Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: “Why Don’t More Men…”

16 Sep

“…get into sucking cock?”

When Cityman and I talk about this, the question is rhetorical while pointing out something “important:” There are a lot more men who are, indeed, finding out the joy of giving and receiving head with other guys but the missing part that I think is rather glaring is there’s no way to tell how many men are doing just that.

Which, of course, gives the people going on and on about biphobia and bisexual invisibility as well as that stupid straight privilege bullshit fits. Not only does the ongoing stigma keeps M2M blowjobs underground, there are a lot of men who are quite content to suck cock and not be of a mind to let anyone else know about it. Add on the fact that a bisexual guy doesn’t present any overt signs that he’s bisexual and it just makes trying to figure out how many guys are enjoying cock pretty damned difficult.

So, yeah – it’s probably “safer” to conclude that there are a lot of men sucking dicks even if there’s no clear and definitive sign of it. It’s not really to say that “all men are closet cock suckers” and we’re guilty of it until proven otherwise; we’ve been so very guilty of making such blanket condemnations over the history of our existence or, if there’s one who’s like this, all are like this. It’s just that if you think there are a lot of guys blowing each other, chances are you’re not wrong about that… and I wish you much luck and success trying to enumerate this.

A lot of people are of a mind that such an act is unnecessary and even I’ve heard – and more times than I can count and/or remember – that if a guy wants a blow job, there are a lot of women who’d be very happy to blow him and, theoretically, this is correct… but for a lot of guys, it’s not about them being blown: They want to be the one sucking the dick and some are just fine not being blown in return but, sure – a lot of blowjobs are of the mutual kind because, as one guy said about it, “Why should the other guy have all of the fun?”

As I’ve mentioned a lot in the past, gay culture plays heavily into things and is directly responsible for the way many people look at sex between men or, if you’re a guy and sucking another guy’s cock, you must be gay and very much into men. This is a… fucked up way to look at this but, in a way, you almost can’t blame society for this blanketed way of thinking and more so when, again, you can’t look at a guy and tell if he’s really bisexual or that he’s one of those guys who enjoys getting with a dude for some mutual cock sucking but will insist that he’s straight – thank you very much.

What makes this… funny is that, these days, there are a lot of men who firmly believe that sucking cock cannot and should not be done without some kind of “emotional” connection and mostly of the FWB kind. While this does work for a lot of men, it remains true that a lot of men just want to suck cock and be sucked and not take things past “merely” liking each other enough to do this. Given that there are guys who are already in a relationship of some kind, adding on another “committed” relationship type thing is, well, it’s too much; it’s easier and more convenient for them to do the one thing that, again and these days, a lot of cock suckers aren’t fond of: The dreaded blow and go.

What’s funny about this is that there seems to be a lot of men who, for some reason, kinda/sorta forget how men tend to be at times. We can cite things like not having the time for an extended activity or other such concerns but the reality is that some of us just want to get the dicks out, make them hard, make them soft again and then “immediately” go on about our business – and thanks; maybe we’ll see each other again.

I’ve been of a mind to think in terms like this: It isn’t why aren’t there more men getting into sucking cock – it’s why are there so many men who want to do it but they ain’t doing it. The reasons why… well, I could easily spend the next couple of hours writing them all down for you; some are quite legitimate and a lot of them are products of an overactive imagination and some guys always thinking the worst. I read on the forum and on a daily basis where a lot of guys confess to wanting to suck cock but will also list every reason they can think of as to why they can’t or haven’t been able to, up to and including every cotton-picking fear they can think of, imagine, or may have heard of.

Of all the things two guys can do with, for, and to each other, this is probably one of the easiest things to do other than jerking each other off – and even that can take a bit of intestinal fortitude. It is the one thing that just fascinates the shit out of us – what’s it like to have a guy blow you and what’s like to have another guy’s boner in your mouth? Is cum really that much of an acquired taste and as everyone says it is? I say it’s “easy” because, again, other than jerking each other off, this is something that can be done almost anywhere, usually doesn’t take a whole lot of time, and doesn’t require any preparation other than washing your junk before the fact but sometimes spontaneity comes into play and, well, okay – hopefully there’s not going to be a whole lot of… funk going on down there.

Otherwise, the minimum requirements – and in my opinion – is the guy is of legal age to consent to sex, is healthy enough to have sex and, importantly, is willing to engage in it or, as I like to say, “Hey… do you wanna do it?” and the answer is, “Okay!” and now the only other thing to consider might include who is going to blow whom first or whether they’re gonna do it together – depending on the place and other stuff like that. But if there aren’t a whole lot of guys looking to get into this – and even more guys who have reasons for not doing it when they know they want and need to – the reason why it’s not happening is the thing of us making being able to do this harder than it has to be.

