Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: “Why Does It Feel So Good?”

04 Mar

I decided to write about this when a forum member asked why it feels so good to suck cock and another member chimed in with the sentiment of not being concerned about why it does – just be happy to do it whenever you can… and while I’d say this is a typical kind of response to such a question, well, there’s reason to be “concerned” about why it feels so good to do it.

I know and understand the science of it… because I know it. The biggest thing about this is that very odd feeling a lot of guys get when they discover that they might have a “thing” about dick and now they feel as if they’re the only one who feels like this – and I still haven’t figured out exactly why this feeling is so prevalent despite having some ideas about it. One one hand, a guy looking to suck dick for the first time might be wondering why guys do it in the first place and whether they’re gay or not. As mentioned a lot of times, I don’t personally know that many guys who haven’t asked a woman they know who sucks dick what it feels like to her to do it… only to be told – and if she even bothers to answer – “It just feels good.”

Even if a guy gets around to finding out that, oh, yeah, it does feel good to suck a dick, the question of why it does tends to go unanswered in one’s mind but, in reality, we’re back to that equally odd thing where you know why it makes you feel good to suck a dick but you can’t really put it into words. It always seems to happen that once a guy sucks a dick and finds it to his liking, holy shit – now he wants to suck every dick that can be sucked and if you don’t know what that feels like, it can feel pretty fucking insane and to the point where I don’t know that many guys who haven’t taken a moment to ask themselves why they’ve become a cock sucking fiend and, often, after only sucking one cock.

The intangibles notwithstanding, when guys are asking themselves why this “unholy thing” is so amazingly good, they are able to look at what it is they like about it and, kinda specifically, how it makes them feel. Many find that it’s a scary good feeling – and scary because, well, you know that guys aren’t supposed to blow each other to begin with so the “illicit” aspect and being “naughty” enough to break the rules is pretty damned exciting. Sure, it tastes and feels good but this is really only the tip of the iceberg… and the part that’s easier to put into words. You suck another guy’s dick and get him to cum – and what you do with it when he does also lends itself to why sucking cock feels so damned good – but there’s an “ego rush” knowing that you did such a good job sucking his dick that he came but, yep, the deeper reason is cached in things intangible so one’s mind cuts through the complexity and comes up with something that’s easier to explain: “It makes me feel good to make him cum.”

Why? Because it does… and sexuality, such as it is, really has nothing to do with it because, again, everyone knows that gay men suck dick and everyone is now becoming more aware that there are a lot of guys who aren’t gay who, in fact, suck dick… and they fucking love doing it… and they really can’t explain why they do.

“Am I the only one who feels this way about sucking cock?” Not only does a guy wind up asking himself this question, he might really want to know if there’s any other guys who feels the way he does and even for the same explainable reasons or close enough for government work… and it’s kinda important that they know that they’re not the only one. Now, here’s the funny part: At some point when they’re growing up, they find out that there are guys who suck dick but there’s this… disconnect because knowing that there are guys who suck cock isn’t “the same” as themselves doing it. Sometimes, just having the thought of it in your head can make one… feel some kind of way from weird to being so excited it isn’t funny. I very much remember having the “Am I the only one who likes this?” feeling and, yeah, the funny part was that, duh, I had this feeling… while my friends and I were sucking each other like there was no tomorrow so, obviously, I wasn’t the only one… but it sure felt like it.

And it just somehow makes sense to want to know if other guys feel the same way about it and what makes them feel the way they do. That we’re going to suck cock whenever we have the opportunity to and be happy about it, well, it’s a given… but why does it feel so good to do it? “Because it does” isn’t that good of an answer and this question can really bug a guy and have him deep-diving inside his own head looking for the answer and more so if he’s of a mind that he’s now a very serious cock sucking fiend. It stands to reason that at some point, trying to chase down the exact and precise answer to this question becomes such a complicated and even frustrating thing to do that one’s mind just “automatically” simplifies it, boiling it all down to, “It feels good because it feels good” and even pointing to those things that are easy to point to. The mind also knows what’s not liked about sucking cock but, eh, since that’s not fun at all, let’s not think about those things all that much and focus only on what is like and how good those things are to feel – while not making one’s self insane by continuing to put what’s really going on into words.

Those of you who suck cock knows exactly what I’m talking about; those of you who don’t, yeah, well, ya might not be able to understand it like we do and, at best, you might be able to understand it from a theoretical aspect and even then based on what gay men are known to do and those thoughts would be applicable… except bi guys aren’t gay guys because the one thing we have going for us that some gay men might not have going for them is that eating pussy makes us feel the same way as sucking dick does… except there is that thing that says we’re supposed to eat pussy but, yep, because that’s the way it’s supposed to be, it does make the thrill of sucking cock even more thrilling.

