Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: But When It Goes Good…

29 Oct

…it doesn’t get much better than that. One of the things I’ve loved about being bisexual is the freedom to be as sexual as I can and embracing spontaneity which, to be kinda honest, is a bit of a cover-up to make up for being the very impulsive dude I was way back when I was younger. Easier to be “less embarrassed” about having sex with guys by saying that I’m spontaneous and “gifted” with the ability to make correct snap decisions than it was for me to admit that my impulsive nature that I didn’t have a lot of control over was responsible for all the dick I was getting.

Yeah… I used to play a few mind games with myself. Not really fooling myself about it but putting things into perspective and with the understanding that whether I was still being very impulsive or took all the time necessary to make decisions, getting some dick was fun and very satisfying. Still and as with all things, you have good and “bad” days and I’ve had way more good days than “bad” days as a male bisexual.

I’d be hanging with da fellas and listening to them “whining and complaining” about not being able to have all the sex they wanted and needed and I’d often feel sorry for them because they had limitations that I didn’t. I knew that if I wanted to, I could have sex every day, several times a day because I wasn’t limited or restricted to just having sex with women. I’d often sit and listen to them complaining about this girl or that girl who couldn’t suck dick or wouldn’t do it or feeling put out or dissed because this girl or that one wanted them to eat them and they weren’t having any of that… and I’d sit and listen and smile to myself because I’d often have days where I’d find myself sucking three or four dicks a day on top of being able to have my face buried between some girl’s legs and feasting on her.

Some guys who tried sex with guys would talk about how it wasn’t all that… but sometimes they were lying like rugs and especially with the guys who tried it with me and more than once or twice but, yeah, I understood the deception because, as I’ve said many time, image is everything. Sure, you could wind up getting Da Bizness for giving it a try but if you said that you didn’t like it, eh, not many would feel a need to take you to task for doing it in the first place and more so when you could blame that “fall from grace” on being high/intoxicated.

Among those of us who were well and truly into it, the horror stories abounded and in greater quantity than the more positive stories did, giving me a lot of insight about how we think about sex and go about determine what’s good and what isn’t. I’d sit and listen to them putting the word out on this or that guy and for what was usually nitpicking stuff like lying about the size of his dick, cumming too fast and other such things but they’d not always be of a mind to say much about when it all was very good for them and when they did, um, sometimes, a bit of embellishment was added which was often met with a bit of eye-rolling and more so when chances were some of us had been with the guy or guys in question and had our own opinions about how good the sex was with them.

One of the things that often amazed me was being with da fellas who knew what the deal was and listening to them complaining about the lack of dick that would crop up at times and making me wonder why we weren’t taking up the slack with each other and, perhaps, more than we were already doing. Like, one guy had stopped by one day to say hi and to complain about having spent most of his day looking for dicks to suck and not finding any… and I had asked, “What am I… chopped liver?” The look he gave me said that he never considered asking me if we could do something and it wasn’t like we didn’t know that about each other which, in those situations, would have me wondering why we’d go out of our way to obtain the “unobtainable” instead of going for the known sure thing. Some of it was that “friends don’t have sex with each other” thing and I think some of it was along the lines of familiarity breeding contempt which, all by itself, is pretty weird to begin with.

He “had a problem” with asking me and even assumed that I had a similar problem since I’d never hit on him… and I didn’t for a reason: My luck with hitting on guys was mostly bad luck but if I didn’t hit on them, I got extremely lucky. Go figure. We sat and talked – or, really, he talked and I just listened with the odd question asked at times and we got to talking about how many dicks we’d sucked in a day… and he was shocked to hear that I’d had many days where I’d suck as many as six different dicks a day – doing the same guy twice in the same day didn’t count. He couldn’t figure out how I managed it and I told him that I managed it because the only objection I had about doing it was with guys with uncut dicks and my activities weren’t restricted to the immediate area I lived in (at that time). He just assumed – and I don’t know why – that the dick outside of our hood wasn’t all that good and I begged to differ with him and even pointed out that a lot of the dicks I sucked weren’t from where we lived even though there were, as a “group,” about a dozen of us who had no issues about getting some dick but, again, I guessed that it never occurred to many of those guys – and including the one I was talking to – to check each other out when other dicks were unavailable.