Everything has to be perfect, from the type of guy to the right place and time and even setting. Lots of emphasis on cock size and the bigger, the better and no strangers allowed; no spontaneity can be involved – blow jobs must be meticulously planned and well in advance. A guy’s race can be of import; specific conditions where being height/weight proportionate is concerned as well as one’s age. With or without body hair and whether one’s body hair is trimmed, shaved, or the guys whole body is just furry and wolfing so much that a weed whacker would be needed to hack through the dense jungle of body hair. And then there’s the whole cut/uncut thing that can be a “thing” for a lot of wannabe cock suckers who remain sitting on the bench.

If I’ve learned nothing else about this, it’s that if you’re sitting on your ass and waiting for things to line up perfectly, if you wanna get into some cock sucking, well, that ain’t gonna happen. Why aren’t more men into this? Many men have become extremely risk-adverse and, in a way, you can’t blame them given how much the dreaded disease card keeps getting slammed onto the table. What gets overlooked or, perhaps, deemed unbelievable, is that even the CDC says that the chances of catching something nasty via oral sex are low. Guys latch onto the fact that there is a chance and just not paying any attention to the part even the CDC doesn’t mention – and because, logically, there’s no need to: There’s an even greater chance that the only thing you’re gonna catch is a mouthful of sperm – somewhere around 96% at last glance. Also overlooked and due to such great concerns about this is the one solution that’s available: Condoms.

Duh. Okay, I do get it: Those puppies don’t taste good and even the flavored ones leave a lot to be desired since the flavorings are artificial and artificially sweetened. Yuck. A lot of sucking cock is about being able to feel it in your mouth and while there are condom that are really, really thin, the sense of touch might not be quite fulfilled with the guy doing the sucking or the guy being sucked. In addition to this, some guys have this… weird thing going on with them where even trying to put on a condom just makes their erection go away; even I’ve seen guys go from being “diamond-hard” to totally flaccid just trying to begin to put a condom on.

Bummer. Pretty damned embarrassing, to be truthful about it. Still, even with out condoms, the risks are minimal and, ha, sometimes, there’s never one around when you need one. I can well remember how guys used to carry one in their wallet which, um, is about the worst place to keep one. Then again, some guys aren’t of a mind to carry one or two with them because there’s nothing else more embarrassing than to reach into a pocket for something and that very obvious package comes out instead. Or their lady is doing the laundry and, wait – what the fuck is this in his pants pocket? A condom? Why does he have that in his pocket!?

Uh-oh. Somebody’s gonna have some explaining to do!

The “real” question in this could be should more men be into cock sucking? Would relations between men and women be improved if men were able to take the pressure to suck cock off of women and especially those women who aren’t really fans? Would women be… grateful to not always be under the gun in this? As Cityman has asked at times, would we – men – be “better off” to just let nature do what nature does in these things? And, as always, I don’t want the ladies to think I’ve forgotten about them… but the reality is that very few people are of a mind to question why two women would want to have sex with each other and many agree that if they choose to, they are well within their right to say no to the dick and, yeah, a man’s ham-handed and inconsistent ability to make a coochie happy and especially orally.

And the “real” answer is… I don’t know. Maybe. It’s theoretically possible. It is – and as Cityman has suggested at time – a ‘necessity’ in order for men to bond with each other? I mean, we do bond with each other without having to blow each other’s brains out… but would the bonding process be more… meaningful? if we were to give each other a blow job and without getting called onto the carpet for it? At one point, it’s just boys being boys but gets to a point where boys being boys isn’t a valid or proper reason for “Ted” and “Alex” to be watching the game and decide that a good way to wait for halftime to be over with would be to suck each other off?

Which, um, does happen, if you’re wondering. The question, overall, is rhetorical in that it’s way too easy to point to why there’s no awareness of the number of men sucking cock or, obviously, there are a lot of reasons why more men are not of a mind to do it. Or, um, maybe there are and it’s just a matter of no one knowing about it. Is widespread acceptance a must in order for more guys to suck dick? Many would say that it would be nice… but it’s never been a necessity – “I won’t tell if you won’t” remains a valid gentlemanly agreement and, besides, it is really anyone’s business who’s sucking dick?