There’s just much more to this than defying the ages-old taboo and there isn’t a guy who “gets off” sucking dick that doesn’t know what those other aspects are and what it means to them… and the majority of it cannot be put into words. It is important for a male cock sucker to know that he’s not the only one who feels the way he does about it and it’s just as important to find out if there are other guys who has similar feelings to their own. For some guys, the part that really feels good is when the other guy cums; from the feeling of the guy’s cock pumping away, to hearing him moaning, groaning, and cussing to the way his cum tastes and how much of it is being delivered. For some guys, eh, that part is just part of the deal but what floats their boat is taking a soft cock in their mouth and feeling it getting nice and hard; it’s that very curious softness of a hard dick that just turns on all of the lights and pushes the right buttons and getting one’s sinuses loaded up with that musky scent – and a scent that’s loaded with pheromones – well, shit, yeah, that feels so damned good.

A lot of guys speak to how good it makes them feel to be a submissive cock sucker and being used for the other guy’s pleasure so why it feels so good does go beyond the mere physical aspects involved; some guys speak to how alive it makes them feel to suck a dick and yet another of those sentiments that defies further explanation. Some guys say that it makes them feel deliciously slutty and whorish; some guys say that sucking cock actually makes them feel more manly and masculine… and for as long as I can remember, wanting to find out how other guys feel about it carries a lot of importance even if solely for the purpose of them have the best understanding of themselves and why they’re the kind of cock sucker they are…

Because it does feel good; it can feel very damned good; the feelings can put one’s vocabulary to the most severest of tests trying to come up with adjectives and other descriptions that might lend themselves to putting it into perspective and even words – and not just for the purpose of explaining it to someone else. If you can’t explain it to yourself, it almost stands to reason that you’d not be able to explain it to someone else and, again, one’s mind tends to “bottom line” the whole thing and makes a male cock sucker say stuff like, “I suck cock because it feels good and it makes me feel good!” and anything beyond that? Well, it might help if you have some time to listen to whatever else the guy has to say about why it feels so good to him… because that might take a while and there’s a good chance that, at some point, he’s not going to be making a lot of sense and just might get you to say, “Why don’t you just say that it feels good and leave it at that?”

Because while it’s true, it’s not really that good of an answer to the question of why it feels so good to take a man’s cock in your mouth and suck on it until he cums… and it can feel very damned good to suck on his dick after he does and he’s back to be soft.. Um, because it does; because it’s supposed to feel good; what the fuck are you asking me for? It’s satisfying and in so many ways that you really would have to ask a whole lot of cock suckers why they find it so satisfying; you might even pick up on some commonality but you most certainly will find out that not only is there much more to whatever they might say, getting to the real root of why it feels so good can be an effort in futility.

Just being happy about being able to do it when it can be done… doesn’t answer the question. Obviously, there are some guys who just don’t wanna be bothered with knowing or understanding why they’re cock suckers and that’s understandable since there is, again, so much of this that is so complicated and complex that even the science can’t really and truly explain it and delving into the psychology involved? Yeah… not many are of a mind to want to be bothered with that stuff and it’s a sentiment that even I tend to feel – and I understand a lot of the psychology. It’s too much shit to be thinking about… but it is something that we, as male cock suckers, do think about.

It’s just that I know exactly why it feels good to me to suck a man’s dick and unless you don’t have anything better to do, um, don’t ask me to explain it if you’re not going to accept me saying that the reason why it feels so good is because it feels so good and that it feels so good because it’s supposed to feel so good. I know what a lot of guys say about this… and I know there’s even more that they just cannot explain to anyone and that includes themselves. I even know that it’s really a sex thing and not solely a sexuality thing and that anyone, regardless of sexuality, can suck a dick… if they’re of a mind to do it and, yes, the same goes for eating pussy. Sexuality kinda “defines” who is supposed to do what and those roles are clearly defined when you’re talking about heterosexuals and homosexuals… but gets confusing when you toss in bisexuals and I’m of a mind that because we tend to be focused on the sexuality aspects, we just overlook the sexual aspects and don’t want to be bothered with the details that speak to why sucking cock feels so good to those who like to suck cock. You ask someone about sucking cock and most people can easily tell you what they don’t like about it and why they don’t but if you wanna see them go through some shit?

Ask them why it feels good to them… and listen to what they say.

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