Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Eraser? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Eraser!

09 Aug

I keep finding myself coming back to this dumb-assed bisexual erasure bullshit because it’s some pretty insane shit being perpetrated by people who, I guess, think they know the real deal about sex and sexuality, only to prove that they don’t know shit about it.

They know what they think – they have an opinion, at best, and while I’d not say that there are some, ah, demographic segments who just might have issues with bisexuals, it still comes back to one rather pointed thing or question, if you will:

If this ain’t real, why are there a lot of people trying to say that it isn’t?

There aren’t too many days where I don’t see a raft of biphobic bullshit and those people spouting it are just parrotting some shit that I heard way before any of them were born… and maybe their parents weren’t either. I even see where some say that if bisexuals don’t respond to the allegations against them, well, they’re just feeding into the biphobia and, I dunno, erasing themselves?

I remember telling someone that when it comes to this shit, I don’t let it fuck with me… and they accused me of being part of the problem. Say what? Okay… so you’re telling me that since I’m not buying this bullshit they’re trying to sell everyone, I’m somehow making it or giving it more validity? And when I’m as bisexual as the day is long? How do I become complicit in this shit and because just because someone has a problem with it and I’m not even going to allow them to make their problem my problem… and, duh, I seriously don’t have a problems with bisexuals since, you know, again, I am one.

I see this… and it’s like some of us are suffering from some kind of mass hallucination and one where that which is real is somehow not so real. Okay, yeah, sure – I get it: There’s the way things are supposed to be, the way we’re all told is the only way to be… but the reality has always been, well, saying it’s different just really doesn’t cover it, does it?

I’ve sat and watched very intelligent people make total asses of themselves preaching against something that they have no real understanding of and they stay steadfastly true to their misconceptions and misperceptions even when you can offer them proof that, yup, there are people who goes both ways for sex, love, and both as it suits their needs and purposes.

“Well, it shouldn’t be…” I’ve always heard. “I’d never (or couldn’t) do some shit like that!” For shits and giggles, ask them why… and here comes the old, moldy rhetoric and stereotypical claptrap, mixed in with the usual religious dogma and it’s clear that what they believe somehow continues to carry more weight than the reality of things… and you’d think that, after all this time, we’d learn not to behave like this, that we’ve evolved to a point where we are aware of our own insane behavior in such things…

Apparently not.

It makes those highly intelligent people say, “Yeah, but…” a lot and I wonder if they’re aware of how… insipid they sound saying stuff like that. You either believe it or you don’t… and if you don’t, what world are you living in? One guy said, “I don’t have to believe that shit if I don’t want to!” and, true enough, he doesn’t… still doesn’t make it a very real thing, does it?

I’ve heard both men and women state emphatically that nothing would ever make them go both ways… then they do… and now they’re singing a very different song but publicly, well, it’s best not to let anyone – or too many people – know that your mind, thoughts, and even beliefs got, let’s say, corrected.

Decades before this biphobic shit got started, I’d see both men and women who I knew for a fact went both ways… and would get quite indignant if you were to infer that they did. But I got it back then and as I’ve said, image is everything; people tend to look at you strangely when you’ve been known to speak out against such behaviors… and now you’re on board with it?

Hmm… how you doin’?

Some bisexuals are uncomfortable with being bisexual; they’ve taken the rule book and set fire to it and, um, shit, there might be repercussions behind doing that… but they eventually get comfortable… then here comes this biphobia, bi-erasure bullshit and now they’re questioning everything about themselves all over again… and for what?

“You’re just confused,” someone said to me.

“About what, pray tell?” I asked.

“You’re really gay – why don’t you just admit it?”

“Um… because I’m not really gay?”

“I think you are.”

“I think you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about – but, okay, if it makes you feel better, keep thinking that; I know what I am and no matter what you think.”

“Prove that you are!”

“Oh, you really don’t want me to do that, now do you?”

They didn’t… but I knew that. That people would be “happier” to stick to that which they believe over some very definitive and undeniable proof just continues to amaze me to no end. There’s a lot of talk about bisexuals and mental illness… but if you read what the biphobics and all those folks reaching for an eraser are saying, it really does make you wonder who is really suffering from some kind of mental illness, huh?

