they’ve never felt more girly, more vulnerable and even “dirty” but in a delightful way. They know like women know including the fact that this moment either signals the end of a wonderful session… or the end of one they’re glad is over and done with.

Cityman and I were talking about this and, as a top, he couldn’t quite put his finger on why they guys he was fucking loved being fucked and especially when he creamed them. After I kinda laughed to myself, I asked him if he’d ever paid any attention to how a woman reacts when he busts a nut in her and, oddly enough and like a lot of guys, he said that he hadn’t. Then I asked him if he ever noticed how a woman might behave if he’s fucking her but he somehow couldn’t bust in her and he said that he had noticed that, um, she wasn’t very happy about that.

I explained to him that for women, sure, there’s satisfaction in being boned but the thing that can produce the most heady of feelings is when she can feel the guy cutting loose inside her, which is either the cherry on top of it all or the moment when she’s very happy that he’s finished trying to pound her into the next zip code or otherwise believing that he fucked her really good.

It’s a concept that’s not really all that hard to imagine during a discussion and, if you can pay attention, you can see a woman’s reaction but, um, given what the guy is doing in that moment, it is kinda difficult to spare some attention to how she’s reacting… but you’d really have to be on the receiving end of a hard dick to really understand why this is a big deal for those men who like to be fucked. And yes – he did ask me what my favorite part was and I told him it was the moment he started shooting his load into me (or the condom) and, no, I really couldn’t explain to him what it felt like or what was going through my mind; could be that sensual and “nasty” good feeling, could be that, “I’m so fucking glad he’s done – why did I think this was a good idea?” thing that generation upon generation of women have had going through their minds as well.

Again, some guys are “snobs” in that the longer you pound their hole, the better and if you don’t bust a nut, well, what the fuck is wrong with ya? It’s not unheard of for a guy to be in the process of sliding the boner in and the receiver is really tight – not enough lube, not really all that relaxed for entry or being penetrated is a kinda rare thing – and the effort to insert A into C causes a, eh, premature release… which could really make the receiver very, very unhappy… but I’d guess that depends on what part or parts of being fucked flips all the right switches.

It happens. Another thing some guys are known to get miffed about is when a guy gets the dick in, does some fucking and then, at the moment of “truth,” pulls the dick out and shoots cum everywhere except where the receiver wanted it. Now, some guys will say that they do this because of the health issues which is understandable but, um, if you went in there raw – and even if the receiver did his due diligence and cleaned in there (and as best as it can be done), the moment you got in there, you were at risk.

Duh. To this end, bleh, I think a lot of guys watch too much porn and get all into the money shot and there are a lot of guys who’d rather have the cum on them than in them but even when I’ve seen this in any form of porn, I just don’t get how getting cum shot anywhere but inside you is all that… satisfying and, yeah, I’m enough of a snob myself that such a thing would really piss me off; if ya really wanna make me feel good about what you did, put the stuff in me and not on me because when you don’t, um, didn’t you just cut out the most important part of being screwed?

None of this makes much “real” sense to anyone who has never been fucked and guys who’ve never been boned in the butt only think they understand what the guy on the other end is experiencing and how it’s making him feel so, yeah, when a top says that he doesn’t understand why the guy beneath him – or on top of him – is enjoying this so much, well, the only way to find out – and if ya really wanna know – is to switch places with him… provided the guy you’re with is of a mind to do you like that in the first place… and he might not be if he’s a totally dedicated bottom.

More funny stuff. Some women hear about guys who are into getting boned and they are repulsed by it although some who are into anal, sure, they get it but just like cock sucking, many women wanna know why a guy wants and/or needs to get fucked in the ass… and without giving a single thought about why they like/love to be fucked, I mean, outside of the “fact” that they’re the all-time and mandatory single focus of getting dicked – period. And I’ll say it again: Those “early adopter” women who strongly suggested that we get in touch with our feminine side probably didn’t even think of how we’d go about doing that and that to really get a better handle of what women experience, there’s only one sure way to get that handle and that’s to be seduced, screwed, and inseminated…

And, well, men only have two orifices that’ll serve that purpose.

Now, there are guys who would prefer to use toys instead of the real thing and you can go to your favorite on-line “toy store” and find specially designed toys to stimulate one’s prostate; some guys swear by them and some kinda/sort like it but there’s something missing. Some guys prefer to have a lady strap one on and give them the business and, oddly, the “taint” of bisexuality bypasses them because the woman pegging the daylights out of him is… a woman and not a guy. It’s not that they don’t find being pegged satisfying but there’s still something missing and it’s the one thing that’s probably best provided by the real thing although, as I understand it, there are toys that can simulate male ejaculation…

…but still not quite the same thing. A lot of guys have quite the collection of toys to play with, not just for the sensations a good toy can provide but to also train their anal muscles for the day when the real thing gets slid into them and some have even discovered that the use of poppers similar to amyl nitrite – works wonders for them. What this chemical does is cause a relaxation of certain smooth muscles while providing a rather euphoric high so a guy prepping himself with a good snort of his popper of choice probably wouldn’t even notice the dick going in him so much due to the degree of relaxation of the anal sphincters or they’re too buzzed to notice it a whole lot. Is is safe to use? Eh, kinda/sorta but the real “dangers” is in how these things tend to cause a quick drop in one’s blood pressure and that might not be a good thing and some folks can find that they’re allergic to these specific forms of nitrites.

All that popper stuff aside, I’m not saying that guys like to fuck other guys or, specifically, like to be fucked by other guys “just” to comply with the “get in touch” edict that was issued so long ago. Guys like to fuck (duh) and there are guys who like to be fucked; not only does it feel very good to them in many ways, if nothing else, they become that much more aware of what men put women through and, to that end, it does make them more appreciative of women as well as causing them to be just as picky as women can be about who gets to give them the dick.

Not every bi guy can do it or wants to and, for many, it’s not even a “default” M2M behavior because prepping to get fucked can be a bit involved and doesn’t lend itself to spontaneous moments even though some guys routinely keep their hole cleaned like they wash their face every morning which, by the way, could be a good and a bad thing depending on what’s being used for the cleaning; some stuff for this purpose can kill certain and necessary things in the rectum that allows it to do the job it was intended to do (and before two dude figured out that it can also be fucked); kinda like how gynecologists changed up and suggested that women don’t douche a whole lot and on an as-needed basis rather than as a matter of course.

Many guys want to find out what the big deal is and, frankly, they’re just too afraid to and, personally, I can’t say that I blame them. For the guys who’ve personally asked me if I thought they should give up their ass to be fucked, I tell them that they don’t have to if they don’t want to and if they don’t think they can handle it, then by all means don’t do it but it creates a bit of a quandary because they’re not gonna know if they can handle it unless they do it and using a toy is a “poor” substitute for the real thing that being driven by its owner’s lust. They, like so many others, assume that when two guys get together, some fucking has to be done, that a guy is expected, required, and demanded to give up his hole to be fucked.

And the guys who do aren’t gonna just give it up to any dude who asks for it.

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