Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: For the Thrill of It

30 Aug

There are so many people out there beating their heads against walls trying to figure out what’s the big deal with male bisexuality and, I think, overlooking the more simplistic answer:

For the thrill of it. For men to engage in sexual congress with each other is forbidden and taboo yet there aren’t many people who are totally unaware that it does happen and those who rale against it happening are too institutionalized in societal beliefs and try to compare this to having sex with women.

And while the physical acts are a lot more similar than many may want to believe, the taboo makes having sex with a man… terribly exciting and can make one feel very naughty. That first time, without a doubt, can be very damned scary and even if you’ve masturbated to what it might be like or have had a few wet dreams behind it. You just can’t prepare your mind adequately for that first time because you know that what you’re about to do is forbidden in almost every culture that exists. You want to… and not so much; there’s so much nervous energy going on that I’ve seen guys about to have that first experience go through all kinds of stuff and, being much more experienced than they are, I understand what they’re going through because I went through such a moment myself.

“I don’t understand why men have to do that shit!

The answer is simple: Because it’s sex and sex feels good… and doing it with another guy feels even more so because we’re not supposed to do it. You can find out the many different reasons why guys are doing what they’re doing with other guys but the bottom line is that they’re doing it for the thrill of it. One of the things I learned about being bisexual is that it changes your perceptions about sex from the way it’s supposed to be to the way it can be and many bisexuals also see that that ancient taboo and fire and brimstone punishments don’t hold much water because despite all of this – and, sometimes, because it is so taboo – it makes having sex more exciting to lie with a man or a woman and… have sex in this very forbidden way.

Primal urges override social programming; you know that you’re not supposed to but you know you have to; mind and body aren’t always on the same page because of what you know but your body is telling a whole different story and what it’s saying to you is… scary. Thrilling. Some kind of nasty. While many find reasons not to do what their body is telling them they need to do, legions of bisexuals are giving in to their primal urges and need to have sex and to hell with the taboo. It can make you feel… rebellious to buck the system and not only do the “unthinkable” but to revel in “being bad” and to find out – or confirm – that there’s much more to sex and, yeah, there’s a few reasons why it’s such a taboo; one is about reproduction and the other is that it’s just too much fun and depending on what you believe, it’s not supposed to be fun.

Yet it is. Whether you’re sucking cock or that cock is buried in the most forbidden place on the human body. Taking another man’s cum or giving him yours. Oh, so nasty and oh, so thrilling. All that “hearts not parts” stuff is all well and good but doesn’t stand up all that well to the moments when dicks are made to be hard… then the fun begins to make them soft again. To expose your vulnerable side in ways that should never be done and taking the social conditioning and dashing it upon some rocks to break it… and for the thrill of it.

All those people frantically and fervently trying to find reasons – or inventing them – to explain why people are bisexual and overlooking the obvious: It’s sex. It’s thrilling in its forbidden nature. So intimate. Not always as bad and horrific as a lot of people say it is. How can something that’s supposed to be so bad feel so good?

Because it’s supposed to feel good and, truth be told, it’s only bad if you believe that it is. We know that gay men and women have sex like this as a matter of course and, um, all of those people – past and present – can’t possibly be wrong, can they? I think not but, then again, I know like they do. I know of the taboo… and have disregarded it and even called it out as being bullshit and just some shit to stop people from doing what we’ve always done and even continue to do: Have sex. Revel in it. Enjoy the shit out of it. The anticipation. Getting all lost in the moment. That rush to orgasm/release and, yeah, in this, that “what the hell am I doing” moment that gets washed away because you damned well know what you’re doing and that it’s forbidden…

And one hell of a thrill. They tell us that sex can only happen between a man and a woman… and bisexuals expose the lie of this because it can happen with a man and a woman, you know, if they’re of a mind to experience the thrill of taking the taboo and flushing it down the toilet and as so many bisexuals have done… and are doing right this very moment. They say it’s promiscuous behavior and, well, they’re right about that because, um, it’s supposed to be and always has been and the fact that this is prohibitively forbidden, it makes the thrill of it so much better and as evidenced by the many times I’ve personally heard someone say, “I don’t know what I was afraid of or why I didn’t do this before now!”

Welcome to the thrill of it. Even bisexuals tend to overthink the whole thing and overlooking the simplicity involved; there has to be some other reason other than it being “just sex” but that’s not unusual for some to do this because, sure – there has to be a reason for disobeying the religious mandate to never, ever have sex like this and, again, just skirting past the most obvious ones:

For the thrill of it. Because it’s sex. Duh.

“Do you ever feel guilty having sex this way?

Sure. The social stuff is permanently embedded in my mind and every time I’ve had sex with a man, I hear the warnings and admonishments about how I shouldn’t be doing this… and they get ignored because the thrill of it is so much better than listening to – and conforming – to some shit that I know is… bullshit. Make no mistake: Fear is a very powerful emotion and society goes out of its way to instill fear in all of us over this and while many let their fears be in charge, um, some of us? Not so much because the thrill of it is… thrilling. Deliciously nasty. Absolutely forbidden and that alone can add a bigger thrill. Just being a sexual rebel and getting yours when you need it and from anyone who is of a mind to get theirs, too… and the taboo be just as damned as we’re supposed to become because we’ve chucked it aside…

For the thrill of it.

“Well, I’d never do that!”

