Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: What Men Tend to Learn

04 Jul

When a guy decides to take the plunge with another guy he has to learn how to have sex this way and one of the things that kinda messes with their head is the perception that getting down and dirty with a guy is very different from being with a woman but they eventually learn that, nah, it’s not really all that different.

Some men like to kiss and cuddle as a prelude to sex, like having their nipples, neck, and ears sucked or otherwise messed with, their cock sucked and some think having their ass eaten is the cat’s pajamas. For guys into getting boned in da butt, they even get to learn why women get “that look” on their faces in that moment when they’re first penetrated and the dick is going in them and, as such, they most definitely learn what it’s like to be fucked.

What they also learn is what it’s like to be subjected to another man’s lust as well as why women tend to have the opinions about us – men – when it comes to looking for sex up to and including how we can behave when we get it… and some of it isn’t what I’d call nice.

The first example of this is when guys have their first cock sucking experience. Now, I really can’t say what guys who are waiting for their first cock sucking experience think when they’re playing out that first time in their mind; what I do know is that what can happen doesn’t always match the scenario in their heads. There’s nothing more… disappointing? (can’t think of the right word – need more coffee) than to think that you’re going to be presented with the dick and you’re gonna give it the kind of attention you’ve always imagined… but the guy attached to the dick has other ideas the moment your mouth engulfs his knob.

Maybe he just chills and let you go through your discovery process or, as I’ve often heard, he starts doing shit to your mouth and as if you’re a life long master cock sucker, from trying to jam all of his dick down your throat to grabbing you by the head and fucking your face with reckless abandon and while being called all kinds of bitches, whores, etc..

And it’s more upsetting – and this is the word I should have used above – when what he does when he gets his dick in your mouth isn’t what you agreed to before the fact… and definitely not what you expected or anticipated for that storybook first time.

You find out pretty quick why some women aren’t all that enthusiastic about sucking dick.

Likewise when a guy is taking his first dick in the ass. Again, I’m thinking that a lot of guys eager and waiting for this create all kinds of scenarios in their heads for how it’ll all play out and all that. Maybe the guy takes to heart that this is your first time and does his level best to make the most difficult part – getting the dick in you – as painless as possible then giving you all the time you need to either adjust to this huge invasion as well as giving you that moment to either tap out or tell him to proceed with the fucking… and then the fucking takes place with great consideration and care until he unloads into a condom or directly into your butt, leaving you feeling pleased, satisfied and well-fucked.

Or – and again as I’ve often heard – the guy gets you into position and maybe one that wasn’t included in those scenarios, positions himself at your back door and pushes… and you almost pass out or throw up from the incredibly painful sensation and one that can never, ever match your knowledge that, yeah, it’s gonna hurt going in… and now you know what that feels like. Not only has he taken a running start and leaped into your formerly virgin hole and like you’ve been taking dick in your ass for years, he’s not even giving you a chance to get adjusted, doesn’t ask if you’re okay, and not giving you the option to tap out.

And, oh, yeah, trying to get him out of you and/or getting away from him ain’t likely to happen since, for one, you’re now fully impaled on his dick and he’s got a hold of you and you’re not going anywhere until he gets done. Before the fact, you told him to take it easy and to go slow, not so much for the enjoyment factor but ya still gotta get used to this very strange and different thing happening to your body but, nah, he’s reneged on his word to take it easy and he’s hammering your ass so hard and fast that your body is being jarred so hard that instead of that heavenly feeling you imagined, you’re about to throw up – and that’s if you didn’t barf when he slammed his dick into you in one fell swoop.

And now you’re being fucked in a way that you probably didn’t want to be fucked and you sure as hell didn’t factor this in when you were thinking about what it’s gonna be and feel like. If you were expecting some tender, gentle fucking and like you’ve seen in gay porn, well, that’s not what he’s doing! Or, if you were, in fact, expecting to get your hole ravaged – and by that big, thick dick you’ve been dreaming about, um, he’s doing anything but ravaging your virgin butthole and, as a matter of fact, he fucking you like he has all day to do it and it’s starting to seem like he’s never going to bust a nut, either in a condom or via direct injection and insemination.

Maybe he’s manhandling you in some way or otherwise making things uncomfortable, oh, like, having you in the missionary position and making your hips and legs do things that they’ve not been conditioned to do and instead of it being that heady, pleasing thing you’ve imagined, your whole body is sending a lot of red alerts to your brain as your joints, tendons, and muscles are being abused – and right along with that thick phone pole of a dick being buried in your rectum.

