Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: In the Case of Society vs Bisexuality…

11 Oct

…it is my heart-felt thought and opinion that society is losing which, honestly, doesn’t surprise me one bit since its epic failure to eradicate homosexuality is pretty damned obvious. We go on and on about what bisexuality is and how it’s supposed to be and look like and many have morphed the definition of bisexuality to fit their own sensibilities and on the topic of coming out, well, the jury’s still very much out on that one.

Society is losing their case against bisexuality because it hasn’t yet learned that people are going to have sex or otherwise be intimate with each other and no matter what restrictions and prohibitions are in place to prevent them from doing whatever they wanna do and whomever they wanna do it with. Indeed, the best society can do in presenting their case is to rehash a lot of the same oratory it used in their attempt to eradicate homosexuality.

Many feel that our morality – and as it currently exists – is being destroyed and the, ah, more religiously inclined are pretty much soiling themselves as more and more people become of a mind to not give a lot of weight to what’s being preached at the altar; it’s not to say that anyone isn’t without faith or belief in a higher power… they’re just not buying what the preacher man has to say about sex and sexuality; that and it’s clear and obvious that it continually and consistently fails to stop people from doing what they need to do in this.

I wrote, a few days ago, about the push for more social acceptance of bisexuality while also pointing out that people are being – and becoming – bisexual without that acceptance many feel is so very necessary and there’s nothing new about this but, as I’ve said, I have the advantage of having been very damned bisexual and way before any of this controversial crap showed up. We had two things that were of importance to us: I won’t tell if you won’t and don’t get caught. Lots of riffing these days about bisexuals being invisible but I’m not sure if the people who are riffing about this really understand why bisexuals are flying far under the radar… and the answer is actually simple and, if folks had been paying attention to history, they’d know the answer:

The great angst against homosexuality drove bisexuality into the realm of shadows. In the days of my youth, to be called a queer was absolutely, positively, not a good thing; even being falsely accused of being queer was character assassination of the highest order and traumatizing, both emotionally and physically since, yeah – calling someone a queer was fighting words… and even if the person being tagged as queer was, in fact, queer as a three-dollar bill (and as we used to say back then).

When I became aware of the fact that bisexuals were some homosexual’s “favorite food,” well, things didn’t always go as well as the gay folks had hoped since many of them were looking for lovers and even partners… but expecting bisexuals to give up their heterosexual side to be wholly homosexual… and a lot of bisexuals weren’t even trying to hear any of that so if you’re wondering where all that shit about bisexuals being confused, liars and cheaters, and being unable to commit to one person, well, let’s just say it wasn’t a sentiment fostered by straight folks so much.

You add this on to the then-ongoing battle against homosexuality and it should surprise no one that bisexuals, out of necessity, took things to the DL for what I feel are two reasons. One was to dodge being mislabeled as being gay… and the other was, simply, it wasn’t anyone else’s business who they were having sex with and how they were doing it. True enough; the homosexual angst made a lot of bisexuals literally straighten up and given the amount of shit – and some of it very bad and fatal – homosexuals were going through but for many more bisexuals, well, all that shit wasn’t going to stop or prevent them from being the kind of person they needed to be and it sure as hell wasn’t going to stop them from having sex.

And, today, it still isn’t stopping those who care to indulge in this dual way of indulging. It doesn’t matter so much why so many people are turning toward bisexuality since there are more reasons than Campbell’s got beans… but it does matter that people are turning in a bisexual direction and the only acceptance and permission they need is, first, from themselves and, second, from those they want and hope to interact with. Or, if we don’t mind, it doesn’t matter… and I won’t tell if you won’t… and for many, “I don’t give a fuck who knows that I’m bisexual – it ain’t none of the damned business to begin with!”

Change in this has been happening all along but glacially slow and, well, people are of a mind not to sit on their cute asses and wait for the change to complete itself and become “official” and a non-issue. The mindset is kinda like, “If not now, when?” and many folks are coming to the conclusion that there’s no better time than right now and many say that it’s better late than never. Over our entire existence as a species, we have downplayed and, um, cock and cunt-blocked our need and desire for sex and so much that it was deemed to be necessary to provide a direction for our appetites for sex and, specifically, where making babies was concerned which, way, way, back in the earliest days of our existence, yep – not a whole lot of us back then and life-expectancy was stupidly low; between the environment and illnesses and hunting things that saw us as food – and as we were looking at them – something had to be done to not so much stop people from having sex but, again, to direct that energy toward making more people…

And it stuck. It’s still sticking to us and we continue to believe and hold true that anything that isn’t boy/girl only is wrong, immoral, and a direct threat to the continued existence of the species… and it never really was. I’ve said that those folks back then could not envision that there would come a day when people could, in fact, have babies without having sex at all. We learned how to do it and we perfected being able to do it… yet, we continue to be bound by a mindset that is sorely outdated. Society continues to fight against anyone and anything not heterosexual… and its been fighting a losing battle and ever since the battle was first waged and even the threat and reality of putting people to death did nothing to stop people from not being straight.

