Top Searches: The Indecent Proposal

07 Oct

So, yeah, once again, Top Searches revealed a search that says, “Offer a bro job” and, well, it’s not as simple as just asking a guy if you can suck his dick… because it’s not easy to figure out what guys just might say, “Okay – let’s do it!”

Or ya might get your feelings hurt… or your jaw, eye, you know, some body part you’d rather not have experiencing pain. Guys are always asking this question and, I supposed, hoping or otherwise expecting that there’s some sure way to drop this indecent proposal on another guy and he’s gonna agree to it. That we – men – have a very long history of not dealing with rejection well doesn’t help matters any.

In the past when this bro-job thing has gotten my attention, I’ve offered that you can do one of two things: Just ask a guy if you can blow him or start the long, laborious and often hilarious process of dropping all the hints you can and hope that (a) the other guy picks up on them and (b) he says, “Yeah, suck my dick, brah!”

The funny thing is that the other guy might even be aware that you’re trying to find a way to ask him if you can blow him… and he’s not gonna let you know that he knows what you’re getting at – and whether he’s interested or not. As previously mentioned, even I have sat there and watched guys jump through all of these hoops and have not given one indication that I know what he’s asking.

The difference between myself and other guys is that, um, if I think you’re okay, chances are good you’ll be sucking my dick… after I have a few laughs at your expense. Still, it’s not that men, in general, are opposed to having their cocks sucked; for many, letting a dude blow them is a measure of last resort as well as an act of severe desperation something that should be avoided. So you could be dropping that indecent proposal on a guy and he really wouldn’t mind getting sucked off right about now… but it’s a question of whether or not the guy is willing to make such a desperate step.

While a lot of guys do not think it’s “gay” to have a dude sucking dick, well, it’s all well and good… as long as you haven’t become the object of some guy’s oral lust. Now shit gets real and in ways a lot of guys tend to think that no one would ever approach them like that and, again, the kicker is that it’s quite possible that the guy being propositioned just may have wondered what it would be like but, nah, ain’t gonna do that.

But you never really know until you find a way to pop the question… and that’s the scary part – not knowing, even if you’re asking a guy that you’re pretty sure you know very well. I’ve seen guys who “famously” rant and rave against all things homosexual treat themselves to a bro-job and while you may think this is… counterintuitive (for lack of a better word), it really isn’t because there aren’t that many men who don’t know that, push come to shove, if they need their dick sucked, there’s a guy out there who’d be more than willing to do it.

So you’d think that a guy displaying “homophobic tendencies” might not be a good person to ask… and you could be wrong about that… but there’s no way to really know… unless you ask. Conversely, you might think a guy who is… friendly in this area would be the right person to ask – except, one can be quite friendly in this regard because it makes sense to be but doesn’t mean he’s gonna pull out his cock to be sucked by the guy asking him.

I often and futilely wish that the people searching WordPress for this can read all the stuff I write about this and maybe they do – there’s no way to determine this that I know of. You’re either going to “man-up,” look at the guy you want to blow, and tell him that you want to suck his dick and why you do (and hope for the best) or you’re gonna take the indirect route by dropping hints all over the place and hope the guy catches them and is agreeable.

Or, if the thought and fear of being rejected is too great for you to deal with, don’t say anything about it and settle for spending some time jerking off and thinking about sucking your bro’s cock until he loses his load.

Have I offered them? Yep! Have I been turned down? Yep! Have I had guys say, “Well, okay, if you really want to…”? Yep! Have I dropped hints? Kinda – you gotta learn how to steer a conversation in the right direction so that you can get a peek inside the other guy’s head and then try to guess whether he’s agreeable or not. Have I used the direct approach? Sure have and as such things go, it either worked or it didn’t. I’ve even had guys say no to my indecent proposal but come back later and accept it after they’ve had a moment to think more about it.

One such guy showed up like a week after my offer and said, “Yo, um, if you still wanna suck my dick, I’m cool with it…” I’d actually forgotten we even had that conversation but I quickly remembered it… and gave him a memorable blow job… and even got one from him.

Still very much remains true that if you don’t ask, you won’t know and even if the answer is, “Oh, hell no! What’s wrong with you!?” I get the urge and need to suck dick but too many guys are just too afraid to pop the question out of fear of being rejected and, perhaps, wind up losing a friend… so I also get why guys who want to offer a bro-job are fervently looking for a way to do it that doesn’t end in rejection and loss.

And there’s no way to do it that is 100% foolproof and guaranteed to produce the desired result. It’s not merely a thing of wondering if you can even ask the guy; you have to be very sure that you can ask him if you can suck his dick – and a lot of guys aren’t sure that they can ask for what they want. It’s a kind of confidence thing that comes with being able to accept and deal with the consequences of your actions. It’s not easy to propose this, get rejected, and wind up losing a friend… and maybe have this guy put the word out on you that you like sucking cock and if you’re not prepared to accept these consequences, don’t offer a bro-job.

When this bro-job thing surfaced, I guess the thought was that guys all over the place were now offering up their dicks to be sucked and regardless to their sexuality; the truth is that bro-jobs do happen… they just don’t happen as a matter of course. I’ve heard it asked, “Why would a straight dude want another guy to suck his dick?” and, on the surface, this just doesn’t make sense, does it? However, if you think it really doesn’t, I’d suggest that you don’t know as much about men as you think you do. Again, it’s not that “Pete” wouldn’t want “Eddie” to give him a blow job – Pete’s thinking about the implications and his image more than anything else; if he went along with this, would people think he was really gay and other things along this line?

Gets really funny at this point because they automatically assume that someone else is gonna find out that Eddie sucked him off and that’s not likely to happen unless Pete or Eddie says something about it to other people… which ain’t very likely because the one condition to offering and/or accepting a bro-job is, “I won’t tell if you won’t.”

It takes a certain amount of… courage to accept such an indecent proposal and when this is gonna be something very new to you and, let’s face it, not all men are courageous enough to want to. I think, however, that if the guy making the proposition can explain why he wants to suck homey’s dick and in a way that speaks to the depth of their friendship, well, that could work… maybe; you have to be able to answer the question of why home boy should let you blow him and if you can’t convince him that he’d not be making a huge mistake, well, you’re hosed.

And, sometimes, you can explain it eloquently and logically… and he might still say no. There’s no doubt in a proposer’s mind that he wants to suck that dick but there’s loads of doubt over how the proposal will be accepted and, once more, if you’re not willing to deal with the consequences of putting an indecent proposal on the table, then don’t.

And, if you’re wondering, I’ve gotten such proposals and I’ve said yes or no depending on whatever’s going on in my head about the guy asking and I will ask, “Why me?” and how that question gets answered goes a long way toward whatever decision I might make. One guy offered me one, I asked why and he responded with, “Sounds like a good idea to me.”

It was a good enough answer for me to say, “Okay…” because, if nothing else, it was an honest response. Another guy told me, “I just think you’d appreciate it…” and I did… because his answer to my question was honest. Even “I’ve always wanted to suck a dick…” is a good answer as long as I can be convinced that the sentiment is an honest one but if I don’t think it is, the answer will be, “Thanks, but no thanks – doesn’t mean we’re still not friends so don’t go thinking that, okay?”

And even I’ve been known to change my mind – but this is me and how I approach the bro-job thing and your results, if you choose to pursue this, will most certainly vary.

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