Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Some Thoughts About Anal

14 Feb

Here comes a “duh” moment: Guys like to fuck. There are guys who like to fuck other guys. The “bad” news is that other than a guy’s mouth, he’s only got one orifice to take care of that need and desire to fuck.

Another “duh” moment: There are guys who like to get fucked and the bigger the dick that fucks them, the better. On the other hand, there are a lot of guys who think about fucking or being fucked and while it sounds good on paper, well, hmm.

Yet another “duh” moment and a bit of a misconception: When two guys get naked, someone is getting fucked… which isn’t all that true because a lot of guys don’t have a sense of humor about their backside being touched and even if the person touching their ass has MD after their name.

A back in the day moment for ya: I remember my first full day in USAF basic training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas, and, specifically, that moment when we were ordered to line up outside the squadron complex’s barber shop to get shorn like the sheep we were. Our drill instructor was yelling and barking at us to hurry up and form a line – then, I guess, he wasn’t happy with our idea of getting in line because he started yelling at us to tighten up the line and added, “Make the guy in front of you smile!”

“What the fuck is he talking about?” I wondered to myself as I scooted forward until my front touched the backside of the guy in front of me… and when the guy behind me did the same thing, I’ll be damned if I didn’t smile! The guy in front of me looked back at me and, how about that – he was smiling, too!

The guy behind me muttered, “Damn… this is making my dick hard…” and, yup, he was smiling as well.

Guys on forums talk about this a lot and I estimate that it’s the number two thing guys talk about and it’s a very close second to sucking dick (and close enough to make ya smile). Some guys are all for anal sex/play, some avoid it like the plague because as everyone knows, um, it can really hurt going in and other than a bad toothache, for some, they’d rather have the toothache than to experience that brief moment of having their anal sphincters tested for elasticity.

One would think that given how… uncomfortable it can be, guys wouldn’t be so eager to get into it but, again, when a guy wants to fuck another guy – and that guy very much wants to be fucked, well, you get the picture. Those of you who might be shaking your head at this point might also be wondering how it could possibly feel good to either guy – and more so if you’ve never been, ah, anally invaded – but rest assured that once it goes in and ya got a moment or so to adjust to the intrusion, it actually doesn’t feel all that bad.

For the guy doing the fucking, it’s not unheard of that we love putting our dicks in tight places and, um, I’d waffle a bit and say that there’s no tighter place on one’s body given the job assigned to the two sets of anal sphincter muscles which, of course, were designed to keep… stuff in while keeping other things out. Now, this next thing might sound both strange and maybe even familiar and I can sum it up in two words: Anal retentive and, nope, not talking about attitude but without getting too gross about it, there are some people who delay going for as long as they can manage because it kinda/sorta feels good to hold it.

If you’re the guy getting boned you most certainly get to find out what women like and don’t like about it but just like everything else, the devil is in the details and there are a lot of “in between” things that makes getting dicked so pleasant, from having a hard dick inside you to feeling the other guy’s weight on you and depending on the position. I’ll even admit that I’ve had a guy on top of me wailing away and I’ve been so relaxed I’ve felt myself drifting off to take a nap… unless he’s going at it so vigorously that there’s a couple of things on my mind like, for one, why did I think this was a good idea and, for the other, I’ll be glad when he gets done.

Cityman asked me what was the best part of getting boned for me and I said that for me, the best moment is when I can feel his dick pumping away inside of me. He had asked if feeling “girly” was a good part and, admittedly, if anything is gonna make a guy feel girly, being screwed will most certainly handle that but while a lot of guys don’t like feeling that way, it does take a bit of mental rearrangement to get used to that rather unmanly feeling. He did ask if I liked the “going in” part and while I had learned not to pay a lot of attention to that – paying attention to it going in can make your whole body tense up and that’s not a good thing but, I also thought that I don’t think I know of anyone who likes that particular part of it.

What goes through a guy’s mind when he’s being boned? Depends on the guy. When I was all into it, I could tell you what was going on in my mind – a lot of stuff but one of the tricks to getting used to being screwed in the butt is to “look” for the pleasure in it and that usually calls for not really thinking in that sense but embracing what you’re feeling – it’s not easy to put into words and, honestly, a lot of whatever might be going on in someone’s head also depends on how the other guy is handling his part of things; some guys are gonna do their best not to make it anymore uncomfortable than it’s been to that point while others are of a mind to not only make you think about how uncomfortable it felt going it but to keep that very irritating feeling going for as long as he can manage it.