We have consistently failed to learn from history and where sex itself is concerned, eh, we’re not as grown up as we like to think we are. We accept that we have this… built-in imperative to have sex and, yeah, men more than women but we got so funny about it and, of course, we are even funnier when sex happens outside of the mandates that remain in place that says who we can have sex with, when we can, and even why we can… and doing it just because it’s a fun thing to do is also prohibited.

It just hasn’t ever stopped people from having sex and it sure as fuck hasn’t stopped people from doing it in very non-heterosexual ways… or even in the bisexual way. It’s not as if we, on the whole, do not know this because we do; otherwise, why are we pitching a royal bitch about this? Easy answer: We’re made to be too institutionalized in the way it’s supposed to be and kinda whistling in the dark and ignoring the elephant in the room because the way it’s supposed to be has never been the only way to get it done.

In essence, the famous/infamous Moral Majority has lost whatever control they had over our sexual behaviors; not only that but humans are oddly adverse to change; I often hear stuff from people who believe that the way things were back in the 1950s was – and still is – the best way for us to be and as evidenced by a TV show: Leave it to Beaver, most notably. It exemplified the “ideal” way of life but was really a bit of a coverup because there were some aspects about the 1950s that no one wanted to talk about, let alone acknowledge as being very real like, oh, wife-swapping and something that became suburbia’s dirty little secret… and bisexuality was all up in that mix, too.

Do you really believe that those worthy housewives back then, when they got together, were playing bridge and trading recipes or talking about that book they were all reading… and the book wasn’t War and Peace? Even I wouldn’t – and didn’t – believe that when the fellas got together, say, to go fishing that all that was being caught was fish since, um, it gets kinda lonely at that remote fishing hole…

Just sayin’.

So while the battle against homosexuality was out in the open and all that, bisexuals were literally on the DL and, again, for no other reason than to not get caught up in the war against homosexuality. Today, we see the DL as being the most awful and worst place to be… and only because our morality, if nothing else, demands that we see it that way but the truth is that the DL has always been with us and for the sole purpose of not letting everyone know what you were doing and that could be anything and, yes, including sex… any kind of sex and orientation didn’t matter one damned bit.

It’s simple: If you don’t want “everybody” being all up in your business, you just make sure that no one gets all up in your business: No matter what it was you were doing under the radar, the watch phrase of “I won’t tell if you won’t” remains valid, even today and more so when it’s been proven that there are some behaviors that our very moral society just frown upon, from acts of infidelity… to men and women getting together to have sex in the approved… and non-approved way.. Dicks were being sucked and pussies were being eaten; asses were being fucked and fingers being inserted where needed… and not always in the straight way of things and, you betcha: The less people knew about those other ways, the better. What someone suspected and what could be proven just wasn’t – and isn’t – the same thing.

If it serves a bisexual’s purpose in life not to let a whole lot of people know that they’re bisexual, well, it’s a choice they’ve made for themselves and one I don’t think should be up for debate since, through any of this, who we’re having sex with still ain’t nobody else’s business. If you know the history of the war against homosexuality, it’s not that difficult to see that society is in the process of losing their “war” against bisexuality; the battle of words is just tired, dogmatic rhetoric and throwing the dreaded disease card onto the pile isn’t anything new, either. What is to note, you know, if you paid any attention to history, is that none of the shit being used against bisexuals worked against homosexuals and if it did anything, it drove homosexuals deep under the radar, too.

And continues to do so. Society is losing – again. Some even say that society was fated to lose the moment they started this war. Or, to scramble up something Thanos said, “It is inevitable…” Thanos, if you saw the movie, actually said that he was inevitable and, well, we know how that turned out for him – and twice at that. The first time, Thor corrected the mistake he made and went for the head and the second time, Tony Stark snapped his ass out of existence.

We’ve just not learned that trying to stop people from (a) having sex and (b) trying to stop them from having sex in the unapproved ways – is futile and a great waste of time and energy. But I guess we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t wage wars and fight battles that we have no real chance of winning and this particular war? Yeah – they’re losing and badly. No matter what’s being said, people are getting their sexual – and sexuality – freak on. It exposes a flaw in the way we think: Just because you don’t believe that it should be done doesn’t ever mean that it’s not being done anyway.

