Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Zoned

06 Aug

If the thought of guys having sex with each other disturbs you in any way, ya might want to go find something else to read.

“Tommy” and I were friends and… lovers? Not in that “boyfriend” kind of way but we had that level of rapport that whenever we saw each other, that we’d wind up having sex was a given. We not only discovered that we liked having sex like this but once we did it to each other – and like yesterday’s scribble about getting turned out – yeah: We turned each other out even though neither of us were strangers to this. He had said – and I had readily agreed – that we fit into each other as if tailor-made.

We had a “routine” that we followed every time without fail. After getting over our very bad case of the giggles caused by knowing how eager we were about doing this to each other – kinda like an inside joke since we often talked about meeting up and doing nothing which never happened – we’d lie side by side and suck each other off either nice and slow or like we were in a hurry and depending on how long it had been since we last saw each other; he lived only three blocks away but it felt like there was a few miles between us.

Sucking him was a dream and like I said, like his dick was specifically made to go in my mouth. He wasn’t “huge” but he wasn’t “shrimpy,” either but I could take and hold all of his dick in my mouth comfortably and without gagging or fighting for breath. It didn’t matter who came first or anything like that but when he’d cum, it tasted so good that I’d often feel “angry” that there wasn’t more of it.

And he’d say the same about me and almost verbatim. It was, in fact, the first thing we did with each other and, later, we’d both agree that we had turned each other out that day as we wound up being able to suck each other off three times before neither of us could get it up again. We’d started out doing this and at one point, it just “made sense” to give fucking each other a try. All nice and clean back there other than a glob of the venerable Vaseline making things gooey, he had slid into me… and I didn’t feel a thing but I knew he was all the way in me just the same and the sensation made both of us gasp… then he fucked me and I had zoned out because it was so good and comfortable that I might have drifted off to sleep for a moment, only to snap out of it when I felt his prick pumping sperm into me.

We’d switched places and after slathering Vaseline between his cheeks – and him sucking me into full erection – I got on top of him, positioned myself against his hole and pushed, sliding completely in him… and he had asked, “Are you in?” I had laughed because he said what I had thought when he screwed me! Some moments later, I came inside him and he was moaning like I’d not heard a guy moan before. When I pulled out, he rolled over and looked at me and asked, “Is it me or was this the best ever?” I had agreed and it didn’t take much for us to decide that we were going to do this again and whenever we saw each other.

Like now. We had kinda planned this get together in time with my mom leaving for work and my siblings were elsewhere; this was one of the reasons why we didn’t see each other more often because trying to “schedule” this around whatever was going on in our homes proved to be iffy. But not today. We had time but hurried up to get undressed and letting our eyes roam all over each other and like we’d never seen each other naked before. In early moments, our dicks would already be rock hard and making us laugh trying to get our underwear off around our respective erections but we’d done this so many times that there was a comfortable familiarity between us and it wasn’t like we wouldn’t be able to get each other hard. We pretty much fell onto my bed and into each other’s arms; no kissing but our hands were roaming over each other as if to refamiliarize ourselves. We didn’t have a lot to say other than neither of us being able to wait for this moment and it had been a while (about three days, as I remember) since we were last like this. But enough talk!

Tommy inverted himself so that his dick was right there in my face and I didn’t waste a moment taking all of his soft cock into my mouth and moaning when I felt his mouth close around mine. He got hard in almost an instant but it was all too easy to accommodate his growth in my mouth but I had to play “catch up” because he’d already gotten me hard and was working his mouth on me. At this point, you might expect that I’d get into some stuff like how warm it was in my room despite the windows being open and all that kind of stuff… and if I had been paying attention to that, I’d probably write it but my whole world consisted of Tommy’s hard cock in my mouth and reveling in the taste and feel of it and doing my best to get him to cum… and he did a few minutes later, filling my mouth with his salty sweetness and I swallowed it all in a damned hurry… because I was cumming as well and my head was swimming with trying to swallow his sperm while pumping mine into his mouth.

We let each other go and lay there gasping and grinning at each other; unlike our earlier times together, there was nothing to say because we both knew how good it was to suck each other off and now it was just a matter of which one of us recovered first so some fucking could happen. He had recovered first and I got us all Vaseline’d up but instead of lying on my stomach to await his entry, I decided to give riding him a try, something I’d only done maybe two or three times before. He had this questioning look on his face as I straddled him, grabbed his dick, and guided it to my hole… and sat right down on him. I gasped because it felt like a bomb going off inside of me for a moment and once that feeling subsided a bit, I started to ride him and it was… something to be able to look at him looking down between us to see his dick appearing and disappearing in my ass… and I could feel those tremors running along his shaft and, for some reason, I said, “Give it to me; cum in me, fill me up with it!”

Yeah, that was new but it was like he “obeyed” me because I could feel his dick pumping away as I ground my ass on him. The look on his face was indescribable; something between pleasure and pain and something else I couldn’t make sense of as he finished pumping his load into me. I got off of him, feeling my body achy having been in a position I’d not been in for a long time but it was nothing compared to the good “ache” of having had him inside me.

“That was different,” he said. “What made you do that?”

“I dunno – seemed like a good idea,” I said as I lay on my back and feeing his sperm starting to ooze out of me and dealing with that damned empty feeling I could never do anything about.

Tommy went down on me to get me hard – then, after applying the Vaseline – copied what I did; he straddled me, guided me to him and slowly sat down and I loved the look on his face. Once fully seated, he said, “You still fit inside me perfectly…” and starting moving his hips… and I zoned out as he worked his ass on my dick. I could feel the pressure building and I wanted to cum… and didn’t want to but just as I had said, Tommy said, “Stop holding it back and give it up, damn it!”