You find out pretty quickly why some women react the way they do when they’re being screwed in a way they didn’t want or expect to be as well as why they get leery and/or hesitant to give up the coochie to you. You learn that being subjected to a man’s lust can be very damned scary and that some guys are so Jekyll and Hyde – the nicest guy you’ve ever met before the fact, and a ravening animal once he gets his dick into your mouth or ass.

You learn that when a guy is being consumed by his lust, um, he’s not so good at following directions and you find out that if you, in any way, interrupt the flow of what they’re doing, eh, they kinda/sorta don’t like having their groove disturbed and more so if you’re complaining about something. You learn that when a guy gets his dick in your mouth or ass, he somehow suffers from hearing loss as well as a loss of vision – can’t he see and hear that you’re gagging and making those “I’m gonna hurl!” sounds as he rams all of his dick down your throat your attempts to make him back off are being ignored? Or, again, if he’s got you in the missionary position, can’t he see the obvious pained look on your face? Can’t he feel your whole body trying to remove itself from the source of the discomfort; shit, can’t he feel your hands trying to prevent him from driving all that dick into you and, likewise, isn’t he aware of how you’re struggling to get him out of you… or is he, like so many guys, misinterpreting all of this and, in his mind, he’s giving you one hell of a good fucking?

You learn why women tend to make it damned near impossible to bed them and because you’ve learned that a guy will tell you anything he thinks you want to hear in order to use his dick on you and all those conditions that you created in your head around this thing are and can be disregarded and any “promises” he made in order to get you to give it up will and can be reneged.

If you come away feeling used, abused and so dirty that no amount of soap and water will ever make you feel clean again, now you know how even you can make a woman feel when you’re subjecting her to your lust and that gut-wrenching feeling when her words tells you that she enjoyed what you did… but her body language and her eyes are saying something else. You can learn why she just might lie there and do her impersonation of a dead body while you’re doing whatever to her or that look of joy on her face isn’t because you made her feel heavenly… but the look means that she’s thrilled to no end that you’re finally finished.

You learn what it’s like to be treated like a woman and while it’s true that many men just love being treated in this way, many more men find out that, oh, hell, no – this is some fucked up shit and it sure as fuck ain’t what they thought it would be like. Yeah… you get to find out why women are often totally disillusioned the first time they get laid… and a lot of this is because what they imagined it would be like turned out not to be that fairy tale moment they envisioned… and that’s despite having their female friends telling them about their first time and how totally fucked up it turned out to be.

Yes, some guys from the very beginning want to be made a bitch for other men while those guys who’d prefer not to be somebody’s bitch learns what it’s like when the other guy is trying to do just that either by the way he’s using his dick or the verbal abuse being hurled you way when he says, “Yeah, suck daddy’s dick, bitch!” or when he’s mindlessly hammering your aching butthole and he’s saying, “Yeah, you like this dick, don’t you, bitch? Whose pussy is this? Say my name, bitch!”

Forget all that staged bullshit you see in porn; real life sex with another man can be an entirely different animal and one you may not find to your liking. It’s not to say that some guys really and truly don’t want to be taken by a man and like he’d take a woman – it’s just that a lot of guys do learn that being taken like this just ain’t their cup of tea.

Even when they know how other guys’ first time went for them and I guess even when they know this, they’re thinking, “That’s not gonna go down like that for me!” – and then it does and now they’re feeling some kind of way. Now they’re second-guessing themselves and questioning why they thought having sex with a man was such a good idea… and why they were so sure it would be all that and a bag of chips.

Now, it’s not that guys don’t have a good first experience because they do; I’m just the guy telling you that it might not be as good as you imagined or even, fuck, planned it to be. You learn that what you want and how you want it to happen can sometimes not mean a damned thing because it’s not about you – it’s about him and whatever he wants to do to you; he might start out going along with your version of how this should be and, if you’re lucky and have chosen rightly, it’s happy ending time…

Or that one nightmare you didn’t expect or anticipate and one that’s going to haunt the fuck out of you going forward and if you even move on from that horrifying first experience.