Here’s the reality: Some guys do suck cock. Some guys don’t. Some guys say they never will… and they never will while some guys say that and find out what a lot of men find out: That shit is fun both ways. Better than jerking off but not so… complicated as fucking each other. And it’s even “better” when no one else knows that this is what they’re doing. It’s the thing that has society at large bugging like it has never bugged about anything before: Not knowing what guys are cock suckers and what guys aren’t. You can’t tell by looking at a guy; you could, if you were bold enough, ask him and chances are he’s gonna tell you that there’s no way he’d do some shit like that… even when he’s doing it. All that shit about such men really being gay? It’s bullshit: Guys suck dick and get sucked by other guys because that shit feels really good – and it’s still boys being boys or just a “thing” guys can do, you know, if they want and/or need to and, nope, there’s no other reason to get into other than it can be done. You don’t have to be gay to do it and according to some, you don’t even have to be bisexual to get all up into it.

You just gotta want to do it and/or have it done. And, nope – I won’t tell if you won’t. Keeping it on the DL? Not really as nefarious as we think it is; it’s really a matter of not letting the “whole world” know your sexual business. An unsafe sexual practice? Honestly, it could be because sex is inherently unsafe when you get right down to the brass tacks. But one should maybe question – and seriously so – why it’s okay for women to be cock suckers… and not so okay for men to be cock suckers… and therein lies the reason why there are so many male cock suckers that no one knows about. It’s not the question of why more men aren’t into this:

It’s not knowing how many are or want to be that really bakes society’s noodle and many are scared shitless because of not knowing this. Your best friend or next door neighbor or any other guys you know could be cock suckers… and you wouldn’t know it unless they let you know that they are. And those guys, mostly likely, have no idea or clue that if you could, you’d happily blow them and empty their nuts and in a flat, skinny second.

Because, um, that shit is a lot of fun and feels really good to have it done and to do it. A lot of guys are finding this out and, as I like to say, somewhere in the world and in the exact moment I’m writing this – and you’re reading it – there is a guy or two who are finding out what it’s like to suck dick and to be sucked and whether it gets “finished” or not. You just don’t know who’s finding this out; you don’t know who already knows this and you don’t know how many guys are sitting on the bench and waiting for their moment to get in the game and suck some dick and to be sucked in return.

You don’t even know how many guys are, at the very least, thinking about it and it’s not really a matter or question if they would go for it or not but, yeah, even if they’d say that under the right conditions, they just might go for it… or not. And for those who are very much afraid of this “new” trend, it’s a lot for them to be worried about. It just continually makes me scratch my head about how we can be so… pissy about something we know that men have always been doing and over all this time. As I told Cityman, it is said that we’re not supposed to do it… but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. It’s just that some guys find reason to do it… and you won’t ever find out that they’re doing it, well, um, unless or until some guy asks you if you’d like to have your dick sucked and maybe do some sucking in return.

It gets very real at that point, doesn’t it? It’s simple: You’re either gonna say yes and do it or you’re not going to and for whatever reason you don’t want to. Ah… but if, by chance, you did, well, why not? Millions of guys suck dick and get sucked in every moment of every damned day and over the centuries, at that so, hmm, it can’t be all that bad…

Can it?


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4 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: “Why Don’t More Men…”

  1. ddjennifer

    16 September 2020 at 21:46

    Great post! I often wonder why my husband and other men in my life as so heterosexual! They love having their own dicks sucked, so why not from another man? They love pleasuring others, only if those others are women. They are missing out on expanding their sexual pleasures! I can’t imagine being hetero! But it’s so much more acceptable for a woman to be bi than a man. I would totally support my husband if he wanted to “give it a try.” I think it’s sexy. He doesn’t even like it when his dick touches another dick, even if they are touching in my mouth or other orifice. Why is that? I think society has engrained it in too many men that any sexual gratification derived from another man is demeaning and makes them “less than.” It’s so ridiculous to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • kdaddy23

      16 September 2020 at 21:53

      Some of us are just weirded out by the thought of it and, yeah, incidental contact. It’s not so much demeaning as it has been said to be flat out wrong and a sin but ya kinda wonder how wrong it is given how many men do it… and have done it, and will, at some point, find reason to do it. Many still deem it to be unmanly and girly… but not thinking about how much very manly balls it really takes to to give another guy head as well as to get it. Being straight? Ugh – where’s the fun in that? And, truly, it’s not all that gay considering a lot of men do it who aren’t gay and even those who’d insist they’re straight if they partake.


    • kdaddy23

      16 September 2020 at 21:55

      Oh, and some guys won’t go there because they’re afraid they’ll like it and like it too much. Real shit.



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