The world exploded as I felt my dick swell as much as it could trapped inside of him – then started pumping furiously and all I could do was moan and groan; I wanted to look at him but once my eyes closed, they just didn’t want to open. I was so… immersed in what I was feeling that I didn’t even notice when he climbed off of me and lay beside me until, surprisingly, he kissed me and I was even more surprised to return the kiss and even slipping him a bit of tongue. That went on for a moment before the kiss broke and now it was time to clean up the messes we’d made. We did that in a hurry because my siblings were due back in about a half and hour and I didn’t know about him but I wanted to use that time to suck his dick again.

All nice and clean, we jumped back into my bed and got to sucking each other again… and I totally zoned out and to the point where I wasn’t really aware that he was sucking me; his dick just fit my mouth perfectly and I was grabbing his ass to get him to fuck into my mouth faster; he got the hint and, ah, man, it was so good! Since I had my hands on his ass, I pushed my finger into him, making him do the same to me and, holy shit – the result was almost instantaneous. Today, I know he had hit my prostate but at the time, I didn’t know what that intense feeling was when his finger moved around but my dick went from “comfortably hard” to pumping like there was no tomorrow… but I didn’t have time to think about that since a moment or two later, Tommy was cumming, too; I could feel his muscles clenching my finger with every spurt into my mouth and man – did it get any better than this?

Somewhat dazed, I looked at my watch… and saw that all of that only took about five minutes! It felt like it had been longer than that but all that meant was that if we could get it up again, we could fuck each other one more time. It took some doing but Tommy got me up first and this time I fucked him in the good old missionary position, something that, when guys wanted to fuck me like this, I could never get used to; my hips just never felt comfortable but after I shot what I knew would be my last load into him, I knew I wanted him in me like this, too, even though I could already “hear” my hip joints complaining.

And I ignored them; I had my legs locked around him as he fucked me and I went… somewhere. All I knew – and acutely so – was his dick worming its way in and out of me and hearing myself moan and groan every time he buried every inch inside of me and I wanted it to go on forever and if we got caught, so be it… but, yeah, that wasn’t gonna happen because Tommy was cumming and I realized that I’d been so zoned out that I wasn’t aware if he had “said” anything… but his prick pumping in me said more than any words ever could.

He pulled out… and my hips started pitching a bitch as I stretched my legs out; I winced as I sat and stood up and tried to hustle my ass into the bathroom, following Tommy so we could get cleaned up. He could see that something was bothering me and asked about it and I just said, “I’ll tell you later, when we get outside.” Once again washed and dressed and totally sated, we went out and was just walking around the park and he’d said – and not for the first time – “I can’t believe how good we are together! We just fit everywhere and so good that, you know, other dudes make it hurt but with us? Ain’t none of that happened – weird, huh?”

“Yeah,” I replied and thinking about the times I pondered this and the only thing that came to me was a slight headache… but he was right; we were perfect for each other. “You kissed me.”

If he could be seen blushing, it probably would have been the brightest red ever. “Yeah… I don’t know what made me do that since, you know, I hate kissing guys as much as you do… but it was nice, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, it was,” I had to admit. I felt a laugh starting to bubble up out of me because as we walked, I was feeling very… squishy between my cheeks and when he asked me what was so funny, I told him and that had us laughing so hard that people we were walking by were looking at us like we’d lost our minds or something. But I remembered that I had something important to tell him.

“I’ll be gone for about a month – it’s summer camp time for me,” I said and telling him that made me feel sad for some reason.

“When are you leaving?” he asked.

“Next Friday,” I said and I was sure he was thinking the same thing I was: Could we get together one more time – or more – before Friday? And I think we both came to the same conclusion: Nope.

“Shit,” he said as he figured out what I had figured out.

“Yeah, shit; I’m supposed to go shopping for the stuff I don’t have already, one day with my mom and the other with my grandmother and I don’t know what days that’s gonna happen plus I gotta go to the doctor so he can fill out a form saying I’m nice and healthy.”

“Yep, you sure are,” he said, making us bust out laughing again. “But, okay – we’ll still have time when you get back!”

And we didn’t because upon my return from camp, we moved into the newly built house my mom had been able to buy… on the other side of town and, ironically, just mere blocks away from where I began my bisexual journey. I didn’t even have time to tell him about this and barely had time to let my girlfriend know that I was back from camp but we were packing to move. I understood why we were and I was kinda excited to get out of the projects… but I also knew what it meant; I’d have to walk across town to be with my girlfriend – and our son – but that wouldn’t leave any time or provide and chances to be with Tommy and, well, something had to give, didn’t it. We moved and after getting settled in, I got a chance to call him and we talked about what the move meant and he wasn’t happy but he understood and said that there might be a time when we could see each other again… but I think he knew like I did: It wasn’t going to happen.

I called him one day to see what was up with him… and the number was disconnected! During a trip to see my girl and son, I asked someone if they’d seen Tommy and was told his family had moved to another state because his mom had gotten a better job and I felt… sad to learn that he’d been gone for over a month… and he never reached out to me. Okay… shit happens. I wasn’t in love with him nor he with me; we were very good friends and very good lovers to each other and I knew I was going to miss him and pretty sure there would be no one else like him.

I was wrong about that… but that’s a story for another time. Still, I had – and have – my memories of him; he was such an interesting person and all around good guy and having sex with him was… perfect in every way. He could zone me out like no one before him could ever do and sometimes to the point where he’d cum and I’d either miss it or be surprised by feeling his very tasty sperm in my mouth. Good times…

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