Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: I Wonder…

26 Mar

…how many people around the world and being subjected to sheltering in place are either discovering bisexuality or are having their latent thoughts and feeling awakening?

Cityman and I were talking about this last night after he shared that the number of guys checking him out – and propositioning him – seems to have doubled. He allowed that he’s getting more requests from guys to come over right now and do them that what he considers to be normal for where he lives. I like that he’s amazed by this…

But I don’t find it to be all that unusual because I learned a very long time ago that if men find themselves “isolated” and cut off from their usual means of sexual pleasure, many will, invariably, turn to each other due to “extreme horniness” and there isn’t anything else or better to do under the conditions of the imposed isolation and that includes being bored silly.

I’ve been seeing good-natured jokes about the number of babies that will be born in December due to the current pandemic and the shelter in place orders… but the other side of this is how many people are going to turn to bisexuality, even for this situation and, in particular, the many men and women who share a home with someone who is the same sex as they are?

Some folks, well, you just gotta know that there are going to be those who are of a mind that the shelter in place order doesn’t apply to them even though I recently read where the governor of NJ is pretty much promising to arrest and fine anyone who gets caught roaming the streets without a provable and legitimate reason for being out there like needing groceries or a medical emergency and more so when a lot of restaurants are providing limited-contact delivery services and even those who, prior to this, had no delivery service.

And while such action isn’t being enacted everywhere in the US – that I know of – I got a giggle thinking about someone hustling to a booty call and getting pulled over by the cops… and having to explain why they’re not sheltering in place. While it doesn’t appear to be illegal to be out on your own (yet), it did make me wonder what one is going to do when they get a bad case of the hornies but aren’t of a mind to tempt fate and go out just to get laid.

There just might be a great increase of masturbation; maybe those women who are, for some reason, abstaining from sex are feeling some kind of way being on lockdown with a very horny guy walking around or, if that wild animal isn’t present, hmm – what to do about this? And while continuing to do nothing is still an option, hmm, er, um, there are still a great many people who ain’t feeling doing nothing and getting themselves off will, at best, only take the edge off.

I’ve been reading and hearing about all the stuff one can do being stuck at home during all of this but, yeah – I’m the guy who’s wondering how handling sexual needs are going to be handled and, um, causing an increase in the population later this year is just the tip of the iceberg.

Cityman and I thought about how many people who would “never” consider bisexuality as a sexual “option” are now thinking about it. I recall, in days gone by, how a lot of guys would thump their chest and say that they’d have to be very desperate for sex before doing something with another guy; it would have to be a cold day in hell and all that. Well, perhaps for some folks, hell is now freezing over. Back then, it used to amuse me to hear guys preaching that they’d never do it but to also find that it was, in fact, on their list of things to do even if it was at the very bottom of the list.

And I’m wondering how many men and women are now at the bottom of their list. It’s a lot of speculation but, hey – ya gotta do something to keep yourself occupied being stuck in the house.

I remember being stuck in an elevator with a guy for hours before they could get us out of there and this very straight guy proposed that, to pass the time and to keep him from freaking out, that we could, you know, blow each other. I gotta say that for a guy who said he’d never done such a thing before, he was pretty good at it but it’s just one example of the times I know of where you get guys “cut off” from their normal avenues for sex, are stressed out, even bored to death, well, even if nothing actually happens, it’s being thought about.

Even Cityman regaled me with a moment in his past, being in college and with his roommates and there were no women to be had and the three of them were very damned horny. While nothing happened, he admitted that you could feel the sexual tension in the air and while one of the roommates said something about wanting to fuck the other roommates, it wasn’t really the joke it sounded like even though the three of them were “quite straight.”

In such situations, wow – it always seems like a good idea and even if no one was really in a mind to do anything, there was often a lot of discussion about it, you know, if things were like this or that, what would you do and other hypothetical situations… and sometimes situations that, um, conveniently matched the situation of the moment. I’ve often written about how amusing it can be to watch a guy hemming, hawing, and hinting that he’s open to doing something because, if nothing else, he’s at the bottom of his list, he’s very horny, and just hitting the bathroom or hustling off to some other private place to jerk off ain’t gonna cut it.

And even funnier when the guy has been making it clear that he’s straight.

Maybe some folks are at the bottom of their list or thinking that what was once an impossibility now seems like more of a viable option. I don’t really know but I’m the guy who’d think about this. Even so, it becomes a question of whether getting one’s itch scratched in this way is worth the potential risk but it stands to reason that there are lot of people who are living in a same sex situation, sheltering in place, not daring to leave home… and they just might get pretty horny.

What will they do? Don’t know that, either, but I’m having fun thinking about what could happen, you know, as long as no one else ever finds out about it.

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