People are quick to pull the disease card and slam it on the table and, true enough, those things are real… but they’ve always been real and a potential risk for anyone who has sex. It is a very effective deterrent and to the point and extent that there are bi guys who are of a mind that if they even touch a “strange dick,” they’re gonna come down with every disease known to man and maybe a couple that haven’t really been discovered yet.

Hell… my own protege cracks me up with this one; he’s so paranoid about catching something that when I say to him, “Well, use condoms…” he gives me that “Yeah, but…” stuff. Like, we were discussing busting a nut in a guy’s butt and his fear of doing so even when that’s what the other guy expects and I pointed out to him – and truthfully so – that the moment you slid it in him uncovered, you took on the risk. He’s no dummy – he’s a really smart guy and he said, “I know, but…”

Not that the risk isn’t real… but when a lot of the world around you is constantly slamming the disease card onto the table, yeah, it’ll make you pretty paranoid but, um, how much does a condom cost these days?

But, yeah, once upon a time, homosexuals were the poster children for sexually transmitted diseases and infections; it makes me wonder just how many straight people, both men and women, have gotten burned having sex in the approved fashion? Eh… the biphobics don’t talk a whole lot about that, do they?

How many straight people aren’t of a mind to be monogamous when, by all “rights” they’re supposed to be? How many straight folks are “habitual cheaters?” The biphobics don’t talk about that a whole lot either. How many straight people are involved in acts of domestic violence? Are suffering from severe bouts of depression and subject to suicidal thoughts – and actually off themselves? Use drugs or are hitting the bottle like most people drink water?

The biphobics don’t say much about this, either… and because they think it best serves their insane purpose not to mention it, that anyone, regardless of sexuality, can wind up experiencing any or all of this shit and depending on what life can throw at them?

Nope; bisexuals are the most fucked up people since… homosexuals – oh, yeah, that’s right – they were thought to not be real, too, weren’t they? And many people still don’t believe that homosexuals exist except as a bunch of very deviant, immoral, and perverted fudge-packing motherfuckers and carpet munching bitches.

Is this sounding crazy? It should… because it is… and I’m not sure if those suffering from biphobia understand how totally insane they sound when they start spouting their bullshit… and I really don’t know why any bisexual would even want to pay attention to that shit other than to tell the biphobics to seek professional help for their obviously delusional state of mind.

People shouldn’t be bisexual… yet they are. No one should ever have a reason to switch up and get their sexual and emotional jollies in that very prohibited same-sex way… yet people do have reason. To any or all biphobics who might be reading this, bisexuals aren’t the ones who need a reality check – ah, that would be you.

We are real – get over it. You can’t erase us and what you’re really doing is similar to that very childish thing where a kid covers their eyes and believes that no one can see them – think about that one for a moment. You don’t wanna know that bisexuals are everywhere and covering your eyes isn’t going to make any of us go away or, as Rocky the Flying Squirrel used to tell Bullwinkle the Moose, “But that trick never works!” when Bullwinkle went to pull a rabbit out of his hat… and, nope, no rabbit even though he said, “This time for sure!”

Yeah, my age is seriously ratting me out on this one and some of you might not understand the reference but the hidden “message” is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result… and trying to invalidate bisexuality and because you think it should be ain’t ever gonna work.

It didn’t work when we tried to invalidate and erase homosexuals… so what the fuck makes you think it’s gonna work now? You don’t have to like it but telling yourself – and trying to convince others it ain’t a real-deal thing – well, what does that say about you more than it does about us?

Think about that one, you know, if you’re even capable of doing it. And even if you’re thinking, “Yeah, but…” and ready to start pointing out why you think/believe it’s not real, why it shouldn’t be and, most certainly why you wouldn’t do some shit like this, stop and think about why you’re about to make yourself look like an idiot before you once more embarrass the fuck out of yourself and rambling on about something that, chances are, you don’t know jack shit about… other than some bullshit you heard and bullshit that existed before I was born… way back in the mid-1950s… and here we are in the 21st century… and still perpetuating this dumb shit.

Yes… you can believe whatever you care to; I’m just the bisexual who’s gonna tell you that what you believe isn’t real and I am living proof, myself and a few hundred million or more people who are just like me.

Real-deal, card-carrying bisexuals. Indelible. Unerasable. Live with it because we’ve always been here and always will be.

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One response to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Eraser? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Eraser!

  1. theacquiescentsoul

    9 August 2019 at 16:15

    I can laugh at this, because I think I’ve been my own eraser at many times.

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