And now you know why women behave the way they do when you want to fuck them. You understand why many women make having sex with them so conditional it’s almost impossible to have sex with them because it’s almost impossible to not only meet those really exacting conditions, it’s almost impossible to consistently meet them. It’s not like some guys aren’t aware of women who are like this – it’s the thing that makes them set up their own specific and rigidly strict conditions which also has the effect of setting the bar so high that no one can reach it and, as such, they ain’t getting any dick and in whatever way they wanted it.

A lot of men get royally pissed when they run into a guy who’s behaving like a woman would and, to them, it doesn’t make any sense… but that’s because they, themselves, have no idea what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a man’s lust. Such men do, in fact, expect other guys to act and behave just as they do like that very annoying thing they like to do when they say, “Less talking, more getting to the sex – what is there to talk about? You wanna get with a dick… and I wanna give it to you so fuck all these questions and telling me what you want and how you want it and let me do what I wanna do…”

“Bitch-assed motherfucker.”

I know that when I have the honor and privilege to talk to a first-timer about this, this is the one aspect I tell them and one I really want them to understand: What you’re thinking is one thing but what might really happen could be something else. If you’ve read all of this – and I do hope that you have – you might get the impression that by telling a guy all of this, I’m trying to talk him out of taking the plunge… and you’d be right on the money. I’ve learned that a lot of guys get into this with no real clue about how surreal this can be and that whatever they’ve imagined it’s going to be like may or may not match up nicely or perfectly. I even tell them to think about how they go about propositioning women for sex and, if successful, how they have that sex with them and, specifically, how they behave when laying the pipe to her and, being specific again, asking them if they’ve ever really paid attention to how the woman they’re fucking is reacting.

And if they do, in fact, know this and are aware of their actions, well, now, this is something you can look forward to experiencing when you get naked with a guy and his dick gets hard. Maybe he’ll take your ideas or whatever into consideration and give you the first experience and the way you imagined it would be… and, really, chances are very good that you’re about to get one hell of a wakeup call.

And let’s keep in mind that a lot of guys aren’t all that aware of how women behave when they have sex with them, let alone what they’re doing, how they’re doing it and most certainly whatever is going to come out of their mouth when trying to convince a woman that she’s not making a mistake by letting you get at her.

I can pretty much guarantee that if you didn’t know, you’re gonna find out.

Even those guys who, for their first experience, imagine themselves being the top, serving up the dick and running the whole show because, you know how it is, they want to retain every aspect of their masculinity and are expecting the other guy to be just as masculine as they treat them just like any other woman they’ve ever had sex with… only to find out he’s dealing with a guy who’s behaving like a woman would, asking a shitload of questions, setting a lot of very specific conditions and wanting another shitload of assurances and other such things and before he’ll even consider meeting you, let alone getting naked with you.

To those guys, well, you just might be in for a big surprise and more so if you’ve determined and set the condition in your mind that dicking down a feminine-acting guy isn’t going to be your idea of fun. You may even be forming your “I’m the boss here and what I say goes” plans and part of your master plan is to avoid any emotional attachment and, usually, guys plan for this because they have no fucking idea how powerful sex is and what it can do to someone else, oh, like, totally unlocking emotions that are usually tightly locked down in all most all men.

If ya think like this, oh, boy, are you about to get one hell of an education! Hell, even my protege tells me that it drives him totally batshit when the guys he’s with behaves like a woman would with all the conditions and need for assurances like being exclusively his guy and other things that, I think, guys who decide to be a top don’t ever think about.

They “foolishly” expect and require other men to act like men at all times and that’s just unrealistic.

Guys get a hard and fast lesson in not only what it’s like to be the girl in this but an equally hard and fast lesson of how “I want what I want and the exact way I want it!” doesn’t mean shit because this kind of thinking doesn’t match up with the other guy’s version of this.

And how having this mindset prevents them from doing whatever they wanna do with another guy. And you know how it goes: I’m the guy who will tell you about this and tell you how very real it is because I, too, learned these lessons and, yeah, sometimes, the hard way.

And most guys do learn this the hard way right from the start, I’m sorry to say. It’s why so many men who were eager to dive in wind up being discouraged, disappointed, disillusioned and just all kinds of fucked up in the head because what they thought or imagined – or finely tuning what they want and the way they want it…

Doesn’t mean jack shit. You don’t have to believe me but rest assured that at some point, you’re gonna find out that I wasn’t bullshitting you.

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