Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: “Do You Even Like Girls?”

01 Jul

I remember the day Kenneth (never Ken or Kenny, thank you very much) asked me this but before I get into that, I have to begin with how we met so bear with me for a few.

My judo sensei was never happy to just put us through the wringer during class and triple the “torture” if we had a contest coming up; he also had this “weird” thing about running and swimming, not just for the exercise both things provided but as a way to be focused in the moment while paying attention to how our bodies moved like, when running, striving to put our feet down in the same way with every step or, when swimming, paying attention to how our arms and legs worked together and trying to be as smooth as possible. We didn’t think he was crazy – we knew he was and one does not ever argue with a 5th dan black belt when he mystically said that running and swimming would make us better judokas.

Well, he was right about that. In this way, we learned a lot about how our bodies moved and, as such, could understand how an opponent’s body could move and he’d always “yell” at us – in a mixture of English and Japanese – to feel what we were doing and stop thinking about it. Oh, yeah – he was crazy… like a fox.

On the day I met Kenneth, it was my day to be in the pool after practice and to, at the least, swim a mile in the pool or 25 laps for this pool and you might not believe me but he somehow knew if we didn’t swim at least a mile; I cheated a couple of times and he just frigging knew I had and well, practice was harder on me those times – and I never cheated again. When I’d dived in to begin my swim, there was no one else in the pool and it took me a couple of laps to get zoned in and paying attention to how my body moved through the water. About halfway through my first mile – and while I was making a perfect flip turn – I saw another guy in the pool swimming a good distance away. I didn’t pay him any attention and kept swimming. As I got into my second mile, I noticed – during another turn – that he was sitting on the side of the pool but beyond that, I wasn’t paying him any real attention and kept swimming until, finally, I finished my 50 laps and did something I got a kick out of: Upon finishing my last lap, I’d grab the edge of the pool and in one smooth motion make it look like I just swam out of the pool and onto my feet.

I walked over to the other side of the pool where my towel was and saw that the guy who’d been in the pool and sitting at its edge was still there; I had wondered why and I guess he decided to let me know why he was still there because he asked me, “Do you always do fifty laps and don’t you get tired?” I didn’t sense that he was a problem so I answered him; no, I don’t always do fifty and I don’t notice that I’m tired until I get done… and in that brief moment, I felt… attracted to him. He was an average-looking guy; dirty blond hair, blue eyes, kinda skinny, and not much about him that would draw the eye – you could walk right past him, look at him, and probably forget that you even saw him.

The moment I felt that… jolt, I saw that he had felt it, too, because he blinked, kinda shook his head and frowned for a moment. One more shake of his head and he introduced himself so I did as well and the next thing I knew, we were talking like we had been friends forever and, as such, I didn’t feel it was weird or strange that when I excused myself so I could shower and get dressed, he was right there with me. I never had much in the way of modesty so once in the shower room and getting the water temp adjusted, I didn’t give a single thought about stepping out of my trunk but I could feel him looking at me and not in that casual look like of way or in that creepy way. I turned and looked at him, saw he had lost his trunks as well and there was still nothing “remarkable” about him but as our eyes met, I felt that jolt again; it didn’t bother me but it was puzzling. We’re showering and talking again like old friends; got done with that and what do you know? His locker was just a couple of places away from mine and the conversation continued until we were on our way out.

That’s when he found out that whoever was supposed to pick him up wasn’t waiting for him. He went back inside to call and for some reason I stood there waiting because, I dunno, I guess I wanted to make sure he wasn’t stranded or something. He came out frowning and said that his family’s car had broken down at a relative’s house and it was being worked on but that meant he had to walk home. I’d asked him how far he had to go and, at least to me – and because I was used to walking all over the city – it wasn’t that far and I volunteered to walk with him, you know, to keep him company but to also figure out why I felt so attracted to him. He actually only lived about maybe twelve block away and to the north of where the YMCA was and as we strolled along and I answered his questions about judo, he suddenly blurted out, “Is it weird that I wanna have sex with you?”

“Normally,” I would have thought it was weird or, at least, somewhat weird but upon hearing his question, it clicked into place why I’d felt that jolt earlier; I was sexually attracted to him and I kinda kicked my own butt because I hadn’t recognized it but I sure did feel it even though my body hadn’t reacted as it usually would; I didn’t feel horny but, yeah, I wanted him. It didn’t make a lot of sense but we spent the rest of our walk talking about the two of us liking to have sex with boys and if you were walking with us, you could feel that there was something between us and wouldn’t have had a hard time figuring out what was gonna happen. We get to his place, he produces a key and we go inside; he calls his parents and let’s them know he’s home safely and learns that it’ll be at least a couple of hours before the car gets fixed; I heard him say, “A couple of hours? Okay – I’ll be fine!” and his face has lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree and I knew, without either of us saying so, that we’d have at least two hours to have sex with each other.

