Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Be Quick About It!

22 Mar

One of the more popular topics on the forum is, of course, sucking cock along with the question of whether it’s better to swallow cum or get as far away from it as one can get. One of the companion topics is – hold onto your lunch – eating you own cum.

Swallowing another guy’s spunk isn’t as “easy” as it may seem and, yeah, yeah, the taste and consistency of it can be daunting and literally hard to stomach. Way, way back when I first started this blog, I had a follower who was a minister and we’d have the most interesting conversations about sex and relationships. One day, we were talking about blow jobs in general and whether swallowing was mandatory or optional and when we got around to including men in this, it included opinions about whether a guy should eat his own cum and, as I recall, as a way to know what it’s like and allowing one to understand why women can be kinda funny about it.

Whenever I see new comments to this particular blow job companion topic, one of the things that just pops into my head is that I personally don’t know of many guys who have, at the least, wondered what their spunk tastes like and I long ago lost count of the number of guys who, again personally, told me (or I saw them do it) that they managed to taste it and it was either a good or bad thing for them. And to get this out of the way early, yes – I’ve tasted my own, um, quite a few times because, like other guys, I wondered what it tasted like and there’s only one sure way to find out: Jerk off, cum, and get it into your mouth.

Except… for – generally – a lot of guys, this is way easier said than done and because of our old friend and consistent party-pooper: The refractionary period of sex in males. So many guys trying to eat their own cum have such a difficult time doing it because as they ejaculate, the refractionary period is already starting to kick in so that by the time they get over the rush of ejaculation and there’s spunk all over their hand, tasting it, well, that ain’t gonna happen. Guys have come up with ways to do it, like shooting it in a glass and consuming it that way – after the initial yuckiness of the refractionary period subsides and, personally, I give guys who do it that way a whole lot of props because – and maybe it’s just my opinion – it tastes better when it’s still warm… and not so much once it cools and gets to congealing and to me, that’s more of an acquired taste than when it’s nice and fresh.

A lot of guys want the answer to how to do this and there’s only one way that I know of: Be quick about it. In this, timing is everything and there’s a very small window between the moment one finishes cumming and the refractionary period sets in like quick drying concrete to make it happen. Don’t think – just do it and if you can do it while it’s still pumping out, that’ll be even better. A lot of guys, well, a lot of guys will wait until they finish cumming to try to gather it up for tasting… and it’s usually too late and it’s gonna take a great effort of will to get even the tiniest of tastes; in their head, they very much want to do it and they’ve planned to do it “no matter what” but, damn it to hell, the refractionary period kicks in so fast that, again, by the time they get through the rush of ejaculation, it’s already game over.

Time to clean up the mess and be… unhappy with yourself because you’ve once again failed to be able to do it. I try to tell guys that not being able to do this isn’t really their fault but, yeah, in a way, it is but there’s not a whole lot a guy can do about this because the mind is always willing but your body? It has other ideas and the best any guy can do is try to work through this very ugly-assed feeling. Some guys can do it… and a lot of guys just can’t or, as mentioned, some guys find that if they save it, they can get that taste after the worse of the refractionary period has passed – and whenever that happens to be.

You may be wondering why a guy would want to taste his own spunk to begin with… and I will honestly tell you that I really don’t know – it’s a guy thing; at some point in our development, we hear that tasting sperm is an acquired taste and I’d say it’s probably a “safe bet” that one can wonder why it is and, well, there’s only one way to find out, right? In a way, it’s a no-brainer and more so for any guy who has gotten themselves off. I’ve heard some funny stories about how some guys wound up eating their own cum and simply because they had no facility to clean things up and then because they found or had reason to jerk off in places where no facilities were available. What do to about it? Wiping it on your clothes, well, yeah, you could do that and, say, if a guy was out in the woods, using leaves to do the clean up isn’t that effective and should a guy grab the “wrong” kind of leaves, yeah… that could get interesting and in ways that isn’t really all that interesting.

