Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Spontaneous Combustion

16 May

The weekend-long house party had been planned well in advance; invitations were given to a select number of people – a mix of “veteran” partiers who earned their invitation participating in other parties as well as new folks who proved that they’d be down for a good party. The party got started at 7pm and by 8pm, it was in full swing; the music was all the latest hits and many bodies were moving to the beat, dancing on their feet or moving to the groove where they sat.

All manner of alcohol was at hand and it seemed that no one’s favorite was overlooked and the pungent scent of high quality weed hung like fog in the air and making those who weren’t fans of weed do no less than to catch a contact high. Here and there, conversations were taking place with people in very close groups as to be heard over the music. The party’s hostess was in near constant motion, checking on her guests and getting the few wallflowers to join the fun.

Around 8:30 or so, I heard someone say, “Yo, check them out!” I wandered over to where everyone was gathering and after nudging my way to a spot so I could see what had to be checked out, wow – there was a guy banging the living daylights out of this girl and both seemed to be oblivious to the growing crowd of people standing around watching them and cheering them both on. A woman standing next to me appeared to be in shock; she turned to me and practically yelled in my ear, “Does this always happen at these parties?”

“Yeah, usually does,” I said, remembering my own “shock” when I attended for the first time. “This party is about to get real now so if this bothers you, um, ya might wanna get your stuff and leave now.”

By 9pm, the party had devolved from a house party to an all-out orgy and one where everyone was fair game. I was under a pile of bodies and had lifted my head from the woman I’d been eating so I could get a breath of air that wasn’t heavily laden with the scent of sex to see our hostess, now naked, laughing heartily as a man and a woman sucked on her really big breasts – and like GGG big and all natural. She saw me looking her way, waved at me, and I read her lips as she said, “This is what I’m talking about!”

I returned to the pussy I was eating, literally getting my head back in the game and as I went back to what I was doing, I was very much aware that someone had a finger or two buried in my ass and someone was licking and sucking my dick and when I looked down and saw it was a guy, well, nothing unusual about that nor was it unusual to see that the guy who was sucking me was himself being sucked by another guy while yet another was trying to get into a spooning position so he could get his rather large cock in the guy’s ass.

It was one hell of a first night for the party and by midnight, there were more people getting some well deserved sleep than there were still people having sex. I had run out of gas somewhere along the line but that didn’t mean I couldn’t finger the women who were sitting on either side of me on the sofa and my being all limp and out of action didn’t seem to matter to the guy who was sucking me just the same. Some minutes later, I’d made a trip to the bathroom and ran into the girl who I’d been talking to when everything spontaneously combusted. I asked her if she was okay and she said that she was but she wasn’t sure and that she wasn’t sure how she felt about having a lot of women licking and sucking on her pussy.

After handling the business in the bathroom, I saw a guy sitting on the steps and, wow, he looked to be in bad shape so I stopped and asked him if he was okay; he didn’t look like he was going to throw up (and as quite a few people had already) but he was… discomfited and I asked him again if he was okay and if he needed some water. He declined the water but looked at me and said, “I’ve been having sex with dudes… and I’m having a hard time dealing with it. Is this what happens at these parties? Why didn’t somebody tell me about this shit?”

The only thing I could tell him with any certainty was that our hostess only invited people to her parties that she knew – and I didn’t know how she knew – that whoever attended could handle whatever was going to happen and that if he got invited, it was because she knew he could handle things… but he didn’t look like he was handling it very well. I took him by the hand and pulled him along with me as I headed for the kitchen and the one place other than the bathrooms where nothing was allowed to happen. I felt kinda bad for him as he told me about the moment he was fucking this girl and out of nowhere, someone had slid their dick in his mouth and due to the press of hot, sweaty bodies around him, he didn’t have the room to get away from the dick in his mouth before he felt cum in his mouth.

He said he had spit it out and that he wanted to jump up and kick some ass… but the woman he was still inside of had him all wrapped up and humping back against him and before he could get his head around what had just happened, another dick was in his face and, to make matters worse, someone was somehow sliding their dick in his ass.

“Yeah, that happens at these things,” I said to him. “But if that bothered you so much, why are you still here?” I had noticed that when the same-sex stuff kicked into high gear, quite a few people had gathered up their stuff and hauled ass like the devil himself was chasing them. I told him that he could have left, well, after girlfriend let go of him.

“I didn’t leave because, shit, I think I liked that shit,” he said after chugging down a full glass of orange juice. “Man, it was like once that shit happened, every dude in the place was on me! Some babes were right there watching and telling me to go for it and this one babe was sitting on my face while some light-skinned dude was riding my dick like he was a woman!”

I had, in fact, remembered seeing that for a moment despite being sandwiched between the woman I was dick-deep in and some guy being dick-deep in me and only being able to look around for a moment after the guy who was in my mouth had busted a nut, pulled out, and went somewhere. “Are you okay, though?” I asked. I’d been at several of these parties and at every one, there was always that one guy or gal who’d wind up getting caught up in the same-sex stuff and found themselves at odds with it, well, until it occurred to them that just going with the flow – and saying no when they had to – made the whole situation better for them and this poor guy was no different.

He could have objected and left… and he didn’t and I wanted to know why he hadn’t hauled ass at the first moment he saw that some, ah, not-so-straight sex was hopping off.

“I guess it was the heat of the moment,” he finally said after a long moment of thinking. “You just get caught up in it, don’t you?”

“Yeah, you do,” I said.

“How’d you managed to not get caught up?” he asked.

“Who said I didn’t?” I asked. “I’ve been all up in it to my eyeballs… but I’m used to it.”

“Because you’ve been at these parties before?” he asked, his eyes saucer big.

