Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Oh, So Exciting

03 Nov

I got to thinking about this… and I’m not sure what provoked the thought but one moment I’m listening to the weather on TV and the next I’m thinking that it is oh, so exciting to break a whole bunch of rules and to take a guy’s cock into my mouth and get him begging for someone to save him.

Sometimes, being a bad boy is a good thing. Sometimes, hearing that “voice” in my head screaming at me about how I’m not supposed to be doing that, let alone enjoying the hell of out of it – and then totally ignoring it can be so exciting and orgasmically so. My thoughts migrated to the many times when I’ve had someone ask me just what the hell do I get out of sucking a guy’s dick and trying to boil it down to something that’s easy to explain like the classic, “It feels good…” but with the addition of the fact that to willfully do a thing that I’m not supposed to do – or enjoy – is just so exciting.

Yeah… those of you who suck dick (or eats pussy) knows exactly what I’m talking about. Yeah, it can be a chore at times or one of those things you’d like to hurry up and get it done and over with and, on the surface, doing it doesn’t really make it any less exciting once you’re able to shut off the voices in your head and get into what you’re doing. One of the things I quickly learned growing up that doing this with other guys was such scary good fun… because we weren’t supposed to do it. Being bad. Naughty. A “nasty critter,” as Cityman likes to say about it. Can feel “disturbingly good” to be bad.

The “problem” always comes (no pun intended yet) when trying to explain this to someone and even more so when the question comes up (no, not yet) about what I get out of it. I get… excited. Can’t really think of another word that can lend itself to a deeper explanation. I can go from not even thinking about it to highly excited about getting ready to do it and faster than I can think about it; going from, “Well, if that’s what you want…” to “Damn, this is feeling seriously good to me!” is… exciting. There’s always that bit of an ego trip to go on, that battle of wills taking place because he wants me to make him cum while trying to hold off from doing that as long as possible… and that “evil” thought and feeling knowing that he’s going to be at my mercy and I’m the one who gets to decide when he can or should cum.

Not quite sure how a male cocksucker can’t be excited about any of that. I’ve never really understood why we depend on the other person to get us excited to blow them, you know, like being attracted to them or falling in line with preferences and other such things when, at least for myself, knowing that I’m a few seconds away from wrapping my mouth around his cock is pretty damned exciting and no matter what I might have been thinking about before the fact… or what I might be thinking after the fact. It’s sucking dick and something that’s still highly prohibited and immoral… and that alone can make it oh, so exciting and all you really need is for a guy to want you to do it.

Oh, and despite the opinion of some, it is sex. Mouth being penetrated by hard cock. Gives me chills just thinking about it because it is exciting and because it’s about as naughty as it gets… do you really need some other reason? Sure… there’s always that guy who you’d never blow even if his life – or yours – depended on it happening but that bit of common sense doesn’t make the thought of it any less exciting even when erring on the side of caution and all that. Still, I’ve learned that doing this falls into certain… categories. There are those who do it because they’re expected to or it’s obligatory; then there are those who like doing it but they’ll tell you that they can take it or leave it or are otherwise indifferent about it. Then there are those who love the shit out of doing it and you’d have to be some kind of fucked up to put a dent in their love of taking cock into mouth and enticing him to give up his seed and not letting a single dollop of it “go to waste.”

If ya don’t find that exciting, perhaps you should check to see if you still have a pulse. I find that a lot of guys will sit back and think of every reason they can why they shouldn’t suck that dick but not consider that it’s so exciting to suck a guy’s cock that this, all by itself, is more often than not all the reason why they should suck that dick and just be a very bad boy and enjoy the fuck out of doing it. I know some guys get… jaded. Disillusioned. Stuff like that there. They convince themselves that, nah, it’s not as exciting as they thought it was or as it used to be. They get… funny about it. Seriously specific and conditional. There’s being careful and then there’s just plain old being scared. The truth I had to understand about myself is that I’ve turned down more offer to suck cock than I have actually done it… and I’ve done it a lot but having reason to turn down the offer didn’t make it any less exciting to think about what circumstances didn’t allow to happen.

