Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Feed Me

14 Apr

One of the things that seems to be forgotten where male bisexuals are concerned is the fact that we might go off the chain about having sex with guys and being into them to whatever degree we are… but we still like, love, and desire women despite how deliciously insane and complicated they are and can be.

Once I learned the joy of eating pussy, it also came at a time where a lot of girls not only wanted to be eaten but the mantra, “You gotta lick it before you can stick it!” came into awareness which, um, presented a bit of a problem since it was very well rumored that Black men didn’t eat pussy and in my early days of being a fan of “eating at the Y,” oh, my… I got to see a lot of guys get rebuffed by gals who would let them – and anyone else in hearing distance – know that if you don’t eat pussy, you don’t get any. Now, it was true that a lot of girls thought that having a guy put his mouth on her down there was just plain nasty and, yup, a lot of guys were of the exact same mind.

However, as I got into my teens, the word on the street was that if you had a girlfriend and you weren’t eating her pussy on a very regular basis, someone else would be doing it or, “If you wanna keep her, you’d better eat her!” And women weren’t hearing any of that shit some guys were doing: Going down on her and giving her a few licks and, usually, to get her wet. In trying to get into a girl’s panties, I’d often be told that if I was just gonna give her those few licks, the conversation was over and many assumed that I was like all the other guys… until they found out that I wasn’t – and that was provided that I could convince them that if you want your pussy eaten really good, I’m the one to do it.

It wasn’t all that difficult to figure out, know, and learn that if I wasn’t going to be willing to get down there and give her a good, long, and thorough eating, I was gonna be like a lot of guys who were suffering through The Drought and more so because they refused to give a girl the eating she wanted and needed. I’d overhear girls talking about the guys who wouldn’t do it as well as the ones who were… inadequate or inept at it and it became clear to me that the guy would wouldn’t do it or complain about having to do it – and longer than he had in mind – well, unless he had something else going for him – like a really big dick – well, he wasn’t getting any pussy and no matter how much he begged and pleaded for it.

And woe be unto the guy who’d tell a girl that he was gonna eat her… then he didn’t do it. So when a girl would tell me, “If you’re not gonna eat me until I come, forget it!” I could confidently tell them, “I can and will do that, you know, if you give me a chance to prove myself and if you do, I’m gonna be down there for a while!” For the girls looking for a guy to munch their carpet, they were willing to take a chance with me; one girl told me, “If you can eat my pussy good, you can fuck me!” The end of this particular story was that I got to fuck her… because I had my face plastered to her crotch for almost an hour, making her cum so many times that she literally beat me off of her.

Because I had learned early on that eating pussy was way better than sucking dick… and I loved to suck dick. The good and bad part about eating women was that many of them would do everything they could to not cum just to see how long I’d stay down there and the girls that taught me how to better eat pussy not only warned me about this but made it very damned clear that I had to stay down there until one of us quit… and I’d better not be the one to quit. One girl told me, “If she’s not looking at you like you tried to kill her and trying to get away from you, you’re doing it wrong.”

Made sense to me since, you know, eating pussy is da shit. And since I do remember Collaredmichael asking me about women, well, I wanted to once again write about my favorite thing to do to women: Get my face between their legs and just eat her until one of us quits… and I’m not going to be of a mind to be the one to quit. Just like sucking dick, it’s not easy to explain the sheer and unmitigated joy I feel. Hell, a woman doesn’t even have to ask me to eat her – that’s a given unless she says otherwise. Shit… I’m not beyond just going down on her “out of nowhere” because eating pussy is always running around inside my head.

Those who don’t eat pussy or have given up on it for some reason may not understand how damned thrilling it is to do. It’s the ultimate kiss and such a damned intimate one and, as such, one of my “heroes” is the person who first ate a pussy; if I could, I’d erect a statue in their honor. Giving a woman head, well, it isn’t that easy and it can be very labor-intensive and, um, sometimes, a bit hazardous. I can’t begin to count the many times I’ve almost been smothered and choked out, come close to drowning when she’s a squirter; I’ve gotten my teeth loosened, my lips split, more than one bloody nose and have pulled quite a few muscles and suffered charley horses in my pursuit to bring a woman oral pleasure. The hardest part for me is dealing with failure and to be doing everything I can do down there and she’s just lying there planning out the rest of her day or, damn, asking me if I’m done yet and can we get to the fucking part of things. I had to learn to not get bent out of shape whenever a woman would tell me that she didn’t like being eaten and when I ask why, they either say they don’t know or, worse, when they’ve been eaten before, whomever was doing it wasn’t committed to staying down there until she’s had enough, lacked technique/finesse and, sometimes, totally unwilling to go back down on her after, um, making a deposit and, yeah, women can easily pick it up when a guy is down there and he really kinda doesn’t want to be.


