Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Occam’s Razor

15 Apr

The less complicated explanation of Occam’s Razor is that the simplest thought is usually the correct one. I got to thinking about how I’ve seen and heard others explain their bisexuality and in some pretty interesting and sometimes confusing ways and I even had a flashback to one of my more, ah, infamous moments of trying to explain my bisexuality to someone and I very much remember all I said in that moment and in recalling that, I realized the one thing that I didn’t say at that time that knowing about Occam’s Razor should have “made” me say about why I’m bisexual and a fan of cock sucking:

Because I like the sex.

As all of this bubbled through my thoughts – and thinking about how others have done their best to explain why they are the way they are – I realized that, yeah, I could have said that and left it at that… except it’s probably too simple an answer for an inquirer to accept and more so when there just has to be some other reason that the simplicity of liking the sex. And there usually is and now we get into a mode of cause and effect and, oddly enough, effect and cause which throws a wrench into things because, as everyone knows, having effect precede cause isn’t possible but I’ve been of a mind that when it comes to bisexuality, the effect can be – and probably is – that feeling one can have come over them and unexpectedly so or, in a more proper kind of way, the cause is human biology and the effect is… bisexuality.

Just my two cents worth on that one. Still, when you ask a bisexual to explain why they’re bisexual, they might mention the sexual potential and sometimes in an “in passing” kind of way which also tends to get some bisexuals to say that it’s not something they’d do all of the time – and that something, of course, is having sex in the same-sex mode of things. They can – and if they can – get into any of the deeper meanings like what put them on this particular path despite knowing that one side of this coin has been taboo and prohibited and fought about for a large part of our existence as a species.

And, um, well, shit: I can be just as guilty of a long and drawn out explanation as to how I became bisexual and what it all means to me but, employing Occam’s Razor, the simplest explanation is that I experienced the sex and found it very much to my liking. Anything else I can say about it is borne out of all the things I’ve thought about that lends itself to the justification for why I am the way I am and, hoo boy, that’s some seriously complicated shit but at the root of it all, yeah:

I like the sex. I was on the forum before coming here to write this and was looking at the latest responses to a question someone asked: Why is it so satisfying to taste a man’s cum? There’s like three pages of comments and they’re all pretty interesting to read and the fellas, I think, did a good job of trying to explain why swallowing a man’s sperm is so satisfying to them. But why taste and swallow it at all? Methinks there are two “simple” answers to that one: Because you can and because it’s what you’re supposed to do when sucking a man’s dick. Now, I know saying this can spark one hell of a debate and I’m not trying to get one started but, employing perhaps a slightly expanded Razor, if you like the sex that is sucking a man’s dick, swallowing his spunk is just a part of it, you know, if one can acquire the taste and that includes not pissing your pants over how “dangerous” it is. Not so simple to write that but it’s the simple answer to those who’ve asked me why I would swallow a guy’s sperm, you know, given how nasty it is to do that.

Part of the act… and I’ve obviously acquired the taste… and I do like the sex that sucking a man’s dick is. I can bore you silly getting all into the other stuff that goes along with this – not gonna do that, either – but anything else I’d say about it is, well, kinda unnecessary and somewhat redundant when you really stop to think about it but more often than not, just telling someone that I suck dick and swallow sperm because I like this particular sexual act isn’t often a “complete” explanation because, again, there just has to be some other explanation that doesn’t have anything to do with sex… and the truth is there really isn’t. This simple explanation tends to go right over some folks’ head and being aware of male homosexuality and all that’s involved in this, the assumption is usually that for a guy to want to suck another guy’s dick, well, he must and has to be into guys “like that.” Some guys are… and some of us just aren’t into the guy the dick is attached to so much outside of maybe being friends with him and, well, that’s a barely acceptable explanation for doing such a taboo thing but only serves to cover up the simplest answer:

The sex that is sucking a man’s cock – including swallowing his sperm – is liked. A little or a whole lot and that’s putting it mildly for some guys. Why is it so satisfying? Because it is. We like to talk about getting the reward of his cum for all the work it takes for us to get him to give it up to us and there is a great sense of accomplishment to get him to the point of no return… and get all giddy and happy to feel his cock pumping warm spunk into our mouth and, yep, even if it doesn’t taste all that great and provided you tasted it at all. Guys will fall all over themselves trying to put this into words when, again employing Occam’s Razor, it’s satisfying because it’s a part of the sex that is liked.