He and I got into it… and it was very good but he was again shocked when I mentioned that he was the fourth guy I’d sucked off that day and when he asked how I managed that when he’d been searching the hood all morning, I just shrugged and said that I’m just not of a mind to say no if/when a guy wants his dick sucked. Did I worry about it not being good? Yeah… and not so much since those of us in the know knew of the guys who were assholes about it and they were studiously avoided… which left all the guys who weren’t assholes about it and, yep, many of them would come to me because not only was I willing to blow them or be fucked by them or fucking them, apparently, they felt I was good at it.

“What’s your secret?” he had asked.

“My secret? I don’t have one except, like I said, I don’t say no very often,” I said.

“What if it wasn’t all that?” he asked.

“Depends on what you mean by that,” I replied. “Some guys, well, they’re not as good in bed as they think they are but that doesn’t mean a whole lot, well, not to me. Sometimes they’ll leave me wanting more or things don’t quite go the way we “planned” them but I think what makes me different from everyone else is that if nothing else, I got some dick and that’s what really matters. But when it’s good, it’s good and if I can get some dick a few times a day, it doesn’t get much better than that.”

“Damn, I wish I had that kind of luck,” he said.

“It’s not really about luck; more about being willing to take the opportunities when they present themselves. Like, I have no idea why we never did this before now; it’s not like neither of us didn’t want to but it just didn’t happen before now and when you asked, I didn’t say no. I don’t care about shit like how big the dick is or much of anything else except that ugly-assed foreskin but I won’t suck it but a dude with foreskin can fuck me with it. It’s still an opportunity to get laid and to bust a nut or two and it doesn’t make much sense to let those opportunities go by the wayside. Sometimes they do and there’s nothing to be done about that… except to wait for the next opportunity to come along and around here? They come around a lot if you’re not gonna be too weird about it.”

We went at it again – his dick was a joy to suck and I had zero issues or complaints about his ability to suck a dick. I saw him the next day and the first thing he asked me was if I did it with anyone else after him… and I had truthfully said that I’d had two more dicks after he left me. He got this… weird look on his face that suggested that he wasn’t happy that I did a couple of other guys after he went home but I ignored it. He did confess that just that day, he’d been with five guys and was on his way to meet with guy number six but decided to stop by and let me know that I was right in that if you say yes more than you say no, you get more dick to play with and shit like good and bad doesn’t mean a whole lot. He told me about this one guy – no names were mentioned but by his description, I knew who he was talking about – and, well, the sex wasn’t that good with him even though my personal thoughts about this guy was that he was okay because what he lacked in skill he made up with enthusiasm but, yeah, the dude could be better at this.

He told me that, again, I was right when I’d said that the thing to think about wasn’t how things ended but to think more about how things went before they ended. I had mentioned that when you’re horny, being overly picky about it or saying no when you know you want to say yes will make sure that you ain’t getting any dick anytime soon. I told him that I knew the guy he was talking about and shared his critique that sex with him wasn’t all that great… but he was eager to suck dick and to take it in the ass and was prone to being, ah, overly demonstrative about it which was annoying… but it didn’t make having sex with him any less satisfying and with him, the positives outweighed the negatives.

“When you’re thinking like that, I think it makes saying yes easier,” I said with a shrug. “And because, if nothing else, you want to bust a nut and not a lot else matters other than that; seriously, it ain’t like the guy’s gonna be your boyfriend or something like that, right? Like, I know the guy you’re on your way to hook up with and all I’m gonna say is that I’ve told him no every time after the first time we got busy because he’s an asshole about it… but you gotta find out for yourself – don’t just take my word for it but let’s just say that if I needed to have sex with him to save my life, I’d be dead as a motherfucker.”

He went off to meet this guy and in the two hours before I saw him again, I had gotten with four other guys in a group setting and, yeah, it could have gone better but nuts got busted and swallowed and I didn’t know about them but I was happy about how it all turned out. I was sitting outside and kinda lost in thought when I saw him coming around the corner and, nope, he did not look happy at all.

