Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Still Number One

10 Apr

I look through the forum every day, you know, to see what the fellas are talking about and, hmm, what a surprise: Cock sucking is still the number one topic of discussion. Yesterday, I went through all of the forum posts that have ever been created and, yup, the majority of them were about sucking dick even though I was looking for posts that I hadn’t seen since I joined the forum.

Last night, Cityman and I got into yet another conversation about it and it was funny from where I was sitting because he was trying to bullshit me by saying that he’s finally gotten used to guys blowing him and learned how to relax… and I called him out for it and, yep, busted his ass for acting like I just met him the other day and didn’t know a thing about his bisexual journey. What makes it even funnier is that he shares the pictures guys send him and the majority of them are dick pics and we both critique them for aesthetic appeal and potential suckability and, um, how they might fit into one’s backside.

It – again – triggered thoughts to flow through my mind about something that guys are both eager to experience while being… leery about as well as the disconnect that’s apparent when some guys assume that just because they’ve had their dick sucked by someone, being the one doing the sucking should be easy. Yeah, sure it is. Among those thought was a conversation I had with a woman who asked what it was about guys wanting to suck dick and the “premise” that if a guy wanted to do that, he’s gotta be gay and, well, I’d love to tell you that I was able to definitively answer her question but, nah, I don’t think I did so much but did make it clear to her that all guys who suck dick aren’t gay. Her contention was that it was a woman’s thing to do and, as such, guys had no business turning to other guys to get sucked or do some sucking themselves…

And I asked her, “Are you kidding me?” And she said that she wasn’t so I did the obvious thing: Asked her to give me some head… and you can probably imagine how she reacted to that and it wasn’t in the positive. I then said that she just proved a point where guys blowing each other is concerned because, oh, maybe 8 out of 10 times, if a guy asks another guy to blow him or if he can suck his dick, the answer is gonna be yes… and where and when.

“What about the other two times?” she asked and, yes, I thought she only asked the question to cover up being called out on her reluctance to do the thing she said women are supposed to do.

“Some guys are just scared to get into it,” I had said. “And, of course, some guys don’t believe in it.”

To her question of why some guys find doing this so damned attractive, all I could say was that I didn’t know too many guys who’ve had their dick sucked by women and has wondered what it’s like for her to do it. Tack on guys shooting the shit with each other and, at times, getting ranked on and homeboy responds with, “Aw, man – suck my dick!” – and the guy saying it just might be dropping a hint that, yeah, you should really suck his dick. We know that having our dicks sucked can feel wonderful… but what would it be like to do it? For myself, it’s always been frustrating trying to explain this to someone because it’s one of those things where I know the answer – can’t explain it the way I know it. It’s not about being gay or even being bi but sometimes it’s just… convenient. Add in some inhibition-reducing booze and, yep, the one things many guys are scared shitless over now sounds like a good idea.

Like so many other women I’ve had this conversation with she said, “I don’t get it.” I had sighed and, as I’ve done so many times in this asked her, “Well, why do you do it?” Oh, you should have seen the look on her face and, if nothing else, she got a taste of what it was like for me trying to explain it. She said she liked it (of course) and I just asked if it made sense that if it’s something women can like, guys can like it, too… and she gave me the expected, “Yeah, but…” response and the but, of course, was that guys weren’t supposed to do it at all.

Which, also of course, doesn’t change the fact that guys do it and like doing it. It’s still the first thing a lot of guys experience when diving into things M2M and it’s one of those things where one of two things are likely to happen: They’re either not going to like it either way… or they’re gonna get seriously hooked on it. Yeah… very much taboo and all that and because it is, it tends to lend even more excitement in the doing and as I’ve written many times, of all the things two guys can do, it’s probably the easiest thing other than jerking each other off and with the “usual” thing of it being something that can be done almost anywhere and doesn’t take a long time to get to the creamy finish.

