KDaddy’s General Observation: What I Really Need

21 Dec

I have two of the most sophisticated pieces of technology in the world today – an iPad and an iPhone. I am, admittedly, the guy who once said that I’d never own anything that Apple made… until I got my first (and only) iPod and given what it could do, yeah, I got my mind changed to a point.

iTunes is still the worst program I’ve ever had to work with although I understand the necessity for it but this isn’t what I’m riffing about. Here, hold my beer…

I subscribe to Apple Music, first out of curiosity – is it really as good or bad as I’ve been hearing? – then because $9.99 isn’t that bad of a price to get music I’m not gonna mind listening to and music that can go along with all the music I possess on my computer and, um, a shitload of CDs and some with music not available on Apple Music.

Streaming music is the thing now; why clog up your device of choice with stuff when you can stream whatever you wanna hear from the cloud? Oh, that’s right – some of the music I wanna hear ain’t in the cloud and may never be. But, okay: When I signed up for Apple Music, it took a week’s worth of music – that’s listening to it for a week and not hear the same song twice – and shuffled it into the cloud and freeing up gigabytes of precious space on my devices… but I’m stuck with Apple’s crappy player/interface and I still gotta sync both to insure peak performance and all that.

I had a couple of really good player apps that let me listen to my music in the way I wanted to; I could customize the sound I hear and based on earbud/headphone “protocols,” EQ setting based and optimized for a boatload of listening tools and they looked great, sounded even better and I was happy.

Until Apple made sure that those apps couldn’t access Apple Music or any music I may have bought from them prior to Apple Music. I’d be listening to a playlist that included and one such piece of music and, what the fuck? I know it’s in the playlist – why didn’t it play? Then I found out why and, believe it or not, I wasn’t pissed about it – all I gotta do is to find a player that Apple has allowed to access, in this case, Apple Music.

And I found one and only one appropriately named “Listen.” And it sucks. The interface is gesture based, can’t see any of my playlists and, wow, has a radio function that I don’t fucking want or need. I’ve looked at a shitload of apps in the App Store and they’re most,y for streaming music and, often, not the music I’d be remotely interested in, oh, like offering “stations” like hip-hop and country, both of which I have no desire to listen to. Or it an app can access my music that now resides in Apple’s cloud, I can’t do much about the way it sounds in my ears, let alone my built-in speakers.

And most won’t or can’t access certain audiobooks that, before this stuff came into being, I could do easily enough. Some offer podcasting… like I care about that; I’m offered lists of music or stations of music that I’d have to listen to god knows how ,any songs before I might hear something I might like but because the way the “music player” is built um, nope – can’t listen to my own music unless I do the unthinkable and physically put back gigabytes of music from my thousands of CDs – and then hope the “music player” can access the music I’ve actually paid for.

The default player for Apple, such as it is, isn’t that horrible but I am wondering how a song from a jazz “album” can be classified as R&B. Oh, I can change that… but that means going into iTunes and no matter what they e done to “improve” it, iTunes still sucks donkey dick and there’s no guarantee that changes I make to my music library is going to stay changed to my preferences… and if I even see them at all.

Why not go Android? Because they don’t make a device that can handle the amount of music I’d want to put on it, that’s why. SD card, you say? Well, hmm, Android devices are funny about what can go on an SD card and I know because I also have an Android tablet. I could get Apple Music on Android… but that’s an unnecessary duplication since, uh, I have two devices that’s already sharing all of that music to begin with and, oh, yeah, my Samsung table, as nice as it is, loves running out of both space and memory, likes to crash, have stuff just stop working for unknown and inexplicable reasons.

Use Spotify or some other service? I could do that but I have Spotify; I had it look for some songs I either already owned or obtained via Apple Music and, nope, on,ya found one of them… but it does have plenty of music I’m not interested in listening to.

I just want to listen to the music I want to listen to and the way I wanna hear it. My JetAudio app used to do that and, oh, yeah, now it can’t because all of my music is in Apple’s cloud so I can open the app… and it sees nothing. Well, let me be precise and not overly exaggerate things: It sees and plays the music that was physically on the device but is now in the cloud – still won’t play anything I bought or downloaded via Apple Music. I know that’s because that music doesn’t have Apple’s DRM protocols attached but, damn it, I want a comprehensive player that will play all of my music no matter where or who I got it from and one I can set up the way I want to listen to my music and without “bells and whistles” like “radio stations” I have no interest in.

It’s not so much the service i have issue with – I’ve come to like Apple Music but, yeah, hate the stock player because I can’t customize the sounds I hear to my liking.

Okay, yeah – I’m not only funny about the music I listen to, I’m funny about how i actually hear it. The built-in EQ for Apple’s player ain’t bad but cannot be tweaked or fine-tuned. I’m a life-long musician and when I listen to a song, I want to be able to hear every instrument and some default EQ setting, bleh, cut out the midrange stuff, too much treble, not enough bass – you get the picture.

Apple has revamped iOS in some very good ways – except this one. The player is… merely adequate and this ain’t good enough for me… and the many apps available leave much to be desired. Apple touts the iPhone as being great for taking pictures and videos and streaming content… but not listening to it, that and I didn’t get it to take pictures with anyway. The new iPads are supposed to replace laptops… but the music program on my laptop and desktop can be made to sound the way I want it to – and both my iPhone and iPad both costs more than my computer does.