Not hard to figure out how some guys manage to get a poison ivy rash on their dick, is it? In these situations, it’s bad enough that the refractionary period is kicking your ass but now you gotta get rid of the evidence and, as some guys have related, they just bit the bullet and licked those fingers clean and, sometimes, not without a bit of, ah, gastric distress involved. That’s not because one’s own spunk is “bad” in that sense… it’s just your body doing what it was designed to do: Deliver the sperm… then shut the fuck down and do not allow even the merest thought of doing anything else.

I remember the minister asking me how I managed to do it and I allowed that once I got it into my head to taste it, when I came, I just did it… but I had to make myself do it and some, er, gastric distress was involved. Of course, way back then, I didn’t know shit about the refractionary period of sex; I just knew – and as guys tend to find out – that after I came, I’d feel good… and rather shitty. He had said that he had tasted his own spunk and allowed that, nope, it was quite the effort to be able to do it but, like guys who have managed to do this, he found out what’s liked about the taste and what isn’t liked.

We can get into creampies but once a guy, um, makes a deposit, even the thought of going back down there can be daunting. I knew a lot of guys who’d have sex with a girl, load her up with spunk… and get bent of shape when girlfriend says, “I didn’t cum – eat my pussy some more!” Uh, yeah – let’s not and say I did, okay? Okay… pussy-flavored spunk is also an acquired taste and if you were the one loading up the coochie and you can’t even think about going back down on her, you have that damned refractionary period to thank for that as well. It’s way easier to lap up another guy’s spunk out of the coochie and despite the acquired taste and simply because you weren’t the one making the creampie. Some guys find out what their stuff tastes like via snowballing; unload into someone’s mouth and get to swapping more than just spit with them and I’d guess that it’s “easier” that way because one just might be more focused on the kiss than what’s going in their mouth that isn’t tongue.

Some of you might be turning a bit green at this point and for that, I do apologize.

Some guys will get all inverted and all that so that they can jerk off and shoot their load, ah, in the direction of their mouth at best which is probably “easier” in a way but probably not so much; you can get it into your mouth this way… but you still have to be able to swallow it and, you betcha, that motherfucking refractionary period ain’t hearing any of that and, at best, I’d say, makes getting down – and keeping it down – an unpleasant experience.

So if a guy is that keen and eager to taste his own stuff, again, the best advice I can give is to be quick about it; don’t think about doing it – just do it… and it’s still easier said than done. Does it really make it easier to take another guy’s load in your mouth? Yes… and not really but, yeah, you can get an understanding about the acquired taste aspect that isn’t just about taste but consistency as well. That “creamy load” isn’t always all that creamy; it can be thin and “watery” and, a little known thing that makes swallowing spunk an issue is that seminal fluid – the medium our actual sperm combines with for, um, delivery – is alkaline and can be so much so that it can upset the water balance in your gut and, well, hopefully, there’s a toilet nearby. See, some guys think that this reaction is psychological but it isn’t. Many guys have said that after swallowing a load – their own or someone else’s – they feel nauseated and, yeah, some guys have tossed their cookies. Not because the spunk was bad in that sense but because of the alkalinity… and our bodies don’t react well to things it finds to be too alkaline.

Add this little understood factoid with the refractionary period and, yep – even if a guy manages to get it in their mouth and swallow it, uh, it might not stay there and if it does, it might not make one’s stomach all nice and happy. Given all of this, you still might be wondering why a guy – any guy – would even entertain the thought of swallowing his own spunk… and I will say again that it is a guy thing. Not all guys think about this, mind you, and not all guys who do think about it do it but, yeah, some of us do learn how to keep the refractionary period at bay long enough to swallow our own spunk. It takes x-amount of time to be able to condition yourself to ignore that incredibly ugly feeling and, yeah, the more you do it, the more one is able to ignore what their body is telling them. It’s one of those mind over matter things… but not a “simple” thing of if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter because in this, it sure as fuck does matter.

