Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Anywhere, Any Time

27 Aug

One of the “hallmarks” or “highlights” of a blowjob is that it can be done practically anywhere and at any time and, these days, it seems like there are some guys who don’t see fit to find a place where they won’t be observed, well, except by whoever is taking the cellphone video.

And I thought I used to be bold and daring. Then again, where I grew up, there were a lot of empty apartment buildings in varying states of disrepair; living in the inner city, there were alleyways galore and many times I’d be wandering the city with someone and wouldn’t it be nice if we could suck each other off right now? Yes, yes it would! Where are we? Okay, there’s an alley over there! The thing about this was that we had explored pretty much every place we could duck into or flat out hide so we could spend some times sucking each other off and alleys were great for quickies. I can remember a lot of times walking down a street and passing an alley… and see other guys sucking and sometimes fucking in the shadows and such a “common” thing that it wasn’t seen as unusual; I’d pass by, take a peek – and not just to see any sex happening but because of warning about people jumping out of alleys and attacking passersby – and, oh, okay, two guys are in there doing… something. Keep right on walking.

We had parks in the city but none more convenient for doing something than the area around the creek that ran through the city and it was exciting to be “out in the open” and doing it but the main thrust (no pun) of this is that there could be a lot of guys in this area sucking cock… and unless you knew where to look, you’d never see or hear them. The woods in places were so dense that you could walk right by a couple of guys and not know they were there but you might hear them and provided they didn’t hear you coming and stopped whatever they were doing.

I remember getting stuck in an elevator with a guy and he was freaking out and freaked out even more when, after using the phone in the car, we learned that it was going to take some time – maybe an hour or more – before they could get someone there to get it working again and get us out. After the guy calmed down – and after he was convinced that the elevator’s brakes were working and keeping the car stuck in place – no one was more surprised than I was when he just came out and said, “Since we’re gonna be stuck in here for a while, can I suck your cock?”

I had said, “Here?” and he came back with, “Sure – why not? We’re not getting outta here any time soon so we might as well keep ourselves occupied and calm like the guy on the phone said, right?”

He had a point and we spent the three hours being stuck in the elevator sucking each other. Back then, there were no cameras in elevators but just served to prove that blowjobs could be had anywhere and at any time and not being seen doing it just worked.

I know the latest rage is to break out cellphones and video sexual acts in public… then posting them on social media and where they’re allowed. It seems to me that the dudes doing this are rather blatant about doing it wherever they happen to be, whether it’s in a park or in public bathrooms; I’ve seen clips of guys on buses and subways just going for what they know… and with other people right there… and, again, I thought I used to be bold and daring but these guys have me feeling like I wasn’t all that bold or daring. Okay, I’ll admit to having sex on a Greyhound bus traveling from Salt Lake City back home here on the East Coast; most of it with the guy in the seat next to me and some with a few girls who noticed what we were doing and wanted a piece of the action… while other passengers were on the bus and, I guess, minding their own business although at some point, I was sure the driver knew what was going on in the back of the bus and, I guessed, as long as no one was complaining about it, he didn’t say anything about it. I remember the first long rest stop we made and as the guy I was exchanging blowjobs with and I got off the bus, the driver just looked at us and kinda smiled as he also shook his head so, yeah, he knew.

I remember becoming a member of the Mile High Club and the thrill of having sex with someone at 38,000 feet… and on a plane loaded with people… and in a rather cramped space that, normally, is barely big enough for one person to occupy. It wasn’t that those close to the lavatory didn’t know or couldn’t guess what was happening in there but no one complained so, to that end, it was all good… despite some looks that suggested that my spontaneous partner and I should be ashamed of ourselves. To me, those two things were the height of being bold and daring…

And it very much pales in comparison to what I can go on Twitter and see. Some folks are taking bold and daring to new heights and every time I see one, I have two thoughts. The first confirms my long-standing position that dicks can be sucked anywhere and any time; the second is, um, oh, hell, no – no fucking way anyone could convince me that it would be a good idea to blow each other on a “crowded” bus. I’m no prude but I’m allergic to having to explain to police officers why I was having oral sex with someone out in public and then having to explain it to a judge. It would continue to be my very bad luck that the incident would wind up on the news as well.

I know that in the early days, one of the thrills of doing this anywhere and at any time was knowing that we could get caught doing it; you’d think that knowing this would activate some common sense and tell us that, nope, ducking in the alley and doing it would be a bad idea but, yeah, that’s not what happened so much. Or, if we were in one of the buildings we used for this and we heard someone moving around, that same common sense would say that being exposed in the way we were – and because many of those building no longer had defined rooms – it might be better to do this somewhere that afforded a lot more privacy…

Yeah, that wouldn’t happen, either. Besides, I’d say 99.99% of the time, if we heard someone else in the building, it was someone we knew and who wanted to get some sex in and if they happened to come across me and whoever I was with, so much the better! But to do this and where almost anyone could see us doing it? None of us were that bold or daring but, again, all of this just proves that it can be done anywhere and at any time and cellphone cameras notwithstanding or being involved at all.