Hmm… maybe you should and perhaps you’d find out what’s so thrilling about it. How scary good it can be to have sex in the prohibited way and to find out that while your mind gives a fuck about who’s giving it pleasure, your body doesn’t care all that much as long as it’s being pleasured. What’s that you say? You tried it once and didn’t like it? Do it again and find out why a lot of people who said that exact same thing are now all up in the thrill of it. Huh? There’s nothing another man/woman can do for you? Oh, my – you’d be surprised… and I personally know quite a few people who’ve said this and now they’ve found out what another man/woman can do for them…

Because of thrill of it. Being bad. Saying, “Fuck the rules!” and finding out about sex in a way that we’re not supposed to know about, let alone do… and I say to you all that everyone who does “thumb their nose” at the taboo cannot possibly be wrong and more so when, again, there’s an uncountable amount of men and women who are having sex in the forbidden way…

And for the thrill of it. Everyone who does can justify why they’re bucking the system and they do, in fact, have their reasons even if they don’t make sense to anyone else (and it doesn’t really have to) but, yeah, sometimes, we read way too much into being on the more forbidden side of things and not, again, thinking about the one thing that should always matter:

The thrill of it. Having sex and something that everyone agrees is normal, natural, and quite healthy for both mind and body and, really, if you believe this to be true – and it is – um, what makes you think that getting some dick or some pussy is any less normal, natural, and healthy? And if you think it isn’t, it’s because you were made to believe that it isn’t and, please, don’t even try to slam the disease card down; that was played out a long time ago and in the face of the fact that this shit has been with us ever since we started having sex; there’s a reason why it’s said that sex is dirty and nasty and those who said this wasn’t talking about getting all hot and sweaty…

Because of the thrill of it.

A lot of people get us confused with gay folks and I get it… because that’s what they know. But gay folks are not only gay for the reasons they’ll tell you, they’re gay because it is rather thrilling to buck the system and then, for some, be all up in everyone’s face about it while they’re at it. A lot of people just might think this way because they’re paying attention to the, ah, more forbidden aspects of our sexual behavior and overlooking the fact that, um, having sex the way it’s supposed to be can be just as thrilling which makes our ability to “cross the lines” even more thrilling. Because it’s sex and sex is supposed to be thrilling, well, at least in principle but, yeah – doing it in the forbidden way, for a great many – and including yours truly – is quite the rush…

And oh, so, thrilling to know that we’re getting off and being all kinds of intimate against all of the rules that were put in place to stop us from having sex – and getting thrilled – in this way. While our individual experiences can and do differ and from one time to the next, it doesn’t take all of the “shine” off of the thrill; hey, some people just make having sex a thing you’d rather not be bothered with but to know that you’ve been cut loose from having sex the way most people still believe it can only be done in?

Thrilling. Being a sexual “thrill seeker” in that most prohibited way. Getting some dick. Having a heaping helping of pussy. Having all of your senses engaged all at once. Knowing that what you’re doing is about as wrong as it gets… and not giving much of a fuck about it because you’ve decided to get yours and if you gotta break some rules, so be it and, yeah, just for the thrill of it.

Sigh. People don’t understand – or want to understand – why bisexuals are the way they are. Yes, it can be all about the emotional aspects and the special intimacy it provides so many of us… but to get naked and do the deed as well? Thrilling. Exciting. Sometimes scary as all get out. Satisfying. Being a bad boy or girl. Becoming a sexually liberated rebel and, again, for the thrill of it. To experience intimacy in a way it’s not supposed to be experienced… yet that’s the way it’s always been with us humans and even in the face of trying to eradicate this behavior from the human condition… and might I mention that it has consistently failed to stop anyone from having sex and being intimate in this way…

And because if for no other reason, there’s always the thrill of it. It’s sex. Duh. It’s not the secondary concern we are made to believe it is and should be; we were born to have sex; the need is deeply encoded into us and there are, like it or not, a great many of us who find it so thrilling to have sex this way and, really, they say that we shouldn’t do it… but not that it can’t be done and I can assure you that it can be done…

Even if only for the thrill of it. Not really sure why this root cause thing gets overlooked as much as it does but as I said way back somewhere in the beginning of this, we assume and presume that there has to be a reason other than the most obvious ones: It’s sex and one hell of a thrilling way to have sex.

So if you didn’t know, now you know. It’s okay if it’s not your idea of thrilling – many find that it just isn’t and no matter how many times they try to experience the thrill of it. All of the reasons for wanting to experience the thrill is all well and good but those who have reason also know about the nasty-assed thrill of having sex in this prohibited and taboo way…

Because it’s supposed to be thrilling. It’s how we can have sex if we can find reason to and justify our actions to those who continue to believe that this is a very horrible taboo. And it is. Makes for some thrilling sex because it is taboo. I really don’t know what else I can tell you other than to bore you silly with every reason for breaking the taboo I know of but let’s keep it simple, shall we? People are bisexual for whatever reasons they are…

And for the thrill of it and, yes, in the face of great derision and of the kind that, again, has never, ever stopped anyone from getting their thrills this way. It doesn’t make us weird or freaks or all that different from the other sexual thrill seekers and more so when I know some folks who are into sexual things that’ll give me pause… and I’ve done some stuff in my time. But what it does do is make us… human. Having sex just for the thrill of it and even in the way it’s supposed to be… but it’s not the only way to get some thrills, you know, if you can free your mind so your ass will follow (and as the lyric went) and, who knows? Your “ass” just might find it…


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