If a guy is gonna do this, it’s just better to be quick about it; it also helps if one is able to pay attention to themselves in the moment that they ejaculate so they can get an idea of when that period kicks in and the instant their minds go from, “I’m gonna taste it!” to “Oh, fuck, no – I ain’t doing that!” What makes this iffy is that this fucking thing doesn’t always hit us at the same time or in the same way every time we cum; sometimes it takes “a minute” before it kicks in and sometimes it’s kicking our ass before that first spurt comes out and sometimes it doesn’t bother us all that much at all… you just don’t really know what thing is going to happen – or not happen – until you cum and now, again, there’s a very short window to gather it up, get it into your mouth, taste it for a moment, then swallow it… or spit it out if that’s the case.

Some guys just do not understand why they can’t do it. It’s easy to associate some guilt to this because, well, yeah, we shouldn’t be thinking about tasting sperm – our own or someone else’s. And while it does feel guilty and nasty because of the admonishments, that’s not what’s really going on but, yes, if a guy believes that he can’t do it because it’s wrong and all that, well, that’s how it’s going to feel to him and being able to taste his own spunk ain’t gonna happen unless he can find another way to do it… and even then there’s no guarantee he’s gonna like it. And even if you know what I know about this, eh, it might not make it easier to do and, yes, even when I do it, I’d be lying if I said that I don’t feel that butt-ugly shitty feeling fucking with me because I most certainly do – I just learned, over a lot of time, to ignore it and, yeah, to be quick about it.

I would tend to agree that if you can taste your own stuff, you can gain an understanding of why some people are head over heels about getting a mouthful… and why some people would prefer not to… but only if you can manage to be quick about it and be able to do it without thinking about it and then before that motherfucking shitty-assed feeling descends on you and makes you wish you hadn’t gotten yourself off in the first place.

Sounds easy. It isn’t all that easy to fight against how your body is designed to react once you bust a nut; the science of it isn’t all that difficult to understand, you know, if one wanted to be bothered with trying to understand it but the truth is that a lot of guys don’t understand it or even know what it’s called. There probably hasn’t been a guy who hasn’t wondered why he had in his mind that he was gonna have a whole lot of sex but when he busts his nut, yeah, let’s not and say we did. Once that happens, we’d rather do anything other than whatever sex we were having and there are women who don’t seem to understand why we behave the way we do after sex, from not wanting to cuddle with them to jumping up and doing anything else. It’s not that we don’t want to – it’s that we can’t and guys who can keep going after they cum have, more than likely, unknowingly learned to work through that period and/or it doesn’t kick their ass all that badly and, again, sometimes it stomps a huge mud hole in us… and sometimes not all that much.

But when it comes to tasting and swallowing our own stuff? I think the effect is more… pronounced, for lack of a better word and one can very quickly go from, “I’m gonna do it!” to “What the fuck was I thinking about?” and in mere seconds and even slices of seconds and, as such, making it very difficult to do if not damned near impossible. But to be sure, if it’s something you wanna do bad enough, you’ll find a way to do it.

I’ll end this by once again apologizing for any sense of being green around the gills you may have experienced but I remain the guy who has the answer to why so many men want to be able to do this and can’t do it… and it’s not because they don’t want to. To the question of why a guy would want to in the first place? I really do not know; I just know that some of us want to know what our own stuff tastes like.


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2 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Be Quick About It!

  1. collaredmichael

    10 April 2021 at 05:36

    I agree with you. I no longer cum often, but when I do, I have to clean up my stuff. It is very helpful to have my Queen insisting that I do so. Incidentally in the past, I saved my cum by freezing it. We have a small cup we call the “cum cup”. Before I was in orgasm control, when I would cum it would be in the cup. After I had deposited 20-40 loads, my Queen would make me a cum sundae. It worked best on dark coloured ice cream (visually).


    • kdaddy23

      10 April 2021 at 14:58

      It seems a lot of guys are able to save it for later… I prefer mine nice and warm and fresh.

      Liked by 1 person


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