It always seems like a good idea until it becomes a bad one. I’m all for spontaneous cock sucking, you know, like sitting around with a guys and there’s nothing on TV worth watching or some other boring situation and, hey, I know what we can do, you know, if you’re not afraid to do it! I know all about being in certain situations where you just know what the other guy wants to do and the feeling is very much palpable and it’s just a matter of who’s gonna bring it up and saying “no” ain’t gonna happen. But even though cock sucking can take place anywhere and at any time, um, it might be better if there’s no one else around to see us doing it… unless, of course, they’re gonna join in but even in this, we’re behind closed doors and not subject to public viewing.

I’d guess that for the guys filming themselves out in public and blowing each other are not only that bold and daring, they want “everyone” to see that, yeah – guys do suck dick. Again, I’m not a prude but I’m “happy” to live with the understanding that “everyone” knows that guys suck dick so putting it on public display is… overkill? Blatant with a huge helping of negativity that suggests that men are so horny that they can’t wait to take their cock sucking urges somewhere more private? Do guys go to public bathrooms, get in a stall, and jerk off? Yeah, that happens and I’ve been at work and have done that quite a few times myself… and with no one being the wiser as far as I knew. But I’ve never dashed into a more public restroom and be sitting on the throne and look down… and there’s a dick poking up from the bottom of the stall’s wall and awaiting some attention.

I have, on a couple of occasions, gone into the men’s room in a bar and seen a guy sucking dick right out in the open… and didn’t think much of it but of all the places I’d want to suck some dick, um, phew, in that setting? I’d rather we go to our car and do it in the back seat which, um, er, I have done a couple of times but where the car in question was parked, it wasn’t like a crowd would be standing outside of it and watching us. Even that’s pretty bold and daring but to be in the local Walmart and with men going in and out of the men’s room and there’s a guy on his knees and sucking dick like there’s no one watching it happen? Nah – not that bold or daring… and I sure wouldn’t think that it would be a good idea to break out my phone and record it… and then put it on social media.

But it all still proves that dicks can be sucked anywhere and at any time and this is one of the things that makes cock sucking so… attractive but, as they say, discretion is the better part of valor and there should be a point that someone will not go beyond. The one exception, I think, is what happens in San Francisco at times, where all the Pride folks just hang out and put their sexuality differences on display in a variety of ways… including having sex in public and with a lot of people watching… and the police don’t do shit about it. Cityman tells me about this and even sends me pics of cocks being sucked right out in the open with people watching and he’ll ask me if I’d do such a thing… and I sure as hell would since I know I won’t wind up sitting in a jail cell for doing it because I have no shame in my game whatsoever but this happening in, what is arguably the gayest city in America, well, that’s one exceptional thing… but I’d not be of a mind to be riding the bus and think that getting or giving a blowjob in that setting would be a good idea.

Let alone filming it and then wind up seeing it on social media. There are some things I just won’t do for the thrill of it; I am pretty spontaneous and that can be fun but being out in public and invoking “right here, right now?” Um, nope, like I said, I’d rather not have to explain myself to the police and having to see the judge about it. As sergeants used to tell us during weekend safety briefings, “It ain’t illegal unless you get caught – so don’t get caught!” and, yeah, no, I’m not of a mind to put my cock sucking skills on display and where there’s a very damned good chance that I will get caught… and there are a lot of witnesses who’d show up in court to testify against me. I love to suck dick… but I sure as hell don’t love doing it that badly.

Sure, I’ve had sex with an audience before… but we were behind closed doors and there were no cameras. I’ve been in negotiation with guys to exchange blowjobs and some have asked if it would be a problem if they were to take pictures or capture it on “film” and, yeah, it would be a problem for me since I wouldn’t want to go on Twitter and see myself sucking dick in ultra 4K or, to be really honest, not where anyone that might know me would see it and more so when there are some people I know who just do not ever need to know that I’m an avid cock sucker and I’d prefer to keep it that way.

Do I worry about one such person finding my blog and reading it? No, I don’t but that’s not the same thing since they’re reading that I suck dick… not seeing me doing it and, again, in stunning ultra 4K clarity. I’d have to be out of my mind to even go along with something like that and while I’m shameless about being a cock sucker, there are some things I just will not do like, again, being on a crowded bus and going to town on someone’s dick and with everyone on the bus being able to clearly see – and film – that I’m sucking dick. Nope. Might have been that bold and daring in my hedonistic youth but that was then – and there were no cameras and no social media. It was bad enough that one could get outed via word of mouth and if ya had to, you could categorically deny any allegations since there was no video evidence and who are you gonna believe – me or the person telling such a lie?

Not so easy to do when almost everyone has a cellphone that’s capable of capturing things in ultra 4K clarity and brilliance… and can be used against you in a court of law. I think that when you get older, common sense becomes the thing to pay attention to and not let that “good idea” be something that just might get you the kind of attention you might not want. Be in a pile of bodies and doing whatever? Sure – been there, done that more times than I can count and with people watching and/or participating… but behind closed doors and not even in the public view or eye and definitely not captured on any kind of viewable media.

I should probably revise my point of view to say that dicks can be sucked anywhere and at any time… but with common sense limits in place and if you happen to have a cellphone on you, don’t even think about breaking it out. If you can do what I’ve seen on Twitter and get away with it, good for you but I’m not that bold and daring here in my older age; I’m not one of those people who say that since I wouldn’t do it, no one should do it because I don’t give a fuck that there are guys doing it publicly and in the way they are and then putting it on social media because that’s them and not me. Handle your bizness. Just don’t ask me to do it and I don’t care how much “fun” it would be.

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