“You know like I know, don’t you?” I had asked by way of greeting.

“Man, you ain’t said shit!” he replied. “You live and learn, right?”

“Yep, you sure do,” I agreed. I told him what I’d done since he left and he had me laughing when he said that, in retrospect, he should have just hung out with me… but he also said that he felt I was still right in that if you want some dick, you shouldn’t turn down many opportunities to get some unless you have a reason to.

“Man, some dudes just don’t know what’s up, ya know?” he asked – then launched in to a literal blow-by-blow description of how it went with that guy… and all I could do was nod in agreement. It wasn’t that homey wasn’t a nice guy – he was just a total asshole about things when his dick got hard.

“You just learn to not let the assholes ruin shit for you,” I said. “Otherwise, it doesn’t get any better than this and more so when you’re still getting pussy on top of it all. It’s sex and if you’re about having sex, well…”

I’ve had my bad moments but I’ve had, again, way more good ones than bad ones. I could easily have sex with quite a few guys over the course of a day because for one, I wanted to have sex and, for another, I wasn’t of a mind to say no all that often. A lot of those guys tended to focus on whatever negatives they perceived and some of them, depending on the other guy, were justified but if there was a secret to my successes, it was not saying no a lot and being able to find the pleasure in it even when, sometimes, the way things ended weren’t up to par or whatever.

When it goes good, it just doesn’t get any better than that. In these things, I often feel that a lot of guys use the “thinking the worst” method of getting the dick they want or letting the horror stories told by others influence them. I’d hear guys moaning and bitching about this, that, or the other – and whether it was justified or not – and would, at some point ask them what I thought to be the most important question: Did you get laid? Did you get to cum? If the answer is yes to both questions, um, what are you really bitching about? Another question I’ve pondered and have asked others at times is which is better: Quantity or quality and then what do those things mean? I think that we tend to glamorize getting some dick and, these days, romanticize the daylights out of it rather than to keep it simple. Agree on something to do. Get the dicks out. Make them hard. Make them soft again. Repeat as necessary or as time will allow. Be flexible and adaptive if and when possible. Find more reasons to say yes to an offer rather than spending a lot of time thinking about why you should or have to say no to offers. Understand that it’s not always going to turn out the way you might want or expect it to and if it doesn’t, just chalk it up to experience and then don’t let those “bad” moments steal your joy.

Good sex is where you find it… and you can find it almost anywhere and usually in the most unexpected places and people. The thing that matters most isn’t deciding whether you had fun after the fact but seeing if you had fun during the fact and I don’t know about other guys but it’s rare that I didn’t have fun during the fact but, yeah – occupational hazard and all that. Maybe not the best decision made but the one that did make sense at the time. Being able to embrace how sex can make you vulnerable instead of being leery about it. One guy – and one of many – got terribly upset because he came in my mouth “too fast” and didn’t understand why I wasn’t upset about it.

“No need for you to be upset about something that I wanted you to do,” I said as I waved off his objections. “I agreed to suck your dick because, one, I wanted to do it and, two, I did it with the express purpose of making you cum – and you did that and that you did it sooner than you wanted to, well, I get that but, yeah, you did exactly what I wanted and needed you to do. Now the question is do you think you can do it again?”

The same with a guy who lost his load right after getting the head of his dick in me. Oh, he was not happy about that one bit… but I was because, um, he did what I wanted him to do: Stick it in there and cum. Too soon? Yeah, okay, there was that but I know that it’s not something us guys have any real control over. I told him this and said that we should just take a moment or two to see if he could get it up and go for it again. He could… and came faster than he did the first time. He was pissy. I wasn’t. Many would see these two things as “bad” things… and I learned not to see them that way.

Because in both of those situations, I got laid. I got to bust my nuts wide open with the guys. Took a great deal of pleasure from enticing them to give up their nut before they wanted to. The “secret” to my many successes in these things. When it goes good – and that would be my idea of being good – it just doesn’t get any better than that… other than to do it again and if not right away, at the next available opportunity.

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