But if she tells me that she’s never had an orgasm this way or it’s hard for her to cum, well, hmm – let me see what I can do about that and I also had to learn how to accept that I’m not always going to get it right… but it will never be for a lack of trying; I am nothing if not persistent because, um, hmm, I’ve never been the kind of guy who thinks spending a whole lot of time down there is a bad thing and the longer it takes for her to be pleased this way, the more fun I can have eating her.

I’ve had women ask, “If all I wanted you to do is eat me, would you be happy just doing that?” And my answer is, “Hell, yeah, I’d be happy – is that a trick question?” I learned that such a situation is a very valid one because she might not want to be fucked for some reason but if she can get a nice long and intense eating, well, that works… and it works for me… and sometimes, to be honest, I’d rather eat it than fuck it. And just like when I’m sucking dick, I do want whomever I’m going down on to be pleased but, yeah, I’m selfish in that I’m also doing it because it pleases the living daylights out of me. The best compliment I’ve ever gotten was when a woman told me, “You’re dangerous…” and, yeah, she was giving me “that look” when she said it. The worst thing a woman has told me was, “With some more training, you might eventually get good at it.”

Ouch. I’ve had my share of negative reviews and I’ve had to grow some pretty thick skin because of them and once, after such a review, all I said to her was, “I’m sorry that I didn’t meet your expectations… but I still had fun eating you.” And I meant it even though she said that it sounded fucked up and I guess because she didn’t have the fun she expected, I wasn’t supposed to have fun doing it.

I live to eat pussy. I love the smell, taste, and feel of it and I can get so damned lost that, um, sometimes, I’ve totally missed the moment when she says she’s had enough and I need to stop… and then had to learn not to get all that upset having to stop because eating pussy is just so damned good to do. It is worth the effort it takes; it is worth, say, getting my face scoured by her pubic hair – and if she has it – and all the other things I’ve had happen to me while I’m down there is is also worth it. Some guys look at this as being a chore and/or a necessary evil… and I think there’s something wrong with them because she didn’t have to allow you to go down on her in the first place but since she did, it would be a good idea to not make her regret the decision and to put forth your very best effort.

Some guys complain that it takes too long for a woman to orgasm or cum and, well, sometimes it does… but that’s where being persistent and patient comes into play and if you’re like me and truly love eating pussy, you’re gonna spend and take all of the time in the world to either get her to cum… or she makes you stop. And if all that happens is that I’ve spent some time eating her, I am more than good with that – did I mention how much fun it is to eat pussy? Every time I’ve eaten pussy, it’s a challenge I’m willing to accept because sometimes it works to perfection… and sometimes it just doesn’t. And, you betcha – I’m the guy who’ll ask a woman how she likes to be eaten and I learned to listen to her when she’s telling me what to do and, of course, what works on one woman isn’t guaranteed to work on the next woman… or the same woman. And the fun of it is trying to find out what is going to work as well as what didn’t work… this time.

And when a woman has told me that she hopes I’m good at it, I learned to tell her the truth: I am going to do the best I can and do everything I’ve learned to make it good for her when I go down on her and not make her regret it… because I can only do the best I can do, right? There’s always having to deal with her experiences in being eaten and especially those that weren’t all that good and it’s worth saying again but the biggest complaint I’ve heard from women has been not being eaten long enough and my early lessons in this particular thing would often leave me with so much facial pain it wasn’t funny. It’s not about eating her for as long as I think – it’s about eating her for as long as it’s going to take for her to orgasm (and if she can) and/or she gets so tender that she just can’t stand another lick.

There’s technique and all that but eating pussy is about… feel. It’s about finding all the good spots down there which requires some attention to detail and more than a passing familiarity with the anatomy of her stuff; it’s about doing something and being able to pay attention to how her body reacts… or doesn’t. A woman can tell whether or not a guy actually and really does love eating pussy… and whether a guy is doing it because it’s expected of him and, yeah, it’s a chore that he’d rather spend less time doing or being in a hurry to get his dick in her. Again, many women have told me that if she’s not lying there wondering what truck just ran her over, backed up, and ran her over again, you probably didn’t do it enough to get that result.

God… I love eating pussy…

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