KDaddy’s General Observations: Current Affairs

02 Jun

The US continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic. The politicians in DC are running around like chickens with their heads cut off and the President, well, shit – what is he doing other than trying to shut down Twitter? I know some pretty rabid Republicans who think that their boy is doing one hell of a good job during this crisis but I think some of them really do know that it sure doesn’t look like he’s doing much of anything other than making everyone else think he’s insane.

Two totally senseless killings and one by a police officer. Protests over this one that have spread to other countries. Rioting. Looting. Local authorities trying to settle things down and not having much success because it’s pretty damned hard for cooler heads to prevail given the reason why all of this is happening and, oh, yeah, there’s this virus that is still running rampant that scientists can’t seem to make up their mind what it’s doing, how it’s doing it, and whether or not it’s gonna keep on doing whatever the fuck it’s doing in the foreseeable future.

The race is on to find something that can, hopefully, stop the spread and even if they do manage to find something that’s gonna get the job done – and not cause any other health issues, how is it gonna be distributed to everyone? What’s it gonna cost to get it? What about all the people running around who aren’t gonna take such a medication?

And the thing I keep thinking is that Rome is burning… and Nero is blithely fiddling away.

There isn’t a moment of my day where I don’t see another TV commercial about being alone together or how there is now a new normal and one that, apparently, we’re gonna have to get used to while being stuck inside and, for many, being subjected to cabin fever and having a hard time coping with it. Many of the commercials I see want you to buy a new car, get started on your spring/summer home projects and a lot of other things and letting you know that despite the ongoing pandemic, if ya want to buy something, lots of online and curbside services are now available that are contact-free.

Domino’s cracks me up with their “nobody touches your pizza after it comes out of the oven” thing… doesn’t tell you that no one touches it before it goes in the oven unless it’s implied that whoever made it was gloved and masked.

Politicians are losing their fucking minds because they know that we need to do something about the economy; we need to get people back to working and making money so they can spend money, collect taxes, you know, all the stuff we were doing before the pandemic changed everyone’s way of life. Do we open up? Partially open up? Back in DC, Nero cut the funding of the one organization whose job it is to combat infectious diseases, not only here at home but worldwide. I know we’ve been in a “do more with less” frame of mind about a lot of things but for this one? Less ain’t gonna cut it and any kind of R&D costs money to do and more so when, um, you know, it would be nice if y’all could…

Hurry the fuck up and do something about this pandemic shit.

I only go out when I have to… but when I do? Whole lot of people walking around without masks and some with a mask… around their neck. I go to the supermarket, which has markings all over the floor and even directional arrows turning the aisles into one-way streets… and no one is paying them any attention but, then again, when you have a shitload of people in the market trying to buy food, that staying six feet apart thing kinda goes out the window.

Just when you think the world couldn’t get any crazier, you find out that it can. And I’ve been sitting here wondering what the fuck is going on and trying to make sense of this. Early on in the pandemic, I had the thought that the coronavirus was airborne; I mean, it had to be given how the way it was spreading and more so when it was reported – last week, as I recall – that a family that was quarantined was diagnosed with having the virus. Now, how did that happen?

I got to thinking about the mask thing and everyone being told that cloth masks were okay but even I know a little something about viruses and that they can easily pass through a bandana and other types of materials that aren’t specifically designed to keep viruses from getting in or out. Lots of talk about the survivability of the virus on different surfaces and this one seems to be able to hang out on surfaces longer than what’s considered to be usual or “normal.”

Whatever the fuck that means these days. Conflicting reports on whether or not this was really a bioweapon that was deliberately unleashed or something that was being studied and “accidentally” got out of containment. Everyone’s pointing a finger at China, who is saying they didn’t do it but apparently that’s where patient zero was found.

Crazy numbers seen every damned day about the number of infections and in places where, in the early going, had none; saw a news report of some place that has zero coronavirus infections while there are infections being reported in South American countries… how did that happen? No one seems to know. Now we’re being told that a second round of infections can be expected this fall and some sources have said that this shit could very well keep going into 2021. The scary part isn’t that this damned virus is in the wild and, seemingly, mutating – it’s that no one seems to know how it’s doing what it’s doing and, importantly, how to get rid of it.

