Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: I’m Laughing a Little…

15 Nov

…over some stuff I’ve been seeing on the forum here lately. Do you remember the blog I wrote about the guy asking why most of the forum discussions were about blow jobs and not the other M2M topics?

Well, it seems that this “complaint” has sparked even more discussion about blow jobs and a few older posts have been revived with newer comments about sucking dick and, yeah, guys are bringing up what are old and existing topics about this because while you can find a related topic that currently exists, eh, it’s easier just to start a new one.

As I previously scribbled, sucking dick is most likely the number one topic of discussion and, you betcha, we talk about everything when it comes to sucking dick and I do mean everything including – and get this – what foods and drink can taste like sperm.

Yeah… do you think we’re seriously into this or what?

I can imagine, as usual, that those of you who don’t suck cock or aren’t fans of it might see this as being unnecessarily obsessive and I’m not sure I can really explain why it is this way. It just is and it’s always been this way. I was even talking to Cityman last night and he told me that he’s now more interested in exchanging blow jobs with a guy than he is interested in fucking and I’m not really surprised by this.

I told him – again – that anyone can get their dick hard and jam it into someone’s butt… but not everyone excels when it comes to sucking dick and this is something that all men who have sex with other men do – which is probably why oral sex is seen as more of an artform than fucking is.

So today, a new comment appeared on a slightly older post about the moment you’re sucking away on a guy’s dick and he’s about to lose his load and give you a mouthful of spunk. Those who don’t suck dick or don’t like finishing the job might be thinking, “Ew…” and, sure, I get it – it’s why they say it’s an acquired taste. But one guy brought up a point that, admittedly, I don’t really think about all that much: It’s not just a matter of taste but what it is that makes getting a mouthful either glorious or one of the worst things one can put in their mouth, voluntarily or otherwise.

Quite a few guys spoke about what’s on their mind when they know the other guy is about to lose it; others talked about the moment homey is actually cutting loose, from that first splash to how it feels to them feeling the dick pumping away in their mouth as well as the way the guy is reacting to his release.

If I remember correctly (and I’m not gonna say I do) but when I last wrote about this, I might have said some historical-type stuff about how some cultures looked at swallowing semen as taking the essence of a man and, by doing so, becoming more manly because of it. The thought of consuming another man’s seed can be some pretty heady shit and there’s not one of us who doesn’t know what’s being shot into our mouths or what we’re depositing in someone’s mouth and, as my protege likes to say, it’s so deliciously nasty that it defies the prohibitions against shooting a load anywhere but inside a woman’s vagina.

Did I mention how hot a topic cock sucking is for us? A lot of guys confess that their biggest joy in sucking cock is the moment the other guy is at that point of no return and he cums. Some say it’s their reward for whatever body of work they put into making him cum and many guys are of a mind that if you’re not going to finish the dick off in your mouth, why bother to suck it at all?

Sure, there’s doing it – it satisfies that oral fixation like few things can do and, sure, just knowing that you’re sucking a guy’s cock and you shouldn’t have any business doing that at all is exciting all by itself… but to do it and get a mouthful of jizz? Many say that this is the “real reason” why you suck cock because making a guy cum is such an ego trip that there aren’t that many words to describe what that feels like.

I’ve said it before. It’s a strange battle of wills in that a guy wants you to suck his dick and get him off this way… while doing his level best not to cum. You, on the other hand, want him to cum… and not so much but in the end, it’s both win/win and lose/lose; you failed to prevent him from busting his nuts wide open and he failed to keep the sperm where it hangs out… and you succeeded in getting him to bust and he’s very damned happy that you got him to.

Any wonder why we talk about this so much and in some pretty interesting ways? I don’t think so but, then again, I’m admittedly biased about it. One of the questions I have a hard time answering is what’s the big deal about sucking another man’s dick. It’s doing the forbidden, disregarding the ages-old taboo and, yeah, it’s that boost to your ego when you hear him gasp, cuss, his cock swells and – kapow! – here comes his sperm and, yeah, it’s not so much what it tastes like but what it is.

