Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Zero Time

19 Oct

Once the caffeine started to perfuse through my grey matter, I got to thinking about a forum post from a couple of days ago where a member asked – and I’m paraphrasing here – if, when pressed for time, is it oral or anal sex?

Responses were mixed and “as usual” based upon preferences and, perhaps, not so much with practicality in mind but the offered choices would vary since some guys aren’t into sucking dick and some aren’t into anal either way. When Cityman and I talk about this – and I’ve mentioned this on the forum many times – one of the high points of sucking dick is that it generally doesn’t take a whole lot of time to do it and along with it being something that can be done almost anywhere and with little or no preparation.

Lots of amateur “gay” porn out there to be seen these days and with guys just throwing it down anywhere they think they can get away with it from parks to public restrooms to public transportation and across the spectrum of things guys can do to, with, and for each other. In, um, the “real world,” and to put it like that, more often than not, time is a factor in these things and even in those spontaneous moments, there’s not always enough time to do whatever one happens to prefer in this.

Sure, it’d be nice to be able to take all the time necessary to be able to do the deed and, preferably, in discrete comfort but as it often turns out, this amount of time might not be available and some kind of quickie is called for even though there are guys who are either not good at the quickie or it’s just not the way they prefer to have sex with anyone. Cityman has “griped” to me quite a few times about guys hitting him up in the middle of his work day and looking to do something and as if Cityman doesn’t have anything else he should be doing… like his job. That’s just another of those occupational hazards that are part and parcel of the M2M world and it can be pretty annoying and more so when, say, getting to bust a nut right about now wouldn’t be that bad of an idea…

If there was time to do it “right and proper.”

Indeed, a lot of these “new male bisexuals” often complain about the much-hated blow and go and something that isn’t just about blowjobs but, yeah, a guy shows up, sex jumps off, and as soon as homey busts a nut, he’s gone so fast it’s like he was never there. Some of this has a lot to do with our other nemesis: That damned refractionary period of sex that is known to kick our asses harder and faster than being in the ring with Mike Tyson when he was in his prime. But many of these “blow and go” situations happen because there’s not enough time to allow long, drawn out periods of sex which can be a bit problematic in a time where a lot of guys seem to be into edging and delaying ejaculation for as long as humanly possible… and that takes time… and time that’s not always available.

It’s not unreasonable to assume that the longer it takes to do something, the greater the chance of getting caught or otherwise discovered and even drawing unwanted attention or suspicions. While it’d be nice to be able to spend a couple of hours with a guy and take all the time necessary to give and receive pleasure and satisfaction, eh, well, we don’t live in a perfect world and the clock is always running. It’s like what I asked Cityman one day after he was “griping” about the number of offers of a blow job he got in the space of an hour: How long does it take to get your dick sucked and to bust a nut? That didn’t even include giving an estimate of how long he might have thought it would take to suck a guy’s nuts dry but it’s something to be considered and depending on whether or not the other guy making this offer would love to receive as well as give.

We are… conditioned not to cum quickly and even if we actually need to and, classically, when dealing with a case of blue balls that can feel worse than being kicked in the balls but to just say that it hurts is an understatement to find yourself dealing with a case of… testicular congestion. And there isn’t a guy I know of who doesn’t know that busting your nut quickly with women isn’t usually a good thing to have happen unless, of course, a quickie is what the doctor ordered. Otherwise, um, don’t cum too soon and this is all well and good… provided one has the time for that and one just might not have that kind of time… but needs always must.

Cityman’s answer to my question of how long does it take was… typical in that he said that he’d prefer to be able to take his time so he could fully enjoy the experience which prompted me to ask him, “Well, what if you couldn’t do that… but getting sucked off right then and there is the thing that would work?” Taking a bit of a trip in the time machine, there was a time when being spontaneous was a must and more so when you never knew when you’d run into someone and something could happen or be proposed right then and there and saying, “Maybe tomorrow…” just isn’t the right answer. I had mentioned this to him and I guess like some of these “new male bisexuals,” being spontaneous isn’t… preferred and not because it’s perceived to be way too risky but, I think, because spontaneous situations don’t really lend themselves to having all the time necessary to weigh the pros and cons and then there’s the whole prolonged sexual experience that is being sought after more than anything else.