Because being a bad boy is still pretty exciting. Taking this long-standing rule and edict and thumbing your nose at it and giving it the finger at the same time. Being that bold and daring and not giving much of a flying fuck about the shit others will give you because sucking a guy’s dick is damned exciting. Or, as I’ve told other guys, “You’re just pissed because I can do something you can’t do.” Well, it’s probably more accurate that I can do something they believe they’re not supposed to get into but that’s not my problem… because I find it oh, so exciting just the same.

Yeah, a lot of guys get into nitpicking this to the nth degree and to suggest to them that, yep, it’s pretty exciting to be a bad boy can get them to do the, “Yeah, but…” thing. I get that because it is what it is for some guys… I’m just and have never been one of those guys. Oh, yeah – I did some serious nitpicking and I think that’s kinda unavoidable but unlike some guys I know of, I put an end to it by being honest with myself. I just don’t suck cock because I can; I do it because it’s exciting and, yep, it’s sex. I don’t bullshit myself about it nor do I sugar-coat or baby my sensibilities about it. Doesn’t get any more exciting getting him to that moment where he’s about to give up the nut… and shoving him right over the edge and whether he’s ready to get pushed over or not. Hearing the sounds coming from him; feeling his cock pulsing in your mouth. Yeah, that. Exciting to be “so bad” to get excited over it. And even more so when he’s looking at me like I just tried to kill him… which might not be that far from “the truth” in that it’s exciting to get him so excited that he does something that’s… exciting.

And then remaining excited about it even though he just might be giving you second thoughts about blowing him. Not always easy to do but as simple as asking myself a question: While I was doing it, was I having fun and was it exciting? Nine times out of ten the answer is, “Yes! It sure the fuck was… well, until he fucked it up.” Occupational hazard; if you can’t accept that it is, well, not sure what to tell you.

A guy asked if I’d ever sucked a guy and wound up cumming while doing it and the answer is, yep, that’s happened but instead of feeling badly about it, wow, that made it even more exciting, well, um, once I was able to realize that getting pissy about that happening didn’t really make a lot of sense since, as I understood it, um, doing this unthinkable thing is supposed to be exciting and if you can’t hold it, then don’t and then learn to not let that motherfucking refractionary period stop the excitement from continuing if/when there’s something he needs to do to make the excitement complete and satisfying.

Another guy asked me if I feel bad over loving it so much and I allowed that, once upon a time, I did, you know, because it was a very bad and nasty thing to do right out of the gate but I also allowed that when you’ve sucked as much dick as I have, I just don’t see the sense or reason to feel bad about doing something that I wanted to do. Because, duh, if I didn’t want to, I wouldn’t have done it. Of all the stuff I hear other guys saying about this, I rarely hear them say how exciting it is for them to do it and using that exact word. Maybe it just goes without saying, that the excitement is implied but the reality that’s part of the occupational hazard is that, bleh, it’s not always exciting… but rarely through any fault that can be assigned to them. I think that if the other guy isn’t going to “do his part” to make getting blown exciting – and without being excessive in that – well, he might want to rethink what it means to get his dick sucked and his balls emptied. Since I don’t have any control over that, it’s on me to be excited to do it and to find the excitement and enjoyment no matter what he’s doing other than lying back and “taking the sucking like a man” and all that macho rot.

It shouldn’t take the excitement away… and I don’t allow it to be taken away because in this, I do very much love being a very bad boy to get a guy’s dick hard and make it soft again… because it’s oh, so exciting to be one of those bad boys. To break the rules. To flirt with immorality and in the face of much derision and angst… and that’s pretty exciting all by itself.

Otherwise, why bother? I’ve had guys tell me that I am weirdly passionate about sucking dick and it’s my contention that if I’m not going to be that passionate about it, I don’t need to be doing it or, really, giving someone head at all and, besides, given the type of guy I am, if you think I’m passionate about sucking dick, wait until I tell you how even more passionate I am about eating pussy…

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