Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: “What Do You Get Out of Doing This?”

21 Jun

I had a guy ask me this after what I’d call a “marathon cock sucking session” that had him suck me off once… and I’d blown him three times and was trying to get him up a fourth time so I could make sure I’d drained him dry. Turns out the third time did him in for the duration and he was more than a good sport about letting me continue to indulge myself because I’d long since discovered that a dick doesn’t have to be rock hard to enjoy sucking on it.

“You’re a dick-sucking freak!” he said. “I know you said you liked doing this but I had no idea you liked it that much!”

“Hey, it’s not your fault that your dick is a pleasure to suck,” I said with a laugh. “I don’t run into many guys who’s dick feels and tastes so good that I don’t wanna stop sucking!”

“Something I don’t understand, though,” he said.

“What’s that?”

“What do you get out of doing this?” he asked.

His question locked up my brain for a moment, first trying to remember if anyone had every asked me this question and then trying to figure out how to answer him. It wasn’t that I didn’t know the answer; I just wanted to get it out of my head without sounding like an idiot… which was known to happen.

“Every since I sucked dick for the first time, I was hooked on it,” I began. “The head of his dick in my mouth felt weird but good and all soft spongy and it was… exciting because, as you probably heard, boys weren’t supposed to be doing this and all that.”

“Yeah, I know,” he said, rolling his eyes and laughing.

“The rest of him was even more curious; his dick was very hard but soft and smooth at the same time,” I continued. “I was trying to hold it in my hand and it was hard, soft, and hot and it just felt weird and wonderful… and more wonderful than weird. When he came in my mouth, hah, I had no idea that could happen so there was no way I was expecting it; one moment, I’m licking and sucking his dick – he’s moaning and cussing and all that stuff that was making it hard for me not to start laughing. The next thing I know, he groans really loud and then I felt something warm, kinda thick, and both salty and sweet in my mouth and there was so much of it that I did the only thing I could think of – I started swallowing it.”

“Why didn’t you spit it out?” he asked.

“To me, I had a split-second to decide about that. I remember thinking, ‘What’s this?’ and maybe I should spit it out but by the time that crossed my mind, there was a whole lot of it in my mouth and, well, I started swallowing; I say that I swallowed out of self-defense because it was either swallow it or choke on it.”

“That makes sense,” he said with a nod. “You were hooked, right?”

“Yeah… and so much that I couldn’t wait for another chance to do it again,” I said, shaking my head – and he noticed that.

“You’re shaking your head like you regret it,” he said.

“No, that’s not it; this is me being embarrassed about how I went crazy sucking dicks,” I said. “I couldn’t wait to go outside the next day so I could tell all of my male friends what happened and to, um, demonstrate it for them and, as it turned out, I wasn’t the only one who found out about this. Later on, I found it amazing that those of us who were now up to our eyeballs in this seemed to know about it at almost the same time. What was “funny” was that it wasn’t until I busted my first nut – with a girl – a few days later that I found out that the stuff that was oozing out of her was the same stuff the guy had shot in my mouth – the baby-making stuff adults were telling us not to let girls get anywhere near because if they did, they’d get in trouble.”

“Trouble as in getting pregnant?” he asked.

“Yeah – that’s what we called it back then,” I said. “Before the end of the year arrived, all of us who were deep into this was busting nuts and we were having a field day doing it in each other’s mouths and butts and every chance we got, whether it was one-on-one or there was a bunch of us hanging out. After that first time, I had asked myself how could something so bad feel so good and it didn’t take me long to figure out that it’s supposed to feel good… because it always felt good to suck a friend’s dick and swallow his stuff.”

“Damn – I wish I had grown up when and where you did!” he exclaimed.

“You would have had just as much fun as we did,” I said. “It was naughty but way too much fun not to keep on doing. We all knew what could happen if we ever got caught doing it and while that stopped a lot of guys from joining in, the fact that it was so “dangerous” and “nasty” was, by itself, good reason to not stop.”

“Did you ever get caught?” he asked.

