Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Way Past Theory

20 Apr

A man tells his spouse that he has an interest in sex with men and what it feels like to suck a man’s cock and taste his cum. Then he says that he’d not want to have this sex with another man but he needs to answer the question for himself.

And I’m thinking that while it’s all well and good to entertain such thoughts and put one’s imagination to work in an attempt to determine whether or not it’s going to be a good and pleasurable thing to do, I’m also thinking that there’s only one way to find out if it’s as all that and as one might think.

You can get some good and “bad” information from other male cock suckers; you can also get both good and bad info from guys who want to be a sucker of cocks but, well, they aren’t, either yet or will never be. Everyone has an opinion about it, whether it’s based upon fact and experience or whatever thoughts they have about it but, again, if a guy wants to know what it feels like to suck a guy’s dick and seek to acquire the taste – and then determine if it’s to his liking…

Find a dick to suck. Some men will go on for days on end telling you how incredibly difficult or how damned near impossible it is to find a cock to suck. Some men will go on for days on end telling you how very dangerous it is to (a) suck cock and (b) especially the cock of a guy you don’t really know a whole lot about. A lot of guys will look at statistics and either take them at face value or put their own spin on what the statistics mean… and then assume that the worst case scenario will happen to them. In this and being an expert in statistical analysis, I happen to know how easy it is to make the data say anything you want it to say to get the results that you want; it’s not that such data are flawed or incomplete but it’s a matter of interpretation… and the guys who say cock sucking is dangerous is, often, interpreting the data observed the wrong way.

At some point, a man who wants to suck dick and consume sperm has to find a way past theory and speculation and resolve to find out for himself what other men are so terribly fascinated about when it comes to cock sucking. I can – and have – tell anyone who wants to know what it feels like to suck dick; what’s going on inside my head before, during, and after the fact and I can definitely tell you what sperm tastes and feels like once it gets into my mouth and to be as thorough as possible, I can tell you what I like about that part and what I don’t like all that much and the only thing you really know is what my experiences with this has been and are like. You may even be… impressed at how well-versed I am in the theory of cock sucking and given how long I’ve been doing this and how many dicks I’ve sucked along with some science and, as such, you will now know that I know a little something-something about sucking dick…

And that what I know may or may not help you one bit as you ponder whether or not “going for broke” and sucking a dick and tasting spunk is, again, all that and a bag of chips and as personally satisfying as many cock suckers say it is. You can sit and think for years on end about this, weigh all of the pros and cons until you give yourself a headache along with trying to hash out the morality and the ongoing social angst about this… but if you’re not of a mind to have this kind of sex with a man, you’re just not going to be able to really answer the question for yourself or anyone else for that matter. And to make the situation even more iffy, you really can’t answer the question when, chances are, you’ve only had someone go down on you and, yes, even if it’s another guy because, obviously, getting your dick sucked and your balls emptied isn’t the same as doing it to someone.

Some men take to it like the proverbial duck to water; some men have to give it a try a few times before finally deciding for themselves that, yes, this is some good shit or it just ain’t all that and as purported to be and, yes, some guys find out that they can’t bring themselves to do it or, if they can get past that part, no – not that good or pleasurable at all. The common denominator here is that in order to determine this, a dick got sucked or, at the very least, the attempt was made. One of the more common mistakes many make is not really being able to factor in the other common denominator in play: The other guy.

As such, it’s perfectly normal for budding cock suckers to think about the type of guy they want to have their first cock sucking experience with, from the way he looks to the size of his cock, with or without foreskin, pubic hair, the size of his balls and including his personality traits, sense of humor, intelligence and other factors that are deemed to be necessary and of great import but what they don’t know is what that guy is going to be like when he’s horny and his dick is hard. He just might be able to tell you but I happen to know that, in this, guys tend to generalize how they are even though they know that they’re prone to not really knowing how they’re going to behave until mouth meets cock. I can tell you how I am in this situation and you might not feel comfortable with it when I say that I rarely, if ever, know how I’m going to react or behave until I actually react and behave and then, to further bake your noodle, I’ve been known to change things up or, at times, not to react as expected.

