Today's Bisexual Thoughts

Today’s Bisexual Thougths: Reppin’ and Being Brave About It

Before I put WordPress to bed for the day, I wanted to say a few things about this blog and post:

The author of the blog and post is H. “Herukhuti” Sharif Williams, PhD, MEd, and he writes about sexuality and culture and I think he has some interesting insights about this and as they pertain or apply to Black men and women and this particular writing got my attention because he talks about how some Black bisexuals are, indeed, quite brave to be representing bisexuality when there’s so much angst and other bullshit flying around about it.

If you check out his post, you’ll see the comment I left. I gotta say that I don’t necessarily agree with the entirety of what the good and learned doctor has to say about this particular thing, not that I don’t believe what he wrote but because it’s not been what I’ve experienced or otherwise observed but, yeah, Black bisexuals are being quite brave to rep being bisexual and, at least in my opinion, for two reasons: One, there’s that myth that all Blacks are homophobic and, two, the thing I read a while ago where an article actually insisted that there was no such thing as a Black, male bisexual and I sure as hell remember my incredulous reaction to that statement as well as my thought – after I stopped laughing – that this perception might exist because it’s believed that we’re homophobic.

The truth is some of us are; another truth is that some of us are publicly “homophobic” but privately? Not. Even. Close. To. The. Truth! But, if you’re of a mind to, go read what Dr. Williams had to say and, if you’re of a mind to, come back and share your thoughts about his post with me.


7 thoughts on “Today’s Bisexual Thougths: Reppin’ and Being Brave About It

      • I guess because he still confirms that bisexuality even amongst men of color is a reality. We both know that not all people who claim to be bisexual are actually gay men or women. I just think that until people are real, especially with themselves, we will never really know what is truth and what is denial.

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      • Thanks for that; this is how we learn stuff, by sharing our thoughts to cut through the bullshit. Fact is that anyone, regardless of race, color or creed, can face problems repping their bisexuality – except maybe celebrities; we kinda give them a bit of a pass because they’re famous but guys like me get shat upon for being bi.

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      • I don’t even take friends claiming their status as for the opposite sex 100% to be real until I get to know them well. The down low is still real and out there. Personally, I don’t care who a person wants to love or just bed down. I just look for honesty with them so we can have a genuine relationship.

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