And some guys just live for it to be as uncomfortable as humanly possible and if the guy who’s boning them isn’t putting all the effort and force into the fucking, well, he could be deemed to be not very good at it.

Did you know that the word “fuck” comes from the German word “fuch,” which means “to strike?” I didn’t know it either until I had stumbled across it years ago – who knew? Sounds kinda violent, doesn’t it but when put into the sexual context, it really does fit, doesn’t it?

There is an expectation or even assumption that if you’re a guy who’s into guys, putting dick into ass – and getting dick in your ass – is a given and some guys are “terrified” to think that they’re gonna be called on to do either thing. If you’re thinking that the guy doing the fucking has the easy part, well, he really doesn’t and – get this – some guys couldn’t do it even if they wanted to because the moment they try to poke someone in the butt, they go from painfully erect to softer than normal… but the moment they stop trying, they’re back to being painfully erect. Why?

It’s their mind fucking with them and a conditioned aversion to not be messing around anywhere near that hole except for the one reason why it has to be messed with and, preferably, with lots of toilet paper involved or whatever they use to wash that area.

Some guys “default” to being a bottom and even refuse to attempt being the one putting the dick in, not just because of that conditioned aversion but something a bit more embarrassing – premature ejaculation. To understand this, it helps to understand how a dick works – friction is the enemy and so is pressure; some guys – and regardless to the degree of lubrication – make that initial push to get past the sphincter muscles and the pressure and friction of entry pulls the trigger on them because even the most well-fucked ass will present a measure of resistance even with the slickest lube humans can make. So, yeah – a guy who’s had this happen – or a guy who is pretty sure that’s what will happen – would prefer not to have this happen because even though it’s really just one of those things, it’s still pretty damned embarrassing so that’s something they’d not have to deal with if they’re just taking the dick and not trying to give it.

And some guys do get very pissed off behind this; they’ve gotten their mind and body all ready for a good, long fucking, homey gets it in and, fuck, the next thing they feel is that mad crazy pumping. And before you ask, yeah – I used to get pissed off about that as well but I reasoned that it didn’t make sense to get bent out of shape over something the other guy really doesn’t have any control over and, besides, um, he did just do what I wanted him to do, didn’t he? I’ve had guys profusely apologizing and I’ve honestly told them that it’s no big deal… because it isn’t that big of a deal. It happens and while I do understand how embarrassing it is, it serves no useful purpose to dwell on it.

One guy I was talking to back then and we were “comparing notes” on this aspect said that he always gets pissed off behind an early release and, sure, I could understand why but I had said to him, “Look at it this way, if you can – your ass was so good to him that he had no choice but to cut loose and cream you!”

He blinked… and said, “So, what you’re saying is that if he takes a long time to cum, my ass might not be that good to him?”

“If it helps to think that way, sure,” I said with a shrug. “That’s one way to look at it but it’s better than getting all bent out of shape over something he doesn’t really have any control over, isn’t it?”

Women complain about it, too… but it’s also true that some women don’t see a point in complaining about it and especially the woman who is really happy that she doesn’t have to get “pretzelized” for a long period of time or, as one woman said to me once, “Who wants some two hundred pound guy pounding them like he’s got all year to bust that nut?” Makes sense given that friction is an issue for women, too, and there’s such an animal as too much friction and that’s something that doesn’t feel all that good.

While guys learn a lot about anal sex and from both sides of the equation, the biggest and, to me, most important lesson one can take away from this is finding out exactly what men put women through when we fuck them, both the good and bad of it. Guys love to ask women what it feels like to have a dick in them and while a woman can tell you whether or not it’s good or not so good, if a guy really wants to find out – and some really don’t – give up your ass to a guy and I guarantee that you’ll find out what women love and hate about it.

It often cracks me up to read guys who’ve never been fucked go on and on about wanting to be fucked and with big dicks… and I’ve said to myself, “That’s because you have no idea what that feels like… but you’ll find out.” Some guys, as previously mentioned, have their own toys they use to train their ass and mess around with their prostate which is good… but not even close to having the real thing inside them and having some seriously horny dude driving the bus. Indeed, some guys would prefer to be pegged by a woman than have to deal with everything that plays into have a real dick inside them.

Or, be careful what you wish for.


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  1. DD788snipe

    29 February 2020 at 02:06

    Damn kdaddy23 I’m hooked and I do like your blog



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