Congress is doing their usual cluster fuck thing over stimulus packages and people are becoming outraged because there’s a lot of stimulus money going to places that, perhaps, it shouldn’t be going. Read something yesterday where it was reported that some people were getting tens of thousands of stimulus dollars… while many other people are only getting $1,200 and that doesn’t even account for the untold number of people who don’t qualify for this… which makes me wonder who thought having the IRS deal with this was a good idea… and why they did.

The “new normal” is… scary. Just a little while ago, someone from the UK wrote a post where, apparently, if there are two or more people in a private place, they could be fined fifty British Pounds Sterling and the fines will be doubled for every repeat offense… and I’m wondering how in the hell the UK authorities are going to enforce this change in their quarantine laws.

Facebook. Oh, my God. I wish y’all could see my feeds and the stuff being said about current events! Posts being removed because of fact checking; “news” stories being posted from places that, at least to me, may not be legitimate or even verified news sources. I’ve seen more shit being said about President Obama since this shit storm got started than I did when he was in office and one “news source” places the blame on him for what’s taking place right now.

Wait… what?

The Rabid Republicans are having a field day praising Donald Trump and one of my Facebook friends actually said that the governors of all 50 states are the ones responsible for the current mess we find ourselves in and, get this, enslaving each and every one of us. I had asked her if she really believed this and one of her friends started giving me some shit about what’s going on here in my home state… and he doesn’t live here. He thinks that because he lived here 16 years ago, he knows what’s going on here right now and, hmm, somehow, I don’t… even though I get emails from our governor several times a day about what he’s doing and, oh, yeah, I’ve lived here all of my life.

Then, I guess, to take the sting off of what I said to him about this, he called me a young man… only to find out that I’m older than he is. I wasn’t offended but it’s just another of many instances of how fucked up a lot of people can see a situation and, in the this instance, based upon political affiliation which, I dunno, has and carries more weight that what can be readily and easily seen.

And through it all, Nero seems to still be fiddling and even distancing himself from the strife the country is currently facing. A news story yesterday asked why he hasn’t addressed the nation as a whole to inform America about what’s being done and all that and, yeah, I’m kinda wondering that myself and more so when information coming out of DC is all over the place. Whether the truth of things gets told, well, it is DC after all but it seems to me that if he wants America to know that he’s all over this problem like a bad habit and handling it, well, what he’s doing – or reported to be doing and depending on who you wanna believe – isn’t what I’d call encouraging.

Last night, Cityman told me that while he was out running, it was suggested that he get his ass home because a curfew was in effect and he seemed to be a bit pissy about that but it’s been clear to me that he hasn’t been handling the quarantine very well… but a lot of people aren’t. He wasn’t happy about being told to go home and I thought that he was lucky that he didn’t get arrested for a curfew violation… and I thought that he’d probably be – or should be – worried about getting arrested. I would be but, of course, that’s me. I started to point out to him something he had told me, that being, where he lives instructed the citizens to only be out for necessary reasons, like an emergency, buying food, stuff like that and I don’t think going for a run counts as being a necessary reason.

Then again, there are lot of people who just don’t believe that the new rules apply to them and maybe don’t even think they’re gonna get sick or that there’s no chance that they could potentially make someone sick since, um, when you’re running, you’re breathing.

Clearly, we aren’t doing well in “these trying times,” another phrase I keep hearing on TV that’s really starting to get on my nerves because unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, that these are trying times is pretty fucking obvious. If the way we’re being made to live is going to be the new normal, I’m thinking that this is going to take a lot longer for people to adjust to than what’s being thought or even proposed.

Because it’s pretty hard for a social animal like humans are to not be social.

Thus endeth the rant.


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2 responses to “KDaddy’s General Observations: Current Affairs

  1. Michel

    2 June 2020 at 13:32

    I will be amazed if he’s reelected, but then, everyone expects he will cheat election. How likely is that from happening?


    • kdaddy23

      2 June 2020 at 13:47

      I think a lot of us are thinking he’s gonna cheat and more so given how poorly he’s doing in the polls. He’s been trying to stop states from invoking absentee balloting, saying that it’s illegal when, in fact, it’s perfectly legal. He’d love nothing more than Americans not being able to exercise their right to vote and I wouldn’t put it past him to try to get some emergency power that will allow him to remain in office without America having to vote in any way.



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