Because we have a… social tendency to not talk about sex in blunt, frank ways, when I see other bisexuals talk about being bisexual, again, they might mention the sex but many would be quick to point out that the sex isn’t the “real reason” why they’re bisexual when, um, chances are, it actually is. It would be different for any bisexual who actually hasn’t had the sex but they’re thinking about it and, if nothing else, the sex is to their liking at the level of thought; actually doing something is a whole different thing. Why do I like sucking a man’s dick? I like the sex that it is. You want to get bored silly? Ask me why I like it… and that answer is simply, “Because I do…” but, nah, that’s not always a good enough answer, is it? There has to be more to it than just that. And there is… but sometimes the simplest explanation is the correct one.

But not when talking about prohibited sexual behavior, it seems. Not many people would ask me why I eat pussy and if they did – and I said, “Because I love the shit out of doing it!” – they would accept that simple answer as-is unless they happen to be one of those people who’d never eat pussy – and now, if they don’t accept the simple answer, here comes the more complicated one and one that includes, simply, because women like to have their pussy eaten. Now if you wanna know the answer to why she does, go ask her… and have fun with that.

There’s this very odd and strange need to both qualify and quantify bisexuality and, holy shit, I’ve read some shit written by people attempting to do just that… and not coming out and giving the simplest answer that it’s not only sex but it’s sex that is liked or, if one hasn’t taken the plunge yet, yeah, buddy – they’d sure like to. We will explain this in some very mind-numbing ways that defies the premise of Occam’s Razor and usually because we know that whoever we’re trying to explain this to isn’t going to accept the simplest of answers which can also include, “Why not? It’s sex, isn’t it?”

Yeah, it’s more than just the sex but the other things are not so simply explained but applying Occam’s Razor also means that one almost has to admit to themselves that, yeah, they like the sex or they’re hoping that they will when they get the chance to have it. We’ve been socially conditioned to have some seriously fucked up thoughts about having sex that even having a discussion with ourselves about it can make us… uncomfortable. For myself, the hardest thing about being bisexual wasn’t – isn’t – explaining to others why I like sex with men: It was admitting to myself that, oh, hell, yeah – I loved the sex and every way I’d experienced it. And there it is: The simplest answer that satisfies the premise of Occam’s Razor because that simple answer, gasp, is the correct one.

Anything else is just getting into the details and other justifications for being a way that confuses a lot of people. I’ve had so many people tell me that it doesn’t make sense for me to be the way I am and, nope, simply saying that I like the sex often confuses them even more since, as everyone knows, if I’m a guy, I’m not supposed to have sex with other guys and I sure as hell ain’t supposed to like it. While our social conditioning and morality about sex kinda mindfucks us, being bisexual “unfucks” that conditioning because while there is an emotional element to bisexuality, you betcha – the sex can be very damned good and satisfying.

“I don’t know why you’d like having some dude fuck you in the ass!” Um, because it’s sex… and I like sex. “I don’t know why you’d want another guy to suck your dick!” Um, because it’s sex… and I like sex. Lots of differences between having sex with women but, um, yeah, I have sex with women… because I like sex. I know that women are mandated to be the only humans I should be having sex with but, yep, sucking a guy’s dick and swallowing his cum? Or being the one a guy is sucking and, perhaps, wanting me to cum in his mouth? That’s sex, too, and I like it… a lot. What else do you really need to know?

“Well, you must be some kind of sex fiend!” And, um, damn it, you’re right about that in that I very much love sex and freely admit to loving it and the biological imperative to have sex notwithstanding; I just happen to be one of many people who have found that having sex in the same-sex way of things is good because it, too, is sex and whatever importance one associates with this is not only whatever that is but defies Occam’s Razor because it’s not that simple to explain. Is it “hearts?” Sometimes it is. Is it parts? Oh, you’re damned right it is! Is it gender? Oh, fuck no. Has anything to do with relationships? Not really since you really don’t have to be in a relationship with someone to have sex with them.

The simplest answer is, more often than not, the correct one. “Hey, do you wanna do it with me?” “Yes!” Why? Because it’s sex and I, again, love sex. Does it make a difference whether it’s a male or female? Nope. Why be this way to begin with? Um, because it can get me more sex; what part of “I love sex” isn’t understood? And while there are many who cannot accept the simplest answer as the correct one, well, hmm, I happen to not be one of those people. I am neither straight nor gay but in that gray area we’re having great difficulty trying to make sense of. “Why does it feel right, normal, and natural?” Because it is and unless you really wanna be bored out of your mind with the more complex and detailed explanation, I’d be happy to bore you to death providing it. In lieu of that, consider this, if you will or can:

I am bisexual. I love the sex. Occam’s Razor is satisfied because it’s both simple and correct. I know that it is even if there’s someone who cannot accept the simplicity of it. Why doesn’t it make sense to “everyone?” Because it doesn’t – and Occam’s Razor is satisfied even in this because it’s simple and is also correct.

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