He didn’t “officially” ask if I wanted to; he just said, “Follow me…” I followed him to his room and “the next thing I knew,” we were both naked and on his bed and sucking each other’s dicks like our lives depended on it. It was a very frantic few minutes minus that “feeling out” moment that tends to take place in such encounters. We were going at it like there was no need to feel each other out and it felt like we’d been doing this for a long time. I was so lost in both the moment and that part of my brain trying to make sense of it all that I got surprised when he came in my mouth and even more surprised when, maybe a second or two later, I came in his mouth. We kinda laid there grinning at each other until he moved and… kissed me. It felt like a bomb had gone off inside my head because while I’d had plenty of sex with other guys, this was the first time I ever got kissed by a guy and my body reacted on its own to return the kiss and as our tongues got involved, I could taste myself on his lips and that was strangely exciting.

Everything was happening at lightning speed. One moment we’re kissing and the next moment, he’s on top of me and his dick’s moving in and out of me… and I don’t remember moving from being propped up on my elbow and kinda on my side to lying on my back with him between my legs and either still kissing me or going back to it. I didn’t know which and didn’t care a whole lot as Kenneth plunged into me over and over until his body went stiff and I could feel his dick pumping like crazy in my butt. It had only dawned on me in that precise moment that I didn’t remember feeling him entering me – what the hell was going on?

The rush continued and this time I did remember both of us moving as I scrambled between his legs, put the head of my dick against his hole and just pushed; Kenneth gasped then moaned and I did, too, that part of my mind that always seemed to pay attention to everything idly noting that nothing slippery was used to stick it in either of us. That was a mystery to be figured out later and my brain just shut down as I fucked him and, wow, kissed him deeply. I remember cumming and only because I never felt it before it happened. We’re moving in sync with each other, I’m raining kisses on his face and lips and POW – I’m paralyzed by my release and wasn’t sure if I was still breathing but I obviously was. I withdrew and he hopped up like he’d been shot out of a cannon, telling me to follow him to the bathroom. I did and we got cleaned up and got back into bed and started it all over again.

We eventually wore each other out and to the point where we had tried to get each other hard again and it just wasn’t happening; I remember when we called it quits that Kenneth had said, “That’s a shame – we still have a half and hour left!” And the funny part – and the part I knew I was gonna have to figure out later – was that I felt the same way. I knew I was gonna have to leave before his parents got home but I didn’t want to; whatever this was going on between us was still alive and well and as I got ready to leave – and spoke to my reluctance to leave him, he had asked me, “Hey, do you even like girls?”

“Of course I do,” I said. “What makes you think I don’t?”

“Because I’ve never had sex with a guy who liked girls, too,” he said.

“You’re gay?” I asked – then kicked myself in the ass for saying it.

“You didn’t know?” he asked.

“Nope and to be honest, it didn’t matter; all I knew was that I wanted to have sex with you,” I said as my mind tried to sort all of this out. “I guess that it really doesn’t matter if I like girls and if you don’t, does it?”

“Nope,” he said – and I could tell Kenneth was trying to make sense of it all just as much as I was. “When we get together again – and we will and I just know we will – you’ll have to tell me what it’s like to have sex with a girl, okay?”

He was right about us getting together again; we spent the next month or so having sex with each other and just as fiercely as the first time we did. I did tell him what it was like to have sex with a girl and he remarked that it didn’t seem to be all that different than doing it with another boy which, of course, was something I’d had already figured out but I was impressed that he did and for someone who had never had sex with a girl. I remember after one afternoon of sexing each other silly Kenneth asking, “Would it be worth it to have sex with a girl?”

I had shrugged and said, “It could be – depends on whether you find that you like it or not.”

We’d gotten out of touch with each other for a while and mostly because of normal, every day stuff. I remember the day he called me and without even saying, “Hello,” launched right into his first experience having sex with a girl and that he liked it… but still liked boys more. I remember feeling happy for him and we had kinda promised to get together as soon as we could… which didn’t happen. I was “heartbroken” because it always seemed that whenever I found a guy I really liked a lot, he always wound up moving away and so far away that we’d never see each other again.

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