“I did, once, but I’ll tell you that some other time,” I said. “Some of my friends did get caught and it didn’t go well for them, to be nice about it. There were a lot of times when I’d be spending the night with a guy and we’re going for it, well, like it was illegal – and it was – then a parent would bust into the room… but not before we heard a noise and stopped. Whoever barged in would say something like stop all that damned noise and go to sleep or else and they’d go back to whatever they were doing… and we’d wait a couple of minutes and go right back to what we were doing and thinking that, yeah, they had no idea what we were doing!”

“I’ll bet they did,” he said.

“That’s what I eventually figured out,” I said. “They knew but since they didn’t catch us doing it, the worst I’d heard say was, ‘You boys better not be doing anything you ain’t supposed to be doing!’ and that told me that, yeah, they knew exactly what we were doing.”

“While a lot of us stepped away from this in favor of fucking girls, not all of us did and I sure as hell didn’t,” I said with a slight shrug. “It felt too good to suck a boy’s dick or to have him screwing me or the other way around, of course. What I didn’t know until I got very much older that sucking dick had me orally fixated, you know, like how good it feels to suck your thumb?”

“I used to suck my thumb until my parents made me stop,” he said, nodding in understanding.

“Mine made me stop, too, but, um, I substituted my thumb with sucking dicks,” I said. “What I get out of it is a great deal of pleasure and that’s the easiest way I can explain it.”

“You don’t do it to make the other guy happy?” he asked.

“To be honest, I didn’t care if it made the other guy happy or not and it took me a while to wrap my head around that,” I said. “Sure, a lot of guys I’d suck made it seem like that was all about them but, I dunno, I just never saw it that way so much. Sure, I wanted it to feel good to them so they could cum but, again, it took me a while to realize that that wasn’t the “main reason” for sucking dick, well, not for me. It didn’t take me too long to figure out that if I’m happy sucking their dick, that’s gonna make them happy, so…”

“That’s an interesting way to look at it,” he said to which the only thing I could do was shrug.

“Well, I knew that guys – most guys, anyway – liked having their dick sucked so if that was happening, they were already happy; the only thing left was whether or not they were gonna cum. I think or, really, I know that I was a popular cock sucker because I always swallowed their cum; sometimes it tasted really good and sometimes pretty bad and when it was, I’d just spit it out. It made some guys mad but I’d just tell them that their stuff just didn’t taste good and they should be glad that I sucked them off at all. But most guys were too busy feeling good about busting a nut to know or care if I swallowed it or not.”

“It became a bit of an ego trip,” I went on to say. “With my mouth, I could make “tough guys” beg and squeal like they weren’t all that tough; they’d tell me that they didn’t want to cum yet and I’d make them do it anyway or, sometimes, they’re yelling that they gotta cum… and I don’t let them. To me, sucking dick was also… power. Some guys would be like, “Yeah, suck my dick!” and be all arrogant and like they were in charge of what was happening… and I was very happy to show them that them being in charge was an illusion and make them “pay” for their arrogance; it felt good to see them go from being cocky and full of themselves to lying there gasping like a fish out of water and trying to get away from me.”

“Like I was trying to do,” he said. “I kept asking myself if you were ever gonna stop or was I gonna have to ask you to stop!”

“You could have and I would have stopped but since you didn’t…” I let the sentence go unfinished but made sure he could see me pointedly staring at his crotch and his very tasty dick. He saw where I was looking and shivered and I pointed that out to him and just said, “That right there is one of the things I get out of sucking dick; seeing a guy get to feeling some kind of way to think – or worry – that I’m going to suck them again.”

“I see your point,” he said. “But there’s no way you made every guy you sucked happy, right?”

“And I’d never say that I always did,” I said. “I used to feel pretty shitty not to make a guy happy but I got over it.”

“Wait – how do you get over something like that?” he asked.

“By telling the guy that even if he didn’t like what I’d done, I had fun doing it and, to me, that’s all that really mattered. I’m sorry you didn’t like it all that much and I mean that but, you know, if you want to, I can try to make you happier,” I said. “Some guys would give me a second chance, some wouldn’t and that was fine because if nothing else, I got to do what I wanted to do.”