Again, all well and good… but time isn’t always your friend which got Cityman and I talking about how being a cocksucker should be a skillset that all guys should have in their bag of tricks because it can take less time to suck a guy than it can to fuck a guy. He had asked me about the quickest time I’ve gotten a guy to cum in my mouth and my answer was, “Less than a minute.” A lot of reasons for this but it’s a… trick you learn when you want to suck dick… and you don’t have a lot of time to do it. And the answer was the the same for how fast a guy has gotten me off giving me head because, yup, there isn’t always time to take the time to make a blowjob last for a half an hour or more. In these situations, you just wanna get right to it, make the cum flow, and go on with the rest of your day and, yeah, even if you planned to be doing this for that day: The longer it takes to do something, the greater the chance of getting “caught” at it.

One day, Cityman hit me up and said that he had run out at lunchtime so a guy could blow him and it was quite wonderful and it didn’t take a whole lot of time. All I said was, “Hmm, being spontaneous ain’t that bad of a thing after all, is it?” He allowed that with them sucking each other, the whole thing took less than ten minutes and while he prefers to take his time with this, that he didn’t – and really couldn’t – didn’t lessen the pleasure given and received and I allowed that it’s not supposed to take anything away from the pleasure because being in the moment isn’t a set or specified amount of time but, yep, a lot of us would prefer to spend hours doing something that, um, actually, doesn’t take that long to do and in situations where it would be best not to take a lot of time getting it done.

Some say that if you’re not gonna take the time to do it right, there’s no point in doing it at all… but what exactly does that mean? I’ve heard a lot of guys say this and how much they don’t like quickies with women or they’ve said that they’ve been with women who hate quickies and I’ve mentioned that, um, men aren’t women… but, yep, we tend to have sex with men as if they were and in that taking all the time that’s needed kind of way. I’ve gotten into “discussions” with guys because I’ve told them that, yep, I wouldn’t mind giving them a blowjob right now because I have a short window in which to do it and they’ve gotten miffed, sometimes pissy, and have called the deal off because, I dunno, they expect me to take all of the time they might have for this and not consider how much time I might have for this. Why do it if there’s not enough time? Um, why not? It might be better just to wait until there is enough time to do whatever but, um, damn, when you’re horny as fuck and about to suffer a bout of testicular congestion, waiting isn’t always an option. Yup, one could spank the monkey but where’s the fun in that? And I don’t know about other guys but when I have testicular congestion, it takes me forever and a dark day to cum… and if I do at all and that just makes it feel worse. So, um, yeah – if I can spare ten minutes or so to head off this situation for myself and some other guy, why not? Besides, it’s highly naughty to do it when, ideally, you should take your time with it. I sometimes think that guys, in particular, just get it into their head that giving and receiving pleasure should take more time and not less time because less time is… bad.

Nah, not always. As I responded to the forum member’s post, when pressed for time, I’m giving head every time and hopefully getting head, too. One of the things I had to learn growing up with this was to not get bent out of shape when nuts got busted quickly since, yeah, duh, sometimes, they have to be busted quickly because there’s no time to take time doing it. It’s something that tends to embarrass the shit out of men something fierce and I’ve had guys, in those quickie moments, apologizing profusely for their, ah, early release… and I’ve told them to not sweat it because they did exactly what I wanted and needed them to do. I had one guy apologize to me for getting me to bust quickly and I looked at him like he was crazy; I asked him if he got me to do what he wanted me to do and he said that he did and I said that, okay, you did what we both wanted to be done… so what are you apologizing for? Besides, it’s not like we had “all day” to do this and I didn’t know about him but I felt that it was better to do it than to not do it.

Because time isn’t something you always have a lot of. It is why cocksucking is so popular among men… because it usually doesn’t take a lot of time to do and sometimes you don’t want it to take a whole lot of time and waiting until there’s more time available isn’t really an option… but that all depends on how one feels about being spontaneous and what “taking enough time to do it right” means to someone. Sometimes, there’s no time to do it later or tomorrow or next week; sometimes, you have a small window of time to get something done and, well, sucking dick can fit into that window nicely provided guys weren’t funny about it taking less time rather than more time.

And haven’t I mentioned how funny we can be about this?

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