Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Twitter… Wow

19 May

Yesterday must have been “Worldwide Horny Day” or something on Twitter… not that they don’t seem to celebrate that on a daily basis but as I checked my feed for news on the games I play, new games coming out and, of course, what they’re saying about bisexuality, in between those items, there were a great many clips of men having sex with men… and Black men, at that… and some of the stuff I saw was posted by women.

Guys jerking off alone or with, ah, a companion or two or three; guys sucking dick or being face fucked and taking down loads of spunk and, yup, guys getting screwed; toss in some rather steamy threesome scenes with women all up in the mix where some gal was getting the high hard one and there’s a second guy not only licking on her pussy as she’s being screwed, he’s not ignoring the dick inside of her.

Some of the comments I happened to see were along the lines of some saying they wish they could throw it down in the way the various clips displayed but the one that caught my attention was the comment attached to a clip of two guys who were jerking off and had cum all over each other… and a woman said that she should have been there to lick up all that cum.

It had me thinking two things. The first is the perpetual lie that there’s no such thing as a Black male bisexual; the other was that no woman in her right mind would have anything to do with a bi guy… and I also thought that anyone who thinks like this probably doesn’t have a Twitter account because if they did, there’s a good chance that they might see those two myths get totally busted. In my own “defense,” as it were, I have to say that I’m sure I wound up with these things on my feed because someone followed me for some reason and when they retweet stuff – and this stuff in particular, well, it’s on my feed; I thought about getting rid of it but I didn’t because since the homemade stuff does, in fact, speak to same-sex sex whether it’s between men or the ladies are getting it on.

And, often, in some eye-popping ways, I might add. One clip even had me thinking, “Holy shit!” to see this guy going to town eating a woman’s coochie… out on the street, in broad daylight, and with people passing by and I guess someone thought to whip out their cellphone and video what was going on. Homey was going for it and eating everything she owned down there but the thing that also caught my attention was the look she had on her face… like such things weren’t all that unusual but may have been… embarrassed – maybe. As the clip continued, you could hear people commenting in the background and a few cheering the guy on and I thought that I’m pretty bold and daring… but not that bold and daring here in my older age.

As I scrolled past the last of the clips, I scoffed at the persistent myths mentioned above and had the thought that the people seen in the clips could have been bi or gay but that those designations didn’t matter a whole lot when you just stop and pay attention to what was being done. Pussies being eaten; dicks being sucked; pussies and male asses being fucked with a smattering of heterosexual sex tossed in because, well, why not? It all had my mind taking a trip in my internal time machine and back to a time where I’d hear a lot of Black men and women speaking out in outraged terms about that “gay shit” that was so repulsive… but knowing that when no one else was looking (metaphorically speaking), yeah… they were getting it in like nobody’s business. If you knew what they were into and asked them about it, they’d categorically deny it even if your source was beyond reproach.

Image is still everything. Because of that “all Blacks are homophobic” thing, I’m not all that surprised that it’s believed that there’s no such animal as a Black who isn’t homophobic even though, when I was growing up, I saw a lot of Blacks who were quite gay and that, all by itself, exposed the lie that a lot of people were believing even back then.

Sometimes I’ll see such a clip and the person posting it will actually say something to dispel the lie; they’ll also say that sexual acts between men would be… less stressful if women were able to understand that if it’s okay for them to do each other, it doesn’t make what men do any less wrong. Sometimes – and as mentioned – women will tweet clips of men getting busy with each other and they’re all onboard with it and many of the ladies who tweet often speak to being able to find a guy who is down with sex with other guys so they can get in on the fun… and in both cases, the people making these statements are… Black.

Which is not to say that anyone who isn’t Black is just sitting on the sidelines or looking the other way because they sure as hell aren’t. They’re either posting tweets of their own or can be seen all up in the mix as well and sometimes things get interracial and, lest I forget, transgenders aren’t left out of things and as evidenced by my seeing quite a few Black “men” who clearly weren’t born that way and also evidenced by the scars that showed that these former women had their breasts removed… but kept their coochie.

I kinda laughed to myself as I thought that if those people who don’t believe that bisexuality is real were to see what I tend to see, they might change their minds about that… but I also “sobered up” to think that you could put bisexuality on full display and right in their face… and their response would be one of those, “Yeah, but…” things and would insist that what they bore witness to wasn’t what it was.

Belief is a very powerful thing… but so is denial. I can recall a great many times when a white person has asked me, “Is it true that all Blacks are homophobic?” and I’ve responded that, no, it isn’t true that all of us are. The truth is that some of us are genuinely homophobic and for whatever reason they are. Also true is that there are some of us who will tell you that they’re homophobic but, nah, not so much behind closed doors. In one situation, I happened to see a very gay Black man at the moment a white person asked me this question and I pointed to them and said, “You see that guy over there? That’s the proof that we’re not all as homophobic as we’re said to be.”

And the person I was talking to actually said that the gay man we both saw was a on-off exception… because that’s what they wanted to believe and they stuck with that even when three more very gay men joined the first guy and were chatting away… and I was incredulous at their insistence that four gay men were an exception to the “rule” they believed to be true. Even on Twitter, a lot of Blacks are proactively letting anyone who cares to read their tweet that Blacks are and can be bisexual. It makes me say, “Duh…” to myself and for obvious reasons but it makes me kinda sad that Black folks have to make declarations about their bi-ness to those who aren’t willing or able to accept that anyone and regardless to race, color, creed, age, etc., can be bisexual.

You can tell the truth… but you can’t make people accept it. I’ve forgotten all of the times when I’ve revealed my sexuality to someone and I’ve gotten told, “You don’t look like the type” or, a few times, “But, you’re Black!” Well, yeah, this tan I have is rather permanent but such exclamations only served to prove that people will believe a lie before they accept the truth… that and I still don’t know what “the type” looks like but I also know that for many people, “the type” means flamboyantly homosexual which does explain why I don’t look like the type as well as “shocking” some folks to find out that I’m Black and not even anywhere near being homophobic.

That kinda defeats the purpose of being bisexual, I think, which I most certainly am. Whenever Cityman and I talk about this particular myth and bisexuality as a whole, he asks what has to happen in order for this to be acceptable by society and the only answer I can think of is that society, as a whole, has to be able to suspend their belief that there are other things people can be that isn’t heterosexual and then find a way to get themselves out of the denial involved. Anyone can be homophobic; it knows no boundaries in this but the fact and truth is that not everyone is homophobic and are of a mind that being this way is pretty fucked up and doesn’t speak well about someone’s mental faculties to not believe in something that is obviously true. I’ve often had to point out to people that just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t make whatever that is unbelievable and just because you think it’s wrong doesn’t mean that it is wrong.

And I’m thinking – and have always thought – that if being bisexual or otherwise not being straight is wrong, well, there are a lot of people around the world who are quite wrong… but not everyone who isn’t straight can’t be wrong. One person might be… but everyone? I’m thinking that this is a lot more impossible than believing that bisexuality isn’t real or, ha-ha, there’s no such thing as a Black bisexual, male or female… and Twitter has the proof and, um, graphically so.

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