“That and I’m no stranger to dick,” I said with a shrug before taking a long drink of ginger ale. “Now, I know you got the rules of the party with your invitation – didn’t you read them?”

“I guess I didn’t read all of them,” he admitted.

“Okay, that means you somehow didn’t see Rule #5 – whatever happens, happens,” I said with a nod. “But, hmm, I also know that you wouldn’t have gotten the invitation at all if “Kari” didn’t know you’d be down for whatever might happen; she’s somehow very careful about that when it comes to someone’s first party.”

He was silent for a moment before saying, “Yeah, um, yeah I thought I would be… but I didn’t know it was gonna be like this!”

“Most people find out that it’s not gonna be what they think it’s gonna be,” I said with a sigh. I stood up and stretched and turned to leave the “safety” of the kitchen.

“Wait, where are you going?” he asked.

“Back to the party,” I said, noting that he sounded so lost and confused… but there was nothing I could do about that because like so many others had, he was gonna have to figure this out on his own for now and if he didn’t, he could always go to the room where everyone’s belongings were stored in bags with their name on it and even under guard by a couple of very big and mean looking men whose only reason for being there was to protect those belongings – and that was the last thing I said to him as I returned back to the party and seeing formerly “dead” bodies beginning to come back to life as the sexual spontaneous combustion reignited itself.

I don’t know if that poor guy stayed or left and I didn’t have much time to think about him because I found myself face-first in someone’s pussy and some unseen mouth had closed around my dick, reviving my inner fires once more. My world was a blur of pussies and dicks and in the midst of it all, the only thing on my mind at times was how badly I was going to need to shower… again. By the time I was able to get in the line for the shower, I was covered with pussy juices and drying sperm… and not all of it was on me. I felt like I’d been mugged and that wasn’t that far from the truth and especially when two, ah, rather large girls decided that one of them sitting on my face while the other rode me would be a lot of fun for them. I was battered and bruised; sweat was stinging the places where I’d had my flesh “shredded” by fingernails and my butt, wow, it was mercifully numb after having so many fingers and dicks in there.

The hot water tank had long since run out of hot water… and I didn’t care about that; the icy cold water was so refreshing that by the time I got done and grabbed a towel from the gigantic pile of folded up towels – yeah, Kari thought of everything when she planned these parties – I felt human again and revitalized as I went downstairs to see a lot of naked bodies here and there with plates of food in their laps.

Breakfast was being served and only then had I realized that the sun was up. I had gotten a plate of food and found a place to sit, looking at the naked humanity all around me and, yeah, saw that some folks were having a different breakfast that had nothing to do with bacon, eggs, and fried potatoes. Best party ever.

“Come on – it’s your turn.”

I looked up to see Kari standing before me in all of her queen-sized naked glory and, yeah, I knew what time it was: It was my turn to have sex with her. This woman just fucking amazed me even after finding out that when she had these parties, she had sex with everyone who was still there and she made no qualms or beefs about the person being male or female. I even knew what she wanted from me and I caught myself absently licking my lips in preparation to spend quite a bit of time going down on her insatiable ass and remembering that she had told me after my first party that because I was “so good at licking the kitty,” I was always going to get an invite. That first time with her? I had to learn in a hurry how to go down on a near 300-pound woman without getting smothered and after my sixth party – I thought it was my sixth one – I’d gotten it down pat even though I had had a moment of panic when she came really hard and clamped her huge legs around my head and neck enough to sprain my neck.

She took me by the hand and led me to her private spot and yet another huge brute of a guy standing guard to keep the uninvited out just looked at me, recognized me… and just smiled sympathetically before saying, “She’s in top form this time around…”

Before it was “all said and done,” I was between her massive legs and eating her with a fury; there was another woman who just kept sucking me even after I’d lost my load in the early moments and the guy deep in my ass had me wondering if he was ever going to cum and pull out. I guess it was an hour later when I stumbled out of Kari’s private room and even my hair seemed to hurt and nicely so. Kari came out behind me, wrapped me in a rather comforting bear-hug and, after tonguing my ear, said, “You’ll be here next weekend, right?”

You’re damned right I will. It wasn’t so much about all the mad-crazy sex as it was being in a situation where I could be who I really was – very damned bisexual – and without being looked at as some kind of freak. I loved the unabashed rawness of Kari’s invitation-only parties and I felt kinda special to be among the select few to get invited over and over. I loved the environment; nothing mattered that having sex; it didn’t matter how big your dick was or what you looked like or any other the other shit that gets in the way of having sex; you just had to be down for every- and anything and those who proved not to be would never be invited again… and those who were would always be among the first to get the hand delivered gold-embossed invitation that had the time of the party and the message that said, “Come and be who you really are.”

Yeah, I’d be back next weekend; I wouldn’t miss it for the world and get caught up in the spontaneous combustion of an all-out, no holds barred orgy disguised as a house party. If ya had boundaries before showing up, you’d leave without them; if you thought that you might be able to go both ways, you’d find out in a hurry whether you really could or not. And you could say no at any time and there’d be no drama at all… but you didn’t hear that word that often at her special parties and when you did, it was usually because someone needed a breather or a bathroom break or a badly needed drink of… something.

I remember asking her after my first party, “Why me?”

“When I met you, I saw you,” she said. “I saw that part of you that no one else sees and, well, after talking to some folks who will remain nameless, I knew you’d fit right in… and in every way that means. And you proved me right and I’m never wrong about what I see in a person.”

Her explanation rattled me a little; was I really that transparent that she could see the bi guy I really was instead of the “straight” guy everyone else saw? In the end, it didn’t matter and I felt… privileged to be among a very select group of people who would get invited to come and be who you really are…

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