The forum was once more populated with comments about sucking dick and the usual array of responses that ranged from guys who are more about doing it than having it done and those guys who are still waiting for their first male cock sucking experience. I was thinking that if some women were to look at what we’re talking about concerning sucking dick, they might think we were all gay and, if not, well, we must be insane to want to be sucking on each other’s dicks and, gasp, swallowing sperm or getting shot in the face and all that. I wondered if they’d see the commonality in the fact that a lot of guys prefer to suck on long, thick dicks or that there are a lot of male cock suckers who’s entire reason for doing it is to make the other guy very happy and, as such, takes a lot of pleasure in making them happy. I thought that if they could see the ongoing debate about men being better at it than women, hmm, some ladies might get offended while others might be… amused but the one thing that might be rather clear to them is that, duh, women aren’t the only ones who can very much be into sucking dick; maybe they’d be able to pick up on the commonality in place where all the reasons why we don’t always like doing it and that it’s for a lot of the same reasons why a lot of women don’t like doing it up to and including that it has to be the right guy and with a lot of being into in place before mouth meets cock.

Maybe they’d see that we can be just as funny – and even funnier about it – as some women can be. I can’t tell you how many forum members there are currently but I can tell you that there are two types of guys – the ones who suck dick and the ones who haven’t done it yet. It can be broken down further into the guys who are of a mind that it’s better to give than receive and the guys who are of a mind that giving and receiving is the best thing ever. We talk about screwing each other but those discussions tend to pale in comparison to the thrill of sucking dick and, yep, it’s just so utterly fascinating and for reasons that even I can’t really explain other to say that, yeah, it’s is all that and then some. The passion that can be read and inferred when reading about this is, frankly, something to behold and even the fears a lot of guys have about it doesn’t do a whole lot to dampen that passion and as such, those who don’t suck dick and wouldn’t even if their life depended on it might be shocked to see potentially thousands of men who are head over heels over something that’s not their cup of tea.

To say that we’re all into it is yet another gross understatement. For many of us, it’s the thing to do and is deemed to be just as satisfying and more than fucking can be. Cityman… yeah, I gotta love the guy and him trying to be all nonplussed about getting his dick sucked and doing some sucking of his own but that doesn’t really surprise me a whole lot because some guys are literally of two minds about it; totally into it when it’s being done and not so much when it isn’t and in that, “I can take it or leave it” way that I find hilarious. Admittedly, it does take some getting used to and, yep, gonna say it again: It’s scary to be there, your dick all out in the open, and there’s a guy lowering his head to it and the sight alone – even for guys who’ve had women suck them – is just such a weird thing to see. But doing it? Even scarier and in both situations, wow, it gets even more weird because there’s that part of you that doesn’t seem to know what’s gonna happen once you close your mouth around his cock… but, yup, if you’ve been sucked before, you know what’s gonna happen and, it gets better because you want it to happen but not really being sure how you’re going to react to winding up with a mouthful of cum since, as everyone knows, that’s a seriously acquired taste.

And many guys find and learn that once they suck a dick – with or without cum – well, holy shit. It just does something to a guy and it gets kinda scary for a guy to find himself wanting and needed to suck a lot of dicks; when we say that cock sucking is “addicktive,” it’s no joke. Cityman often “complains” about how girly it makes him feel when sucking cock and, well, yeah – it can make a guy feel that way because everyone knows that cock sucking is – and always has been – solidly in the female domain of things, you know, if they even wanna be bothered with doing it so it’s difficult for a guy to wrap his head around the fact that he actually likes doing something that, again, only women are supposed to do. I like that Cityman feels that if men were officially allowed to blow each other openly and all that, a lot of pressure would be taken off of women and, as such, would go a long way to closing the rift between us that has always existed.

Other than that, cock sucking is still the number one thing for us to do… because it just fucking feels good to give it and receive it. As many have said, it’s just “nasty good” given the taboo surrounding it. Many male cock suckers just live for the moment when their efforts gets the guy to cum and being very aware of him just losing it as he gets kicked – or sucked – over the edge and his cock is pumping like crazy and, as many cock suckers say, delivering that creamy reward for their efforts. And for, um, orally fixated guys like myself, the only thing better than sucking cock is eating pussy.

Gives me delicious chills just thinking about it…

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