“I never looked at it like that,” he said.

“Most cock suckers wouldn’t,” I said. “I’m… special? Different? I don’t think about this like other guys do and I long since gave up trying to figure out why I don’t. I love to suck dick; I can and have done this all day and even several times a day when I could and can. Guys don’t always make it “easy” to blow them and I’ve had some bad cock sucking experiences but not so bad to make me dislike it or to give it up. It’s just too much fun and gives me a great deal of pleasure and not all that different from eating pussy. which is my all-time favorite thing to do.”

“You’re not all that ashamed of it, are you?” he asked.

“Why should I be?” I asked in return. “Why should I feel ashamed or guilty for doing something I not only love doing but wanted to do in the first place? That’s never made sense to me.”

“I see your point. Um, have you ever got mad behind someone calling you a cock sucker?” he asked.

“Oh, hell, yeah – I’d get fighting mad and pretty quick… until I realized that, duh, I am a cock sucker,” I said and shrugged. “I had to sit and think about that one; did it make sense for me to get pissed for being called something that I damned well knew I was? Nope, it sure didn’t. Having said that, if you called me a faggot, one of two things might happen.”

“And they are?” he prompted.

“I’m either going to ignore you… or punch you dead in the face,” I said. “I’m a lot of things but faggot ain’t one of them. People are stupid; they think that guys who suck dick are always gay and believe me: I love pussy too much to ever want to be gay and before you ask – and I know you’re going to – I don’t much care whether I’m getting pussy or dick and if I can have both at the same time, so much the better… for me, anyway.”

“How’d you know I was gonna ask you that?” he asked.

“Because everyone does,” I said. “I know what most people are gonna think about this; if I’m sucking dick, I must be gay and they get pretty baffled to find out that, nope, not even gay… but I like dick. Not as much as I like pussy but, yeah, dick works, too.”

“Doesn’t bother you to admit it, does it?” he asked.

“Again, why should it? Even if someone else can’t accept the truth of what I’m saying, I know it’s true so why should it bother me? Also again, it used to bother me but I saw that there was no point in letting some else’s… ignorance bother me and if they don’t like it, all they can do is not like it. I’ve lost a lot of friends behind this but it is what it is.”

“Every get into fights about it?” he asked.

“A few and that’s kinda funny,” I said. “Some guys just assume that I’m gay and all girly and that they can just kick my ass… until they find out that I can fight and that I can not only street fight but I know judo and karate… and I know how to hurt people really bad. I’ve broken noses, a few arms, dislocated knees and delivered other kinds of damage because, well, I’m not gonna just stand there and let you beat on me – that’s just fucking insane. I might get hurt… but I won’t be the only one. You put that kind of hurt on some folks and word gets around that picking a fight with me because I like to suck dick isn’t going to be in your best interest… and even if you brought friends to back you up.”

“Holy shit,” he muttered to himself. “Remind me to never make you mad, okay?”

“If you don’t start nothing, there won’t be nothing,” I said. “But if you start it, I’m gonna do my best to finish it and by any means necessary.”

The conversation dropped off at this point; it’s an aspect of things that I really don’t like and if the mood between us was starting to wake up again, to keep talking about this wasn’t going to help that at all so I was very glad when he changed the subject by asking me if I wanted to go get something to eat.

“You mean something other than you?” I asked, waggling my eyebrows at him.

“I don’t think I could get it up even if that was the case,” he said with a laugh.

Turns out that he could get it up again after all. It was late in the day before we had had enough of each other and I headed on home and I was insufferably pleased with myself when he told me that I’d given him the best head he’d ever had from anyone. I never let that go to my head but, yeah, it does make me feel pretty good to hear it. As I drove, I was smiling to myself for a few minutes before I kinda settled down because I knew when I got home, there was going to be two women there waiting for me to make love to them and my long day was going to get even longer…

And that, too, made me smile…

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