Another man’s seed. Baby making stuff that in that moment, ain’t being used for the purpose it was designed for. Unbelievably nasty and perhaps even more so if you happen to know the chemical makeup of semen and even if you do know it, you still want him to give it up and if you’re the one being sucked, um, hell, yeah, you wanna give it to him. Yeah, sure – if you wanna bottom-line it, it’s about being made to ejaculate… but this rabbit hole goes way deeper than that. While swallowing is optional (and a lot of guys don’t or won’t) it is an… expectation among men and “dedicated” male cocksuckers are prized more than a guy who can fuck you for a long time.

More cock sucking deals are broken if/when a guy doesn’t swallow for some, not sucking dick will end any deal put on the table unless you happen to be one of those guys who aren’t fans of being sucked, let alone made to finish. But I get that; if you’re all about sucking that dick and the other guy sucks you off, that damned refractory period of sex will kick you right out of the game so in this, it is better to give than receive and, indeed, one of the more difficult aspects of this is to learn how to keep sucking after homey has gotten you off already.

And not everyone learns how to do this.

So, yeah – when I see more and more posts about sucking dick, it does make me laugh as I recall that one guy asking why we talk it to death. Simply, it’s really the most favorite thing to do and to have done. It’s usually the first thing a guy experiences and, yeah, when a woman is blowing us, who among us doesn’t want to know what that’s like for her to be doing it and whether she finishes or not? Even guys who have yet to suck a dick (or be sucked by a guy) can go on for days at a time just talking about what this experience can be like – and mean – to them.

And to the point and extent that sucking cock is of greater interest than being fucked is. Relatively speaking, it’s easier than fucking – once more and forever, it can be done any place, any time and usually doesn’t take a whole lot of time and doesn’t require any preparation beyond washing your junk. It’s often seen to be more intimate than fucking is even though there are still people out there who firmly believe that oral sex isn’t sex – it’s just something to be done prior to intercourse.

Oddly, one of the things a guy is more likely to remember isn’t how good the fucking was – it’s how good the cock sucking was even if the dick in question is going to, um, finish elsewhere. While we are keen to go on and on for days on end on how good a blow job was, we take “bad” blow jobs very, very seriously and we are greatly offended to receive a “bad” one and feel pretty shitty to learn that we gave a bad one in the mind of the guy we sucked.

It’s some very serious shit for those of us who like/love to suck cock and, yes, that includes all the women who like/love it as well. No one ever wants to be known as a lousy cock sucker. It is a skill that many of us strive to master; it is something we do that, when we don’t get the “expected” mouthful of spunk, that will seriously piss us off and to the point where some of us will think it was our lack of skill and technique that didn’t produce the desired result even though we know that, eh, sometimes, it just doesn’t happen and it’s not always our fault that it didn’t.

Dude “complained” about us not talking about the other aspects of M2M sex and the truth, again, is that we do… we just don’t talk about them like we do when it comes to taking another man’s cock, getting it hard, and working our mouth on it until he gives up his seed and his cock returns to being soft. Fucking, in and of itself, is nice but that doesn’t come close to comparing with feeling the other guy’s cock swell and feeling him pumping his seed into your mouth so your can consume the essence of his maleness.

Any wonder why we talk this to death? Not from where I’m sitting and if I am to be honest, getting a woman to cum this way is a lot more challenging but, yeah, there are those of us who will gladly take on this most daunting challenge as well.

Anyone can fuck. Not everyone gives head and not everyone is of a mind to finish what they started. And for those who do and can finish it, what it means is so deeply personal that it defies verbal explanation about why it’s so deeply personal. If eating pussy is the “ultimate kiss,” so is sucking cock and in all of it’s glorious nastiness since, you know, guys aren’t supposed to be sucking each other, let alone enticing each other to spill our seed.

Yeah, right – sure we’re not…

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