I know budding male cock suckers will absorb all of the gay porn they can and watch men sucking dick and being sucked and it will fire their interest in becoming a cock sucker but not, I think, giving much thought that what they’re watching and, perhaps, masturbating to, isn’t as… really real as it appears to be. Whether it’s professionally done or non-professionals are at it, it’s staged and planned and as evidenced at how many such… filming tends to include the cock sucker looking at the camera which make sense since what they’re doing other than sucking a dick is putting on a show and a show that, in the history of viewable porn, always includes the money shot which is usually someone getting a facial or the guy being sucked yanking on his dick and depositing his load onto the tongue of the cock sucker and, at times, they have this beatific look on their face like the spermy offering they’re about to receive is the nectar of the gods.

Real life can be a very different thing and cannot really and truly be comparable to what porn tends to put on display. True enough, men do have oral sex in the ways that porn portrays and one can decide that what they see might be to their liking or not… but there is still only one way to find out and put yourself way past the theory of male cock sucking: Get off your ass and go suck cock and find the answers to the many questions you have. Otherwise, cock sucking will always be within the realm of theory. I can tell you that pondering the morality of this is quite the dilemma and, more often than not, becomes an immovable roadblock for many budding male cock suckers and, this, too, gets immersed in more theory than actual fact. What gets either ignored or overlooked and maybe even disbelieved to some extent is that there are, obviously, a lot of male cock suckers and not all of them are homosexuals.

The moral issues and social angst often gets blown out of proportion by giving much more weight to the horror stories than anything else; if “George” says that he tried it and it was a bad experience, it’s pretty much human nature to assume that if you do it, it’s going to turn out bad or even worse than what George related. The horror stories are real – make no mistake about that – but the human element – and our habit of always looking and thinking about the worst that can happen – must also be considered and one must, at this point, understand that while the risks are real, until one sucks a dick, it’s not a given that they will experience those risks or it’s going to meet or exceed their worst case scenarios. Humans are so… weird about things that we can also assume that just because things didn’t go well the first time, it will never go well and not giving much thought to the fact that there are a great many factors involved – and were involved in that first moment that may or may not present themselves in any future moment.

It remains eternally true that until you step way past theory and its road partner, speculation, and suck cock, you will never be able to really and truly answer the questions that are on your mind about it. I often tell those budding male cock suckers that there’s a reason why so many who take the plunge almost always tends to say, “That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be…” – because it isn’t as bad as you think it is. It takes some determination and commitment and, sometimes, a lot intestinal fortitude to get to the moment of truth and past that moment. I tell them that I happen to know that a lot of guys, after the fact, can experience so much “guilt” that they overlook the moments where finally doing what they’ve been wanting to do was, in fact, pleasurable but, then again, we do tend to focus more on the bad than the good and/or determine that which was good about it doesn’t outweigh the bad that’s on their mind.

There is a reason why I will do my level best to talk a guy out of becoming a cock sucker and more so when what they’re thinking – and their version of the theory of cock sucking – doesn’t match or come close to the reality I know all so very well or, in a simpler form, if I see that their head isn’t in the place I know it needs to be, the best thing for him to do is to not suck cock unless or until he can get his head in the right place. What is that right place? Understanding that even sucking cock is not only sex but normal; understanding that morality says one thing about this but the facts of the matter is that a lot of men from all walks of life are cock suckers; understanding that while there is great social angst and horror stories abound, if you aren’t willing to find out for yourself instead of believing what is said against sucking a dick, bluntly, don’t even bother to get the answers to your questions and that saying something like, “I don’t want to have sex with a man but I want to know for myself what it’s like…” is just your mind fucking with you and “reminding” you that men are not ever supposed to suck cock and taste sperm and, again, even when you do know that men do this.

You want to find out for yourself? Only one way to find out. Resolve within yourself to get way past theory and find someone who’s willing to let you suck them off… then suck them off and then, do it more than once or twice; give yourself every chance possible to (1) answer all of your questions and the ones that will most certain show up after the fact and to (2) prove to yourself that the first time wasn’t a fluke and, (3) keep and maintain your own counsel where liking it or not is concerned and more so when there will be others who will not look upon you with fondness because you sucked a guy’s dick and tasted his sperm and no matter why you felt the need to do so.

And you don’t have to believe any of what I’ve written here but I happen to know the one thing you can do that will either make you a believer: Go suck a cock, taste some spunk, and find out for yourself if I’ve been yanking your chain; you may discover, and as many have, that I’m not lying or bullshitting you about it. Your results are going to be whatever they’re going to be but it’s no joke, no bullshit or anything like that when I say to you that if you wanna know what it’s like, go do it and find out for yourself.

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