Go figure. I know I’m just riffing… because I felt like riffing.


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6 responses to “KDaddy’s General Observation: What I Really Need

  1. LarryArcher

    21 December 2019 at 22:35

    Keep in mind that Amazon Prime is roughly $10/mo and offers free music. I have an Android Note 8 with a 256gb card and it doesn’t have any problems playing music off the microsd card. You can get an Echo dot for $0.99 and that works pretty good at playing music at home with Prime plus the free movies.

    Like you I laughed at the people who bought a Mac until I got my MacBook Air, which I love. Currently, I’m writing this on my Lenovo T450s which I paid $300 for and love it also.

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    • kdaddy23

      21 December 2019 at 23:07

      I have a Dot – Alexa is funny as hell and she’s linked to my Apple Music subscription. It’s not the service I’m bitching about – it’s the player itself. I have a 1TB external drive attached to my desktop – half of it is music and I’m not even close to being finished burning every CD I have to that drive – and I might need a bigger drive than1 TB. This is how serious I about my music and some of it is “out of print” by now.

      Services, not my beef. Android device behaviors? Eh, not happy with them because I know how they work but still not my beef. A player that will play all of the music I have – even the Apple Music stuff – and is configurable to my tastes and without any added “bullshit” is what I want and need – and on the iDevices I already own.

      Apple put a camera on my iPhone good enough to photograph a fly farting and freeze it in mid-flight and mid-fart – but gives me a shitty music player? And for what that phone costs? It’s adequate… but I don’t want adequate. I want something better than adequate or kinda okay. And I’m gonna email bomb Apple to find out why they won’t give me something better… or allow a reputable app company/developer do it for them. For instance, the Windows Media player is decent – and there’s shit out there that makes it look like two cans connected by strings by comparison… because someone other than Microsoft created it and within Microsoft’s specifications.

      Apple won’t do that. And I fucking hate that. Love my iDevices… except for this.

      I need my iPhone 11 to do the following: Make phone calls. Play all of my music and it sounds my idea of good and not theirs since their idea, to me, sucks even more donkey dicks. Does the first thing very well; the second, not so much.


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  2. collaredmichael

    24 December 2019 at 08:06

    I feel your ire! Neil Young has a similar rant about the lack of quality in music playback not too long ago. Seems to me he was investing in/promoting a new music playback system that was high quality. I have Spotify. It’s far from perfect but it’s not bad. I can’t find everything I want but I can find most things. I can live with that.

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    • kdaddy23

      24 December 2019 at 14:09

      There was an iOS app called Bongiovi DPS that made music sound amazing; you could tweak EQ settings like you had a 10-band equalizer but the feature I loved was how you could tell it what kind of headphones/earbuds you had and the sounds you heard were tailored to your specific listening device – even the iDevice’s built-in speakers. But they decided to go in a direction to be an add-on to other apps – and jetAudio was the app that Bongiovi DPS could be found for a small price. jetAudio has an impressive array of sound effect profiles without Bongiovi, making it a great choice to replace my now-defunct Bongiovi DPS app… until it ran face-first into Apple’s DRM policy. Songs I had purchased from them wouldn’t play and, at first, I thought it was the jetAudio app until I eventually learned it was DRM making some songs “skip” in my playlists.

      Then Apple Music became more prominent and, in the beginning, jetAudio couldn’t even see the purchased music, then it could, still won’t play it; I learned there was some kind of beef between jetAudio and Apple that hasn’t been resolved or jetAudio just said, “Fuck them….” The app, Listen, will play my purchased music… but I can’t do anything about how it sounds in my ears – no tweaking available – and I don’t like the user interface at all, it doesn’t see any of my created playlists. So I’m “stuck” with Apple’s default player and the pitiful Sounds settings.

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  3. LarryArcher

    24 December 2019 at 10:24

    I’m amazed at how music players and equipment have changed over the years. Speakers used to be half the size of the room and now they are little tiny things. Probably listening to too much music has damaged my ears to the point that a little bitty speaker sounds as good as one the size of a VW.

    Some of this angst is also the Ford vs Chevy war or Android vs iPhones. My personal phone is an Android and my work phone is an iPhone. So there’s always a moment of confusion when trying to remember how to do something on either phone. My preferred carry around laptop is a MacBook Air, yet my desktops are all PC’s. I have programs that will not run on a Mac but that’s OK as I use the MBA for writing and emails.

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    • kdaddy23

      24 December 2019 at 14:19

      I know what you mean; the other day, I was looking for an iPhone item I wanted to look at… on my iPad. When I was working, I had two identical looking laptops, both running the current version of Windows at the time – but with different applications and stuff and I’d often forget which laptop was which even though I had used two different wallpapers so I could tell them apart. But, sure – I’d be looking for something I needed in Lotus Notes… on the laptop that didn’t have it or I’d need to look at my control program for the system-wide anti-virus/anti-spam stuff… on the laptop that didn’t have it.

      Even when I had a Samsung phone, I’d sometimes try to do something on my phone that I’d normally do on my iPad – like that was gonna work. But, yeah – I remember the days where you could buy or build a sound system with speakers taller than I was and a 20-band EQ you almost needed a college degree in order to mess with and with an amp that could rattle windows with the volume on 2 or 3. Ah, good times when listening to music!

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