And a lot of bisexuals just don’t give a flying fuck what you believe, to be blunt about it. It’s well known that bisexuals are said to be in denial about some shit when the reality says that, um, it’s not us who’s in denial – it’s everyone who doesn’t believe that bisexuality is real or, again, that no one should be anything but straight. This is one of those things in life that no matter how much you try to prove that it isn’t what it really is, the more clear it becomes that it is exactly what it is; again and otherwise, what’s all the fuss about?

The “bad” part is that even thought society is well aware that they’re losing – again – its not just gonna wave the white flag, give up, or roll over and show its belly and that, too, is an interesting flaw in our collective mindset: Some of us just do not know or can accept that we’ve been beaten and defeated, that nothing we’ve tried to do to head off or otherwise prevent sex and intimacy from happening this way has worked… or is gonna work. Fear tactics works on some folks… but not everyone and more so when a lot of bisexuals do learn that there’s really not a whole lot to be afraid of and the risks that inherent in sex can be mitigated if not eliminated. The latest strategy has been to drive a gigantic wedge between bisexual men and women and, get this: Some of the women who are pitching a royal bitch about male bisexuals are, themselves, bisexual.

We are being portrayed as a threat to their very lives and it’s implied that we will, without any doubt or lack of certainty, infect them and as a matter of course. Truth is, sadly, it happens but sex and disease has always been some very strange bedfellows and a part of the human condition.

The thing here is that bisexuals really aren’t as stupid, mindless, and careless as folks are being led to believe and it doesn’t take having a Mensa-level IQ to figure out how to be very damned bisexual and being safe, too, so it’s not that bisexuals are ignoring the risks so much as they’re doing whatever they can to protect themselves and those who’d interact with them even though, again with sadness, some are not so focused in this way. Having said that, even this isn’t stopping people from being or discovering bisexuality and whether one is single or very married isn’t doing much to stop things from going down this way and more so when a lot of people in a relationship are discovering that “keeping only unto yourself” ain’t working and, yeah, bisexuality is and/or can be the thing they’ve been missing in their lives and the thing that makes them not only sexually satisfied but makes them whole and complete as a person.

Without acceptance or “permission,” the rules are being changed by those who have and see the reason to change them… and many go about being bisexuality without that acceptance and permission because, one, this is their life and no one is gonna tell them how to live it… and it still ain’t any of your motherfucking business who I/we are sleeping with and if you don’t like it, all you can do is not like it… and ya might not want to get all up in my/our face about it unless you find getting your feelings hurt enjoyable.

Society lost the war against homosexual; they are losing the war against bisexual and that loss is… inevitable. It’s not to say that “everyone” is gonna be bisexual – it just really ain’t for everyone – but for those who have reason to believe it’s gonna work for them? Yeah… it’s gonna happen because it’s always been happening even if you can’t really see it happening. We are proving, once again, that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it and we continue to, on the whole, let that which we believe – or want to believe – blind us to the truth of what we can be if, again, it suits our purposes to be. We can be straight… or bi… or gay and even gender reassignment doesn’t really change anything where sex and sexuality are concerned.

People are still gonna say, “I’d never do anything like that!” Some will, perhaps, grudgingly say that they tried it and didn’t find it to their liking and maybe they might check it out again or they just won’t. It’s always been a matter of personal choice, you know, just in case you really believe that choice has nothing to do with this. Many more will emphatically state that they they just don’t believe in such behaviors and it’s their right not to believe it.





People who are bisexual are gonna keep being bisexual even if they’re not having any of the sex that’s possible; there are people who are, at the very moment I’m writing this and you’re reading it, are discovering that being bisexual ain’t as bad as they thought or believed it would be. Wait for acceptance? Who feels like doing that? Come out and tell everyone that you’re bisexual? Ain’t none of their fucking business if you are or aren’t. Bisexuality should follow the same rules as heterosexuality does and mandates? Relationship only and only with one person and no one else can be involved and/or invited.

Shit… you’re kidding, right? We ain’t never did anything by the rules so why start now and then why try to impose a set of rules that has also been proven not to work the way they said they do?

Society is in the process of taking another “L” and that’s gotta suck for them but they are losing just the same. Again. Never really stood a chance of winning. to be blunt about it. We want and need sex and the reasons, eh, don’t matter so much… but getting the sex we need does matter and there’s not just one single way to go about it – and we’ve proven that already…

The defense rests.

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