KDaddy’s General Observations: Amazing… or A Potential Problem?

13 Nov

If you click on the above link, you’ll see Jenny’s blog about sex dolls, what she has to say about them, and even some pictures (and she even provides a link to a site for them).

About the time she published this, someone on Twitter posted – and in reference to this – that men will fuck anything with a hole which is, um, yeah, a guy thing… but we’re guys and if I have to explain that to you, don’t hold your breath. Anyway…

I was impressed at how life-like this new crop of sex dolls look and, according to Jenny, if you can think of a woman you like, there’s a doll that’ll match your thoughts. Jenny regaled readers with five reasons she thinks sex dolls are amazing and I’ll admit that her reasoning makes sense… but that was the second thought that popped into my head when I was reading what she wrote.

The first thing was, “Would women be okay with their guy getting a sex doll… or would unimaginable hell break out? Hmm, I wonder what other women think about this?”

Jenny’s positivity about these dolls notwithstanding, my first thought is I’m thinking women aren’t gonna be all that positive about it… then I started thinking about in what ways all holy hell would break out… and I started getting a headache.

As men, we kinda/sorta know how women can be about sex; we know that if we’re even thinking about having sex with another woman, eh, that’s not going to go over well with her if she’s aware that we are or even suspects that we are – and even if we aren’t but that is what it is. My headache producing thought were along the lines of maybe women would not be fond of being replaced by an inanimate object and especially one that could be crafted to look in every way that the real woman isn’t.

Jenny said that this, in her mind, isn’t cheating… and I’m wondering if it could, in fact, be seen as cheating even though the gal homey is having sex with isn’t alive. Man… I’m still thinking that a guy who buys one of these is, first, gonna have a hard time hiding it from his woman and when she finds it – not if she does – well, it’s gonna suck to be him and that’s being nice about it.

It’s funny. Women like that we want to screw them… and don’t like that we want to. In a relationship thing, well, if girlfriend ain’t of a mind to give up the booty, you just ain’t getting any and don’t you even think about getting it from some other homewrecking bitch! Which begs the question of whether one of these new-fangled sex dolls can potentially be a homewrecker?

Yeah, my gut feeling is that it could be. I can hear knives being sharpened to think, “Well, what guy wouldn’t love to have a “woman” who would never say no to sex… and because she can’t talk… because while she may be anatomically correct, she’s not a living, breathing, woman. I can almost feel men cringing as they read that last sentence as they think, sure, that would work… but knowing that their ass would most certainly be grass if they were foolish enough to buy one.

I’m thinking single guys would have an easier time of it except, hmm, if they bring a real woman home for sex, he’d better have his doll buried somewhere it can’t be found without tearing the whole place apart.

My aching head said, “Stop thinking about this clusterfuck and accept that chances are some dude in a relationship buying one of these dolls will get his ass shredded like confetti when his lady found out that she’s been “replaced” as the object of his lust.”

But the reality is I don’t know how women would react to such a thing. Would they be… relieved that homeboy has found another outlet for his non-stop lust… or would they get totally bent out of shape and if so, why would they get bent out of shape?

Well, that last one is almost too easy to figure out and it’s possible (albeit very damned unlikely) that a woman would be relieved that her guy isn’t hounding her 24/7 for some pussy and especially when she’s not feeling it. I mean, some men get a lot of grief from their ladies because they masturbate so I can imagine that among those kinds of ladies, yeah, they’re really not gonna be happy about their guy masturbating with a doll and let alone one that just might look “better” or different than they look.

Oh, yeah – I can hear it now when a guy’s sex doll gets discovered, girlfriend gets a good look at it, and she’s asking him, “I’m not good enough for you? You don’t – and never, apparently – like the way I look?” “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” will, I think, get seriously redefined and not in good ways.

I remember reading an article about the sex dolls that can be found in Japan; the Japanese have a way with things robotic that is downright scary and there was a lot of fuss about those very life-like sex toys winding up in the United States and more so if the Japanese figured out a way to make them not be prohibitively expensive and as they were at the time the article was written. I read another article not too long after that first one where a guy with the financial means didn’t just buy one toy – he bought several of them and, when looking at the picture of his, ah, acquisitions, you’d have to look closely to tell that the women he had sitting with him weren’t real, living, breathing women.

Yeah… the Japanese have mad skills like that. As I recall, the pushback was immediate and homey was getting hate mail by the truckload and being told how morally bankrupt and low he was for buying sex dolls and with the clear intent to replace the real thing in his bed… and, yeah, most of the grief he got was from women.

As I also recall, the poor dude tried to defend himself and his choices and while I didn’t see anything else written about this guy, I’m thinking that trying to defend his reasoning didn’t pass muster.

Yet another article came out trying to put a positive spin on it by saying that chances are good that the number of sex crimes against women would either go down or just go away if men were to be able to avail themselves of such a doll, that women would feel less pressure to “put out,” wouldn’t be overly concerned about accidental pregnancies, STDs, and other things that women worry about when it comes to sex and, if I remember correctly, the article even said that women who aren’t fans of oral and/or anal sex might have their minds and feelings eased if their guy could avail himself of these highly sought after sex acts… and she wasn’t involved or being pressured to do them.

Probably more like wishful thinking and, again, I don’t really know – maybe some women would see this as a good thing for them but I’m thinking those gals would be very much in the minority and, yeah, other women would think there’s something very wrong with them that they’d allow their man to even think about getting one.

With guys basically being guys, yeah, I can easily imagine homey spending more time banging his hi-tech and very life-like sex doll more than he would the real thing. I think the “reality” is that these dolls “just facilitate” another way for men to masturbate… I’m just also thinking that some women wouldn’t see it this way and would be highly offended.

I had a friend who went through a very ugly divorce because – get this – his wife caught him jerking off one day. He said that she said that he had no reason whatsoever to be jerking off even though, in his defense – and such as it was – he said that he told her that he was jerking off because she never wanted to have sex when he wanted to and other means of avoiding sex with him.

I’m listening to this and thought, “That’s insane…” but, yeah, some women are like that and just as some men lose their minds to find out that their woman is getting herself off – and without him being involved. I thought about this poor slob and thought, holy shit, if he had one of these new sex dolls and his wife knew about it or caught him screwing it, shit, he might not have lived to wind up in divorce court.

Yeah, kinda extreme but methinks you might get the gist of this. We masturbate and not always because we have to – we just want to because, hmm, it feels good and, yup, we even do it when we’re getting all the pussy we want because, um, it still feels good. We can go old-school and use our hands but even guys have toys they can use to masturbate with, like the Fleshlight, or the “pocket pussy,” a fake vagina with just enough substance to hold most cocks and the sticky contents of his nuts when busted. I’ve seen sex toys for guys where they can buy just, um, the bottom half that contains a butt and a coochie but maybe key thing is it’s faceless.

And now there’s a new thing on the block: Dolls that are not only anatomically correct but come in whatever way a guy would want it to look and feel. Holy shit.

Holy. Shit. Am I the only one who thinks this could be more of a bad thing than a good one and given the ongoing war between men and women over sex?

You decide and you’re all invited to read Jenny’s writing and chime in with your thoughts and feelings about it.

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